1. Demonbeck says:

    If anyone knows how detrimental eminent domain misuse could have been to Georgia, it’s the Realtors.

  2. John Galt says:

    I heard the Cagle/Realtor ad this morning on WSB. It’s unique with sound effects in the background, and the voice is great. It’s a good ad. Cobb, at this point in the Lt. Gov. race, there is almost no endorsement either candidate should turn away. They all represent precious votes in an historically low-turnout event.

  3. Booray says:

    This pretty much game/set/matches the BS eminent domain attack since the Realtors were the strongest proponents of limiting eminent domain.

  4. John Galt says:

    Watch – the Reed voiceboxes will claim that the ad was really paid for by the gay realtors who are are simply doing the bidding of liberal media.

  5. StevePerkins says:

    Would have been nice for them to make up their minds on this endorsement 24 hours ago… so Cagle could have used it to shut Ralph down cold on eminent domain. Cagle’s response to that attack in the debate was okay, but hardly a brick wall.

  6. GrandOleDawg says:

    Any postive message you can get out there by a 3rd party about you is good at this time, but as for me personally, I hate those ads. Seems they should say “Hi, we are the ______, a special interest group who is buying this spot to curry favor with a politician who we hope will work for us if elected. Vote for ______ on July 18th….we really need him!”

  7. GrandOleDawg says:

    Not refering to anyone in particular. Just my thoughts/opinions on those sorts of ads.

  8. GrandOleDawg says:

    That new Cagle ad is way off base. That is uncalled for, really. I’m shocked to be honest. I’ll post more when I gather all my thoughts.

  9. northside elephant says:


    If you are shocked then you should read more about Reed’s background. The Northern Mariannas business is the most shocking but it also the hardest to explain to people.

    Like I said before, Cagle’s legislative background is fair game and so is Reed’s political work.

  10. debbie0040 says:

    Old news in the ad. Zell Miller states he trusts Ralph and Ralph is a man of integrity and someone that can be trusted.

    Who will voters trust? An admitted liar like Cagle or Zell and company?

    Cagle made it almost impossible for even me to support him after that ad. I received phone calls from 10 different Reed supporters that will not vote for Cagle if he wins. Three said they would rather see a Democrat as Lt. Gov.

    Just prepare yourslef for what is coming….

  11. Philly says:

    I will vote Democrat if Cagle wins. That ad was full of outright lies. I am holding my State Senator and other elected officials that endorsed Cagle just as responsible. I say throw them all out and put the Democrats in.

  12. John Galt says:

    By your logic, the State of California should release Charles Manson. That Helter Skelter business is so old news. Second, do you really think Cagle needs the votes of ten Reed supporters in the general?

  13. MountainDawg says:

    Has anyone noticed that people and groups who actually work with and know Cagle at the Georgia Capitol are supporting Cagle? Reed is supported by the people who 1) Have been in Washington long enough to be immune to the corruption and abuse or 2)teenage girls not mature enough to be immune to the rock-star image of Reed . Philly, if Reed wins in July you might as well vote Democrat in November anyone cause none of our state candidates will win with him carrying the Republican banner anyway.

  14. debbie0040 says:

    John, why am I not suprised that you compared Ralph Reed to Charles Manson? Typical.

    Northside , it was full of lies and distortions.

    If you think the majority of the Reed people will support Cagle now, you are a fool. I still will but will hold my nose if he wins.

    The week has just begun…

  15. debbie0040 says:

    Typical scare tactics. The bottom line is Cagle ended up hurting himself with that ad. Voters have heard that. Now Reed has carte blanche to do what he wants to and no one can criticize him.

    Who do you honestly think voters will believe? Casey Cagle, an admitted liar or Zell Miller and others to come?

    Did you listen to Zell’s phone call? He said he trusted Ralph and the voter should too.

  16. northside elephant says:

    What specifically was a lie? It was a short add Debbie so what specifically was untrue?

  17. The Busdriver says:

    Guess what, Debbie? The “Independent Counsel” that cleared Ralph of any wrongdoing? His name is Jim Bopp . . . and he was Ralph’s personal attorney all through the 90s while RR was at the Christian Coalition. He defended Ralph against the IRS and the FEC.

    Oh, and guess what else? Jim Bopp is the former umbrella attorney for Christian Coalition National and all its state chapters.

    Oh, and guess what else else? Jim Bopp is the attorney who registered Ralph’s sham anti-gambling group, Citizens Against the Expansion of Gambling, a 501c(3).

    So, Ralph was cleared of any wrongdoing by an old friend who was his personal attorney. And that same attorney cleared the AL Christian Coalition of any wrongdoing, even though he’d represented them before too.

