Is Abramoff ad a “Hydrogen Bomb” for Reed–or is it too little too late from the Cagle camp?

The companion article to the Washington Times (a steadfastly conservative newspaper which–full disclosure–I have written for) piece Erick posted yesterday looks at Cagle’s campaign strategy, and calls his TV ad tying Reed to the Jack Abramoff scandal “a potential “hydrogen bomb.”

However, the article, which cites the Insider Advantage poll (which shows Reed up 32-27 with 41% undecided) quotes “some Republicans” (which appears to mean “Matt Towery”) as saying that this “Cagle counterattack is too little, too late.”

Matt Towery says that it was “a mistake for the Cagle campaign to wait so long to call attention to Mr. Reed’s connection to Abramoff.” 

Cagle’s first round of TV ads — focusing on the candidate’s 12 years of experience as a conservative leader in the state Senate — were “a waste of money … that did not penetrate,” said Towery. “If [Cagle] had attacked, he would have gotten massive media coverage.”

“Hard-core Republicans, the only thing that will turn them around is if they think [Reed’s Abramoff ties are] a threat to the Republican ticket,” Towery said.

The article says that “Reed began the TV “air war” with ads accusing Mr. Cagle of opposing property rights,” and quotes Cagle as telling supporters Sunday in Henry County, “I’m getting tired of him telling lies…But that’s all he’s got left.”  

* * *

The article’s author also has a lengthy analysis of the race on his blog, DonkeyCons, where he has interesting thoughts such as:

Reed (net worth $4.5 million) is nearly three times richer than Cagle (net worth $1.7 million), yet Reed accuses Cagle of getting rich via shady dealings. As opposed to say, collecting $5 million from an imprisoned casino lobbyist.


Reed’s internal polling must have shown something similar [to Cagle’s 9-point-lead internals]. If Reed felt confident he was romping to an easy victory, he never would have launched such a relentlessly negative campaign in a GOP primary, especially because Cagle is supported by three-quarters of the Republican senators — whom Reed would have to work with if he wins the lieutenant-governor’s job.

As always when this topic is breached…let the bomb-throwing begin. But please remember: civility is a virtue. 


  1. tobin smith says:

    Unfortunately for Cagle, I think most people have long since tired of the AJC and other liberal media attacks against Reed. As I have said all along, using gambling money to fight the growth of gambling is just not something that is easy to communicate or understand. It is sort of like my old Baptist church upbringing where we would gladly take money from tobacco farmers into the collection plate and redeem it for them.

    The facts are Reed has not been charged with a crime or wrongdoing and he has not been indicted or arrested. Had that occurred Casey would be waltzing to a win.

    The reality is Casey gambled on the liberal media doing the job and that his “any body but Ralph” campaign would be enough.

    In the end, it is not enough. Maybe enough for a close race, but not enough for the brass ring.

    My prediction, Reed 52, Cagle 48.

  2. northside elephant says:

    This advertisement is already having good penetration. Most Republican primary voters are not rabid political junkies. Jobs, kids and the business of life keep most people from paying much attention to the primary until the last 14 days.

    This information will inform the massive number of undecided voters.

  3. northside elephant says:

    “Unfortunately for Cagle, I think most people have long since tired of the AJC and other liberal media attacks against Reed.” -Tobin Smith

    By “most people” you mean the Reed faithful. Yes I am sure they are weary by now.

  4. Bull Moose says:

    I call BS on this… Reed is sinking faster than the Titanic.

    Casey Cagle is the best qualified candidate in this race – hands down – on either side of the aisle.

  5. Demonbeck says:

    “liberal media attacks”

    Like the Washington Times? Give me a break, the WashTimes is the Fox News of Print Media.

  6. The Busdriver says:

    Demon, you forgot Weekly Standard, National Review, WORLD, and the Wall Street Journal.

  7. Bull Moose says:

    These Reed people are clinging to every piece of hope they can get… Any glimmer of life for their campaign and they are all about it…

    It’s really sad…

  8. debbie0040 says:

    It really look like it Bullmoose. Just look at all the polls that Cagle wins and polls that show him ahead.

  9. Bull Moose says:

    Almost 2/3 of the Republican State Senate have endorsed Casey Cagle over Ralph Reed. Hundreds of local elected officials have endorsed Casey Cagle over Ralph Reed. Almost without fail, the only people supporting Reed at this point are the corporate chieftains he’s befriended and provided favors for and the blindly loyal followers that refuse to accept the facts as they are. I believe that Reed never gets out of his box, which, by my estimation is not over 50% of the Republican primary electorate.

