Equal Time

The Cagle Camp has asked if I’d be willing to post their justification for the ad that the Reed camp responded to below. Click below the fold for Cagle’s sourcing info for his ad.

I. How did Ralph Sell Out Our Convservative Values?

1) Produced An Advertisement Cynically Claiming Sweatshop Workers Would Hear the Gospel in Saipan: In an effort to stop the federal government from protecting the workers and their families, Reed sent out a mailer saying that protecting the workers would keep “the people of China in spiritual darkness


  1. debbie0040 says:

    Casey Cagle is a lying, sleazy, slimy snake in the grass.

    He just completely divided the GOP and just assured that should Cagle win, the Democratic candidate would win in November. I have heard from actitivists all over the state that say if Cagle wins, they will vote Democrat.

    All you elected officials that endorsed Cagle have also endorsed and rubber stamped this type of campaigning and you are responsible for the ad as well. Look for Reed supporters to express their outrage with you.

    What happens to Cage from this point on, he deserves…

  2. Bill Simon says:

    And, once again, Debbie, I point out that YOUR values cause you to think people like Ralph Reed are honorable…so, YOUR opinion on Casey is a lot of crappola, brought on by an insane/inane inability to view the truth about Ralph…which leads you to resort to throwing spitballs at Casey Cagle.

  3. Demonbeck says:

    If those activists are considering voting Democrat, were they really interested in the health of the party or their own personal agendas? Frankly, if they can’t bring themselves to vote Republican in November regardless of the candidate, then I say good riddance.

    The Republican Party is and always should be the Big Tent Party that Reagan wanted it to be.

  4. debbie0040 says:

    One fact about both Reed and Cagle keeps popping up over and over.

    Reed made his fortune in private enterprise. Cagle made his serving himself while he was supposed to be serving the taxpayers. From renting tuexdos to bank president and an 900% increase in wealth in four years.

    When Cagle has attacked Reed on Abramoff and the Marinanas, he has also bought attention to GOP elected officials as well. Bob Riley hired Reed for the Marinas thing. Bob Riley is so well liked in Alabama that he trounced Roy Moore in the GOP Primary.

    When Cagle keeps brining up Abramoff, he also calls attention to the Whitehouse and other elected GOP officials that had ties to Abramoff. Do you actually think all these people are just going to sit by and do nothing?

  5. Michael C says:

    Hey Debbie I would like you to meet the pot that called the kettle black. I wish I could have seen the smirk on your face as you typed

    “All you elected officials that endorsed Cagle have also endorsed and rubber stamped this type of campaigning and you are responsible for the ad as well.

    Seriously you have to be joking.

  6. debbie0040 says:

    Demonbeck, why don’t you stop being a hypocrite? You and other Cagle supporters said you would not support Ralph if he won so what is the difference between those activists and you?

    Typical hypocrisy of Cagle and his supporters…

  7. BahamaBoy says:

    Now even Debbie is starting to let “should Cagle win” slip into her rantings/postings. Start passing the Kool-Aid Ralph.

    Compare the two “explanations” side-by-side and it is painfully obvious that, once again, the Cagle camp has the goods on Reed. After all, many in the camp’s hierarchy are former Reed people. They know their former boss’ weaknesses and they sure know how to exploit them.

    The “I was just a subcontractor” defense sounds hollow in the face of what everyone on this board readily acknowledges — Ralph Reed is no dummy. He is a very aggressive and sophisticated political operative who carefully plots out his campaign strategies.

    I wonder what he has in mind for Cagle now?

  8. Demonbeck says:

    Another fact should go along with that Debbie.

    Reed made his fortune (net worth $4.5 million) swindling people. Cagle made his living honestly and through good investments.

  9. Demonbeck says:


    First, I have never said whether I would or would not vote for Ralph in the general should something unfortunate happen on Tuesday.

    Second, I have never claimed to be an activist. (I am Republican.)

  10. BahamaBoy says:

    Debbie asks “Do you actually think all these people [Reed’s Washington cronies] are just going to sit by and do nothing?”

