New Handel mailing

Karen Handel sent out a mailing that says, “Bill Stephens…the largest ethics fine in Georgia’s history.” On the back it elaborates on this by saying that Stephens misused campaign funds, which resulted in a $14,000 fine.

It also goes on to say that Stephens borrowed $95,000 from two different banks in 2001, which he defaulted on later in the year resulting in lawsuit from the financial institutions.

Oh…and it envokes the dreaded SB 5 and contains a quote from Neal Boortz on the legislation.

I tried to scan it, but it’s too big. I finally figured how to use this scanner…you can view the mailing here and here.


  1. Ben Raspail says:

    Same old thing I’ve heard her say. Nothing new, except it is in a mailer now. I wish I had gotten it. It is funny she tries to tie him to SB 5, but this link below to the bill shows that there is only one sponsor for it, and that is Senator Dan Moody, who is from North Fulton (ie, Handel’s area):

    I also believe he is a supporter of hers. Funny how all of that works out.

  2. JaseLP says:

    All of the co-sponsors pulled their names off of it. If you do a search on Google for SB 5, you can find the original sponsors.

  3. Ben Raspail says:

    I did not know that, thanks for the info.

    Also, I may be wrong about whether Moody is a supporter hers. If he isn’t I apologize for that. Still, he was the main sponsor of the bill.

  4. atlantaman says:

    Trying to be as objective about the piece as possible, from a pure “catch the average voter’s attention” level, I think they did a great job.

    I don’t know if the allegations are true or not, but it makes an impact.

  5. politicalwidow says:

    It is effective-IF you read the whole thing. It seems like she rolled all of her attacks into one mailing. The front will probably hurt him.

  6. hccitizen says:

    Bill, what do Facts have to do with anything?? This is a political campaign! Regarding SB 5, that is fact. The issue abut loans (personal or otherwise) is just politalk…

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