    Remember, in 1994, these same voters said no to Johnny Isakson, but in 2004, not only did they say yes to Isakson, he beat a darling of the right wing, Herman Cain, and a sitting US Congressman, Mac Collins, all without a runoff.

    The Georgia Republican Party has matured past the infancy of the right wing and is now the main street, common sense majority party of the state and they will not tolerate the law breaking, unethical, double talking behavior of Ralph Reed.

  10. debbie0040 says:

    The BIG difference in how each obtained their fortunes is that Reed obtained while his fortune while a private businessman. Cagle obtained his while serving the taxpayers.

    I saw Reed supporters from some of the largest churches in Cobb and Cherokee at the BBQ.

  11. debbie0040 says:

    Bullmoose the same State Senators and elected officials have endorsed Bill Stephens and Brian Kemp. According to your logic that means that Handel and Black don’t stand a chance either.

  12. The Busdriver says:

    Dealing crack is a private enterprise. Dealing arms on the black market is a private enterprise. So no matter how you make your millions, as long as you’re a private businessman, it’s ok? Is that what you’re saying, Debbie?

  13. Demonbeck says:

    Reed is worth $4.5 million and he bilked $5.3 million from Indians alone. How many other clients does he have? Or is he merely living off stupid Indians?

  14. debbie0040 says:

    Demonbeck, He did not bilk anyone. The Senate Report clearly says the Choctaws were happy with Reed’s work. But then again, you support Cagle and don’t care about the truth now do you? You have even gone on record as saying you would not support Reed if he were the nominee of the party. I have nothing but disdain for you and your kind…

    Busdriver, dealing crack and arms is against the law. Show me where Reed broke the law. Put up or shut up.

  15. northside elephant says:

    Debbie are Ralph’s contributions to the GOP more significant than his private indiscretions?

  16. The Busdriver says:

    Debbie, I’m going to leave it up to the Honorable Charles Grassley and his Senate Finance Committee investigation into non-profits tax violations to show you where Ralph broke the law.

  17. HSC Republican says:

    Just as Demon said the other day, abortion is legeal, but not right! People know the diffence. Cagle is a honest business man. Business grow every year. I ask you to show me one bill that just befitted only Casey’s bank, and no others in the state of Georgia. This is a desperate attempt to bring down a TRUE REAGAN CONSERVATIVE! Putting Reed and Reagan in the same sentence is bad enough. Cagle has not only talked the talk but walked the walk. Cagle has a record of cutting taxes, protecting private property, helping elect Republicans (Not just in 2002), and so much more. The state of Georgia CAN and WILL do better the Ralph “Show Me the Money” Reed.

    PS Ralph calling Casey a millionaire is like Bill Gates making fun of Pres. Bush for being rich…..well we should expect this kind of tasteless act for Reed!

  18. John Galt says:

    The majority of voters in the GOP primary will be people who have never attended a party meeting and would never join the Christian Coalition. They know the mainstream media lean left, but they still read the AJC. They have never attended a “Meet & Greet” or a fundraiser. Perhaps they saw the candidates at a parade with their kids. They are issues voters who are raising families, growing businesses and climbing the ladder in their career. Where Casey Cagle “obtained his fortune” matters not one iota to them, nor does which candidate “built the party.” What matters, especially if they are undecided at this point, is that when they here the name “Ralph Reed” they immediately think “scandal.” That’s not good for Reed. Cagle will win the majority of these voters, and will easily win the primary.

  19. GrandOleDawg says:

    Just a compilation of other media’s thoughts on the LG race, and another chance for you to air your anti-Reed sentiments. Interesting post. Very original. Tell me, Jeff, are you still insisting on calling yourself neutral in this race?

  20. Bull Moose says:

    John Galt has a point…

    And for the record, Casey never did anything unethical as a State Senator. Ralph really is a disgrace to try and create an issue where there is not one…

  21. politicalwidow says:

    After Casey gets through with him, Ralph is going to be walking his own Trail of Tears back to his Sugarloaf McMansion.

  22. Cobb County says:

    Joel, seriously, shouldn’t you be trying to right the ships that you have steered off course instead of wasting all of your time on this website. The Cagle and Kemp campaigns have really lost momentum lately.

  23. debbie0040 says:

    You are a fool Galt if you think voters don’t care where Cagle obtained his fortune. Voters care. To quote hsc, What Cagle did was legal but not right.

    By the time the campaign ads get through running people will associate crook with Cagle.

    We won’t know who is right until July 18th. I say voters will give Reed the benefit of the doubt and will nominate someone that did not make his fortune off legislation he passed while he was State Senator.

    It is more than clear Jeff is NOT neutral.

