1. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Zell doubtless halped Bush a bit in 2004. How much effect (if any) will this have in turning the undecideds toward Reed? According to the latest IA poll, 2/3 of the undecideds who made up their mind since the poll before that swung to Cagle. Can Miller pull a good portion of the remaining 26% to Reed?

  2. John Silage Jr. says:

    I am a big Zell fan, but I still can’t vote for Reed. I am actually considering not even voting on the LG Race.

  3. debbie0040 says:

    Jeff, you are a Cagle guy so you would think that way. Stayed tuned, you may get one.

    This is not going to be a good week for Cagle…

  4. HSC Republican says:

    Need I remind everyone that Zell is still a Democrat. He had the gays support him in all his elections. He also tried to change the flag. It is amazing how quickly people forget just how liberal Zell use to be. Without Zell, there would be No President Clinton, let alon Sen Hillary. I am also question if Ralph “Give me more MONEY” Reed is so Republican, why did he intern with a Democrat?

  5. HSC Republican says:

    You are right Debbie, it is not going to be a good week for Cagle…..It will be a GREAT WEEK!

  6. HSC Republican says:

    Also Debbie,
    You keep prasing Rudy as a great Republican. Yet you fail to mention he supports gay rights and abortions! It is the same thing from Ralph’s Koolaid fans. Say one thing one day, say another the next!

  7. debbie0040 says:

    Need I remind you guys that Zell is well liked among GOP voters? He is a hero to most.

    You mean great like the debate last night? Sure it will.
    Sour grapes about Zell.

  8. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Interesting, Debbie. I’ve been accused of being a Reed guy on this blog, as well, so I’ll naturally take accusations from both sides as doubly complimentary.

  9. debbie0040 says:

    I would not be so quick to blast Rudy. He finished 2nd in the Cobb GOP Straw poll and he is finishing pretty high in the polls in other states. Rudy is well like in Georgia.

    My Dad is a Jerry Falwell type retired Independent Baptist Minister and he likes Rudy. He says Rudy believes decisions like gay marriage should be left up to the states not the federal government. He likes Rudy’s leadership. You guys counting Rudy out because of his social conservative views are making a HUGE mistake.

  10. LINDA says:

    All neocons, Debbie, every person that you are listing. I will not vote for Rudy, as the tide is turning toward Tom Tancredo in 2008. Tancredo has pretty much the patriot votes locked up in California, California, Texas, Colorado and soon Massachusettes. The neocons are through, as way too many people are aware of what is going on. Unfortunately, Zell Miller and Ralph feel right into the church of what is happening now, but things are going to change in 2008. We are a nation of freedom, faith and family and the new “f” word called fear shall not define who we are as a people. We shall not be tied to the chains of the elitists that have destroyed our United States. Electing Casey Cagle for Lt. Governor will help Georgia, but we also have to form an alliance with the Americans that value their children’s future more than shallow promises from bought politicians.

  11. rugby_fan says:

    I think Zell is further discrediting himself in GA, who knows what he stands for anymore.

  12. debbie0040 says:

    I never thought my Dad would like Rudy either but he does. Think about it. To satisfy the social conservatives Rudy would just have to say that matters such as gay marriage and abortion be left up to the states to decide.

    By the time 2008 rolls around, people will be terrified of a Hillary Presidency and would want someone they KNOW would defeat Hillary.

  13. LINDA says:

    I don’t care where Rudy stands on gay issues either, and I am not going to be swayed to vote for him because of some hype. Rudy was not the hero of 911, my friend Sgt. Kelley Courtney, and all the other brave fallen heroes and the brave firefighters and other first responders are the real heroes. I will not by into the theory that Rudy is the hero that deserves to lead our Country. And Zell Miller endorsing Reed or endorsing Rudy will not sway my beliefs.

  14. northside elephant says:

    Zell certainly won’t hurt, I’ll admit that much.

    Real Republicans we will probably never forgive him though for campaigning vigorously for Clinton-Gore.

    Real Christian conservatives will remember that Zell brought the lottery to Ga and would have brought casino gambling if we had not stood in the way.

    I still think the biggest problem though is that Reed has such high negatives and such high undecided voters. He is going to help turn out people who will not vote for him.

  15. HSC Republican says:

    Also would you support Rudy is there were gays supporting him? Or are all gays bad? That is what it makes it sound like when you bash them. The republicans are a big tent and I welcome anyone to vote with us be gay, stright, black, white, or any other type person out there. It is ovioius that Reed supports do not.

  16. debbie0040 says:

    Real conservatives will remember Zell’s speech at the GOP Convention. They will remember the books he has written. My husband told me that he would rather receive a phone call from Zell than from the President.

  17. northside elephant says:

    BY THE WAY!!