    Man, you guys REALLY believe anything you’re told don’t you?

  18. Bill Simon says:

    Two things about the Zell message:

    1) I didn’t hear no “Paid for By..” at the end.

    2) It sounded like Zell was speaking from inside an empty box. Nice echo.

  19. The Busdriver says:

    Debbie, Ralph and Charles Manson are alike in that they each have some impenetrable, impervious to reason, bizarre mind control over their supporters.

  20. regulargopguy says:

    I have not heard the Georgia Realtor ad, but as a realtor I can assure you I will register a compaint with our org and pac. I can assure you that I am more with the Meeks family of Stockbridge who have endorsed Mr. Reed.

    I have seen an ad today from Mr. Cagle that attacks Mr. Reed. Like the debate last night, Mr. Cagle’s campaign continues to be negative and I would even say evil. I cannot and will not support a candidate who can only run a negative campaign rather than talk about their issues and positionss.

    I have followed this campaign for months. I have followed Mr. Reed’s career for many years. The accusations of Cagle are without substance and go too far.

    Even if he wins, I will never cast a vote for Cagle for any elected office–never.

    Mr. Cagle is what is wrong with politics. Cagle is a disgrace. He should apologize and resign from the race.

  21. The Busdriver says:

    Debbie, that is a low blow, and I believe you should be ashamed of yourself. I believe the rest of the posters on this page will reject your brand of politics of personal destruction. Other posters, I would appreciate your support and your prayers.

  22. Bull Moose says:

    I’d rather have the support of the hundred thousand members or so of Georgia Realtors than Zell Miller.

    Ralph Reed is a loon that doesn’t belong in public office.

  23. northside elephant says:

    Bull I agree, what are Realtors good at? Networking. They know people and communities. That is a good friend to have in any campaign.

  24. GrandOleDawg says:

    Once again, an LG thread deteriorates down to pot-shots at Reed, and feathering of Debbie. Anyone else notice where all the vitriol is coming from in this race?

    On the radio spot…I do have to agree with northside, realtors are good allies. Ask Johnny Isakson.

    On the new TV ad. Well, like I’ve already stated, that is just out of bounds. To even hint that your opponent worked for such human rights violations is dirty and wrong. None of you, no matter how much you hate Ralph Reed can honestly say you believe that Ralph supports those sorts of things. Many on this website are fond of saying “Ralph will do anything to get elected”. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it appears that there is not much Casey Cagle won’t say either. To be honest, before this ad, I was, no question, going to vote for Casey if he were to win. After this, I cannot do that. He spent the better half of this campaign denouncing Skandalakis ads that Ralph had nothing to do with, and then he has the gaul to go and run an ad like that? That’s is twisted and wrong. If Casey were to win this election, I will be voting Libertarian.

  25. Maurice Atkinson says:

    GODog, The evidence is compelling and clear. I’ve read mounds of testimony and talked with various principles who have been on the receiving end of Ralph’s antics. These were not liberal Democrats, but conservative Republicans (ie. Jim Metrock obligation.org).

    All have the same thread of argument, follow the money. If it ain’t green it ain’t worth Ralph’s time. This has been his pattern for years and even into his CC operation.

    Ralph created his own dilemma by avoiding the press at all costs and demanding that Party events not be critical of him.

    I think Jim Martin said it best, “There is a difference in being a conservative and being Ralph Reed.

  26. Bill Simon says:

    GrandOldDawg, apparently, you were not around during the 1990s when the “vitriol” all came from the Christian Coalition types who would spread foul-minded rumors about anyone that didn’t fit their own world view in a GOP primary.

    Go ask Linda Hamrick about the time she spread rumors about another Republican having “back-alley abortions” in order to get her candidate to win.

    SLEAZE was the order of the day for Ralph Reed and his minions in the 1990s, so as far as I’m concerned, NOTHING is too “bad” to be claimed about Ralph Reed’s work.

  27. GrandOleDawg says:

    I’ve sainted no side. Reed has ran attack ads as well. Any smart candidate would. It moves votes. But these claims are just out of bounds, and you know it. It seems that some of you very deeply hate Ralph Reed. That is sad. I do not know why you are so bitter, but it really takes all credibility out of your post.

    As far as my voting Libertarian if Casey were to win, (which for the record, I don’t believe is going to happen), I’m not doing it to make a point. None of this “I’ll show him” or anything like that. I just cannot bring myself to support a man who would slander a good man like Ralph Reed as that ad does. I have as strong a political backbone as anyone here, but Casey’s new ad lies outside of even the most calloused politico’s ethical bounds.

