Reed and Immigration

There are many other things I could have given as the title to this post, but that seems to be the most objective. There are many interpretations one could give to the information herein, but it seems they all come down to one thing — more than once has Ralph Reed been opposed to tightening immigration laws and it appears that this is another example of Ralph Reed following Grover Norquist and getting into trouble.

In 1996, it was actually the Democrats who were pushing to curtail immigration levels. Democratic heroine Barbara Jordan, on behalf of Bill Clinton, chaired a bipartisan commission and concluded that immigrants were taking jobs poor Americans actually would do, were doing them cheaper, and consequently were hurting the abilities of poor Americans to get gainful employment.

A bipartisan coalition gathered around the idea that illegal immigration must be stopped and legal immigration must be curtailed. A Wired Magazine article described the situation this way:

On Capitol Hill, Congress was poised to pass the most severe anti immigration legislation since the 1920s. Significantly, measures designed to crack down on illegals were paired with plans to slash legal immigration by 40 percent. Senator Alan Simpson and Representative Lamar Smith, the two leading Republican voices on immigration, were pushing the bills hard. The White House was sounding supportive, having been given cover to back the cuts by a set of similarly restrictive recommendations from a bipartisan commission chaired by the late, famously liberal Barbara Jordan. It was a powerful, if unlikely, alliance. And with no politician daring to risk being called “weak


  1. northside elephant says:

    Ralph Reed was instrumental in defeating comprehensive immigration reform in 1996. He intentionally and directly lobbied to dilute and ultimately kill what was at that time the best chance at real, meaningful immigration reform since 1920.

    Newt Gingrich feared that pro-immigrant constituencies would retaliate against Republicans in the upcoming election (eventually they did take out Bob Dornan).

    Bob Dole and his presidential campaign manager Scott Reed feared handing Clinton a major legislative victory. The bill had bi-partisan support and Clinton had promised to sign it if passed.

  2. The Busdriver says:

    Devastating . . . .

    I can’t wait to hear Ralph’s response to this.

    So all the Georgia Republican Congressman supported a measure Ralph was fighting against?

    That means Ralph was opposing Mac, Saxby, Barr, Linder, Norwood, and Kingston.

  3. The Busdriver says:

    I looked up the bill. Here’s the link:

    Here’s where you can see all the Georgia congressmen’s names:

    This is the stuff that was in the bill:

    Hiring 5,000 new Border Patrol agents over five years

    Barring illegal aliens from applying for some forms of welfare on behalf of their U.S. born children

    Giving state and local cops authority to detain illegal aliens and hand them over to the INS

    Increased penalties for alien smuggling and document fraud

    Setting up a pilot program in five states for employers to ensure job applicants are in the United States legally

    Would create 14 miles of triple fence along the U.S.-Mexican border

    A pilot program in which employers could call an 800 number to verify employment eligibility.

    Creates priorities for entry into the U.S., reducing the long waiting lists for young children and spouses of legal immigrants but cutting admissions of adult siblings and parents. Legal immigration would be capped at an average of 700,000 a year, down from the more than 800,000 admitted in 1995.

  4. northside elephant says:

    Ralph Reed’s lobbying efforts were under the umbrella group “National Immigration Forum” the NIF is 100% pro-immigration.

    Ralph Reed was joined by the ACLU, Service Employees Union, Jim Zogby of the Arab American Institute and eventually even the AFL-CIO joined in to help.

    -see National Review Online March 31, 2004

  5. The Busdriver says:

    I bet the Reed Phone Tree is spinning out of control right now. “No, it’s not true. I didn’t do any of that. It’s all the left-wing media. I swear, I’ve always supported immigration reform.”

  6. bowersville says:

    Oh no! I can hear it now. “Had I known then what I know now, I would’ve had the money sent to me through ‘not for profit organizations,’ in hopes that his couldn’t be tied to me!” “I guess in hindsight I shouldn’t have done it, but look at the children I saved.”

  7. landman says:

    Each rock that is turned over reveals yet another revelation of Reeds past.Honestly how in the world can a logical person believe a thing the guy says,it’s a pattern that continues to repeat itself over and over.

    The one constant with REED IS HE WILL ALWAYS DO WHAT IS BEST FOR REED,he will screw anyone who is in his way,be it a christian,the entire Republican Delegation,the entire Senate Caucus as he did in his attack ad,and given the eopportunity he will screw Georgia.

    There should be a loud and constant call for Reed to disclose his Client List we should be aware of who he would WHORE out our state to.Lets see the list ,what are you guys hiding…..

  8. Romegaguy says:

    Debbie will say something like “Ralph was successful in killing legislation sponsored by a liberal President, who coincedentally was elected President under the tutelage of one of Ralph’s biggest supporters, Zell Miller, who also thinks Hillary would make a great President…”

  9. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, Ralph Reed is a snake in the grass, who is surprised?

    I have to say, my hat’s off to Erick for posting this story.

    Way to go Erick!

  10. LINDA says:

    I bet that Erick was sandbagging with this story for just the right counter punch! But it is reported in a very objective, neutral, fair, and balanced manner.

  11. John Galt says:

    I cannot wait for the day when real conservatives realize that the likes of Ralph Reed, Sadie Fields, Grover Norquist and all the other poseurs are NOT are our side. These people are not conservatives, they are opportunists.

  12. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Nothing surprises me anymore. However, it’s sad to see someone who has been held in so much esteem has built a career on subterfuge.