    All you Christian Coalition fanatics. Didn’t you guys lead the big anti-lottery fight against Zell? Why have you conveniently looked past that? I remember all kinds of threats and anger from the GA CC against politicians supporting the lottery.

  18. debbie0040 says:

    Everyone is welcomed as long as our principles are not compromised. We should never adopt gay marriage as one of our principles. If gays want to vote for the GOP then so be it, but I don’t believe in compromising in order to attract gays or any other group to the party.

  19. LINDA says:

    And Libertarians reading here just remember that you are wasting your time with trying to have a third party, you stand for everything that I type. I score as high as any that take the Libertarian test given out on the Internet, but you cannot win unless you help with a new split off group from the GOP and the conservative Democrats. We can only win if we are in this fight together. You want to change America and restore the rights of individuals, but you cannot do it by yourself. Vote for Cagle to make a diffecne in Georgia and join the Tancredo Team for 2008! Together we can make a difference.

  20. Jeff Emanuel says:

    The great thing about the internet is that it’s all accessible, whether it’s commentary, blog posts, or positives/negatives about individuals running for office.

    In this case, I assume you’re referring to my continuous commetary which I posted in a on JaseLP’s live coverage of last night’s debates. There’s the link. 🙂 I’ll even summarize here: Reed played the martyr VERY well during the Abramoff discussion, and called on God when he invoked “the one I serve”; I said Reed looked exhausted and Cagle angry, and I agreed with the comment that Cagle looked better on policy, and Reed looked better when talking personal issues/attacks. Oh yeah, and I said that, IMHO, Reed won the debate. Satisfied? 🙂

  21. northside elephant says:

    First the GA CC, Ralph, Saddie et al fight Zell and the lottery. They swear revenge against any politician that supports it. But then a few years later the lottery is extrememly popular and Zell is endorsing your candidate and all is forgiven.

    What was that about compromised principles?

  22. LINDA says:

    I was the first person in line a couple of years ago to buy Zell’s latest book or actually two copies. Zell graciously autographed each book to my two sons, and I got his autograph on two other books at the Republican Convention in New York. But his endorsement of a candidate was probably locked up several weeks ago, and he has a debt to repay or should I say has to save face. I understand because it is hard to switch teams when the eyes of the public are upon you.

    I will still cast a ballot for Cagle, and pray that others do likewise.

  23. debbie0040 says:

    Northside, I have said repeatedly I am not CC. I had no connections at all with Reed until I decided to support him. I had never even met him. I chose to support him because of his leadership abilities.’

    I have been in politics for 30 years and I am sick and tired of Republicans being elected to office then when they take office they lose their backbone and begin to just try to get along and compromise. They don’t want to offend anyone or make anyone angry. Cagle is like that.

    I want someone like Reed that will stand strong with the storms raging all around him. Someone that does not frighten easily. Someone that would not give a $ 1,000 contribution to Mark Taylor because he was frightened.

  24. Tater Tate says:

    Let’s remember that until very recently Democrats controlled Georgia. That means that a lot of folks who will vote Republican next week only recently were voting Democrat. So don’t go saying that Zell will not have an impact upon this race.

    Many Republican voters identify with Zell big time. Like Zell they know the modern day Democrats don’t represent their values. But Zell sure as hell does. Who can forget that speech at the convention.

    I don’t think Zell would be as quick to say he is still a Democrat as maybe he once would have. After all he is backing: Sonny, Bill Stephens, and Ralph Reed.

    And any Cagle person who says he would not rather have had Zell’s endorsement than not is just a damn liar.

    So I look foward to going to the house and listening to my call from Zell.

  25. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Debbie, debbie, debbie….I understand now. You misunderstand, and JaseLP can corroborate this: the commenters’ names are UNDER their posts, not above. Sorry for the confusion, and let me post what I wrote, as well as who wrote that post in question (Steve Perkins):

    ain’t happening, Jase

    Posted by: Jeff Emanuel | July 9, 2006 08:09 PM

    I’m a Cagle supporter here and even I’m sick of hearing about Abramhoff. Casey is really blowing this thing.

    Posted by: Steve Perkins | July 9, 2006 08:10 PM

    My comment was in response to Jason saying: “Cagle needs to get off the whole Abramoff thing. I agree with him on it, but he’s already made his point with it.”

    Honest mistake, Debbie. Like I said, good thing about the internet is that it’s ALL accessible. 🙂

  26. Jeff Emanuel says:

    To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never said, on this blog, Jason’s, or any other, who I support in this or any other primary contest. However, Debbie, I understand the thought process there–sorry about the confusion.

