Reed Wins Debate?

I’m getting reports from all over the place that Ralph Reed just cleaned Casey Cagle’s clock in some debate I didn’t watch. I’d think this is no big deal coming from all the Reed people emailing me, but given the reaction from the Cagle folks who are emailing, I suppose that it’s an accurate description.

Again, Jason Pye is live blogging, or flogging, if you are Bill Simon.


  1. The Busdriver says:

    Yeah, Ralph is a good TV guy. Not the least bit believeable, but he is a good TV guy.

    Loved the way Ralph carefully sprinkled his answers with Christian buzz words. But I swear I saw him wink at the camera each time he mentioned the Lord.

  2. LINDA says:

    Casey Cagle was my husband’s choice in the debate because of his experience, and his straight forward way of answering questions. My husband is not into politics, and has not a clue what I write about. I will refrain from commenting because I went into the interview with more knowledge of why I will not vote for Ralph Reed.

  3. StevePerkins says:

    Cagle was a one-note wonder… talking about Abramhoff for half of the debate, and sounding like a clumbsy fish-out-of-water doing so. Reed completely deflected all that, and that idiot “beads and tomahawk sales?” lady on the panel completly played into Reeds hands demonstrating that the media doesn’t even know what it’s talking about with that issue.

    It’s ironic that once the debate FINALLY swung to actual legislative issues, Cagle sounded 10,000% more confident while Ralph was less strong. STOP BABBLING ABOUT INDIAN CASINOS, CASEY!!!


    Ralphie lost and spent most his time trying to explain the Abramoff scandal and”non gaming revenue streams” but I did’nt realize how much Ralphie looks like HOWDY DOODY.

  5. Chris says:

    Steve is right. Casey sounded weak when on the offensive about Ralph’s activites but sounded like the experienced legislator when talking about the issues. I’d say Ralph probably won based on Casey’s slow start, but his clock was not cleaned. (Or would that be his clock is still dirty)?

  6. northside elephant says:

    Ralph sprinkled Christian references and some facts and figures in there but when he talks about ending supplemental budget and tax revenue he betrays his ignorance.

    Cagle has a slow, steady speech which is genuine. If anything Cagle went too in-depth with some of the policy questions.

    Ralph Lost

  7. Bull Moose says:

    Erick, you are out of your mind. It was absolutely clear that Casey won this debate.

    I mean come on Erick. Ralph couldn’t even be honest about his issues.

    The only place that Ralph Reed belongs is in federal prison.

  8. GA. republican says:

    Lets be honest here. I was watching the debate with 4 undecided voters and 2 of them don’t even like politics, all of them said Casey won! Poor Ralph was on the defensive all night.

  9. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, It is now clear to me that Erick is firmly in the Reed camp with his obvious post that Reed won the debate.

    As well, with his mockery of the Brian Kemp mail piece, Erick has also shown himself to be against him for the Ag Commissioner position. That facts are Erick, that our food supply has been identified as being vulnerable to terrorist attacks and your trivialization of that threat shows how much you still have to learn about public policy.

    As for Reed, if you like your candidates to be truth dodgers, money launderes, hell, out right lyers, than go right ahead, cast your vote for the SOB. You get every bit of what you deserve, which will clearly be the path back to minority status.

    But if you want the Governor to have the strongest team possible, you’ll cast a vote for Casey Cagle.

  10. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Fellas, take a breath here…as Erick said in his own words, he’s responding to emails about how they perfomed “in some debate I didn’t watch.”

  11. larry smith says:

    Which raises the question of what posessed Erick to call a winner in a debate he didn’t watch because he got a few emails!

  12. Erick says:

    Heck Larry, I don’t know. Perhaps the 5 instant messages and 11 emails I got — about a third of them from Cagle voters.

  13. The Busdriver says:

    Ease up on Erick. You’re killing the messenger.

    Did anyone else think Ralph’s performance brought to mind Kevin Nealon’s old SNL character, Subliminal Man?

    “All the money that was sent to me went back into direct mail and phones (and my big ass house in a gated community). I’ve always opposed gambling (my lucky number is 11). I was raised here in the Georgia mountains (and by Georgia I mean Miami). I never supported human rights violations in the Marianas Islands (get back to work you stupid little kid. Daddy needs a new Polo oxford).

  14. debbie0040 says:

    I was at the debate and Casey was nervous. He kept rocking back and forth and fidgeting.

    Cagle stalled for a time on a few questions, especially involving the Taylor contribution and the driver’s license bill. Cagle outright lied about the driver’s license bill.
    There were more Reed people in studio.

    There were missed opportunities on both sides. Cagle missed chances he could have zinged Ralph and Ralph missed chance to zing Cagle.

    The lady that made the remark about the beads apologized after the debate was over. I suggested she check out the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indian site if she wanted to know what industries indian tribes are involved in. I hope there were no native americans watching. She will catch flak from that remark. The first thing I thought was if a Republican had made that remark it would be all over the news…

    Reed appeared to be more self confident than Cagle.

  15. Jeff Emanuel says:

    I’m a Choctaw and I was watching; believe it or not, most folks have thicker skins (or better senses of humor) than pro-PC speech folks want to give credit for.

  16. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Debbie, you saw what we didn’t see. What I saw was Casey being straight and proactive. I thought he did a stupendous job. He had an excellent grasp on the issues, as he should have given his experience. Ralph maintained the same lines he has given in his stump speeches, nothing new.

    From my perspective Casey was excellent. His leadership ability was evident.

    The reason Ralph spent the first half of the debate defending his gambling interest is due to the fact he has not made himself available to the press, nor answered the questions in detail. He still, multiple times, fell to his crutch of “if I had known then what I know now” defense.

    All in all I would say it was a net win for Casey. The momentum continues. Going to be a rough week for Ralph.

  17. debbie0040 says:

    I was thinking more along the lines the groups that think the Atlanta Braves’ name is demeaning to native Americans. Those groups might not like it.

  18. rugby_fan says:

    I agree with Busdriver about RR.

    I was there, thought CC won only because they asked RR far more questions.

    Normally don’t post anything like this but there was a large contingent of RR supporters and it seemed like they knew ahead of time at which points to chuckle at his statements. Just my opinion.

    Before anyone assumes I support anyone in this race I don’t. Every candidate Dem or Repub is a looser IMHO.

  19. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Additionally, this was a good night for Republicans. I’m sorry, but the Dems really have a deficit when it comes to commonsense.

    I was quite surprised that Denise Majette was not more attuned to the issues in education. Her opponent, in my opinion, was even weaker. Kathy Cox did an excellent job at explaining her agenda.

    The Dems Lt. Gov was embarrassing in my opinion. Actually Jim Martin had the best line of the night, and I wish I could recall it verbatum. He corrected the reporter and Hecht regarding Reed. I liked the comment at the moment.

    If we operate as a team and present an effective agenda, we’ll have another fall victory. If we allow Congress and DC to dictate the agenda, we’ll have problems.

  20. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Ralph was in command of nothing Debbie. In fact, I was surprised he didn’t have a more solid grasp on the issues. I did like when he gaffed and said something about ante up, regarding industrial growth. Yep, he’s about to fold em.