  13. Maurice Atkinson says:

    The lobbying scandal is bringing our Party to it’s knees. The tentacles are broad and invasive. I’ve posted this a couple of times and will say it again. RNC polling has shown that this trend is not good for our Party unless we clean our own house and provide and effective agenda.

    Frankly, I like what Cagle has proposed. It’s not earth shattering but a pro-active way to make government more efficient. A good platform doesn’t have to be built on rhetoric. Cagle’s plan is workable and can be effective.

  14. bowersville says:

    MA, what makes you think the idiots that support Reed care about the future of the GOP?

  15. Maurice Atkinson says:

    The Reed supporters I know are honorable and give him the benefit of the doubt. However, at some point, they will have to reconcile their doubts/beliefs.

    A few years ago I got involved in a race and believed wholly in the candidate. He was a total inspiration. My brother, who is a minister, suggested that I might want to consider evaluating my opinion. What happens if he loses? What happens if he is not the person I thought he was? I did research the candidate and to this day can say he lives precisely what he espouses. He lost the race and life went on. However, he has still remained a complete inspiration by his consistency and his integrity. These people will wake up. Their candidate doesn’t have that same vein.

    Heck, it almost reminds me of the old 60’s movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.

  16. bowersville says:

    MA, you are an inspiration, along with your brother, however, I don’t believe Reed is like this. I believe Reed will punish and demolish who ever has come up against him. Bar none! Including me.

  17. northside elephant says:

    It is only going to get worse for him. Reed was heavily involved in this and it is well documented by liberal and conservative groups.

  18. debbie0040 says:

    Reed stands firm against illegal immigration. He was not an elected official. He was a private business man and did what he was paid to do.

    Reed will win. any of you going to be at the debate Sunday night?

    Here is something I will throw out there for you guys. Who or what group made this statement?

    THAT BRINGS US TO the Republicans, and potentially the most dangerous race on the ballot this election cycle: the battle between Cagle and Ralph Reed in the GOP primary for lieutenant governor.

    “Reed, the former Christian Coalition head, is under investigation for ties to Jack Abramoff, and he has been implicated in a huge casino lobbying scandal, yet he still manages to run about even with Cagle in the polls.

    The man is a political genius, and that’s why we need to keep him out of office. A Ralph Reed victory would have a dangerous impact here and on the national level, and it is the fastest route to making Georgia Democrats take a hard right in November.”
    “The rest of us should use our votes to keep Reed out of the State Capitol this July 18. At least then we will get something for our votes. That’s more than we can say about voting Democrat.”

  19. debbie0040 says:

    I think there are a lot that will have to answer when Reed wins. This race has changed the way I think about certain people. I will NEVER support Cagle or some of the outspoken elected officials that supported him in any GOP Primary. If they are the GOP nominee I will support them but I will never forget this race.

    Bowersville, you would never get my vote in the primary.

    The bottom line the LT. Governor’s race is havng an impact on the SOS race and the AG race.

    There are a good many Reed people that will not vote for any State Senator in any statewide race because of the letter sent out asking Reed to step down. Handle and Black will benefit from this.

  20. debbie0040 says:

    Cagle is a wimp and served himself while he was supposed to be serving the taxpayers. He used his office to become bank president and increased his wealth 900%. The whole thing with Abramoff is too complicated for the average voter to understand. They will understand a man increasing his wealth and taking the fast track to bank president while supposedly serving the public interest. No laws might have be broken, but that doesn’t make it right now does it?

    I think Reed is being generous in his ads to Cagle and is not hitting as hard as he could. If it were me I would be going for the juggler.

  21. northside elephant says:


    Reed sold his influence to the pro-immigration lobby.
    Reed sold his influence to Indian Casinos.
    Reed sold his influence to E-Lottery.
    Reed sold his influence to convicted felon Jack Abramoff.
    Reed sold his soul to big-money politics.


    Debbie you are a broken record and we all know they were replaced years ago…. CAGLE 06′ RACING TO THE FINISH LINE!!!

  23. debbie0040 says:

    Actions do speak louder than words.

    In all of those things you mentioned, Reed was in PRIVATE business when he made his fortune. He was not supposedly serving the public when he made his fortune like Cave in Casey was. Cagle used his influence and position on the Senate Banking Committee to increase his wealth 900% and take the fast track to bank presidency.

    Cagle was such a coward that he bribed/contributed 1,000 to Democrat Mark Taylor.

    Cagle voted with Roy Barnes and 27 Democrats against a GOP sponsored bill that would identified non citizens on the drivers license to prevent them ftom obtaining government services. How many more of these are lurking out there?

  24. northside elephant says:

    By the way, Reed cannot squirm out of this one. Reed killed immigration reform and called it “anti-family”. But Gary Bauer supported the reform along with all of the conservative groups.

  25. northside elephant says:

    Reed worked for leftist, pro-immigration special interests
    while he was executive director of the Christian Coalition. He lied and said that immigration reform is “anti-family” even though Gary Bauer and the conservative establishment supported reform.

    Debbie do you hear that sound? It is Reed supporters wrestling and struggling with their consciousness.

  26. debbie0040 says:

    Do you hear how this sounds?

    Cagle sided with Roy Barnes and the Democrats on numerous bills while a State Senator.