  27. LINDA says:


    The failure to compromise is what has ruined our United States. Everyone on this board writes from a perspective of my team has got to win come hell or high water. Who cares if Cagle gave Taylor a $1,000, that is chunk change? I am a patriot with a Marine son, but I read anitwar.com to get some of my information. At first, I thought this is some left wing nut job site. But then I started reading Justin Ramondo (sp) and realized that he was part of the Buchanan team that was virtually suppressed in our elections. I did not know who Pat Buchanan was or what he stood for or I would have voted for him.

    I believe in our troops, but I read antiwar.com for informaiton so I donated $25 to the fund to keep the site going last quarter. I don’t like to use a platform that I would not donate to. And that does not make me a traitor to my country because there are always two sides to every story. There just may be a legitimate reason Cagle donated money to Taylor. Perhaps it is a strategy to keep Cox from winning by some Republicans because Cathy Cox is a bigger threat against Perdue than Taylor is. Cagle 2006

  28. HSC Republican says:

    Erik Johnson does not have a backbone either I guess. If also Reed had not run such a dirty campaign…………………but then you have never anwserd this question.

  29. debbie0040 says:

    There are two reasons he donated to Taylor. 1. He was frightened of Taylor 2. Cagle wanted an appointment to the banking committee which he got.

  30. northside elephant says:

    Tater, as you will note I mentioned that Zell certainly won’t hurt. But what is the significance in this whole thing?

    The most interesting part of this is that Zell brought the lottery to Georgia (it was actually Carville’s idea). Any of you who were active in conservative movements at that time certainly remember the massive uproar. The Religious Right fought it with all of their might and pastors and Ralph railed against it from the pulpit.

    After the lottery passed the GA CC swore revenge against the politicians that helped bring it to a referendum. Now, a few years later the lottery is popular and Ralph is best friends with his former arch-enemy.

  31. jacewalden says:

    A couple of things:

    (1) Zell Miller is my all-time political hero. Don’t ask me why, I just like the guy, okay? But, even he can’t convince me to vote for Reed.

    (2) Debbie, what makes you certain that Hilary Clinton would even succeed in getting the Democratic nomination for president? Most straw polls or internet polls have showed her well behind. In fact, at the current rate, I would say that even Hilary Clinton isn’t left enough to get the Dem nod. Sad, I know.

    (3) Guiliani will NEVER get the Republican nomination. He’s a RINO. He believes in big spending and gun control. The only place that type of Republican can get a nomination is NYC. It’s gonna be George Allen or Mitt Romney. I go with Romney.

    (4) Tater Tate, Zell is still quick to call himself a democrat. He says he was born a democrat and he will die a democrat. That’s just what he says…he hasn’t endorsed a democrat since Max Cleland in 2002. I do think you’re wrong though about the effect he will have. It will be marginal at best.

    Hope I didn’t forget something…sorry I haven’t posted in a while 😉

  32. debbie0040 says:

    Eric does not have a record of caving in as Cagle does. Eric stands steadfast. Cagle does not.

    Did Eric get appointed to the banking committee?

  33. debbie0040 says:

    Sorry for the misunderstanding Jeff but it sure looked like it.

    Jace, don’t count out Hillary yet. The Democratic Primaries will be a blood bath. Kerry, Clinton, Gore

  34. HSC Republican says:

    Again Ralph’s Kool Aid fans are picking from the buffet of politics. It is ok to support gays if it is Rudy, but if Cagle gets one vote from a gay person he has commited a sin. They support the Republican Senate cacus, yet they bash Cagle on a bill they all signed. They say they support ethics, yet they support someone who is being investigated by the Senate. They say gambling is wrong, yet he takes 5.4 million from the industry! Cagle gives a $1000 wrong, Erick gives a $1000, it is ok. DEBBIE TAKE OFF THE BLINDERS AND SEE REED FOR THE PEICE OF SCUM HE IS!

  35. debbie0040 says:

    The reason the gays are crossing over is because they think Ralph Reed is the most dangerous person in Georgia and in the nation to their cause. They don’t feel the same way about cave in Casey. Wonder why?

    The only piece of scum I see is Casey Cagle.

  36. jacewalden says:


    I’m not counting her out. It’s possible that she could win. But I don’t think she’ll make it through the primaries. Look at what the Democratic party is doing to its members who support their vote for the war…I.E. Joe Liberman, their one-time VP candidate, Al Gore’s partner. He’s looking at running as an independent because he’s not socialist enough to pick up the Democratic nomination. Hilary has lost poll after poll, and has been booed off stage. If what they say about the ideologues is true (that they tend to vote more often in primaries than non-ideologues) then Hillary is going to have a very rough time making it. The Kos Crowd and MoveOn.org and Code pink are going to be looking toward Feingold, Kerry, and Gore–and those groups will be your primary voters.

    Just my analysis…

  37. Demonbeck says:

    I predict that Reed will come out with a blatant “dead girl/live boy” lie late on Thursday, much like the “black baby” incident he pulled in South Carolina against McCain.