  21. Bull Moose says:

    Debbie, you must have been over served kool-aid for the debate. Ralph really came off smug and not truthful. I mean, the press was even like come on already.

    If Ralph had been honest, that would have been better for him, but he continued the lies and stonewalling in regards to his involvement with Abramoff.

    I wish that someone would have just whipped out the emails between Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed and gotten Reed’s reaction to what he claims he didn’t know then. I mean, come on, Ralph knew then what he says he didn’t know until now.

    I used to feel sorry for Ralph, but now I just plain out want him to go away. He’s a disgrace to the political process.

  22. Carlotta Harrell is a complete and utter joke.

    I don’t know what’s worse…

    The fact that she’s running.


    The fact that people were foolish enough to give her over $50,000 to run.

  23. Maurice Atkinson says:

    He doesn’t have that good quote on there and I’ll be darned if I’m going to listen to those Dems again. It was bad enough the first time. Martin said something about Ralph not being a real conservative. I thought it was good.

    I don’t think she has a chance, but Steen represented herself well. She was bold, forceful and well versed. Too bad Griffin came in at the last. I’m curious what he had to offer, given that he sided with Republicans on the faith based initiatives.

    It was a good night, lots of food for thought. Debbie, you need some Tums, just kidding.

  24. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Georgia Dems have a deficit in quality candidates. They need an all out recruitment effort.

  25. debbie0040 says:

    I waited for Ralph to mention that at least he made his fortune while in private enterprise while Casey on the other hand served himse when he was supposed to be serving the public.

    I can just hear the ads circa Saturday Night Live ads, with Dan Akyroyd providing voice overs, No college degree?, Raised by a single mother? Low intelligence? No problems, we hat the solution for you. Want to take a fast track to Bank President? It is perfectedly simple. Get elected State Senator and then give the Democratic Lt. Governor a bribe/contribuion to ge appointed to the state Banking committee. Introduce and pass legislation the benefits you and in four short years you are there. Bank President and you will have an added bonus. A 900% increase in your wealth…

  26. Bull Moose says:

    Steen Miles will be in the primary with Hecht or Martin.

    On another note, how come President Pro Tempore Eric Johnson has remained neutral in the race between Greed and Cagle, but yet he’s endorsed ethically challenged Bill Stephens and very qualified Brian Kemp?

  27. jackson says:

    I think most of you are missing the point: Reed is one of the best debaters out there. Period. I am not supporting him, but even I know that. All Casey had to do was show up and not get pounded. He was in Reeds “home turf” if you will, and he didnt do anything to hurt himself.

    If there was scoring, I thought Casey did better because he was more believeable and real…and Ralph spent the first 30 minutes talking about Jack Abramhoff. That is not good.

  28. Maurice Atkinson says:

    That’s an absolute correct assessment Jackson. If you have ever heard Ralph give a stump speech you heard tonights debate. I do wish Casey would have called Ralph to task on his education agenda. It’s so full of holes. He has no means to pay for it and unless there is a complete overhaul of the educational system in Georgia, it ain’t happening.

    Ralph gave a lame answer regarding taxation, calling for a blue ribbon committee to study it. Casey addressed the issues frankly. A vote for Ralph is a vote for empty promises.

    UGA, it’s going to be on their website.

  29. The Busdriver says:

    I love it when Ralph uses Clinton’s, ” . . . politics of personal destruction.” Irony is a beautiful thing.

  30. Bill Simon says:

    I was hoping Casey would ask Ralph if he thinks Casey being a “millionaire” is a bad thing, especially when Ralph is a bigger “millionaire.”

    ANYONE who uses the term “millionaire” in the media is a left-winger, be they media types OR the Reed team when they put together that commecial hitting Casey.

    Hell, I’ll bet we find out that Ralph hired left-wing medai folks to write and film that commercial.

  31. jerm says:

    I missed it… does anyone know if there is a copy online? or if any can put a recording on youtube?

  32. George Allen 08 says:

    First of all, Ralph easily won that debate–just on charisma alone.

    Second, it really doesn’t matter who “won” or “lost” the debate because the only people watching the GPB debates are political junkies who have already made up their mind anyway.

  33. Bill Simon says:

    jerm, I don’t see a copy online. At least, not yet.

    Keep checking back to during the week to see if they stick it in archives.

  34. bruce benidict says:

    I have seen some good discussion but much like the debate, light on issues and high on opinion. To be a casual observer Mr. Reed sounded very eloquent on most of his points and very likeable to most Georgia audiences. Mr Cagle was rough around the edges and his extreme motivation to win was clear. Gotta give the debate to Mr. Reed though. Mr. Cagle can improve but the clock is ticking.

  35. bruce benidict says:

    To a casual observer Mr. Reed won…not by far but it was obvious…Cagle needs to get say something. his Ralph this and Ralph that is giving Reed great name ID.

  36. LeftOFLeft says:

    oh bill simon, trying to sell stuff on blogs. arent yu going to learn that people are tired of direct marketing. get enough of that on the phone. it is time to update the inside poll at the McBerry camp, and we are voting for Cagle. the revised amount going to our guy is dead even with the traitor, so you can count on these votes for Cagle.

  37. LeftOFLeft says:

    someone ask if leftofleft is short for LOL, but it is making a statement, you see leftofleft is right, so I am real right. confused? well anyway, Cagle has my vote. but I’m not mad if you call me LOL for short.

  38. Booray says:

    I am nauseated by Reed’s “I was accused of no wrongdoing and it’s the media’s fault” talking point.

    What that boils down to is “I’m not in jail yet, therefore I did nothing wrong.”

    There’s a hell of a lot of wrongdoing in this world that won’t send you to jail, like setting up fake Christian groups to pimp for corporations and saying you are against gambling when you take big fat checks to support gambling.

    And the investigations aren’t over yet, so he may end up in jail anyway.

    The arrogance of this man is beyond suffering to suggest the standard for being 2nd highest official in GA is “I’ve dodged the jailer so far…”

  39. GOPeach says:

    I “T-Voed” the Lt. Gov. Debate and was able to watch it
    with my husband tonight. We actually watched it twice
    to study the body language and voice imflections of both

    I am a psychologist and my husband is a judge. We both agreed that Ralph Reed showed the most grace and leadership skills. He had the most relevant answers to
    the questions. Casey seemed confussed.

    Ralph Reed was attacked over and over again by Cagle
    about the Casino and Abramoff business… The
    thing that these nagative campaigns fail to realize is
    the fact that when you ” go negative” too early in a
    campaign. There is no more ” shock and awe”. Therefore
    it becomes a moot issue.

    We agreed with Ralph Reed-

    Cagle’s rhetoric is not helping fill any prescriptions,
    it is not helping educate any children nor is it improvining the economy or protecting the environment of Georgians.

    This rhetoric is about insults not issues. What happens in
    Alabama stays in Alabamma. Let’s talk about what Ralph has
    done for GEORGIA. He has done a whole lot!!!

    We ae very proud of Ralph Reed. He is bold and very articulate. He is humble and basically appologized for
    anything he has done unknowingly wrong.

    That is more than we have heard from any candidate in the 2006 Elections. A good leader is one who can admit it, quit it, and forget it! Let’s move on now.

    I say Ralph won tonight’s debate hands down!

  40. debbie0040 says:

    Ralph did have a greater mastery of the questions that were being asked.