    One in particular, Cagle voted with Roy Barnes and 27 Democrats against the GOP sponsored driver’s license bill tha would have identified non citizens so they could not obtain government services. I guess Cagle did not care if non citizens received services they were not entitled to.

    Reed also side with Brownback, John Linder, Paul Ryan, The CATO Institute on this bill. On the opposing side included Bill Clinton and Barbara Jordan, both bleeding heart liberals.

    I guess you Cagle supporters would have sided with Bill Clinton and Barbara Jordan on this bill. No big suprise.

  27. LINDA says:

    Ralph Reed has sold out Christians to the highest bidder, but most importantly he has sold our Republic to the highest bidder. Ralph Reed is an opportunist that may have had good intentions at one time, but fell into a trap that weak humans constantly battle with and even strong humans. This trap is the love of money, and as the Bible says, “the love of money is the root of all evil.” Just follow the money and you will find Ralph Reeds, Jack Abramoffs, Corzine of New Jersey, Newt Gingrich all out to increase their own self interest. And I will include Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Neal Boortz, Ann Coulter and the list goes on and on of people making a living from the pulpit of the media.

    And Debbie, it looks as though you will sell yourself to the highest bidder, as you try to climb up that ladder and define your self worth and ego.

    Ralph Reed is not good for this state, and we need to put a chalk in his butt for once and for all. Let him go to his counting house and count his money, and see if those ill-gotten gains are worth the loss of American jobs and the overcrowded schools systems and the medical systems in financial disarry. I am totally disgusted, in case my words are not clear enough.

  28. The Busdriver says:

    Debbie, sometimes I think you’re really a Cagle supporter just having fun with the rest of us because no one can really be this stupid.

    Mac Collins, Saxby, Kingston, Norwood, Linder and Barr all supported this bill. Ralph fought against our Republican representatives (sound familiar–eLottery?).

    He was not a private businessman at the time–he was the head of the Christian Coalition.

    The bottom line is your Ralph Reed fought long-overdue immigration reform, and there’s no excuse for that.

    By the way, still no comment from Team Reed in response to this newly disclosed information.

  29. LINDA says:


    Debbie is part of Team Reed! I know who she is, and she should disclose who she is on this board and what her position is with the State of Georgia.

  30. The Busdriver says:

    I know who Debbie, and I was only kidding about her being a Cagle supporter. My point was that you must try very, very hard to be that ignorant.

    It’s like Debbie is playing her own strange word association game. I say Reed opposed immigration reform, and Debbie blurts out “Roy Barnes.” She’s got some sort of weird political tourettes syndrome.

  31. debbie0040 says:

    Linda, I have seen your web site. The fact you oppose Reed is something I find refreshing. David Duke, come on now. I have come to believe the things other posters said about you are true. You are racist and anti Jewish.

    Linda, you are completely ignorant as usual. If you knew who I was, you would know that I have no association with the State of Georgia other than being a citizen.

    You Cagle supporters are in good company with Linda….Enjoy the association…

    Busdriver, If you blast Reed for this, then you also blast John Linder, The CATO Institute, Sam Brownback, etal and support Bill Clinton and Barbara Jordan on th is.

  32. The Busdriver says:

    Debbie, you have absolutely no understanding of how any of this works. See, there’s this thing called a bill, and Republicans typically vote one way . . .

    Yes, I think John Linder was wrong to support the Democrat amendment that Ralph was pusing. And for the record, Senator Brownback currently supports amnesty–he was wrong then and he’s wrong now.

    Bill Clinton and the entire Georgia Republican delegation favored immigration reform. Ralph opposed it. What does that say about your candidate?

    And what the crap is “etal”?

  33. The Busdriver says:

    Debbie, you have absolutely no understanding of how any of this works. See, there’s this thing called a bill, and Republicans typically vote one way . . .

    Yes, I think John Linder was wrong to support the Democrat amendment that Ralph was pushing. And for the record, Senator Brownback currently supports amnesty–he was wrong then and he’s wrong now.

    Bill Clinton and the entire Georgia Republican delegation favored immigration reform. Ralph opposed it. What does that say about your candidate?

    And what the crap is “etal”?

  34. The Busdriver says:

    Yeah, yeah. My bad. I thought if I hit submit twice it might get through Debbie’s “rationale thought” blocker.

  35. Philly says:

    Linda, busdriver, jack s you are all morons and you are all working together with the Pro Gay Southern Voice to put Cagle in office and to defeat Ralph Reed. You are all on the same team. If Cagle wins, the pro gay groups can declare victory!!!

    After the crap with Stephens and Handel I checked out Southern Voice and found some very interesting things regarding Ralph Reed. By the way, I don’t care what comes out about Handel, I will not vote for Stephens because he is a state senator.

    “THAT BRINGS US TO the Republicans, and potentially the most dangerous race on the ballot this election cycle: the battle between Cagle and Ralph Reed in the GOP primary for lieutenant governor.

    Reed, the former Christian Coalition head, is under investigation for ties to Jack Abramoff, and he has been implicated in a huge casino lobbying scandal, yet he still manages to run about even with Cagle in the polls.

    The man is a political genius, and that’s why we need to keep him out of office. A Ralph Reed victory would have a dangerous impact here and on the national level, and it is the fastest route to making Georgia Democrats take a hard right in November.

    Only one group gets a free pass when it comes to crossover voting: Those who live in the Georgia House districts where gay candidates Allen Thornell and Karla Drenner are on the ballot. They need your votes, so don’t switch to the GOP primary this time around.