    Yes Debbie. That is exactly what they are doing. Reed couldn’t get Bush or Cheney or Rove or anyone else to come in now. He’s damaged goods. Best to let him burn in peace!

  11. debbie0040 says:

    Michael that statement is true and I am not joking. Those elected officials are responsible for those ads , too. Do you hear any of them condeming the ads? No, you don’t because they KNEW what Cagle was going to do and approved of it. I have talked to different Reed supporters in different counties and they are angry at their elected officials now and Cagle …They feel their officials endorsed Cagle and campaigned for him, so they are responsible for the ads, too

  12. BahamaBoy says:

    Guilt by association, Debbie? Can’t have it both ways. Reed gets a pass for associating with now-convicted criminals, yet these unnamed officials are somehow responsible for campaign ads that Cagle’s crew puts out. Seems like a double standard to me.

  13. Demonbeck says:


    If Ralph is currently worth $4.5 million and he bilked the Indians out of $5.3 million. How much did his wealth grow through that one deal? A deal that Reed has personally, publicly and persistently admitted that he regrets accepting.

    Even if you subtract the the 30% taken by the IRS in taxes, that leaves 3.71 million dollars. Meaning that bilking the Cousahatta Indians raised Reeds value by a whopping 470% alone!

  14. Michael C says:

    Debbie, you support the most mean-spirited campainger in the last 50 years. Ask Clint Day and John McCain if they appreciated his lies against them.

    Make no mistake I am no McCain supporter but to falsely accuse him of having in illigitimate black child in the 2000 primary was beyond the pale.

    The fact you are whining about negative campainging is the most hypocritical position on this blog. And to make threats on top of it. Debbie, you are in my prayers.

  15. debbie0040 says:

    Demonbeck, again spouting off Cagle Campaigns lies. If you look at page 31 of the Senate Report you will see the Choctaws were satisfied with Reed’s services. They were not bilked at all.

  16. BahamaBoy says:

    Reed’s “new” three-pronged attack?

    1. Accusing Cagle of failure to pay the proper payroll taxes for his campaign staff.

    2. Accusing Cagle of making a $1,000 donation to Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor.

    3. Accusing Cagle of using his legislative seat to benefit his banking business.

    900 percent! 900 percent! 900 percent!

  17. John Galt says:

    This has probably been said ad nauseum, but I’ll say it again: The surest way to achieve a “Governor Taylor” or “Governor Cox” is to vote for Ralph Reed for Lt. Gov. It’s really that simple. Thousands of GOP faithful will just not vote for a Lt. Gov candidate in November rather than vote for Reed, and Democratic turnout will be astronomical in an effort to beat him. Better get used to “The Big Guy.”

  18. Romegaguy says:

    So when Reed uses Zell Miller’s endorsement is he not also using the endorsement of Bill and Hillary Clinton?

    Page 31 of Senate Report… I would think that the Choctaws were satisfied. I mean, after all they had paid Ralph to protect their gambling interests and he delivered.

  19. Bill B. says:

    Bet the 2:1 money advantage will help Reed get the word out to true conservatives that Cagle is the liberal candidate!

  20. jacewalden says:

    “It will take Cagle weeks to try and sound out all the big words in that response! Can someone read it to him or does he even get involved in that kind of stuff.

  21. Bull Moose says:

    Ralph just put $500,000 of laundered money from the Abramoff scandals into his campaign… Great!

    Ralph, you should really return the money to the tribes, that would be the right thing to do.

    Chatham County Alert: Sonny Perdue’s local chairman is a Reed supporter. She should have remained NEUTRAL as did the Party Chairman.

  22. Tater Tate says:

    This is a big pile of bull sh**! Cagle wins one thing. He has now gone beyond anything Reed has every been accused of in campaigns he has run. This is a new low in negative campaigning.

    If this continues, what decent person would ever run for public office?

    Like the debate on Sunday, Cagle goes too far. The reaction I am hearing from the grassroots is Cagle has lost any credibility he may have had.