    The blonde reporter that had mentioned the beads asked Cagle how he would handle the fact Georgia is now more diverse ethnically now. Cagle answered something about not being able to vote. She told him that was not her question. Reed answered with knowledge of the different racial and ethnic groups that now reside in Georgia. After Reed answered, she shook her head yes as if that was what she was looking for.

    Cagle’s negative campaigning will back fire. Especially once the automated calls start going out.

    I can tell you that evangelical Christians still whole heartedly support Reed. There were 2,500 in attendance at The First Redeemer Chruch in Cumming and they gave Reed a Standing ovation. I have heard form members fo the First Baptist in Woodstock that said they were solidly behind Reed. There will be high turnout of evangelicals on July 18th. They feel when Cagle attacks Reed he attacks them.

  41. Chris says:

    Good point Booray. Not all that is wrong is illegal, and not all that’s illegal is wrong.

  42. Brian from Ellijay says:

    FBC Woodstock Debbie, you mean like members Chip & Amy Rogers, Charlice and Mike Byrd, Pete and Cindy Castello…oh yeah, they are all very supportive of Casey and leaders in the church. All are actively introducing Casey to their Sunday school classes and friends in the church. So much for your theory. Where do you go to church Debbie? Because anyone who attends FBCW does not refer to it as First Baptist in Woodstock.

    Pastor Johnny might be polite and introduce you, and the members will clap, but when they go to the voting both be assured that they will choose the candidate that is not marred with national scandal.

  43. Philly says:

    Booray, I agree that not everything that is wrong is illegal. It was not illegal for Cagle to serve himself by passing legislation which increased his wealth by 900% and becoming bank president. Cagle was supposed to be serving the public not himself. Reed was in private enterprise, Cagle was not.

    Cagle reminds me of Charlie Brown with his round and bald head.

    As an evangelical, I am digusted by the treatment Reed has received from Cagle and the State Senators. It is like all you in the GOP want our vote but when one of us decides to run, you all turn on us li ke you have Reed. I can tell you now that I would rather have the State Senate revert to the Democrats than have the arrogant GOP State Senators retain control. Because of the way Reed has been treated, if Reed is not on the November ballot, I will sit the election out. If evangelicals are not welcomed on the GOP ticket, then you should not get our vote.

  44. Philly says:

    Brian, I was at the Cobb GOP BBQ on July 4th and spoke to several members of that Church in Woodstock. They said they are supporting Reed and that their pastor is a good friend of Reed’s. So goes your theory.

  45. Philly says:

    One of the people from First Baptist that I spoke to last name was Norton.

    Most of the people I know don’t want to support someone that used his office to become a millionaire. Reed was i n private business, Cagle was a public servant.

  46. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Philly/Debbie, who were you suppossed to be speaking as?

    Anyways, FBCW has a 10K + congregation. The simple fact that you found one or two supporting gReed is amazing. Wow. LOL. I know a lot of leaders in the church who are pushing Cagle. That starts in Sunday school, and moves through the weekly missions programs. I am only involved with my sunday school class and the College and Youth, and the Singles ministry. So my sphere is rather small-a few hundred. But true leaders in the church like Chip Rogers can have an impact of thousands.

  47. Philly says:

    Brian, you and other Cagle supporters are on the same side as the Gay activists and left wing groups that hate Reed. A vote for Cagle is a vote of support for these groups. If Cagle wins, they win. Pure and simple.

  48. Brian from Ellijay says:

    I like your attitude. Disregard a Conservative Leader in our state who recieved 81 percent of the vote in our primary in his district against a powerful Mckenna Long Aldridge attorney. Arrogance will lead Cagle to victory.



  50. debbie0040 says:

    If you support Cagle, then you are being hoodwinked. Cagle is sleaze and doesn’t mind lying and twisting the truth to suit his purposes. IE: Taylor contribution

    Cagle does not mind using his office for financial gain for himself.

  51. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Hows that worse than gReed fu#king over tens of thousands of Christians to make Millions for himself. Multi-Millionaire Reed, The Con of Cons…get him his crown of thorns eerrr, Indian Beads.

  52. debbie0040 says:

    Reed did not scam anyone. He kept casinos from being built. The Alabama Christian Coalition is happy with his work.

    Huge difference between being in private business and being an elected official. Cagle was supposed to be serving the public instead of himself.

  53. debbie0040 says:

    Reed blasts Cagle s bringing up lobby case

    Monday, July 10, 2006 1:19 AM EDT

    By Greg Bluestein

    Associated Press Writer

    ATLANTA – Former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed challenged claims that he could face criminal charges before the November elections at a heated debate Sunday, calling the assertion from his GOP opponent a “low blow.”

    “It’s a low blow to suggest that somebody’s committed a crime. As far as I’m concerned, you should be ashamed of yourself,” he said, admonishing state Sen. Casey Cagle, his Republican rival in the lieutenant governor race.

    Cagle has questioned publicly whether Reed will be charged with a crime for the work his lobbying firms conducted with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff in a move to lure disaffected GOP voters to his camp before the July 18 primary.

    “It’s clear that the Abramoff scandal is a national scandal and it’s one that will continue to haunt my opponent,” Cagle said.

    A Senate investigating committee last month found that two Indian tribes, which were both Abramoff clients, sent $5.3 million to Reed to battle gambling initiatives that would have hurt their business. Reed has not been charged with a crime and said the Senate probe confirms he has done nothing wrong.

    “Clearly, in hindsight, that was business I should have turned down,” he said.

    The debate comes days after both campaigns launched aggressive attack ads targeted at the other’s biggest political liability.

    Cagle’s ad uses a deck of playing cards to highlight the ties between Reed and Abramoff. Reed responded with a 30-second spot that questions the pro-business votes cast by Cagle, whose banking and real estate businesses have made him a millionaire.

    Cagle launched a new offensive on Sunday, claiming a Reed firm in 1999 sent mailers to conservative Alabama voters decrying legislation that would have made the Northern Mariana Islands subject to federal wage and worker safety laws.

    A report by the U.S. Department of Interior warned that Chinese women on the islands – a U.S. territory – are subjected to forced abortions and prostitution in part because of lax labor laws.

    Reed accused Cagle of trying to distort the record. “At no time have I, in any way, encouraged or approved those kinds of human rights abuses,” he said.

    A frustrated Reed pointed out some 20 minutes into the hourlong Atlanta Press Club debate that the focus had become his past work, not the policy issues that he said should guide voters.

    Voters, he said, are tired of “people with ability and talent and the desire to serve being driven out of politics with these kinds of attacks, this type of politics of personal destruction.”

    The two Republicans are competing to succeed Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for the governor’s seat.

    A more crowded field is competing for the Democratic nomination, including former state Sen. Greg Hecht, former state Department of Human Resources Commissioner Jim Martin and state Sen. Steen Miles.

    Hecht is trying to transform anger over high gas prices into votes by promising to “demand answers from the big oil companies” and support initiatives to develop alternative fuels. Martin contended he is the only Democrat who can defeat Reed in the November election.

  54. Brian from Ellijay says:

    There is no proof of these claims. He is not being investigated, if you feel that he did something illegal or unethical file a claim. Let the investigators decide. Put up or shut up. Quit baselessly accusing a good legislator of conduct unbecoming.