    The rest of us should use our votes to keep Reed out of the State Capitol this July 18. At least then we will get something for our votes. That’s more than we can say about voting Democrat.

  36. John Galt says:

    Do you all call Ralph “Chief”, or are Indian jokes generally frowned upon around Reed’s office?

  37. northside elephant says:

    Philly and Debbie find a glimmer of hope in a Southern Voice article! I am just cracking up at your desperation.

    Republican voters don’t read the SV but they will read a pile of mail that is headed thier way that discusses Reed’s pro-immigration stance.

  38. The Busdriver says:

    Ok, back to the issue at hand. Ralph Reed agressively lobbied against illegal immigration reform.

    And for the record, the bill sponsor was Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican. The bill was not sponsored by Barbara Jordan, or Bill Clinton, regardless of what Debbie says.

  39. debbie0040 says:

    John, I am not sure what the Reed staff call him. I am sure it is just Ralph.

    I am not a Reed staffer btw. I am network engineer.

    I hear Cagle’s favorite color is yellow. How appropriate. 🙂

  40. LINDA says:


    You are the one that is ignorant because you see I know who you are, and I know the post that you currently hold in Georgia governmennt. It makes no difference what links I have on my website because you personally know me, and you know without a doubt that I am not a racist and not anti-jewish. If you truly read my blog, which I know you did not then you would not be able to tell a blatant lie about me. You see, I am going to put my Ace on the table. You hold the position of a head of Workforce Development and were appointed by Governor Perdue. If I am wrong, prove it.

  41. LINDA says:

    And Philly, surely you must be drinking some tainted Kool Aid today! Just because people actually want honest leadership in our government does not mean they are working with liberal organizations! Grasping at straws now, but when the boat is sinking you have no other choice.

  42. Bull Moose says:

    Damn, Debbie, you can’t handle the truth about your boy now can you?

    The Cagle team is going to sprint into victory on July 18. If not, I think Republicans are going to be set back quite a bit.

    Personally, if Reed wins, I’m going to be looking to see who the people behind SB 273 and SB 5 are, because, with Reed’s logic, those people should be voted out of office next.

    But, I won’t have to take that dramatic step because Ralph Reed will go down in flames in defeat and soon thereafter likely be indicted for his involvement with Abramoff.

  43. LINDA says:

    And btw Debbie, if what I have read of David Duke he is actually a genuine Christian. Can you imagine that in this world of “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

  44. LINDA says:


    I do not believe that for a minute, as she could have easily moved to Cobb County. Her description of her qualifications are too much of a coincendence, and I know for a fact that she is very much a Reed supporter and has been, since 2005 or even before that. And she is noted for talking with talking points. A private citizen does not work this hard for a candidate. As a matter of fact, when you are working with this newly created organization moving to Cobb County would be the logical mode of operation. And Maurice, you know that I know how to find out who people are.

  45. LINDA says:

    As a matter of fact, Reed vouched for her to be chosen to be a delegate for Georgia. You see, I do not like these games and I think that people should disclose who they are when they are sworn in as a worker for the TAXPAYERS!

  46. BlackVoters says:

    You all leave Debbie alone now. She is a wonderful person.
    She is being attacked by The Cagle Pit Crew because she will not spin her wheels like the good ole redneck mountain boys are doing. She is bad mamajama!

    Casey had one of his boys come out and speak for him at a Cobb Rally at Osborne High School. This boy had a cigarette behind his ear ( a real good example to high -risk students) . I overheard the husband of a dear lady running for State House lean over and say.. ” You may want to loose the cigarette from behind your ear man.”

    I had to walk away so I would not laugh outloud and embarrass Cagles spokesperson -poor guy. I guess he thought Cobb County was a Corn Field with a Big Chicken in it! lol

    It’s okay Debbie. I think we are all going to laugh all the way to the Senate Chambers come January 2007.

    I asked Ralph Reed when did he decide to run for Lt. Gov. He told me he decided when he was an intern for Zell Miller. This campaign has been in the hopper for a long time. Much thought has gone into it.

    Ralph Reed gets THE BLACK VOTE!

    See the following black owned papers tomorrow-

    Atlanta Daily World

    The Atlanta Tribune

    AUC Digest

    The Atlanta Voice

    The Columbus Times

    Fort Valley Herald

    The Herald

    Metro County Courier

    The Savannah Tribune

    FYI -Lot’s of black folks are closet republicans and you will see them come out on July 18th and vote REED.

  47. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Linda, I met her when I spoke on behalf of Casey at the Cobb County Regional Republican Women’s forum last month. She is not the Debbie we know. I guarantee it.

    She serves on the board of directors of that group. Do a google search.

  48. LINDA says:

    Oh spare me the rib cracking laughter, Mr. Blackvoters. The Republican Primary will be doing good to get 4% of the black vote. But you may want to write a comic book because you are on the road to success.

  49. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Debbie is a pretty nice lady too. She’s definitely loyal, but on the wrong side in this race.

  50. LINDA says:

    And btw Debbie, Maurice posted a comment yesterday as did JD so are the racist, too? Are do they believe in freedom of expression and the First Amendment, and the right to read other people’s view points that are fighting against the corruption that you willingly support for KA-CHING!

