Disclosures Request

Seems like a ton of people are wanting to view the disclosures, and nobody can access the site.

If you have the PDF’s of the interesting races, email them to us at info at peachpundit dot com and I’ll mirror them ASAP.


  1. Bill B. says:

    The Cagle Press Release (and the AJC campaign team) suggest Reed and Cagle are tied in FR. But both fail to disclose or notice the “crucial” (their words) cash in the bank amounts:

    Reed Cash In The Bank – $1,460,659
    Cagle Cash In The Bank -$ 813,283

    2:1 Advantage Reed in the CRUCIAL Closing Days

  2. Bill B. says:

    Ralph too. But we all know the game at this point is more spending rather than raising. Ralph’s 2:1 ADVANTAGE in cash is HUGE going into the final 3 weeks!


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