Disclosure Open Thread

I have grass to cut. Use this as a campaign contribution disclosure report open thread. I’ll start with this from Gary Black’s campaign:

Black has raised over $230,000 with a total raised of $753,401.

That may be so, but I haven’t gotten one mail piece from the man, one phone call, or seen or heard one ad for him.

A friend said today that he thinks Black and Kemp will make it into a run off, use up all their money, and whichever one gets out alive will be finished off by Irvin’s millions. The friend thinks Black will be the survivor of the runoff.


  1. Groseclose says:

    Erick, if your friend is indeed right, Brian Kemp’s blind ambition will have destroyed the GOP’s chances of winning one of the most vital jobs to Georgia’s economy.

    Black numbers sure do look good!

  2. So Ralph has raised a little over 300k for this cycle and Casey has raised over a million. Ralph also loaned himself half a million.

    The ethics commission website keeps locking up so I can’t look at casey’s report thouroughly, but I saw no loans on there.

    So now Casey Cagle has beat ralph’s previous claim and has raised more than any other Lt. Gov candidate in history of GA – either party.

  3. bowersville says:

    4 Don’t worry, once Handel is elected, things will happen to straighten it out. Just watch the Ethics commission re-act to Handel.

  4. 4ofspades says:

    The SoS office doesn’t handle the disclosures any more, so Handel will not have any ability to fix it.

  5. midgajim says:

    I’ve received several Black mailouts in Houston County. Perhaps they just wrote off Bibb, Erick?

  6. The Busdriver says:



    Gainesville, GA — In the final campaign contribution disclosure reports filed before the July 18th primary election, State Senator and Lt. Governor candidate Casey Cagle raised $1,083,312, tripling the amount raised by his opponent for the disclosure period. This puts Cagle’s total fundraising for the cycle at $2,520,027.

    By contrast, Reed raised just $347,095 for the period. And, even AFTER giving himself a massive $500,000 loan from his personal fortune, Reed still lagged behind Cagle by over $200,000 for the period. In terms of total fundraising for the election, Reed has raised $2,522,795, putting the two candidates at parity. However, Reed has raised a large percentage of his funds from out of state, while Cagle has relied on Georgians for support.

    “When we set out on this campaign, we knew it would be an enormous challenge. Thanks to the huge outpouring of support from thousands of Georgians and our positive plan for an even better Georgia, we have now passed our opponent in grassroots support, endorsements, polling and fundraising. And, by focusing relentlessly on turning out every single vote possible between now and the moment the polls close, we are going to win this election,” said Cagle.

    “With this report, Ralph Reed has now made Jack Abramoff his single largest donor. Instead of returning the money he made by lobbying with Abramoff for casinos and sweatshops, Ralph is spending it in an attempt to buy the Lt. Governorship as a launching pad for his political ambitions. And true to form, he waited until the last minute to make the contribution in an effort to hide the money from the voters. Ralph Reed’s values may be for sale, but thankfully he can’t buy votes in Georgia,” Cagle spokesman Brad Alexander added.

  7. HSC Republican says:

    Lets see Debbie spin this! Numbers are facts and there is no debating that! Oh and why did Reed need a $500,000 loan? Well I guess his buddy is behind bars now and can not help! Too bad it is money down the drain!
    Reed down in the polls, and tied in fundrasing! I think I might see a Cagle victory on the horizon!

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