Georgia schools still suffering

The AP, via AccessNorthGA, has the latest figures from Georgia’s annual No Child Left Behind report:

  • 310: schools on the “needs improvement” list in 2005-06
  • 99: schools that came off the list from the previous year
  • 55: schools added to the list this year
  • 69.5: high school graduation rate by percentage in 2006, which is statistically the same as the previous year
  • 78.7: percentage of the 2,072 schools tested who made “adequate yearly progress” in 2005-06
  • 81.9: percentage of the 2,040 schools tested who made “adequate yearly progress” the previous year

Looks like another general election season of calls for “more, more, more taxpayer money to prop up the (failing) government schools!” Anybody surprised?


  1. Demonbeck says:

    There would probably be a much more enticing discussion on this if any of us learned how to read past a second grade level here in Georgia…

  2. GOPeach says:

    70% of the State Budget is spent on Education.

    That is a lot of money! I know a local candidate that
    is AWESOME! She has a PHD in EDUCATION and I am
    helping her get elected in November to STATE HOUSE.
    She has great ideas about EDUCATION REFORM.

    First of all ….
    Money is not fixng the problem-

    The candidate I am helping says PARENTS ARE THE ANSWER!
    I agree. Parents need to tell their kids to get off the
    video games, turn off the TV and READ, WRITE A LETTER,
    JOURNAL… Learn to communicate!!! Then you will not
    be so violent and so destructive. Get a Thesaurus and
    increase your vocabulary. If you are angry find words
    other than profanity to express yourself!!!

    I make my kids write when they are angry. Write Poetry.
    Write a song, Write a letter to what you are angry with.
    The pen is more powerful than the sword.

    I say we need to EDUCATE PARENTS, not kids!!!
    Parents are so disconnected.

  3. Bull Moose says:

    It’s not a matter of more or less money, but rather how the money is spent.

    We can’t have a government one size fits all solution to education.

    I don’t necessarily know if directing the money straight to local districts is right either. I think we need to rethink how we are accomplishing public education in our state and go from there.

    It’s time to bring in some experts and get there help.

    First step though is going to be raising teacher pay and ensuring that the best and the brightest become teachers.

  4. LINDA says:

    What do we expect in America? The free shining beacon of the world, students have the worst literacy pass rate right in our nation’s capital! Money does not buy an education, as Washington DC spends over $15,000 per student. There used to be a critical requirement for passing grades, and that was actually having self-motivation and let us not forget a working brain.

  5. LINDA says:

    But the irony of is it that many of them still graduate, go on to Howard University and become lawyers! LOL

    ps I am not insinuating that Erick is not a good lawyer with this comment, as this is related only to this outstanding university of academic excellence that makes very good use of liberal curves on the bar exam.

  6. Bull Moose says:

    I think this begins the first stage of the general election of Governor Perdue and Mark Taylor…

  7. Bill Simon says:

    Also, as much as people yap about “parents” being the answer, the problem is that lots of parents are just plain stupid. Knowing how to get pregnant and have a kid DOES NOT mean you are capable of teaching your kid anything or helping them with their studies.

  8. I agree with many posters that parents, and more importantly the educational level of parents & the home situation, have more to do with educational achievement than any $$ from the govt. ever will.

    I am new to this board, but good god, Linda, your not so thinly veiled bigotry just leaves me speechless (LOL as you would probably post)

    “But the irony of is it that many of them still graduate, go on to Howard University and become lawyers! LOL” as you posted.

    I don’t even know how to respond to that . . . How about I’m chuckling that your just rewards will be that a Howard law school graduate may be the one to process the foreclosure papers on your singlewide trailer? There are alot of bigots on this planet, Linda, but it takes a special breed to lay their ignorance out for the whole world to see! More power to you sister! I’m sure you are just a wonderful person to be around.

  9. HJ Bailey says:

    You know it is obvious there is a problem, and it is extremely obvious that our politicians, both republican and democrat, are failing to solve the problem because things keep getting worse.

    Money does not lead to a good education in the public education system, Georgia spends what, 12,000 per child or something and we are one of the lowest ranked states, then other states like Utah sped $4000 per child and have some of the highest rankings in the country. And don’t give me that BS about how they dont have as many poor kids and minorities and so on because politicians always give an excuse for failure.

    School Choice and competition is the only cure for the failing public education system. Take a look at the states and cities who have a school choice program and compare it to Georgia or Georgia’s cities and the answer is very clear.

  10. LINDA says:

    Oh yeah Candlepark liberal, I know your personality types well. People like you walk around with their heads up their butt, and their fingers in the wind trying to figure out how this poll and that poll is leaning. Maybe, if you would understand something, you would understand that some people just do not have the puritan work ethic and self-determination to get an education. If you want to believe that genetics do not have anything to do with education, then you must have earned a degree after the 1970s, after the pc police reconfigured the standards to earn diplomas. Read scientific studies for yourself, if you learned how to research in school and then you will not have to resort to telling a truth teller that they are a bigot.

    And fyi, my husband financially set in life, and we did it without one bit of government help and came from family’s with dire hardships.

  11. ConcernedTeenager says:

    Linda, you’re correct in your statement “education is not one size fits all!”

    Take it from somebody still IN school! (In high school, no less): Different students require differrent methods of teaching. However, when teachers are not motivated to do their best for the students, what good is any money going to do?

    Also, and this has been mentioned before, how about the parents being disconnected? Parents who don’t care about their kids’ progression through school set an example for those kids that “hey, it doesn’t really matter.” Then we begin to have 200+ 2nd and 3rd year freshman (take it from someone who knows what it’s like being in a school like that)

    I’m a rising high school senior, and my parents have done a great job staying involved in my school life. As a result, I’ve performed to the best of my ability in class, becuase I know if I don’t, they’ll find out and I’ll have to answer for my actions. I’m not saying they’ve intimidated me into working, only that parental involvement proves to the student that school is important by making it a priority for the parent!

  12. Demonbeck says:

    After comparing this high schooler’s one post and Debbie’s entire history of posts, I’m not so sure Linda’s political test isn’t a bad idea.

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