1. StevePerkins says:

    Ehh, I don’t think that a survey of a website’s self-selected readers can properly be called a “poll”… something that is randomized across the population. All this tells me is that a disproportionate number of gay-marriage-is-everything Republicans visit that site, and that future “polls” from the site should be taken with a grain of salt relative to Gallup. A disproportionate number of moderate and libertarian-leaning Republicans visit this site, so a PeachPundit “poll” would probably be just as skewed in a different direction.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    This morning in Chatham County, Bill Stephens and Karen Handel spoke at a forum before the Chatham County Republican Party Breakfast. There was a good attendance.

    Karen did a great job and is well spoken. Her voice also carries very well.

    Bill came off as arrogant and had an attitude about him that he was better than everyone else. He didn’t really mingle with the crowd too much. As well, he’s not a great speaker and it was difficult to hear him.

    I know that some in attendance were waiting for Bill to make any personal references against Karen or her husband, they were going to call him on the floor for conduct unbecoming of a gentleman.

    I think Karen Handel performed well, while it was confirmed for me that indeed, she is the best and capable candidate for this position. Her opponent, Bill is just like Ralph Reed to me. He’ll say anything to try and win a vote.

  3. law303peachtreeroad says:

    Sounds like Steve Handel couldn’t vote 400 times.

    So sorry Karen, enjoy retirement.

  4. Mike Hassinger says:

    I just did a poll of all the likely Republican voters in my basement and found astonishing results.

    Question: “Who do you favor for Secretary of State?

  5. Bull Moose says:

    You know, you Stephens supporters are really something. Why in the world would you attack someone’s spouse in a political campaign? Come on.

    That’s really low ball. Just because you can’t win on your own merits, doesn’t mean it’s a free for all.

  6. 4ofspades says:

    Any more pearls of wisdom, like your “elect a leader not a lesian”. Let me guess “Adam & Steve”

  7. HSC Republican says:

    Bill was really thrown off guard this morning. He could not anwser though why he voted for Clinton/Gore when Handle was working for Bush and Quayle. He just rambled!

  8. Ben Raspail says:

    Even though I am happy with the results, online polls are still not scientific, and therefore not reliable. I said that in past posts, and I’ll say it here again. Results of polls like these, and others like straw polls, cannot be relied upon. Steve Perkins is correct in, especially when dealing with a sekf-selected sample. I won’t rely on this, or any straw polls, for an indication of how things will be.


    You’re a biased Handel supporter, so of course you think Karen did the best job in the entire world, and that Bill didn’t. That’s why no one will listen to your biased review, it is hogwash. Also, I’ve never heard Stephens ever mention Steve Handel at a forum. I’m sure you’ll make up some example.


    You’re Steve Handel, no one cares what you think or say. Where have you been in the entire discussion about Karen’s exposure as a supporter of domestic partner benefits? Can’t argue with the facts, huh? Maybe that’s why Karen Handel and all of ger supporters just lie through their teeth. Or, they’re to far in they don’t want to face reality. I’ll admit I’ve missed some of the discussion in the past day because of a family reunion.


    I’ve seen Karen throw that out in debates before, so I doubt he would be caught off guard. That’s like Handel being caught off guard for being called out on supporting domestic partner benefits. She knows it’s coming. There is just now solid proof about it.

  9. bowersville says:

    Here’s an open invitation for a prepared statement, gives Stephens plenty of time to articulate it well, “Why did Stephens support and campaign for Clinton/Gore instead of supporting Bush/Qualye?” Despite all your desparate accusations, not all of us non-Stephens voters are Steve Handel. So now Chuck Bowen and the Southern Voice are solid proof of what? Pro Stephens, Anti Handel.

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