  51. BlackVoters says:


    Debbie is in Cobb County.I know who she is. She was a supporter of Herman Cain like me. She knows common sense when she hears it. People like Debbie and me do work hard for the RIGHT thing. We are called good citizens!.


    I heard from ASH that you recently got married. I pray you
    great blessings upon your new life together.

    REED ROCKS! Don’t forget it!

  52. LINDA says:

    I meant to say they posted a comment on my blog. Beware of those whom you use for your own political gain because it has a way of coming back and biting you in the rear end.

    And for all of you young Libertarians and Progresives, we honest people can all change this destructive path of lobbyist corruption and come together for a new moderate party that is made of compromises of honest hard working people. We can abolish the Ethics Board in Georgia because they are as useless as teats on a boar hog, anyway. When you get real people in the government maybe we can salvage this bankrupt government that career politicians have destroyed. No more big corporate donations, no more lobbying, no more taking our money from foreign governments. I just wish that I had known 30 years ago, what I now know at the age of 51.

  53. LINDA says:

    Please visit a friend of mine’s blog in Houston County or actually website. Link to it, and get involved with this group and help push the best candidates forward. We can do little this election cycle to change the status quo, but in 2008, we could make a big difference. We need people to work on abolishing the SPLOST election code for starters. Check out Atwitsend!

  54. LINDA says:

    I would like to think that I would have been an Andrew Jackson supporter. I bet that gets your goat doesn’t it, Mr. Blackvoters, aka Debbie. Got to go now, and light my corn cob pipe and head on over to Dublin to catch the tail end of the Redneck Games. HA!

  55. BlackVoters says:


    Pardon me for my direct approach here but you seem a little parnoid my dear. If I did not know better I would say you were one to lean toward conspiracies.

    I have been called a lot in my life ” Nigger ” “Coon ”
    ” Porch Monkey ” but I have never been called Debbie!
    That is a new one! lol

    Look Linda –

    Politis is a calculated science. There are numbers and formulas. There are absolutes and whoever understands the
    trends, the tipping point, and the numbers best wins.

    Cagle reaches out to the white Nascar crowd with his
    big bright ” 06 signs” trying to scare up a few Richard Petty fans. Well, there will not be many of those down
    here in Mableton and East Point.

    The numbers are not there for him.

    Heee Haw!

    Let’s all eat some watermelon and be friends. Okay?

    I am going to have to ask you not to smoke that corn cob crack pipe around me.

    Just because I am black and male does not mean I smoke.
    Contrary to popular belief.

    Just messing with you. Don’t get mad! ( grin )
    Hey if you are republican, then we are on the same team.

    Group hug!

  56. LINDA says:

    You know BV, we are not on the same team, and you can take that fact to the bank. I am a strict Constitutionalist that is a real Christian and a real fiscal conservative. Ask Maurice, he’ll tell you that I argued him into a corner about why he should not support the SPLOST here in Bibb County. But he was “lobbying” for a local govment (spelled wrong intentionally) position. You see real fiscal conservatives do not push for higher sales taxes that are progressive taxes that harm the poor and small businesses. You should see the number of businesses that have closed down here in Bibb County, since two back to back SPLOSTS were voted in. And yes, you can be fiscally conservative and a Christian, too. I do not play the game, as I am the master of the game. I got your number Blackvoter and you are an alias with another name posting on this blog. I am even guilty of posting under another screen name, but you would never guess who. Ha!

  57. LINDA says:

    Back to the issue at hand, Cagle is going to kick butt on July 18th. I am so glad that I have read this blog for more facts to help me to understand that Ralph Reed is not worthy of my vote.

  58. debbie0040 says:

    Linda, you just have shown everyone how intelligent you are. Must be difficult to actually walk around with that much intelligence. And yes, I do think you are anti Jewish. Everyone should check out your postings in other threads.

    Anyone that thinks David Duke is a genuine Christian needs to have their head examined. David Duke is a racist and anti-semite. You can not be a true christian and be anti Jewish. The Jews are God’s chosen people.

    I urge you to check out these links on Duke.

    “Why Cindy Sheehan is Right!
    By David Duke

    Cindy Sheehan, a mother who lost a son in the Iraq War, is determined to prevent other mothers and fathers from experiencing the same loss.

    Courageously she has gone to Texas near the ranch of President Bush and braved the elements and a hostile Jewish supremacist media to demand a meeting with him and a good explanation why her son and other’s sons and daughters must die and be disfigured in a war for Israel rather than for America.

    Recently, she had the courage to state the obvious that her son signed up in the military to protect America not to die for Israel.’

    Just for the record,

    Thanks Maurice for trying to convince Linda but I think it is a lost cause.

    Thanks for the compliment, too. We are at least on the same team with Karen. She is going to emerge victorious. WE need to work hard for her and let people know not to believe Stephens.

  59. debbie0040 says:

    Black voter, good job in your postings and thanks for the support. Trust me, we are not on the same team when it comes to Linda…She is an admirer of David Duke.

    Linda, it all makes sense now about Reed. Mr. Norris thinks just about like you do, at a GOP breakfast recently presented me with material that listed Ralph Reed as a strong ally of Israel and he thought that was horrible. I bet you two even know each other. He accused Reed of putting aside U.S. interests to support Israel which is ridiculous. Israel is one of our strongest allies.

    Well I will go on record as being 110% supportive of Israel and their cause. I think Bush’s troubles began when he urged Israel to pull out of the Gaza Strip. So start blasting me Linda….