  55. debbie0040 says:

    There is no proof Reed broke the law but that doesn’t stop Cagle or his cabal now does it?

    To quote a Cagle supporter, just because it might be legal doesn’t make it right….

  56. northside elephant says:

    Reed mastered the politics of personal destruction. Reed spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of Casino money to try to defeat incumbent Republican Congressmen including J.C. Watts because they would not support online lottery!

    A legislative record is fair game, a candidates past work is fair game too. The more that voters compare Ralph to Casey the, the better for Casey.

  57. Bill B. says:

    Such Christlike language…I imagine you have no sphere of influence at that church at all. Nor do I imagine you are even a Christian. Next time you are in Sunday School or the singles ministry, listen instead of putting up signs! Re-read your posts and your curse words from posts in this thread alone below:

    Brian from Ellijay
    Jul 10th, 2006 at 7:42 am

    Philly/Debbie, who were you suppossed to be speaking as?

    Anyways, FBCW has a 10K + congregation. The simple fact that you found one or two supporting gReed is amazing. Wow. LOL. I know a lot of leaders in the church who are pushing Cagle. That starts in Sunday school, and moves through the weekly missions programs. I am only involved with my sunday school class and the College and Youth, and the Singles ministry. So my sphere is rather small-a few hundred. But true leaders in the church like Chip Rogers can have an impact of thousands.

    Brian from Ellijay
    Jul 10th, 2006 at 8:26 am

    Hows that worse than gReed fu#king over tens of thousands of Christians to make Millions for himself. Multi-Millionaire Reed, The Con of Cons…get him his crown of thorns eerrr, Indian Beads.

  58. stephaniemills21 says:

    I missed the first 8-10 minutes of the debate last night, but I came away with Cagle as the winner (though he did look like Richard Nixon in his first televised debate). Reed looked bad on TV, he had bags and circles under his eyes.

    On another note, Philly, you really showed yourself to be a complete moron with this statement:

    Brian, you and other Cagle supporters are on the same side as the Gay activists and left wing groups that hate Reed. A vote for Cagle is a vote of support for these groups. If Cagle wins, they win. Pure and simple.

    The gay groups do not want cagle to be LG just as much as Reed. There are just a few political morons in the LGBT community who do not understand what Reed means for democrats in the novemeber elections.

  59. northside elephant says:

    Debbie and Bill B.,

    How dare you question someones Christianity. Only the self-appointed “right hand of God” Ralph Reed will decide who is and who is not a Christian!

  60. Michael C says:

    Reed is wrong on immigration, pure and simple. He said amnesty was “sound policy” and successfully killed immigration reform that would have reduced immigration by 40%.

    Cagle missed an opportunity to zing him on this.

    I am a Cagle supporter, but from a debate point of view Ralph looked more poised. He lied through his teeth, but unless you knew the back story you could not tell.

  61. Tater Tate says:

    I don’t know how anyone could have come away from that debate and thought Cagle won. I’ve very familiar with the concept of “standing by your man.” Thank God my wife does. But this is rediculous.

    Cagle looked silly in continuing the Abramoff stuff instead of discussing real issues.

    Of course we don’t have cable down here, so it was a bit fuzzy over the rabbit ears. But Calge looked very uneasy and his body language did not suggest honesty or trust. Reed was his usual articulate self. His understanding of issues and policy cannot be beat.

    I debated in high school and college. I score this a clear Reed victory. But you Cagle koolaide drinkers go ahead and celebrate Cagle’s victory if you think that’s what really happened. July 18 is what really matters and I am more confident than ever of a Reed win.

    The more they attack Reed, the more the grassroots are motivated for Reed and the less likely it becomes that some Cagle voters will show up at the polls.

  62. debbie0040 says:

    Michael, Reed was on the same side in 1996 as The CATO Institute and Speaker Gingrich. That so called immigration reform would have hurt legal immigration. Are you guys saying tht legal immigration should be diminished and done away with?

  63. Michael C says:

    Gingrich and Cato got it wrong. The bill would cut legal immigration by 40%, but more importantly is would have provided for greater inforcemnent of illegal immigration. You need to read Erick’s post again, The Busdriver culled the archive to come up with these tidbits in the bill.

    Hiring 5,000 new Border Patrol agents over five years

    Barring illegal aliens from applying for some forms of welfare on behalf of their U.S. born children

    Giving state and local cops authority to detain illegal aliens and hand them over to the INS

    Increased penalties for alien smuggling and document fraud

    Setting up a pilot program in five states for employers to ensure job applicants are in the United States legally

    Would create 14 miles of triple fence along the U.S.-Mexican border

    A pilot program in which employers could call an 800 number to verify employment eligibility.

    Creates priorities for entry into the U.S., reducing the long waiting lists for young children and spouses of legal immigrants but cutting admissions of adult siblings and parents. Legal immigration would be capped at an average of 700,000 a year, down from the more than 800,000 admitted in 1995.

    And your boy killed it. And says Amnesty is “sound policy”. Reed is liberal on this issue and opposite of most voters in Georgia. Face it Debbie Reead is wrong on immigration policy.

  64. The Busdriver says:

    Yes, Debbie, limits on legal immigration are important, and polling by the Wall Street Journal showed that the vast majority of Americans support limits on legal immigration.

    That same poll showed that when offered several types of cuts, 70% of Americans said total immigration should be brought down to at least 300,000 per year. Furthermore, the poll found that Hispanics favored deep cuts in current (1996) immigration levels, by a 7 to 1 margin over those who favored smaller cuts, 1996 levels, or even higher immigration.

    The Wall Street Journal poll found that Americans prefer cuts in legal immigration by a 3 to 1 margin.

    For the record, the limits in the bill would slow the current rate in 1996 of 900,000 per year to 800,000 the second year. It would gradually slow to 500,000 per year every year after. That’s still a lot of opportunities to immigrate.

    The limits contained in the bill would still provide more opportunities to immigrate to the U.S. than all of the countries in the world combined.

  65. debbie0040 says:

    If Clinton and Barbara Jordan supported, then i would have been against it.

    Remember Reagan was in favor of amnesty for illegals when he was President….

    Curtail legal immigration 40% ? I would have been against that bill as well. I think it needs to be curtailed but not that much.

    Reed is very strong against illegal immigration. Don’t try to skew the issues and twist things around.

  66. The Busdriver says:

    Debbie, you are beyong ignorant . . .

    Every single Georgia Republican supported the bill. Do you not get that???

    So the Roll Call would look like this:

    Voting Yes: Linder, Collins, Kingston, Norwood, Barr, Chambliss

    Voting No: Debbie Ellis, Ralph Reed

  67. stephaniemills21 says:

    Debbie you ignorant slut (playing off the SNL bits from the other posts)! Yes, as i said, there are some MORONs in the LGBT community who are pushing this Cagle thing, but they are few and far between. Chuck Bowen, the head of the states largest LGBT group, is calling on dems to stick to the Democratic primary. Christie Ayotte does not know what she is doing, and few are listening to her.

    So Debbie, why don’t you get a clue and stop telling others how the gay community is going to vote, especially when you have such disdain for them and thier lifestyle. I truly doubt you are that plugged-in to their decision making.