  38. debbie0040 says:

    I would agree with your analysis, but Hillary has a history for being a left winger. The libs have had a lovefest with Hillary in the past. I think there is a certain crowd that might understand why she has to move to the center in order to win. Will be fun to watch the Clintons cut Dean out of DNC Chairman or at least try to.

  39. StevePerkins says:

    I couldn’t disagree more with Linda’s comments about the Libertarians (well, maybe I would disagree more if I understood more clearly exactly what she’s trying to say). What the Libertarian Party’s supposed to be IS a split off group of Republicans and Democrats! Alot of people turn their nose up on account of some extreme position they’ve read on the Internet, or think that Libertarians are “Republicans that wanna smoke dope”, or whatever.

    People don’t realize that a pragmatic movement has been building in the Libertarian Party for years now, and at the recent national convention the harsher rhetoric got rolled back and dropped from the platform. Lt. Governor nominee Allen Buckley (buckleyforgeorgia.com) is about as reasonable as it gets, and has tons of overlap with both conservative Democrats and small-government Republicans.

    There are libertarian groups working from within the two major parties, and that can’t hurt, but I question the practical effectiveness of that approach. Groups only seem to wield any clout when there’s a REAL risk they won’t support a candidate. If the Republican Liberty Caucus guys pledge to end up voting for Ralph Reed no matter what, then what incentive does the GOP really have for producing candidates closer to their views? If gays and other minority groups uniformly turn out for Democratic candidates, can they really be surprised when they’re taken for granted and ignored. A legitimate threat to TAKE YOUR VOTE ELSEWHERE is historically the only effective means to pull politicians in your direction.

    It just blows my mind to hear people say they will simply leave the box blank in November. What a complete and foolish waste.

  40. Bill Simon says:

    I just saw the most interesting bumper sticker that I have never seen before. It said “Born OK The First Time.”

    Does that message from Zell state that he is a “born-again Democrat who supports a born-again Christian?”

  41. GOPeach says:

    Okay everyone-

    Let’s just run a write- in Lt. Gov. Election!

    JESUS for LT. GOV. ’06 – eternity

    He is the only one who is sinless enough to
    get elected by the infalible Cagle supporters!


  42. Demonbeck says:

    Since we are infallible GOPeach, why just elect one of us? I’m pretty sure none of us would run “in the name of the Lord” like Ralphie boy and then sell out to the highest bidder.

  43. debbie0040 says:

    GOPEACH, Cagle supporters don’t want someone sinless or they would not be supporting Cagle. They just hate Ralph Reed and he could be perfect and they would have an excuse not to vote for him.

  44. GOPeach says:


    You win!

    Here is your bumper sticker…

    “DEMON for Lt. Gov!
    To hell with it!”

    How’s that?


  45. Bill Simon says:

    Sinning is one thing. Wagging a finger at others’ sin while taking money under the table from competing casinos who don’t want the competition is quite a different matter from a “sin.” It is crooked, plain and simple.

  46. debbie0040 says:

    I think a lot of posters still have sour grapes when Ralph kicked Shaffer’s tail for GOP Chairman.

  47. Demonbeck says:

    I am sorry, didn’t realize I was responding to our resident poetesse

    Reed Supporters praise,
    The Almighty – Cash, not God
    The Name of Ralph’s Lord

  48. Bull Moose says:

    I didn’t know that Abramoff, Norquist, and Sadie Fields were doing calls for Ralph… Here is what they had to say,

    “Hi, this is Jack Abramoff, Grover Norquist, and Sadie Fields, we’re crazy about Ralph Reed and his campaign for Lt. Governor. With Ralph in office, he’ll support third party vendors, not subject to our state’s open records laws so that our government will be more secretive and less open to the public. Ralph will make sure that no woman is allowed to obtain an abortion or to even obtain birth control unless of course she is bound for the Northern Mariana Islands where she’ll be forced into the sex trade business. With Ralph as Lt. Governor, he’ll use his influence to get me, Jack, and Grover, Presidential Pardons. And me, Sadie, will finally be able to pass legislation to ban all the gays and lesbians, my daughter included, from the state. We look forward to Ralph’s service and know you will too. Look forward to opening casinos across the state soon!

    Again, this has been Jack Abramoff, Grover Norquist, and Sadie Fields.

  49. GOPeach says:

    More Japaneese poetry…

    Demon writes in darkness
    snowed by burned people
    needs more love in heart.

  50. LINDA says:

    Dear Steve Perkins,

    To clarify myself, you will do much better by going with the church of what is happening now. World Net Dailey and other conservative sights are pushing Tom Tancredo’s book “In Mortal Danger,” and giving a good deal of publicity to Ron Paul and Jim Gilchrist. Border issues are the problem that we face, not whether or not Susie can marry Janie Or Jim can have a civil union with Bob. The next election will decide the fate of our nation, and may actually be too little too late. You have got to get the big picture, Steve, which is that media is what sways probably 85% of all voters. Unless some big celebrity personality runs on the Libertarian ticket, there will be no publicity.