  60. LINDA says:

    Well, Ms. Debbie know it all, what did Cindy Sheehan’s son die for because it most certainly was not for weapons of mass destruction. I know why we are in the war, and it is because Sadam was going to start trading oil with Europe using the Euro for currency, which would have destroyed our currency. England is not in the European Union, which is why they went in with us in Iraq, but the voters in England are wary of Blair and angry over this war. We are in the war now, and we have to find a way to get out of it. We are also, as usual, fighting to keep the Muslims in the Middle East from forming a Caliphate where Muslims such as the Shiites, the Kurds and Sunnis come together as one for the cause of Allah. I know, Debbie, it is over your head.

    If you think that I believe what Maurice has to say then you are absolutely misguided. I do not trust Maurice as far as I can throw him. But he has a right to fight for jobs and positions if that is his cup of tea. But, we are not of the same cloth. I campaigned for Maurice out in South Bibb and got him many, many votes, but he was only in it for himself. I am into politics because of everything that I see wrong in our Country, and I do not have a financial gain from it.

  61. debbie0040 says:

    Black Voter Read what Philly posted above about Southern Voice. The African American pastors should love that:)

  62. debbie0040 says:

    Linda, do you agree with what Duke says about the Jews and the fact we went to war to protect Israel?

  63. debbie0040 says:

    Linda, your intelligence amazes me. Man, how do you manage to walk around?

    You are wrong about Maurice. I don’t believe for a minute that he was only in it for himself. Maurice impresses me as a very selfless person. I think he commits himself to a cause and gives it 100%. I would agree with you that you and Maurice are not cut from the same cloth. I think that is something Maurice should be proud of.

  64. LINDA says:

    Debbie read my previous post about what I believe about the war in Iraq after much research. The only thing that support our country is wars, Debbie. Didn’t you see the debt clock ticking away when you were in New York?

    You see, we have lost a very dear friend in the Iraq War, and I have read and read everything I can get my hands on. We are off point here, which is that Cagle rightly deserves to get the educated voters vote. I have done my best to send out emails, and I will contact everyone I know.

  65. LINDA says:

    Well, you know Maurice sure relied on me to support him with signs at my office. I also made sure he got invited to a political forum that he was left out of in Bibb County. I made sure his name was added to the mailouts, and I used my own supplies and printers to prepare mailouts with two other volunteers. I was a loyal friend to him, and he knows it. Maurice spit in my face because I was opposed to the SPLOST.

  66. debbie0040 says:

    The fact you think David Duke is a genuine christian says all I need to know about you, Linda.

    I hope you take it upon yourself to “educate” as many voters as you can. That should be what you spend your free hours doing . I am sure the Cagle Race Team is proud to have you on their team.

  67. LINDA says:

    And btw, Debbie, I know how engineers make it in college because I had an engineer on my team in Policy Class in the Masters Program, and he never added a thing to the team projects. The rest of is fixed his butt when it came time to give a group grade to our professor on this guy that never took the time to show up to help with projects.

  68. LINDA says:


    What in the heck does David Duke have to do with the price of tea in China. David Duke says he is a Christian, and I have never heard that fact suppressed in the media. All I know about David Duke is that he was trying to warn others about the plight that was destroying his home town of New Orleans where he grew up. I have never met him, but I have read some of his posts and he has some very well researched writings. He has also received a Doctorate from MAUV, the largest university system in the Ukraine. I would not call someone of that educational status a moron nor would I call the two researchers at Harvard that wrote what I suppose a thesis about Israel and the United States. (one’s last name is Waltz I believe).

    You are off of your talking points, Debbie. Please check you Blackberry to see what Ralph Reed is asking you to post. Get busy, as the time clock is ticking.

  69. LINDA says:

    Maurice and I are both former Hoosiers that ended up in Macon, Georgia. We both ran on fiscally conservate principals. One of us actually beleived in cutting costs instead of raising taxes. We both ran as a Republican, so let us play “What’s my Line.” Who is the real Republican?

  70. LINDA says:

    And btw, Debbie, the ADL is not exactly a un-biased website. That is like telling a young person undecided about voting as a Democrat to read a GOP website. HA! Why don’t you read what David Duke writes, instead of relying on the media and radical websites to define what he stands for? I do not support everyone that I read material on, and do you actually believe that I would. Why I will write about someone in the Republican Party if I feel that they are not who they claim to be. I do not buy into partisan politics, and I suppose I can be best described as an Independent. I even wrote a letter to Bill Ferguson who writes in the Macon Telegraph and apologized to him for my criticism of him in 2004 for being on the fence post as an Independent. I told him that I was very foolish to buy into partisan politics, and he wrote back and thanked me for writing to him. Bill is a very smart writer, and I am glad that each experience in life allows me to learn something new.

    Remember all, support Casey Cagle on July 18th.

  71. Maurice Atkinson says:

    you may have to refresh your browser. She’s pledging allegiance next to who likes like Mrs. Perdue.

  72. LINDA says:

    Funny, every time one clicks the link a different photo comes up. I do not need a grip, Maurice. I just got to get off this darn computer and get some sleep and do some tax returns tomorrow. Hang in there friend.

  73. LINDA says:

    Well, I will believe what my strong intuitions tell me to believe. I do not see a name on the website that states someone named Debbie. When something quacks like a duck, its a duck. Too many ducks line up in this personality that is posting as Debbie. Education, age, type of job, type of activist, and it sure sounds like the Debbie that gave me the oath to run on the Republican ticket in Bibb County. Besides, the fact that others step up and argue in her defense before she posts again sure smells like a rotten crappy to me.

