Interesting phone call

So I get back into the office this afternoon and I’ve got a voice mail from Bill McKinney. He’s calling to inform me that my facts are all wrong, and if I don’t get the facts straight, I will alienate the publisher of the Gwinnett Citizen and that Governor Perdue’s campaign will be ill served as a consequence. You can listen for yourself right here.

In response, I sent this email to Carolyn Baghari, Auveed Baghari-Cawthon & Bill McKinney:

Ms. Baghari, Mr. Mrs. (I apologize for the error) Baghari-Cawthon & Mr. McKinney,

I just received a voice mail from Bill McKinney warning me to stop writing about the anonymous attacks on Kevin Kenerly. McKinney said I was alienating Ms. Baghari and that Governor Perdue’s campaign would suffer repercussions if I continued. I suppose you folks are upset because I pointed people to Bob Griggs’ allegations that Mr. Baghari-Cawthorn mailed the anonymous attacks on Kevin Kenerly. Before you believe what you hear, please read it for yourself:

Mr. McKinney’s phone call is available for you to listen to right here:

I’m offering to anyone who wants it a chance to answer Griggs’ charges. I’ll print at Peach Pundit your comments exactly as you send then to me.

Was Mr. Baghari-Cawthorn, or an associate, the one who mailed the anonymous mailpieces? If not, what proof can you provide to back up your claim? Mr. Griggs claims to have seen a signature of one of your associates on the bulk mail order.

Mr. McKinney: You told the AJC you’re not responsible for the production or mailing of the DVD and other mailpieces, yet the phone number and email address used to register the domain name “” are yours. Do you stand by your denial and why?

I await a response.

Buzz Brockway


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Actually, based on the evidence I have of ABC Direct’s Permit #, it is not as Bob Griggs’ claims. ABC Direct’s is a 2-digit number while Griggs is claiming they have a 4-digit number of “1402.”

    ABC’s number is “99”. I doubt ABC has purchased more than ONE Permit#.

    On another point, Buzz, you appear to be fast becoming what the Political Vine is known for being: a rabble-rouser. 🙂

  2. buzzbrockway says:

    In hindsight I should have contacted these folks for comment before I posted. I’m not apologizing, because I’m only reporting what I read.

    We’ll see if they take the opportunity now to answer.

    I will say I think mailing anonymous attack pieces is wrong and probably a violation of campaign finance law. They won’t get caught before the the primary election and they might even be rewarded by the voters next Tuesday. Time will tell.

    I kinda like being a rabble-rouser. Thanks Bill.

    So if you’re the Hebrew Hammer, perhaps I can be the Christian Cruncher? 😉

  3. Mike Hassinger says:

    Buzz, you have been dragged into the latest Gwinnett soap opera/revolution/election/donkeys-fighting-over-a-turnip/whatever. I don’t know which would be worse, having to believe Bob Griggs or having to listen to Bill McKinney. I feel bad for you, and think I will cry you a river! (insert fruity little smiley face thing here)

    I’ve done some business with the Bagheris, and found them to be unfailingly honest and pleasant. If they’ve put McKinney up to this -or even knew about it ahead of time, I’ll be very surprised.

    Seriously, though, McKinney was out of hand. Sounds like he picked a “hell of week to give up pain medication,” as they say. I wish you luck…

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