  28. bowersville says:

    G-O-D (GrandOleDawg)I contributed a post above under “Im taking a position.” If I lied or have mistakenly posted errouneos information, call me out. I’ll admit my mistake, and no, I simply will not vote for an opposition candidate, I simply will not and will never vote for Reed.

  29. Demonbeck says:

    Grand Old Dawg,

    The point is not whether Reed supported forced abortions and child prostitution, it is that he was using his connections as a former CC head to make a buck – without regard for the truth. He has always done this and continues to do so without remorse.

    In essence, Ralph Reed profits on the collected faiths of devout Christians for immoral clients. He has made millions from doing just this time and again and has never apologized for it.

    Either he is the most naive person in the world or he is a very crooked man with a nice smile.

  30. jacewalden says:

    The new Cagle ad is not offbase one bit.

    Does the public not have the right to know that Reed lobbied for sweatshops? Does the public not have the right to know that Reed and Abramoff worked hand in hand to swindle people out of their money?

    Here’s EVERY Reed supporters problem with the ad:

    IT’S TRUE!

    Which is more than can be said for Reed’s attacks on Cagle.

  31. larry smith says:

    What’s amazing to me is that no one can find a single fact in Cagle’s ad that’s inaccurate.

    Sure, a handful of the most obnoxious Reed supporters hate it. But, they hate it because they’re pathetic lemmings who think Ralph is the messiah, not because they can find a specific reason that any of it is inaccurate.

    The bottom line is that the truth hurts. Better that we hear it from Casey Cagle today than from a Democrat using it to gut Sonny in a few months.

  32. Demonbeck says:

    A Reed supporter found a couple of grammatical errors in the Cagle piece. He felt they need to change his to His, as in “His will be done. Amen.”

    For those of us who worship on a more Divine altar though, everything is correct.

  33. GrandOleDawg says:

    Okay, this is getting absurd. Who is drinking the kool-aid, now really? You guys are foaming at the mouth. There is not one thing any of you would not say or do to elect Casey Cagle. Rational debate is lost on this forum.

    And…Demon and larry, I do not view Ralph Reed as any sort of diety. I am supporting him in this race because he has demostrated the type of leadership the LG’s office needs. He is also put out tangible policy statements of what he would like to accomplish. Cagle on the other hand has been a little weak, and his campaign is all rhetoric.

  34. Demonbeck says:

    “I am supporting him in this race because he has demostrated the type of leadership the LG’s office needs. He is also put out tangible policy statements of what he would like to accomplish. Cagle on the other hand has been a little weak, and his campaign is all rhetoric. ”

    How ironic, empty rhetoric about a campaign being full of rhetoric.

    If the LG’s office needs the type of leadership Ralph Reed has provided, then Georgia ought to abolish the LG office.

  35. GOPeach says:

    After reading the posts over the last few days about this
    LT.Gov. race, it looks like the Cagle supporters say:

    ” If Casey looses, we will all vote Democrat.”

    The Reed supporters say –
    ” Reed is going to win! ”

    Notice .. The Reed supporters do not have a “Plan B”
    to vote Democrat. That says a lot everyone.
    Think about it. Go back through the posts if you do not believe me. See for yourselves!

    Cagle suuporters are RINOS ( Republican In Name Only).
    They are not true “R’s”.

    Other Casey supporters are saying ” If Cagel looses, we will not even vote.”

    C’mon Think!

    The Casey supporters are either: ( A) Using Fear Tactics
    like Casey does to gather people to himself or ( B) They will really actually vote Democrat because they are not loyal to Republican Principles.

    Go back through the blogs and see for yourselves.

    One Casey supporter actually said-
    She was voting for Casey because Ralph is not tall
    enough for her….??????!!!!!!!

    So what are her plans with Casey??? Is he tall enough???!
    Enough for what ?????? hummmmm See that shallowness????

    ALso… If you will go back through the blog, you will see
    Casey people are soooo SLANDEROUS and VICIOUS. Why???
    Why can’t they just ride on Casey’s positive points???
    Oh no… that would be too boring. They have to play the
    old Casino-Abramoff rhetoric over and over and over..
    Becuase the “Old School” Campaign manager told them that
    Works! Just hammer hammer hammer …. Sound bite Sound bite Sound bite!!! That worked in 1980 but no more!

    People are more sophisticated than that. They are not that gullible. They do not get brain washed that easily.

    This whole thing is fascinating really. We will see
    in 1 week who actually lives in Georgia- Loyal Republicans
    or Flip Flop RINOS.

    I guess it will be tough for the Casey people to vote Democrat. But then again, maybe it won’t!

  36. Demonbeck says:


    Is your post supposed to be
    in Iambic Pentameter?
    I just can’t see
    if the rhyme scheme is R,D,R,D or R,D,D,R

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