More mud gets slung.

In always peaceful Gwinnett(ha ha ha), several primary races are getting nasty. Local political activist Bob Griggs filed ethics complaints against Rep. John Heard (who is locked in a primary battle against Lawrenceville Councilman David Rodriguez), Gwinnett Commission Chairman Charles Bannister, and former House Candidate Chip Randall. Griggs alleges:

“I believe that the Respondent(Bannister) conspired with Rep. Heard to fund the early days of his Commission campaign by circumventing O.C.G.A. 21-5-33(b)(1)(D) which permits the use of contributions “in future campaigns for only that elective office for which those contributions were received.


  1. Mike Hassinger says:

    Gwinnett politics makes a Latin American revolution look deliberative and orderly. Every season it’s allegations and accusations; shifting alliances; investigations and rumors of investigations; gossip about adultery, mental illness, divorce and an extra-large helping of off-the-scale personal insults. If you made a soap opera out of it, no one would believe it.

    I have to say, it’s the best entertainment around. What’s in the water out there, Buzz?

  2. buzzbrockway says:


    I think it’s a product of having too many Republicans around here. What I mean is the policy differences between most of these candidates are so minute, all that’s left to argue about are personal matters. That produces some nasty races. County Commission races are the worst.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    And here I was led to believe that you folks in Gwinnett County were all devout followers of the Bible…after all, you spend your time thumping it so much.

  4. Chris says:

    People in Gwinnett can read? I suppose as long as its not in Spanish or Harry Potter….. 🙂

    Funny story. A friend is a 7th grade math teacher. My friend tells me that the 6th grade math teachers tought their students that .005 is greater than .01 because 5 is larger than one and that there are more 0’s between the decimal point and the number.

    Gwinnett: Math works differently here!

  5. duluthmom says:

    Chris, please tell me that is a made up story!

    I’m a teacher in Gwinnett County and reading that made me positively ill.

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