Shouldn’t campaign emails HELP the candidate?

All right, I had to give some thought as to whether or not to post this up here, but the comical nature of it won out. I’ve received several emails from the McBerry campaign (specifically, from his “campaign coordinator”)–although my first instinct upon reading them was that they were spoofs, or some other form of joke aimed at discrediting McBerry. However, with the state GOP and Perdue campaign taking the attitude that McBerry doesn’t even exist, this was unlikely; my latest info is that the Perdue campaign still expects McBerry to get the 12% or so in the primary that’s been predicted for a while.

I’ve determined through other channels that these emails are in fact genuine…so, take a look and decide for yourself what you think about the state of that campaign. All spelling, capitalization, spacing, and punctuation is as it appeared in the original, although specific non-candidate names and organizations have been omitted. Here goes:

for whom this may concern,

Ray McBerry is also needing Volunteers for his gubernatorial campaign. Ray McBerry is excited to be on the ballot in regard to the July 18th Republican primary. We look forward to supporting Ray McBerry in the July 18th primary.
You can research Ray’s platform by going to his website at Also, please sign up for updates on the McBerry campaign after you log on to the Georgia First website. The campaign message is Not Washington DC First…Not Atlanta First…But Georgia First!

Please go to the website and download Ray’s photo? The contact email is [email protected]. Also, there’s a DOWNLOAD section on the Ray McBerry website. This will help. PS Please instill…that it’s wrong to exclude or censor certain Republicans?

And another:

I’m glad to see the party growing.

However, I wish the party would come to grips with what they’re doing and
acknowledge the Ray McBerry campaign at the state level. I worked extremely
hard on Sonny’s campaign in 2002, but have since found philosophical differences with the Perdue administration.

PS Ignoring and excluding certain candidates like Ray McBerry is setting a horrible precedent in the state of Georgia. I hope some of you will support Ray McBerry. I hope you will let the state organization know that you don’t like what they’re doing.


and finally:

Thanks for your help. It appears our campaign has plenty of volunteers for our phone banks and get out the vote drive for this final week. We appreciate your recognition of our campaign… . We also hope that you will vote for the only “true conservative” running in the July 18th governors race, and that’s Ray McBerry. Remember, since Sonny took office in 2002 the state budget has increased by 3 billion dollars. I guess we’re having to pay for all those foreigners and non-Georgians moving into the Atlanta area. One other thing,
Hermain Cain recently had a great article about RINOS (Republicans In Name Only). I hope Sonny was paying attention, and I hope the people of Georgia were too.

So, again, what do you think? I always thought that campaign emails were supposed to be beneficial to the candidates.


  1. debbie0040 says:

    You are very brave for posting that but correct. The sad thing is McBerry will get about 10 – 15% of the vote.

    Please tell me you have an unlisted number…

  2. northside elephant says:

    Debbie, I heard that “Homos For McBerry” has endorsed Ralph Reed. They are distributing voters guides that say McBerry and Reed are the best team for gay rednecks.

    😉 Just pulling your chain Debbie!

  3. LINDA says:

    McBerry could do much, much better if the media was not biased and bought by both parties. Whatever votes McBerry gets will be a signal to what will come about in 2008 in the Presidential election. Many people are fed up with runaway spending and taxation.

  4. debbie0040 says:

    Linda, are you trying to blame the fact McBerry is literacy challenged on the media? I just want to understand this.

    northside, I would not laugh if I were you. McBerry, Cagle, Konop have all been endorsed by the Southern Party of Georgia. This party even endorsed Kathy Cox’s (GOP Kathy) Republican opponent.

  5. LINDA says:

    No, Debbie I am blaming bought political seats and a bought media for his being left out of the election process. The Republican Party of Georgia has shown their arrogance by their snobbery, and people like me will vote with our dollars by not supporting them. That is all I can do to show my protest. So, what do we expect from our media: we have a blue blood Democrat polished into a shiny new Republican that the media still adores.

  6. LINDA says:

    The Bibb County Republican Party lost me as a big activist in South Bibb, and no telling how many others have told them to take a hike!

  7. LINDA says:

    The endorsement of the SPLOST election by the Bibb County GOP was the icing on the cake for me to show that wow these people are not fiscal Republicans at all.

  8. debbie0040 says:

    In Cobb and Gwinnett County they have a party question on the priamry ballot that address the SPLOST.

    Do you think that SPLOSTs should only be held during the General Election as to maximize voter turnout?

    Your candidate Cagle introduced the bill that allowed for SPLOSTS.

  9. LINDA says:

    Well, Sonny Perdue and every one that was in the state legislature supported it. Visit the atwitsend website and Mr. Wittenberg will give you an earful about Sonny’s shenanigans with the SPLOST with Houston County insiders. I am sure that Ralph would try to put gambling boats on the Ocmulgee River, too. I don’t trust him now one iota. Cagle is the perfectly suited for the job, so I suppose he is the Royal Flush!

  10. LINDA says:

    Tennessee has a sales tax of 11% with no state income tax. Georgia has an average sales tax rate of 6.5% with a 6% state income tax. Georgia heavily taxes autos and boats and everything that can be taxed. Before it is over the legislature in Georgia will be voting to tax services, too. As a matter of fact, liberal policy writers at major colleges have suggested that to the government of Georgia.

    Tennessee has virtually little tax on autos when they are tagged, and property taxes are less than Georgia. We have taxed ourself to the point that the onley way businesses can be atttracted to locate in Georgia is to offer back room deals where politicians give away the candy store to get mediocre jobs to come to our devastated areas. We are in one heck of a mess, and will just broaden the Appalachian Map to include more of Georgia than it does now. But you all just keep on cheering for this guy and that guy to keep your cushy jobs, and don’t worry about the crap hole that is being created in the process.

  11. Chris says:

    Homos for McBerry. hahahaha. If I wern’t so dang busy I’d put up a website for that. Think the confederate battle emblem in pastel.

    Ok – I’m getting slap-happy. Bedtime.

  12. shep1975 says:

    Someone in our Buckhead YR Straw Poll voted for McBerry. I don’t think any of our members are gay. However, Chris did attend the meeting and voted!! 🙂

  13. stephaniemills21 says:

    Yes Linda TN does have a lower tax burden, but that has caused some major headaches. They have had to cut healthcare for children and mothers, and have had to close the university system (on at least two occasions that i know of) because they could not make payroll.

    Bringing in business and saving people money with lower taxes is great, but when you start to sacrifice healthcare and education you are just making the situation worse. I remember recently that an automaker, i think toyota, decided not to build a plant here in the south because of our uneducated workforce and poor healthcare. I am not advocating raising taxes or anything of the like, but realize there is a trade-off.

  14. Chris says:

    *Tries to put on his best gay accent*

    Oh pluuuease…. That shade of orange just does not go with blue. Now if you changed it to a light mauave…..

    *turns off the accent *

    Shep: I’m a DamnYankee. you can be pretty sure I was _not_ the vote for McBerry.

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