  51. northside elephant says:

    Where are the real Reed supporters? There used to be a few that were somewhat coherent and credble. Now we just have Debbie and a cursing fundamentalist.

    By the way Debbie there are a lot of us Cagle supporters that worked to help elect Reed chairman. I can admit a mistake when I make one.

  52. Romegaguy says:

    Zell… isnt that the guy that said earlier this year that Hillary would make a great President?

  53. LINDA says:

    I met Badnarick and got an autographed copy of his book (2004 Libertarian Presidential candidate), and he is no doubt very smart and can recite the Constitution inside and out. But, you have to understand, Steve, that money is what buys political parties and you sure cannot run with no big money behind you. Now, if you can get people to turn away from American Idol and partying and raising kids and whatever long enough to listen and be convinced that a Libertarian is what this country needs, then a third party may have a better chance. It isn’t going to happen, Steve.

    I think I saw on your blog that you liked the book “1984.” You remember where the main character talks about the 85% of the people that are playing the lottery and going to sports games. Is that not eerie that he wrote that book in 1948. Orville that is. The main character even talked about working in cubicles. You see the 85% of the clueless, tune into the boob tube a week befoe an election and decide who to vote for, and mind you this is only the 85% that bothers to vote at all. Don’t forget that 50% of the people do not vote at all.

    Cagle 2006

  54. Jeff Emanuel says:

    I agree with Linda and Demon…Animal Farm should be 8th grade at latest reading, and 1984 by high school, if not before. Then again, I’m a strong proponent of Atlas Shrugged being re-inserted into the curriculum; however, I don’t see that likely in government-run schools.

  55. StevePerkins says:

    Linda, I support the idea of civil unions, and believe that all consenting adults should have access to the same legal benefits and protections… but verbiage of the word “marriage” is NOT a hot-button for me. Likewise, I think drug legalization is a good idea… but it’s time is not now, and I don’t break any sweat yelling about it. The key issues for me that I spent the most time talking about right now are immigration, taxation, and transportation/infrastructure.

    That’s the point I’m trying to make… Libertarians aren’t just a fringe group talking about toll roads and pot-smokers, we do have a wide set of beliefs about most all contemporary issues. If the “church of now” wants to talk immigration, I have opinions there. If it wants to talk crime and prisons, I have opinions there, too. You warn me about being too fixated on one single fringe issue, but you’re being a broken record with the Tancredo stuff (90% of the population probably doesn’t know who Tom is).

    I have no illusions about an independent or third-party sweeping in and winning the Presidency. I give just enough support to the Party at the Presidential level to help maintain ballot access, because being on the ballot in all 50 states is a litmus test for people considering you a “real” party. However, as Tip O’Neill nailed it… “all politics is local”. I’m more interested in local candidates having local impact on local issues. The highpoint of my political memory was when Libertarian Jim Hudson forced a runoff between Wyche Fowler and Paul Coverdell in ’92, and threw the election to the Republicans by negotiating an endorsement for a spending/budget pledge (which Coverdell honored). By doing that, the Libertarians also took away the Democrats filibuster-proof majority in the U.S. Senate, holding Clinton in check. Third-parties DO make an impact, even if they’re not swooping into the White House anytime soon.

    By the way, you make reference to Ron Paul… who was the Libertarian Party nominee for President in ’88. He’s a GREAT example of the strategy of supporting a major party when you can, but taking your vote elsewhere when you must.

  56. LINDA says:

    What I meant is that hooray if you had a teacher that assigned Animal Farm to read or if you read it on your own. I am so engulfed in Bibb County where I don’t believe students read anything, unless they go to a private school.

  57. Demonbeck says:

    I will admit I never read “1984” or “Atlas Shrugged.” I tried several times to get into “Atlas Shrugged” in high school and still have a copy somewhere, but something else always took me away from it.

    Frankly, I’d rather reread old Lewis Grizzard columns.

  58. LINDA says:

    Well I only support that gays have the right like anyone else to name a power of attorney to handle their estate and legal affairs after death or when the other is not capable of carrying on their affairs. I am 100% opposed to any legislation that would extend civil union rights that effect health insurance paid out by corporations, and social security benefits paid out.

    The institution of marriage is based upon biblical foundations, and if you have read the New Testament you remember one of Jesus’ seven miracles recorded in John was when he turned water to wine at a Jewish wedding ceremony. We have got to keep marriage between a man and a woman because redefining such laws are for the most part for what you define as civil rights and civil unions is not a protected right in the Declaration of Indepence or the Constitution.

