A Retraction

I have had lunch with Allen Peake, running in House District 137. He does not have a comb over — just not a lot in the front.

Oh, and Cheddar’s really does have great chicken tenders.


  1. str8tfromtheheart says:

    Erick, any new news on this race? It doesnt seem like Horne’s comment on being a moderate republican had much of an effect on his end. Just seems like MOST people in this district knew who they were going to vote for 4 months ago. I still say its a Horne/Peake runoff.

    What is everyone esle’s prediction?

  2. leftymacon says:

    I still say Washburn is going to surprise some people. What I hear around town is the everyone is getting real tired of Stebin and his mailers – and the “moderate” bit didn’t play real well either.

    I think Peake is going to do surprisingly well – as will Washburn. Still – probably a Washburn – Horne runoff, though personally I’d rather see a Washburn-Peake runoff.

    Of course, I have my own opinions as to which candidate I think SHOULD win!

  3. str8tfromtheheart says:

    Washburn will probably get about 7% of the vote….I think Dale is the best candidate, BUT he is going to get demolished by the other three

  4. GabrielSterling says:

    I’ve got no stake in this fight, but from what I am hearing it looks like a Horne/Peake runoff.

    I’ve got no idea who comes out on top in that…

  5. Booray says:

    I still hear nothing but good things from my friends down there about Burgess. They also say good things about Peake. Seems like a woman candidate in a field of three has some kind of advantage.

  6. Booray says:

    Actually they say good things about Horne too. Guess that’s a tough call, but hear more about Burgess from them.

  7. politicalwidow says:

    If you think Washburn is going to surprise anyone then you don’t really know what is going on down there. He should drop out since he has no chance. I think it is tight but I like Becky. She is the only one that has run on any issues. Everyone else is just putting out signs while she is actually talking about doing something to help the citizens of Bibb County. Peake was smart to jump on board and agree with her but it is her issue, no doubt about it.

  8. str8tfromtheheart says:

    Becky has actually done the least on issues. The ONLY issue she has talked about is the freeze, and she did not help her cause by not discussing millage rates or her complete lack of investigation into the macon area housing market, which turns alot of folks off of her idea. I still mantain that Washburn is by far the BEST candidate, but trust me….He will be lucky if he even grabs a double digit percentage.

    Horne and Peake just have better support throughout the community, and Becky came off as a complete idiot during the debate about 4 weeks ago.

  9. Booray says:

    Debate? You think people watch those debates?

    As for property tax freezes, in Forsyth it has been in place for years now and it has helped the housing market. People like to buy a house in an area with the freeze – it’s a heck of a selling point.

    You have taken a couple shots at the Burgess lady. Seem overly biased against her.

  10. str8tfromtheheart says:

    It can help in certain areas….but I would just like to know her stance on millage rates. And yes, people watch those debates. I know many people who watched the debate. I dont have anything against Burgess. I just think the other three are stronger candidates. I DO THINK THAT ALL THREE WOULD DO A GOOD JOB! I just think some are better than others. But once again a race like this is more about who you know and who likes you…..the issues take second fiddle in this race so it appears.

  11. politicalwidow says:

    The only people who watch those debates have already decided how they are going to vote. It seems this race might just be about how many obnoxious signs and billboards can go up around Macon.

  12. leftymacon says:

    Burgess the only one running on the issues? Have you looked at the respective websites?

    I gotta say that Washburn at least clearly laid out where he stands on issues – Peake and Horne’s stnaces are a bit harder to find – plus there’s a lot more fluff on their sites.

  13. politicalwidow says:

    Of course they have issue stances on their sites but how much have you heard other candidates talking about issues. Websites are like forums-people who look at them have already decided how they are voting. You can say where you stand on issues but Becky is the only person who has actually had any leadership and had a plan of how to fix property taxes.

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