    His new low will be rejected. Cagle will not win with this strategy.

  23. BahamaBoy says:

    Bill B.

    Reed may have a 2:1 cash advantage, but he has nothing to left to say. Its the same ol Cagle didn’t withhold taxes (already answered); Cagle gave $1000 to Mark Taylor (already beat to death); and Cagle increased his wealth at taxpayer’s expense (totally unproven becuase it never happened).

    900 percent! 900 percent! 900 percent!

    Keep drinking the Kool Aid.

  24. Bill B. says:

    Thanks Jace. When I want a good laugh (other than Linda) I just see what bull**** BullMoose is posting. He really has his panties in a was because people support Ralph Reed.

    Maybe he really believed all the Cagle press that everyone was on his side? Maybe he’s just dumb. Probably he’s like Forest Gump sitting on a bench in Savannah saying, “Life is like a box of chocolates…”

  25. jacewalden says:

    Bill B.,

    LOL! I actually meant that in sort of a bad way. Like, how it actually took Cagle about 2 hours to respond, while Ralph’s responses took about 3 days.

    But it’s cool, you still crack me up.

  26. Jeff Emanuel says:

    OK, TIME OUT!!! With this series of threats continuing about who will and won’t support the GOP nominee if it’s not their guy, please just take a second and go vote in the poll from a week or so again. I’m curious to see how the results trend in this last, most negative week of primary campaigning. Thanks!

  27. Bull Moose says:

    Ok, Bill, Tater Tate, you people can’t handle the fact that the truth about Reed is coming out to haunt you… Sorry, but victory is on the right side in this race.

  28. landman says:

    Cagle wins and the Guv is safe,Reed wins and your next GUV is a Democrat,as is your LT GUV,SOS,AG COMMISH,AG,and the labor C ommissioner.

    There would be a record Democratic turnout for the sole purpose of defeating Reed.Argue all you want this is a fact that would come to fruition if Ralph were to win,fortunately it will not happen.

  29. Bill B. says:

    Actually, we planning on having chicken wings from Cagle farms but they have more “donkey” there with their support of Mark Taylor…soooo we decided to kick his ass!

  30. Demonbeck says:

    So, Ralph Reed doesn’t support the poultry producers of North Georgia? Did you know that Georgia is the single largest poultry producing state in the nation and if Georgia were its own country that it would be the fourth largest poultry producing country in the world?

    You do realize that Cagle farms is in no way related to Senator Cagle?

    Of course you didn’t, because you are an ignoramus.

  31. Demonbeck says:

    You mean one of these??

    The DC Liabillies (sung to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies theme song)

    Come and listen to a story about a man named Ralph
    A poor political wannabe, always living hand-to-mouth
    Then one day he was selling his values off ,
    And down from DC came his buddy Abramoff.
    Jack that is, alligator shoes, Texas connections
    Well the next thing you know ol’ Ralph’s a millionaire,
    Kinfolk said Ralph move away from there
    Said DC is the place you ought to be
    So they rented up a truck and moved to Chevy.
    Chase, that is.
    Money Laundering, Payoffs.
    The DC Liabillies!
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Sung at the end of the campaign:
    Well now its time to say good-bye to Ralph and all his friends.
    And they would like to thank you folks fer kindly droppin in.
    You’re all invited back again to this locality
    So they can try and profit off your naivete
    Y’all come back now, y’hear?

    Ralphie’s Speed Dial (sung to the tune of Gilligan’s Island theme song)

    Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
    a tale of a fateful trip.
    That started from this gloomy met(ro),
    aboard this lavish jet.
    The mate was a mighty Washington man,
    the skipper didn’t give a rip.
    Nine passengers took off that day,
    for a four day golfing trip, a four day golfing trip………
    The coverage started getting rough,
    the tiny crew was tossed.
    If not for the courage of the fearless mate,
    the LG post might be lost; Ralph’s future might be lost.
    And then, after our 30 months of fun with the Ralphie Boys was done, we would hear…….
    So this is the tale of ol’ Ralphie’s Boys,
    they’re going away for a long, long time.
    They’ll have to make the best of things,
    associating with other criminal slime.
    The first mate and his skipper too,
    will do their very best,
    to make the others comfortable,
    in their white collar low security nest.
    No kickbacks, no blackberries, no limosines,
    not a single luxury.
    Like Robinson Crusoe,
    it’s primitive as can be.
    So join us here each week my friend,
    you’re sure to get a smile.
    From nine screwed politicos,
    Here on Ralphie’s speed dial!