    That is what power of attorneys and wills solve, and placing a burden on others just because you want to change the rules to benefit your own ideology is not Libertarian at all. Because when the law is changed to benefit a few, the vast majority will pay the price for a life style that we do not condone.

  59. northside elephant says:

    Orwellian: Ralph portraying Cagle as corrupt.

    Orvillian: Ralph invents new lies that don’t go very far.

  60. GrandOleDawg says:

    The important thing here is not whether Zell will convince any of YOU to vote for Ralph. Everyone on here has already made up their mind (even these supposed “neutral” parties). What matters is how will the calls influence the average GOP primary voter out there. Those guys are very fond of Zell. I think it could pull some weight.

  61. LINDA says:

    In other words your rights end where my rights are infringed upon. And I am speaking on behalf of all Citizens. A collective culture very much have a stake in what we will and will not tolerate in our society. Call it mob rule if you wish, but it is reality. Now, 50 years from now when the communist media has brain-washed the population into supporting gay marriage, pedophilia, open prostitution, polygamy, pornography in the classroom then yes you will see the utopian disaster. Thank goodness I will probably not be alive then, and I have already advised my ten year old son that in the future he may want to move to Iceland or maybe even Russia. I am starting early educating my son on the survival of the fittest and getting out while the getting is good.

  62. StevePerkins says:

    Umm… Linda, you are illustrating my argument on why people should vote Libertarian in the Lt. Governor race. Folks, if Linda’s rant gave you the heebie-jeebies rather than the warm-n-fuzzies, you are completely wasting your vote on a Reed or Democrat or a box left blank.

  63. LINDA says:

    No, I’m allergic to wine! But I have drank Margaritas in the past and other mixed drinks. I have a bottle of kalula that has been in a cabinet for three years unopened. I drink tea, coffee and ice water in my older, wiser days. What does that have to do with anyting, Bill?

  64. LINDA says:


    If you want warm and fuzzy, then buy some fuzzy house shoes. If you want someone not caught in scandals for Lt. Governor, vote for Cagle. If you want to vote for the hand out instead of the hand up party vote Democrat. If you want to waste your time at the polls, vote Libertarian.

  65. StevePerkins says:

    Linda, you do realize that the Libertarians will not be appearing on the Republican ballot… right? I’m talking about what the Ralph-haters should do in NOVEMBER should Reed get the nomination. If you think Cagle is the best man for the job, and he DOES win the primary, then by all means vote for your guy this fall.

  66. LINDA says:


    That is a terrible assualt on Jesus! May God have mercy on such stupidity, and have mercy on the souls of those that produce such trash. Mocking the Lord Jesus Christ is the worst of sins, and I think that Erick should deleted that entry! Erick, wo bist du? Where are you? This is over the top to mock Jesus Christ!

  67. northside elephant says:

    Steve it is true and is all independently verified. This is the dark side of Reed.

  68. StevePerkins says:

    I didn’t say that Cagle (who I’m voting for in the primary) is lying in that ad (he isn’t)… I’m just saying that’s one nasty ad! He’s walking a very thin tightrope, running the risk of going SO negative that it backfires.

  69. Bill Simon says:

    Can I get a job as a voiceover guy on these ads? I’ll bet if I put gravel in my mouth and then read the scripts, I’ll pass for a good announcer…

  70. jacewalden says:


    You beat me to it.

    Remember what the movie “Dogma” said. If you think that God doesn’t have a sense of humor, look at the platypus.

  71. LINDA says:

    The mockers’ lack of faith is evident in their response to our Lord’s apparent delay in coming to establish His kingdom on earth. If they had faith, they would believe not in what they see but in what God has said; they would believe God’s Word (see Hebrews 11:1-3). But lacking such faith, they live only on the basis of their interpretation of what they see and touch and smell. Worse yet, lacking experiential knowledge, they act purely on impulse, or as Peter says, “instinct

  72. LINDA says:

    You see I as a born again Christian carry the cross of Christ in my very being. When you mock Jesus, you mock me and all born again Christians. Jesus is the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost and is the King of Kings, and I have great sorrow when his likeness is mocked. So to answer your question, I believe that Jesus weeps for the evil doers that spit in his face and mock his Godliness.

  73. LINDA says:

    from the mocking of Jesus video. Jesus’ kingdom is more important to me than Zell and Reed! I still am voting for Cagle. But I will not stand for Jesus to be mocked.

  74. nfire says:

    As a Christian, I can say that Jesus is my boy. I talk to him all the time, and I don’t think he’s without a sense of humor. Maybe I know him better than you do.

  75. Demonbeck says:

    Linda probably thinks I am an atheist Jew.

    That’s the problem with evangelicals – no sense of humor.