  68. LINDA says:

    That is exactly why Newt Gingrich does not deserve to be elected President in 2008! Greed is what ruled the day in this split bill decision, and Ralph and Newt and and the CATO Institute went against the desires of the American people!!!!! That is the issue, not the tattle tail excuese of well he was involved, he twisted my arm and made me go along. these Fortune 500 companies such as Hewlett Packard and other tech companies were pushing to kill the bill because of their need for cheap illegal immigrant labor that displaced American workers in Silicone Valley and throughout the United States. Yes these greed misters in 1996 only cared about short-term gains for themselves and sold our Country’s ability to survive for genearations to come as it was established in 1776. Yes, these greedy people like Ralph Reed really honored our heritage well by destroying our future on our 200th year anniversary. Shame on all of them! Casey Cagle 2006!!!!

    Tom Tancredo for Presindent in 2008!

  69. debbie0040 says:

    Stephanie, I can read the articles written as anyone else can. so don’t even try to say gays are not going to cross over and vote for Cagle. It is there in black and white, you can read can’t you?

    I am just reporting what I have read. Try to comprehend that if possible.

  70. Philly says:

    Stephanie, you seemed to be really plugged in to the gay community. Must be part of it.

    I posted the links in another thread. We are just all repeating what is posted. Don’t like it? Too bad.
    It is true you have purple spiked hair?

  71. LINDA says:

    Debbie, Debbie, Debbie,

    Just because something is in black and whtie does not mean a thing! And besides, even if some bs propaganda like this were to capture .003% of the total vote is a non-issue. If gays want to vote for Cagle, then glory be, as we will take all the votes available. Afterall, that is how “Casino Ralph” plays the games isn’t it. Since you are an insider, can you clue me in as to whether Ralph is short the market or long. I am trying to make a decision on some of my investments. Cagle 2006!

  72. GOPeach says:

    I am a Christian Counselor.
    I am on staff at Mt. Paran Church in Atlanta.

    I can say that all the leaders I work with around the
    city such as Richard Lee, Andy Stanley, Charles Stanley, Eddie Long, Crefflo Dollar, and Michale Yuseff, have all
    endorsed Ralph Reed!

    That is because Ralph knows how to appologize, ask
    for forgiveness and move on. This is the healthy way.

    He appologized several times on last night’s debate.
    It was obvious that Cagle has a vendetta and he is
    running his campaign on unforgiveness and negativity.

    Sen. Cagle would have gained my respect if he had
    dropped the Abramoff and Casoino issues once Ralph
    appologized the first time. It was like Cagle was
    there do do one thing – Bash Raplh Reed. He wss not
    there to address the issues at hand. He was there to
    destroy a fellow Christian.

    Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. All you
    who continue to bash Ralph Reed are doing so without
    the blessing of God because Ralph has repented.

    Look at King David of Israel. He made mistakes, but
    when he repented, God crowned his efforts with great success.

    I agree with Philly-

    We “Christians” want godly qualified leaders to represent
    us, but as soon as they get persecuted for any mistakes
    we kick our wounded and we do not stand with them when
    they publically appologize.

    If we can not stand with those who have the character to
    sinecerly appologize and keep a stable focus on the
    issues at hand, then we do not deserve a Ralph Reed!

    I say if you are really a true Christian, throw down
    your stones, stop bashing, and vote for whoever you want.

    Remember Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment-

    Primary elections reveal the duplicity within us.
    Republican primaries usually tear us apart and we
    spend years dealing with unresloved issues. I know
    first hand. I have counseled many leaders who are
    still dealing with unforgiveness, bitterness, and
    offenses. These leaders a physically sick now because
    bitterness and unforgiveness will destroy you.

    As a counselor, I think Sen. Cagle needs therapy
    and prayer. I think he needs to learn to take the
    high road no matter who is waving your yard sign.

    I apprieciate his 12 years of service in the State
    Senate. I am sure he has has many friends there.
    It will be hard to leave this behind. I pray he
    finds the grace to do so.

  73. RealConservative says:

    “Stephanie, I can read the articles written as anyone else can. so don’t even try to say gays are not going to cross over and vote for Cagle. It is there in black and white, you can read can’t you?

    I am just reporting what I have read. Try to comprehend that if possible.”

    Debbie, are these “articles” coming from the same papers that you claim are lying, anti-Republican hackjobs when they criticize Reed? Which is it…it the truth “in black and white,” about the Cagle crossover vote AND about Reed being a crooked, money-laundering lobbyist, OR are the media NOT to be believed, as Saint Ralph the Fake has told us so many times?

  74. Concerned Taxpayer says:

    Brian from Elijay. I am suprised that a good Christian Cagle supporter from FBCW would use profanity on a public blog site. I am sure Pastor Hunt would not be pleased. I can assure you that many Christians take the attacks on Ralph by the press and Cagle as attacks on Ralph personally. It will backfire on him. Ralph visited Mt. Paran North last Sunday and got a great introduction from Pastor Walker and a warm reception from the church. An elder at the church told me personally that he thought that Ralph was being attacked because he is a Christian. This whole negative smear campaign is really orchestrated by those that hate the Christian Right and what it stands for. The fact that Cagle supporters(many Christians themselves) are jumping on the bandwagon solely to win an election is reprehensible. They know that if this was a straight up election based on name ID and qualifications, their man would lose. If you were hiring someone to work as an executive for your company, how would you hire? Cagle would not make it through the front door of most companies because he is a college drop-out. Can you say next? Ralph has been hired by many Fortune 500 companies to work for them as a consultant. Do any of you think that Casey Cagle has anything to offer in that regard(not!). Think on these things.

  75. stephaniemills21 says:

    OMG Linda and I are on the same team. Will wonders ever cease? Anyway, I am telling you that you are not reading everything Debbie. I made a QUALIFIED statement “there are some MORONs in the LGBT community who are pushing this Cagle thing”, not an absolute. So please try to grasp how that works please. I mean you seem to be able to do it when you are explaining away Raphie’s indiscretions with gambling money.

    Any Philly, I like men, a lot, do not have purple hair, or any piercings where they do not belong. And it is not about liking it, it is about reality of the situation and going beyond the articles that debbie posts on here.

    And here is a link showing just what i said.

  76. The Busdriver says:

    GOPeach, you are a liar. Andy Stanley has not endorsed anyone in the LG race. And I doubt his father has either.

  77. debbie0040 says:

    Busdriver, were you at the pastor’s luncheon? You guys are complete fools if you think the evangelicals have ditched Reed. They are still supporting him.

    Pastors can personally endorse candidates.

    The bottom line is that you can not ignore there is an effort underfoot for gays to crossover. There is no way to tell at this point who they will listen to.

  78. GOPeach says:

    Mr. Budwiser,

    You need to call them and ask them before you call anyone
    a liar. I would say you act very compulsively.

    None of these ministers will publically endorse anyone
    but if you call them at home or ask them personally,
    they will tell you as a private citizen.

    They can not do so from the “pulpit” because due to non-profit 501 (C) 3 laws.

    However, they will all tell you who they personally endorse
    if you will contact them and ask them.

    It might do you good to actually have a personal conversation with them and ask them why they are leaning
    toward Ralph Reed.

    You may learn something.