  74. The Busdriver says:

    Focus, people. Focus. This thread is for discussing Ralph’s efforts to kill Republican Immigration reform legislation. If you want to start your own Aryan thread, get a front pager to start one for you.

    Again, talk of Ralph killing immigration reform, good. Using this thread to discuss David Duke, bad.

  75. LINDA says:

    Actually everything on this blog has to do with people fighting against illegal immigration, but the Lt. Governor Candidate, Ralph Reed, flip-flops on the issue. Just like Kerry when he voted for the war and then voted against it, too. I did not bring up David Duke, but that is how people fight those that they despise by trying to destroy the message by destroying the messenger. You know, if I was actually the hate monger that some of you try to paint me as, my blog would not be in links on three differnt local websites. Two in Bibb County, and one in Houston County.

    The truth is so controversial isn’t it? Even after 2006 years, people are still in a controversy over Jesus Christ. Thank you to Erick for posting the truth about Ralph.

  76. bowersville says:

    Linda, Debbie, Linda, Debbie, Debbie, Linda, Linda, Debbie, Linda, Linda, Linda….Linda…sheesh!

  77. LINDA says:


    Half a truth is often a great lie. Benjamin Franklin

    The U. S. Constitution doesn’t guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up with it yourself. Benjamin Franklin

  78. LINDA says:

    Hey Bowersville,

    Do you see why a political consultant would not touch me with a ten foot pole? Ha! There was a time when debate ruled the day, when those brave men were writing our Constitution. You see these patriots had already fought there way out of the tyranny of the elitists, and no one trusted the other fully. I am a radical conservative, funny term isn’t it. Ha! I can’t expect any of you to know what I have learned in the last six years, and I could no doubt get into studying for a doctorate in history, but my time for school is over. My husband is retired and wants me to retire, too. Ralph Reed has my vote and my husband’s too!

  79. BlackVoters says:

    Linda, Linda, Linda, —-

    Bless your darlin heart.

    You say you go by your strong intuitions and they tell you what to believe. Ooookaaaaay?????

    What is the hell are we going to do with you girl?

    Maurice is 100% right baby. Debbie is with the Cobb
    GOP in a big way. So your strong false intuitions are
    as about are way off sweetie.

    You say you are for Ralph Reed and then Casey Cagle.
    I think you really want to believe that Ralph will
    be a great Lt. Gov. but you are starting to flip

    Girl I think I need to kick your off my team.
    You’re gonna get us killed! lol

    C’mon Debbie- Let’s you and me meet up at the GOTV
    Rally on July 13th. Bring your husband and I will bring
    my wife and kids and we will get the Cobb REED folks
    working like there is NO TOMORROW…

    Can you say LAND SLIDE????

    Hey guys – Remember COBB has 600,000 people. We are
    not Nascar fans. We like Lockheed! Put us in jets where
    the sky is the limit!

  80. BlackVoters says:

    Wow – I guess I should have hit spell check. LOL

    I couldn’t resist!

    This blog is a hoot.

  81. northside elephant says:

    Linda, Debbie, BlackVoters

    This is not I know that you don’t want us to talk about Ralph’s extensive work for the pro-immigration lobby, especially in Cobb. You would rather reminisce about your days helping Cain.

    Proof of Ralph’s work for these leftist groups and some of his pro-immigration remarks are being widely disseminated.

  82. LINDA says:

    Great link northside elephant,

    I saw that there is a Knitting Club on Meetup. Maybe Ralph can learn how to knit and start the Knitting Convention Coalition for all of the soccer moms throughout America.

    I have already emailed some people in Cobb County, and helping to get the word out. It is better to find this out now about Ralph’s pro-immigration work before he gets in office. I am glad that Newt Gingrich has been exposed in this, too. At one time, I was leaning toward him being a good President but this is just one of many things that I have learned about him.

  83. LINDA says:

    Well that is what I meant to say Bowersville, but us South Bibb County rednecks go around our elbow to get to our nose sometimes. Of course, Ralph will not get in office. You know Houston and Bibb County has a pretty good record of voting in primaries, and there are a good many displaced workers that will not be happy when this information reaches them.

  84. northside elephant says:

    By the way Linda. I am “ITP” inside the perimeter. And I detest the elitist attitude that some snobs have for rural Georgia.

  85. LINDA says:

    Dear Northside Elephant,

    Oh, I am sorry for anyone not understanding my comment. It was very late, and if you read up above you will see that BV talked to me like I was a Redneck. I was just making a joke, but actually I go around my nose to get to my elbow sometimes. Just review how I write, as I know that I bore people to death. Trust me you are not talking to an elitist snob, as I grew up in trailer parks in southern Indiana and Fairdale Kentucky. Before going to college, I earned my degree in the school of hard knocks. I think that rural Georgia will have a big voice in this upcoming election, and will vote against Ralph Reed.