  76. GOPeach says:

    Wow Demon-

    I would say this video is over the top.

    Some things are just not funny D-mon.

    Jesus is not a “boy” either. nfire.

    Be glad you did not mock Mohammad. The
    UN would be all over this and so would
    the Liberal Left. They will fight you
    over offending Moslems bit Christins
    lack a sense of humor.

    That makes sense…. NOT!

    Now … I would like to clear the air and
    post something that is really cute-





  78. GOPeach says:

    We went to the polls today and voted.
    It was a great feeling to vote for
    Sonny, Reed, McGuire, etc…
    I saw several Reed voters at the polls
    from our church. Thank God people are
    taking advantage of early voting.
    I thank God to be an American.
    Voting is a blessing.
    Everyone go out and vote for the
    candidate of your choice!
    This is the best way to support
    our troops and salute the flag!!!!

  79. Demonbeck says:


    They were drinking Kool-aid and wearing the Reed tennis shoes. I understand there will be a big hoe down at the Reed Compound on the eve of July 18th. David Koresh and the Renos will be playing at the victory party.


    Zell may be helpful in the general but he will not carry any water for OLE RALPHIE BOY in the primary.Truth be known he was probably roped in to doing this by some favor he owed. Bring it koolaiders ..it’s on!

  81. Bill Simon says:

    I finally received Zell’s call this morning at 11:30 AM. Seems like the dialer vendor Reed is using cannot send out a statewide call all in one day.

    Heck, it’s only about 400,000 household numbers to get every Republican voter….that’s a bad sign that it spills over into a 2nd day.

  82. GOPeach says:


    I knew they were REED VOTERS because
    some were my personl friends. Many
    were members of Mt.Paran Church and
    they told me Raplh Reed had been there
    on Sunday morning. They enjoyed his
    freedom in worship and they knew he was
    no fake or con. We will see what we are
    looking for! ! ! ! Those who look for
    bad things will always find them. Those
    who look for good things will find good.

    You see Ralph used to be a member of Mt. Paran
    Church before he moved to Duluth, GA. He joined
    Perimeter Church because it was closer and his
    kids were attending Providence Middle School.
    He is very involved in a Men’s Discipleship
    Group and his pastor Rany Pope is at most of
    the rallies when he speaks to encourage him
    as his friend and spiritual covering.

    We all love Ralph. If you do not like him,
    it’s because you have never met him. He is
    a wonderful person. You will see, he will
    grow on you. Jo Anne Reed is very warm and
    friendly. She is a strong and supportive
    wife and mother of 4 beautiful children.

    Please know that these kids are looking at this
    site and you will want to be careful that you
    do not slam their daddy too much. What if it was
    you in a race and your children had to watch you get
    bashed by ” fellow conservatives” in blogs.

    Whoever wins in the PRIMARY on the REPUBLICAN
    ticket will be backed by me! I am a REPUBLICAN.
    I voted for REED but I will gladly join the
    CAGLE Team should he win. I am not a RINO.

    As for ZELL MILLER – He is wonderful. The message
    was very sweet and my heart was warmed by the
    support of this Conservative leader who stood up
    to his party at the RNC and drew a line in the
    sand. Ralph Reed has the same type of BACK BONE
    and if any one here is a TRUE CONSERVATIVE –
    YOU WILL “GET THIS”… Others will not.

  83. RealConservative says:

    Wait, “GOPeach” (What an incredibly ridiculous name). “I will gladly join the CAGLE Team should he win.” Does this mean that if Cagle wins the Lord WILL have forgiven him? Or that you will accept the will of the fake-Christians in the state who nominated him over God’s own Right Hand, and vote for the anti-God choice? Can you counsel yourself on this for a minute, get your judge husband to rule on God’s will for a sec, and get back to me? About whether God or the voters really matter to you? And why you cant’ use the entire line to write, insteead of going 4 words at a time before hitting the “Enter” key? Is that God’s writing code? That allows you to call Cagle anti-Jesus and full of hate but still vote for him? And is “Grand Old Dog”‘s screen name evil, or more bible-code, because he is calling himself “G.O.D.”? Please lend some of your infamous–i mean, infinite–wisdome here…Augh! I’m so confused!

  84. GOPeach says:

    If Cagle wins, the Lord would have PROTECTED RALPH
    from an office that would not be in ” THE PLAN” God
    has for him. He will learn from this race and move
    on to the next thing GOD has for him! It will be
    greater. Trust me!

    All things work for good for those who love the Lord
    and are called according to His purposes!

    If you are not SELECTED-
    YOU are being PROTECTED!

    I never said Cagle was ” Anti – God “- I said he will not be forgiven for slandering his brother, Ralph unless he asks for forgiveness. Either way, Casey will have to
    ask God to forgive him for sinning against his brother,
    Ralph. Winning this electiion could be Casey’s punishment.
    Only God knows what lies ahead.