    God bless you.

  79. debbie0040 says:

    Real conservative/brian laurens, Those articles are not written by me. I did not even post them originally. Go read them

  80. northside elephant says:

    There it is again, Reed desperation. They claim that all of the influential pastors in Atlanta have endorsed Reed. Straight up B.S. from someone pretending to work at Mt. Paran.

    It is pathetic how Reed’s campaign is so desperate that they will pretend to be the voice of the faith community. You people are starting to loose control, and you should really stop to think about what you are doing.


  81. GOPeach says:

    Yes Debbie!

    I have attended the Pastor’s Luncheons and I have
    personally heard these men endorse Ralph Reed and
    I have heard them pray for him as he runs this race.

    May God’s will be done.

    May God get all the glory!

  82. LINDA says:

    Dear Gopeach,

    Since in your view that all voters should vote for someone because they have ask for forgiveness, then may I suggest that you tune into Jim Bakkers new televised evangelical show, as he has served his time in prison and he has ask for forgiveness from our Lord. Jim is now selling end of times survival kits with perishable items that will expire in five years, because he has been clued into whne prophecy will be fulfilled. Why just get on your computer or phone GOPeach and buy one of these wonderful survival kits complete with a wonderul back pack and survival blanket used by NASA.

    Geez, you people are lunatics!

    Cagle 2006

  83. GOPeach says:

    Those of you who assume that Charles and Andy Stanley
    are not endorsing Ralph Reed do not personally know
    them as I do. That is obvious.

    I suggest you personally meet them instead of assuming
    you know what they would and would not do.

    You need to call them and ask them.
    Go to their church services and ask them afterward.

    You may get mad a them and you may not like them
    afterwards. but they will not lie to you.

    They know Ralph Reed very well.

  84. LINDA says:

    “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” Thomas Jefferson

  85. northside elephant says:

    I was once part of a project directed by Ralph Reed and Century. It was supposedly a grand “faith alliance” of churches and synagogues. In fact it was a pathetic operation that consisted of creating a database of pastors in a certain part of a state.

    Reed and Century charged an outragous sum for the “faith alliance”. But really it was just a huge spreadsheet. The members of this supposed alliance didn’t even know of it’s existence!

    I attend one of the biggest churches in the metro area and I have never witnessed anything remotely relating to this campaign except a few Cagle stickers on cars and a few Reed ones too. I know that both canidates met with my pastor.

  86. politicalwidow says:


    My guess is that Eric Johnson did not endorse Cagle because there is a long standing fight between Johnson/Stephens and Casey when Stephens and Cagle ran against each other for Majority Leader. Also–Casey fought Johnson/Stephens during the tobacco tax increase. I think Johnson and Cagle are working better together now but he is choosing to stay out of it since he, as PPT, will have to work with whichever one is elected. But, I think he is helping Casey under the radar now.

  87. Demonbeck says:

    Someone needs to notify the IRS that all these powerful pastors are endorsing candidates for office. I am sure they would be interested to know this.

  88. GOPeach says:

    I know Jim Bakker personally. I work with his son Jamie at Mt. Paran Safehouse.

    It just so happens that Tammy Faye has forgiven Jim. In fact they all spend time together often and they are all
    doing very well now. They all supported Tammey Faye when
    she had cancer. She confessed that her cancer was brought
    on by much unforgiveness and bitterness. She is doing a lot better now.

    I counsel high-profile leaders. My husband is a Judge.
    We see it all- more than I could ever tell you.

    I will say one thing-
    These people are no different than you or me. The only
    difference is that they live in a goldfish bowl and
    everything they do is out in the open.

    If you Linda, had a public life, you would understand.
    You would not be so harsh.

    The Christain Community is quite mature. They are
    more spiritual than you may realize. Theu know when
    to extend mercy and forgiveness in order to be healed.

    I have seen many people go to anearly grave over
    unresolved issues and bitter root judgements.

    It may not be fun and exciting to forgive people-
    It may even be humiliating, but I can attest that
    it wil be worth it. It will bring peace and joy
    in your life.

    Where there is strife, there is confussion and
    every evil work.

    I do not recommend strife.

    Humility is the High Road.

  89. Demonbeck says:

    “I know Jim Bakker personally”

    This explains why you support Ralph Reed. Both belong in the same category of people.

  90. politicalwidow says:

    GO Peach

    It is sad that Ralph has deceived you, as he has many others, under the veil of Christianity.

  91. GOPeach says:


    These “powerful pastors” are private citizens.

    They have Constitutional Freedom of Speech like
    you do.

    They can say anything in private. Just not from
    “the pulpit”…

    You need to know the truth about 501 (c) 3 laws.
    They know thier rights.

    I can tell you what I heard them say in private.
    That is protected by the Constitution. I am telling
    you 2nd party information. These “Powerful Pastors”
    have not endorsed anyone from their church property.

    The Church is non-profit. The Minister is not non-profit.
    The Minister is a US Citizen. The Church is not a US

    You have much to learn about this matter.

  92. GOPeach says:


    Ralph has not decieved me.

    I know God. I have asked Him what He thinks about
    Ralph’s heart. I do not know Ralph’s heart and neither
    do you. You can not judge Ralph. Only God can.

    I heard God tell me that He has forgiven Ralph because
    Ralph asked Him to do so.

    Casey has not asked God to forgive him for personally slandering his brother, Ralph.

    I know this is very difficult for political junkies
    to think spiritually. That’s why people say ” politics
    is dirty”.

    I do not believe politics is dirty. I believe people
    who do not repent are dirty and they need s clean heart.

    I believe God can do anything with anyone who is willing
    to change and learn from mistakes.

    I am a living witness of this.

  93. northside elephant says:

    “I counsel high-profile leaders. My husband is a Judge.
    We see it all- more than I could ever tell you…” -GOPeach

    You are so full of yourself! Yeah, no one else on Peach Pundit has any influence or social standing. So your husband pushes papers at the county courthouse so what?

  94. politicalwidow says:

    Ralph may not have broken any laws, but folks Ralph is LYING. It’s OK to lie to the public as long as you don’t go to jail? The public emails between he and Abramoff shows that RALPH wanted the money hidden, not the law firm, as Ralph claimed last night in the debate. We don’t need Ralph running the General Assembly like he ran his company. Congressman John Linder once summed it up the best in a confrontation he once had with Ralph. He said something along the lines of ‘Ralph, lying will get you to hell just as fast as coveting and cheating.’

  95. northside elephant says:

    Another thing GOPeach, Bill B., Debbie

    I understand that many people support Reed and I can deal with that -we all pick a horse in this race.

    But what I detest and what turns a lot of people off from the Christian Right is when you start telling anonymous posters on a blog who is and is not a Christian. And when you say things like “Cagle is not forgiven, but Reed is…”

    You have a condescending tone and a I don’t need to tell ya’ll what God thinks about pride.

  96. debbie0040 says:

    Demonbeck, they can endorse personally and even mention they are the pastors of the church. They can not say the church supports a candidate. In fact, if you go back and look at one of my previous postings, I included a what they could and could not do. It was a rather long posting . It was in the thread involving Sadie.

  97. debbie0040 says:

    GOPEach, northside is just trying to discourage you from posting again. some people think if they insult you , you will stop posting. Keep on posting. They are great.