  32. duluthmom says:

    Demon- Those are great even the second time around.

    Blazer-I don’t think the response is really that long especially when you compare it to the bulk of the evidence they have on the deal:


    And it hits the main points it has to–what Reed did, why it was wrong, why Ralph’s excuses don’t hold any water, and finally the sources that back up the charges.

  33. Demonbeck says:

    Blazer, it had to be long in order to account for all of Ralph’s misdeeds

    Hmm…”Ralph Reed Misdeed” Can someone call Miss Angela’s rapper? I think I have a new tune.

    Ralph Reed Misdeed (sung to the tune of Paul Revere by the Beastie Boys from the “License to Ill” album)

    Now here’s a little story, I’ve got to tell
    about three bad brothers you know so well
    It started way back in ’83
    with Abramoff, Norquist and me…Ralph Reed

    Weee had a little horsey named Sadie Fields
    Just me and my horsey and a mind for crooked deals
    Ridin across the land kickin up mud,
    Senate posse on my tail and my reputation is crud

    One lonely lobbyist I be
    All by myself – without McCain’s black baby
    McCain is bearing down on my business that
    Bilks millions from others while my pockets get fat

    Lookin’ for a John, I ran into a Jack
    His name is Abramoff – I said “Howdy” – he said it back
    He told a little story – that sounded well rehearsed
    Four days on the run and he was prepared for the worst

    The deal was on my hands – you know our golfing trip?
    His voice was hoarse, his throat was dry – he asked me for a quip,

    I said, “Had I known then
    What I know now
    I would have asked for 10
    and hid it better somehow”

    Quick on the draw – My election would be dead
    He put the cash in my hand and this is what he said,

    “Now my name is Jack A. – I want you to lobby this bill
    My client is worried about some competition it wants to kill,
    Now what do we have here – a lobbyist without moral
    You sing the song and let Sadie’s people sing the Choral”

    We stepped into the Capitol – he had a client, I had a grin
    You think this story’s over but it’s ready to begin

    “Now I got the client – you got the church
    You got two choices of who to leave in the lurch
    It’s not a tough decision as you can see
    I can take my business elsewhere or you can ride with me” I said, I’ll ride with you if you
    can launder the money to me
    These religious zealots are so blind that they cannot see
    I’ll screw them like this – I screw them like that
    I could even screw them with a whiffleball bat
    So I’m going to run – cause DC’s a dump
    After getting elected – I’ll have plenty of clients to hump
    The King Ralph Reed – will be my name
    And I’ll know the fly spot where they’ll serve us champagne.”

  34. debbie0040 says:

    I think Reed is being nice to Cagle compared to what I would be. I hope he totally destroys Cagle.

    My hubby asked me last night what Cagle was going to do when he was no longer an elected official. How was he going to make his money when he had no influence he could peddle.

  35. Demonbeck says:

    You and your hubby obviously have issues if you are discussing Cagle’s future at home with each other. Especially considering that neither of you support him.

  36. BahamaBoy says:

    Reed is the one who is finished when this race is over next Tuesday. Who is going to hire his firm for lobbying work? Who is going to pony up $500k to help pay off his “loan” to the campaign? When he loses Tuesday it will the end of what was once a promising career. If only he had stuck to lobbying instead of getting into a race for elective office.

  37. Bill B. says:

    How late do you think Demonbeck, DuluthMom, BahamaBoy and bullsh** are going to stay at Cagle HQ? Maybe you should go try to raise some money to deal with the 2:1 ADVANTAGE Ralph Reed has!