  86. LINDA says:

    I am just a hard-nosed fiscal conservative that gets infuriated if I believe someone is using a position in government, while being paid with tax money to advance a candidate or most especially a special election such as a SPLOST election. Cronyism, lobbying and rigged campaign contributions is what is wrong with politics. Am I too idealistic? Of course, I am and people that think like me are a dying breed and very much a minority. I know I’m on a blog where the vast majority are consultants for this candidate and that candidate, and I take time away from my work to put in my two cents worth. I may print all of these writings and put it in a lock box for my grandchildren to read one day to see a time when civil discourse was on the tip of being outlawed. I predict that withing twenty years, there will be widespread censorship on information discussed on the Internet. But, remember people like me were spreading this warning. CASEY CAGLE, LT GOV 2006!

  87. debbie0040 says:

    Linda, I have read what David Duke says and find it disgusting. I am from Louisiana and remember reading about Duke in the 70’s when he was with the KKK. He is an extreme radical and racist.

    Black Voter, will be there at the gotv rally.

  88. LINDA says:

    Oh come on Debbie, tell the truth. You showed up at a rally with your pink floral sheets, and were told go home you silly flower child. You just wanted to add a designer look to the rallies and create a new image. So you had to go find another cause to fight for. Let us go back to the topic at hand, your candidate is a sorry excuse for an ethical leader, and most certainly not deserving of votes from those that demand transparency and honesty in government. Go Go Cagle!

  89. northside elephant says:

    Will you guys please drop the racism stuff?

    This is about Ralph Reed’s allignment with the radical pro-immigration NIF (national immigration forum).

  90. LINDA says:

    This article is pretty current, and talks about the fact that illegal immigrants wages reported to the Social Security Admistration are 1.5% of total wages reported and go into a suspense account. This is taken from the National Immigration Forum. This is why nothing has been done about the 11 to 30 million illegal immigrants flooding into our Country, and probably the entire rankling over bills when Clinton was President was to appease voters that were supporting Pat Buchanan on his strong stance against illegal immigration. The Congress knew that the votes would not be there because we are too dependent upon illegal immigrants to fund our aging population that is putting a strain on our borrowing to pay back the liability account of Social Security. Nonetheless, Ralph Reed has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar again and caught on the wrong side of a hot issue today. It will no doubt cause him the election, and rightly so. Casey Cagle will be the next Lt. Governor of Georgia.

  91. LINDA says:

    I cannot find an earlier article that I was reading, but many of the Fortune 500 members contribute to NIF. So when you bank at Bank of America or use Federal Express to mail a package, you are supporting the NIF.

  92. LINDA says:

    It is all about the rights of the illegal immigrants, even when it comes to establishing Homeland Security after 911. It is the way these supporter earn their living, fighting for a cause for mula. This is a letter written to Senator Lieberman in 2002 demanding that the rights of the millions of immigrants entering our country each year are priority one. This is the same thing Michelle Maulkin has been writing and speaking about, of how the INS is derelict in their duties. You see the NIF is more important than protecting our borders, and was a good way for Ralph Reed to pick up some more cash. I do not know if any of you really care about illegal immigration or if this is just your fight against a candidate. But people like me are disgusted by the invasion and destruction of our United States, and hell would freeze over before I would vote for Ralph Reed.

  93. BlackVoters says:


    Pardon me dear,

    Did you mention earlier that you were a CHRISTIAN?
    Perhaps you are a new believer. I’ll give you that.
    No seasoned saint would carry on like you do.

    The BIBLE Says that you are not to SLANDER YOUR BROTHER!
    It also says that God HATES those who SOW DISCORD!

    Don’t get mad at me!
    You are the one who mentioned being a Christian.

    Maybe you should spend time in prayer for Raplh since
    you know so much about his short commings. You seem to
    enjoy the malice.


  94. LINDA says:

    Oh Blackvoters,

    Give your wining a break. I am a voter and I am giving people substance over form. You cannot shake my Christian faith, as I have been a Christian for forty years. Christians have very much a right to participate in political elections. You are too dumb to even google any information, so take a hike.

    I checked back for you to make a smart butt comment, and I will now go back to contacting my friends on the Internet.


  95. LINDA says:

    BV, Since you aren’t going to be able to do the land slide, may I suggest that you head on over to your local hoochey koochey bar and do the “electic slide.” Just take a chill pill and have a good time, cause your guy is sinking. Cagle 2006 and we will be watching to make sure the Congress takes a strong stand against illegal immigration. (smile, smile, kiss, kiss, group hug). Give me a break!

  96. Bull Moose says:

    Ralph Reed has really shown himself to be a duplicitous hypocrite with his flip flop on immigration.

    This man has no moral compass that allows him to be guided by his values. He’s totally motivated by profit, greed, and ego.

    We really don’t need someone like that in office in Georgia.

    Georgia is an honorable state and we need to continue to be such. I would really like Georgia to adopt the motto, Georgia, a state of ethics.

    That would eliminate quite a few of our wanna be elected officials…

  97. Bill Simon says:


    I quote you on this: It also says that God HATES those who SOW DISCORD!

    Ralph Reed and his Christian Coalition pals did nothing but sow discord through their tactics. They think they have a license to LIE about their opponents and get away with it.

    The defeat of Ralph will finally demonstrate to this group of religious THUGS that lying isn’t acceptable, even if it is just a political race.

  98. Darvin Dowdy says:

    Folks like Reed are very confused about Biblical Doctrines. The Bible strongly endorses (actually mandates) Nationalism. God divided mankind up into nations for a reason. Thats what the story of the Tower of Babel teaches us. Mr. Reed just needs to take some time off of politics and get some face to face Bible teaching. DD

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