  98. debbie0040 says:

    What about Cagle’s lying? What about he fact Cagle increased his wealth 900% as a State Senator serving on the Senate Banking Committee?

  99. Karla Stuckey says:

    A group of our staffers meeting at the RNCC this morning had a chance to watch the debate on video. Votes were as follows: 12 Reed; 3 Cagle.

    Overwhelming thought of people who watch and run campaigns was that Cagle was outclassed every step of the way and that Ralph deflected the Abramoff stuff very well.

    There is a growing anger up here among GOP leaders that some are keeping the flames of this going. This is not good for the GOP in general. Cagle is pissing off people big time.

    The GOP needs for this to go away, not be used by a lightweight state senator for his person political ambitions. Get onto real issues will you.

  100. GOPeach says:

    Northside Elephant-

    BTW- I like your name!

    I am sorry you see me as “full of myself”.

    Actually when “high -profile leaders” come
    to me or my husband, they are penniles, they
    have lost thier families, and their homes bacause
    of the media whores that sell fear and propoganda
    to people who feed on the misfortunes of others.

    Only the strong will survive.

    It is not easy to serve people. They use you and
    then they detroy you. Once you make a mistake, they
    attack you and they do not let up.

    I do not accept money to counsel. My husband has
    always done pro-bono work, defending the Constitutional
    Rights of American Christian Citizens.

    I am used to rejection and helping the rejected.
    I do not live to meet the approval of men.
    I live to do the will of God.

    If you want to meet me in person, I will be
    with Ann Coulter in Sept at the Cobb Galeria.
    I will be announced as the ” GOPeach “.

    God bless you.

  101. GOPeach says:

    Northside Elephant-

    Cagle will be forgiven when he asks God to forgive him
    for slandering his brother, Ralph.

    We are forgiven when we ASK gor FORGIVENSS!!!!

    Ralph is forgiven because he publically asked
    for forgiveness.

    This is the way it works North!

    God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble!

    Make sense?

  102. northside elephant says:

    Karla, you are niave to think that the Abramoff scandal is going away any time soon. If Reed won the nomination do you honestly believe that the “liberal media” would drop the story and walk away?

    Brad and the Cagle team don’t have to talk about Reed’s scandals. Everyone else does it for them! If you really watched the debate you would notice that it was the panelists that kept asking Reed questions about his ethical problems.

    Finally, you cannot win a debate if you spend approximately 45% of the time defending your actions. As Reed did by my calculation of the video.

  103. The Busdriver says:

    RNCC? You, Karla Stuckey, are obviously a fraud. If you worked there you’d know it’s either RNC, NRCC, or NRSC. I think you’re full of CRAP.

  104. duluthmom says:


    Since you have such amazing indepth conversations with God, tell us what exactly did Ralph ask forgiveness for?

    Perhaps it was for whoring out his own faith for economic or political gain or maybe for lying about it afterward.

    And he continues shamelessly to do both of the above.

    I always thought that the latter part of asking for forgiveness was to sin no more.

  105. GOPeach says:


    There is a BIG differnece between Pride and Speaking
    the Truth in Love!

    I am taking time on my only day off to explain basic
    Bible teaching.

    If you are intimidated by that, I am sorry.

    Maybe you need to ask God what He thinks about
    what I am doing.

    You have written a lot of slanderous things about
    Ralph Reed and maybe you are embarrassed. Maybe
    you need to make a public appology.

    I am a living witness that God exhalts the humble!

    I am where I am today because of bowing my knee
    to His ways and teaching others the Way to greatness
    by taking the High Way!

    You do not have to agree with me. I am not offended
    by that. I am not offended by anything you could
    ever say to me.

    I do not live by man’s approval. I live by faith
    in God.

  106. debbie0040 says:

    The average voter hears Cagle constantly bring up Abramoff. They know the committee report cleared Reed of wrongdoing. They start to receive automated phone calls from Zell singing Reed’s virtues. Who do you think that average GOP voter will be more inclined to believe? Do you think they will believe the man that donated $ 1,000 to Taylor then lied about it? Or Zell Miller and others?

  107. GOPeach says:

    Duluth Mom-

    Ralph asked forgivenes on GPTV last night!
    Did you not hear it? Did you not see it?

    I recorded it so I could teach my sons how to
    offer a public appology and give God the glory.

    He said that he made a mistake to do buisiness
    with Abramoff. He said he would never do that

    That is not a deep conversation.

    I do not ask God details. He would not disclose
    that. I do not think it is your business or
    my buisness. Onlt busibodies would aske these

    I know that Ralph has asked for firgiveness.
    I was in a Pastor’s Luncheon and he was very

    If you do not want to believe that, that is
    your choice.

    All I know is what I see, hear, and recieve
    in prayer.

  108. Demonbeck says:

    Is GOPeach speaking in Haiku? What’s up with the spacing?

    Well, Debbie,

    Let’s notify the IRS anyway and let them sort it out.

    Doesn’t it seem hypocritical that these pastors are allowed to speak as private citizens on behalf of Reed and Sadie Fields is allowed to speak as a private citizen on behalf of Reed, yet Dave Johnston is not allowed to speak as a private citizen on behal of Cagle?

  109. GOPeach says:


    I think there will be a lot of folks on this blog
    who will have to deal with heart issues.

    It will be hard. I will be in prayer for them all.

    I am off to a BBQ for Sheriff Neil Warren, another
    Reed supporter in Cobb County!

    Have a great day everyone!

  110. politicalwidow says:

    How tired is everyone of hearing that Cagle increased his wealth 900% when he was in the Senate? Do the words citizen legislature mean anything to anyone? Would we rather have farmers making bank and tax policy or bankers who actually know something about it?

  111. Demonbeck says:

    I have prepared a response for GOPeach in the form of a Haiku…

    Ralph Reed cheats “Injuns”
    Zell Miller endorses him
    Who’s “humping clients”?

  112. debbie0040 says:

    political widow, keep the citizen legislature but elect State Senators that don’t use their office for financial gain.

    GOPeach, I am pretty sure Neil Warren supports Cagle. Give him grief over that!!!

  113. Bill Simon says:

    GOPeach says this: You can not judge Ralph. Only God can.

    Ah, so, perhaps we DO need to throw-out the courts and the police and other law enforcement resources and let God be the judge of every wrong-doing in society.

  114. Demonbeck says:

    I am all for letting God judge Reed. Of course, Reed would have to be dead for that to happen. An election does not equal divine intervention.

  115. Demonbeck says:

    That, in no way should be construed as an endorsement of Ralph’s death. I am completely against post-birth abortions.

  116. The Busdriver says:

    No, no one ever refers to the NRCC as the RNCC. I don’t care what you’re Google search returned. “Off the Kuff News.” Are you kidding me? That’s your source.

  117. northside elephant says:

    “You have written a lot of slanderous things about
    Ralph Reed and maybe you are embarrassed. Maybe
    you need to make a public appology.”
    -GOPeach commenting on me

    I’m not embarrased and I am not a slanderer-er 🙂

    Funny side note, I have a threatening e-mail from Governor Roy Barnes to me framed on my office wall (I am not kidding!)It is a phenomenal conversation piece. I played a small role in defeating one of Barnes cronies.