  38. BahamaBoy says:

    Bill B., I’m home enjoying a pizza. And I’ve never been to Cagle HQ.

    As for Reed’s supposed money advantage, I’ve seen the tv ads and they just don’t cut it.

    Now the phone banks, well, that’s another story. Calling Cagle an atheist on phone calls is the way to go. Numerous posters have confimred receiving such calls, so that must be where the Reed money is going.

    I hope they call me.

  39. BahamaBoy says:

    Busdriver asks “Someone please name a current client of Century Strategies.”

    Reed for Lieutenant Governor. Just wait and see how much of the money was passed through Reed’s company on its way to vendors.

  40. The Busdriver says:

    Yeah, sorry. I meant a client other than one of Ralph’s shells.

    Name a client please.

  41. duluthmom says:

    Bill B-

    You got me. It’s true, I’m up late–supervising a sleepover.

    I’ve never stepped foot in Cagle’s headquarters and I haven’t donated a dime to his cause. Sorry to disappoint you but I’m just an average citizen who enjoys following politics. My husband isn’t in politics either, in fact he is completely apolitical, I have to push him to vote at all.

    So quit with the conspiracy theories and for God’s sakes would you drop the 2:1 crap once and for all? My third grader could tell you that 813,000 doubled does not equal 1,460,000. (FTR it’s 1.796:1)

    Besides, more money isn’t an advantage if it’s foolishly spent.

  42. Maurice Atkinson says:

    This may have been posted on here somewhere, but if it is it’s worth reading again.

    To: State Desk

    Contact: Rick Bielke of Campaign Money Watch, 202-293-0222

    WASHINGTON, July 11 /U.S. Newswire/ — Today Campaign Money Watch questioned Ralph Reed about where the $500,000 he loaned his campaign for lieutenant governor of Georgia came from.

    According to Campaign Money Watch, Reed made millions of dollars as a lobbyist for American Indian casinos and the Northern Marianas Islands, where employers forced female employees to become prostitutes and to have abortions if they became pregnant. He used Christian organizations as front groups for his lobbying activity paid for by disgraced, convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his clients.

    “Ralph Reed spun his relationships with Christian organizations into personal gold by using them as fronts for convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s sleazy clients,” said David Donnelly, director of Campaign Money Watch. “Now he’s taken that money to try to buy the election. Campaign Money Watch will tell voters exactly where he got it: Lobbying against legislation that would have protected female workers from being forced to have abortions and to become prostitutes.”

    “Thousands of Georgia voters have already responded to our demand that Reed once and for all release the complete list of who he lobbied for and how much he made. But what is already known should be evidence enough: Ralph Reed values cash and little else,” said Donnelly.

    Campaign Money Watch is a national nonpartisan watchdog group that holds politicians publicly accountable for doing favors for their big money supporters. It ran a radio ad linking Reed to Abramoff’s casino clients earlier this election.


  43. Bull Moose says:

    I’ve never laughed so hard…

    Damn Debbie, you and your husband are sitting home talking about Casey and his future… How about that Casey? Debbie’s worried about your future?

    Don’t worry Debbie, he’ll be our Republican nominee for Lt. Governor and I better see you being as excited about him then as you are now for Ralph Greed.

    And for the record, Cagle outraised Reed, so enough of the BULL SH*T with the fundraising…

    Oh, and Debbie, what do you think about these aetheist phone calls? Do you agree with that? Are you proud of your candidate, Ralph Greed?

  44. JP says:

    Debbie, you are a twit and I’m embarrassed that people in this state think like you.

    “When Cagle keeps brining up Abramoff, he also calls attention to the Whitehouse and other elected GOP officials that had ties to Abramoff. Do you actually think all these people are just going to sit by and do nothing?” So what? Abramoff, Reed and the whole lot deserve public ridicule, if not imprisonment. I see no problem with this.

    So you say Ralph Greed (great name, Bull!) made his fortune in private enterprise. So freaking what, if he has no personal ethics?

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