    This is basic Christianity 101. I am sorry you are so
    confussed. All the Casey supporters who have slandered
    and gossiped about Ralph will be held accountible for
    their actions! They will have people do the same about
    them because what goes around comes around and you
    will reap what you sow.

    I would vote for a REPUBLICAN before I will vote Democrat to get back at Casey.

    Ralph Reed would be dishonored if anyone voted for a
    Democrat because he has spent 30 years of his life in the trenches building the GOP party in Georgia. He was Chairman of the Party and I would never tear down what
    my choice for Lt. Gov. has worked so hard to build.

    Ralph Reed is a true statesman. He is pioneer. He is
    a mover and a shaker. He is known by those who love
    him as a friend and a foundation builder. Nothing
    anyone in the Cagle campaign could ever say will change
    that. We have resolve.

    To vote for a Democrat would be a slap in Ralph Reed’s
    face, that’s the ONLY reason I could vote for Cagle if
    I absoulyely had to. That’s called LOYALTY. Maybe
    you would understand that if you did not spend so much
    of your brain energy being so silly.

  85. Bill Simon says:

    I’ve heard Bill Clinton is quite the charmer in person as well, GOPeach. The best con-men ARE that way in person…that’s why they can con people like you so easily.

  86. nfire says:

    GOPeach –

    Couldn’t we also say:

    Ralph will have to
    ask God to forgive him for sinning against his brother,
    Casey. Winning this electiion could be Ralph’s punishment.
    Only God knows what lies ahead.

    This is basic Christianity 101. I am sorry you are so
    confussed. All the Ralph supporters who have slandered
    and gossiped about Casey will be held accountible for
    their actions! They will have people do the same about
    them because what goes around comes around and you
    will reap what you sow.

  87. RealConservative says:

    Oh that’s right, RR built the GA GOP, founded America (especially the Marianas islands, bet you cant name one without looking it up?), and will be at the right hand of God when we are all judged for not voting for him. Wait, only if your head is out of his lap by then

  88. GOPeach says:


    If you will go pack through all the previous
    posts, you will see that the majority of the Reed supporters bite their tongues.

    While most ( not all ) but most all of the Casey
    supporters repeat what Casey says as if they were
    all eye witnesses!

    The Bible says if you are not an EYE WITNESS,
    you are a FALSE WITNESS! Casey was not an EYE
    WITNESS to any of the business transactions with
    Ralph Reed’s company. Therefore Casey Cagel is
    a false witness. If that is the best we can
    get in the Lt. Gov. seat, So be it. Gov. Perdue
    will straighten out any Lt. Gov. who needs a
    mentor to show them how to walk in dignity.

    I support Ralph Reed without appology!
    I have not one time said anything slanderous
    about Casey. He lacks the maturiry I believe
    is neccsary for a leader, but God will fix that.
    If Casey really desires to be in God’s perfect
    will, then he will be. That could be as an
    elected official or as a banker. Time will

    Until then I pray that God will have his way
    with both Casey and Ralph Reed. I hope that the
    strife and discord that has been sown will
    fade and that our party grow close again.

    I pray that all who have sinned by speaking
    lies and gosppiping about fellow christians
    while excusing themselves in the name of
    “Politics” will repent and not repeat such

    Rememeber, lots of kids are reading these blogs.
    They are home all summer and they are seeing
    what is happening here. Be careful.

    Real Conservative –

    You are way off base, You have too much time on your
    hands. I suggest you go to http://www.CareerBuilder.com
    Maybe you can get a good job.

  89. RealConservative says:

    Um, yeah, Georgia’s Outstanding Pinhead, I’M the one with time to write 50 lines of absolutely moronic, mindless CRAP every 10 minutes on this site. You are the dumbest woman I have ever had the misfortune of having any contact with, ever. By far. Absolutely stupid. Your husband the judge must’ve had to marry you as a toss-in in the deal to get his appointment to the bench. .

    “The Bible says if you are not an EYE WITNESS,
    you are a FALSE WITNESS! Casey was not an EYE
    WITNESS to any of the business transactions with
    Ralph Reed’s company. Therefore Casey Cagel is
    a false witness.”

    How stupid are you? It’s got to be the grace of God alone that lets you survive; you’ve got to be too stupid to breathe. Oh yeah, and isnt Saint Ralph the Sweatshop and forced-abortion defender accusing Cagle of evading taxes, profiting from public service, and donating to Taylor? But did he SEE Cagle do that? Oh yes, that makes him a false witness too. Can you vote for a false witness? Oh yes, only because God told you to. To you, “God” is probably your dog yo think is talking to you because you’re either drinking the cyanide kool aid or just too stupid and crazy not to hallucinate. Pathetic.

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