  118. Demonbeck says:

    The NRCC is the NRCC and the RNC is the RNC. There is no alternative way of saying either.

    Face it, Karla Stuckey, the Reed “Washington insider” just outed herself as either an idiot or a liar.

  119. eem2006 says:

    Is this GoPeach person real?

    I think someone is just trying to be silly?
    No one is really this deceived by Ralph Reed are they?

  120. duluthmom says:


    You said (Quote): He said that he made a mistake to do buisiness
    with Abramoff. He said he would never do that

    Promising never to do business with Abramoff again means nothing. It would be like my husband saying “I made a mistake and slept with my secretary. I promise never to sleep with her again.” It doesn’t mean he wouldn’t continue to sleep around, he just wouldn’t sleep with her.

    This is a man who called the report detailing the Abramoff affair a vindication–that doesn’t sound very contrite to me. But you’re right, I can’t judge what’s really in his heart, as a voter, I can only judge his actions and those speak volumes to me.

    Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for his public apologies for all of his other questionable activities. Like knowingly failing to register in TX as a lobbyist for one, which as you know is a crime.

  121. northside elephant says:

    Demon, eem,

    We could probable make a long list of fake Reed identities on this blog:

    BlackVoters- I speak for ALL the blacks in Georgia
    LobbyGA- ALL lobbyists are helping Reed
    KarlaStuckey- EVERYONE here in DC wants Reed to win
    GOPeach- ALL the top pastors and churches support Reed

  122. duluthmom says:

    Also GOPeach, it may be quibbling but you can’t accuse northside of “writing slander”–uttered untruths are slander, written untruths are libel.

  123. BlackVoters says:

    Hey Peach Blog!

    Ya’ll missed me- I know it!

    Well …

    While you all have been in here today
    hating on Reed supporters and slamming black
    folks like your boy Casey does…

    I have had my black ass out in this heat
    loading up people of color who know how
    to think and vote! SHocking huh?

    I took vacation leave and chartered a bus.
    I picked up folks and we sang and laughed
    all the way to the polls and back!

    Well… I am here to report that we kept the
    Cobb County Board of elections from
    taking a lunch break at their regular time.

    On top of that, I treated everyone to
    lunch on me just to show my sincere apprieciation.

    This is just the beginning. I am training my
    people to vote early in Republican Primaries!
    Oh yes! The sweet smell of victory!

    I’d say our next Lt. Gov. wiLl have the same
    initials a Ronald Reagan!

    This is an advantage of living in apartments!
    More of us to vote in one cocentrated area.
    We carpool!

    I may take the day off tomorrow as well-
    This is more fun than going to the Caribean.

    You will know when Reed wins—

    Black Voters was ON IT!

    Everytime you white boys dog me…
    It is like pouring gas on a fire.

    Keep it up —
    You are the wind beneath my wings.

    Reminds me of the days in Nam. I have too much
    USMC blood in me. I will vote will ZELL!

    Simper Fi!

  124. northside elephant says:

    You are a complete liar and fake. I find it comical.

    You are a United States Marine and you dont know how to spell Semper Fidelis?

  125. The Busdriver says:

    Karla, I call your bluff. You are a fraud.

    Which room were you in this morning when you allegedly watched the Cagle/Reed debate tape? And on which floor?

    Think before you respond–some of us actually know our way around that building. The NRCC, that is–not the RNCC you cited, which does not exist.

  126. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Stan Coates (aka “BlackVoters”), you are a LIAR. I have served alongside too many selfless, dedicated Marines not to call you out on that. Your issues of racism (“Everytime you white boys dog me…”) aside, you have an issue with the truth, and whoever you support (be it Reed, Cagle, Bush, Clinton, Chavez, Castro) should regret having to count you among their followers. I consider you to be just the same as fake Army Ranger Jessie MacBeth who never served his country either, but who claimed to have been a SOF operator, and to have firsthand knowledge of (provably fake) US atrocities there.

    Got anything else to say, SC/BV? Here’s my bio; you show me yours and I may think better of calling you a LIAR and a fake Marine.

    To the REAL Devil Dogs out there–especially those with whom I have actually served–Semper Fi, and keep up the good fight.

  127. northside elephant says:

    Thanks Jeff,

    It was obvious he was lying and it really started to get out of hand. I can’t stand fakes.

  128. The Busdriver says:

    Karla Stuckey, who last posted Jul 10th, 2006 at 2:18 pm is a fraud.

    She’s claimed on a number of occasions that she’s a House staffer, and somehow had the “pulse” of everyone on Capitol Hill.

    Karla Stuckey, who claims that is her real name, is not listed as an employee of the House of Representatives. She’s not on the email database, nor is she listed in any Member office payroll.

    Then Karla made the mistake of trying to further embellish her story by claiming she was at the RNCC . . . which doesn’t exist.

    Karla, you are a liar.

  129. BlackVoters says:

    Jeff you are young and you are wrong. I have been having
    fun with you but you have my name wrong.

    I was born in 1944 in Charleston, SC. I attended UNC left to serve as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1966-1970. Married in 1975 and moved to Georgia.

    I served with Fred Smith, CEO of FED EX. We were in the Tet Offensive together. I am making a documentary about this and I can not disclose my name on-line so I go under another name for now.

    I have been having fun here but I am not a liar nor am I a
    fake. I will continue to fight for my right to vote
    as an American. I will continue to influence others to
    vote. I have made my point here on PEACH BLOG.

    To all black voters – VOTE REED for Lt. Gov.


  130. northside elephant says:

    That is at least 2 Reed fakes in one night. The fake Marine and now the fake L.A. Karla. Is Debbie behind these false identities or some squirley Reed intern?


  131. Jeff Emanuel says:

    As far as BV goes, he registered to post at this site with the email address “[email protected][omitted].com” (it’s not my business to give out email addresses). As I said, I don’t care which candidate he supports; lying about being in the military is what bothers me, be the man John Kerry, Jessie McBeth, or anybody else.

  132. The Busdriver says:

    Debbie, stop Googling RNCC. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there just as naive as poor Karla Stuckey.

    BTW, I don’t think you’re Karla, if that’s what you’re implying.

  133. debbie0040 says:

    Jeff, I think he just used Stan’s email address because BV never uses email. Stan and BV are good friends and thier kids are in TARS together.

    I don’t think you should give out emails people register with. That is privacy. Brian Laurens got in trouble for doing something similar.

  134. northside elephant says:

    PeachPundit should not under any circumstance allow people to lie about being a Veteran. I mean some things just go too far.

  135. northside elephant says:

    Absolutely, I’ve got to tell you a wierd story that goes along with that though. I was in the military too, my unit got a new Team Leader who seemed cool. A senior NCO had previously been a Ranger Instructor and thought he remembered this new TL washing out of Ranger school a few years prior. So the former R.I. looks through the official list and finds out the TL is a fake! The TL had a Ranger tattoo, a lot of time in and a lot of advanced schools. Well the TL was severely punished and reduced in rank but he goes and gets a lawyer. Over a year later the lawyer proves that it actually WAS a paperwork error and this dude really did finish Ranger school! I felt sorry for the guy his reputation had totally been trashed.

    Of course this is uncommon, there are a ton of fakes out there.

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