    Casey Cagle is NO Reagan. Reagan was not a wuss and did not back down. Reagan was reviled by the liberals.

  24. Cobb County says:

    A hydrogen bomb only needs to be detonated once, not countless time over the past 16 months. Clearly this story has not had the impact the Cagle campaign hoped for. Most people see that this is simply a worn out re-tred story.

  25. Bull Moose says:

    Interesting read…

    Reed In The Rough
    By Peter H. Stone, National Journal
    © National Journal Group Inc.
    Friday, July 7, 2006

    Just days before George W. Bush took office in 2001, lobbyist Jack Abramoff was busily working with Ralph Reed, his longtime friend, political sidekick, and business associate, to place a key ally in the Interior Department.

    Reed, an elite “Pioneer” fundraiser for the Bush campaign and a campaign adviser, had already helped Abramoff land his own plum slot on Bush’s Interior transition team. Abramoff coveted the slot because Interior was overseeing the lobbyist’s two biggest clients at the time — the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.

    Now Abramoff, who had hired Reed in 1999 and 2000 to run anti-gambling drives in Alabama to fend off threats to the Choctaws’ casino profits, was looking for more help. This time, Abramoff was trying to secure a job at Interior for Mark Zachares, a former secretary of labor in the Marianas government.

    On January 11, 2001, Abramoff e-mailed Reed. “I was thinking about this appointment” to the Office of Insular Affairs at Interior, Abramoff wrote. “I know it is perhaps a bizarre request, but considering how quickly I was named to the transition advisory team thanks to your request, perhaps it would be possible to ask Karl [Rove, the president’s chief political adviser]… that they should appoint Mark Zachares to head the Office of Insular Affairs…. Do you think we could get this favor from Karl? It would be my big ask for sure.”

    Reed replied quickly: “It never hurts to ask. What’s the next move?” Later that day, Reed sounded even more eager. “Just let me know who to call, when to call, and what to say. And while you’re at it get me another client! NOW!”

    On March 6, Abramoff met with Rove for about half an hour and pushed for Zachares, according to Abramoff’s former lobbying colleagues at the firm Greenberg Traurig and to Secret Service logs released earlier this year. But Rove didn’t come through, and Zachares didn’t get the job.
    One former Abramoff colleague said he wasn’t surprised that the effort failed, because Zachares was “too radioactive” and had “the worst possible profile” for the job. Zachares had received $10,000 from an Abramoff-run charity, getting half of the money before he held his Marianas job and half after. What’s more, Democrats in Congress, with help from some GOP members, had mounted a bruising but unsuccessful fight to impose U.S. minimum-wage laws on the Marianas. The islands, a U.S. territory located in the western Pacific Ocean, paid immigrant workers in their garment industry wages of just $3 an hour.

    Lisa Baron, the communications director for Ralph Reed, who’s now a candidate in Georgia’s July 18 Republican primary for lieutenant governor, said in a statement, “Ralph Reed receives unsolicited requests for help all the time, and given his years of service on the Bush political team, it is not surprising he received them. But to his recollection, he did not speak with anyone at the White House regarding these issues. He has the highest regard for the president and those who serve him and is confident that such decisions are made on the public policy merits alone.”

    Abramoff had been prodding Reed for help at Interior even before Bush won the election. In an e-mail to Reed on October 24, 2000, Abramoff broached the idea of Reed helping him get on the transition team. “This would be really key for future clients for both of us. Let’s discuss.” Reed replied: “OK.”

    Reed’s previously undisclosed role in Abramoff’s drive to get Zachares a job and his help in getting Abramoff appointed to the Interior task force highlight the tight political and business ties that existed between the two men.

    Those ties have made headlines, embroiling Reed in the Washington political corruption scandal involving one of his oldest friends in the conservative movement. The bonds between the two have frayed. On January 3, Abramoff pleaded guilty to three felony counts — conspiracy to bribe public officials, tax evasion, and bilking four Indian casino-owning tribes out of tens of millions of dollars. Abramoff’s plea deal required him to cooperate with federal prosecutors in the wide-ranging corruption probe that has focused on several members of Congress, on Capitol Hill aides, on former aides-turned-lobbyists, and on at least one former high-level Interior official.

    There is no indication that prosecutors are scrutinizing Reed, and he has insisted that he’s done nothing improper.
    But information keeps surfacing about Reed and Abramoff’s close ties. In a second previously undisclosed e-mail exchange on September 10, 2001, Abramoff asked Reed for help with a controversial client that Abramoff had just signed up, the government of Malaysia.

    Abramoff was trying to improve ties between Kuala Lumpur and Washington, a daunting task because Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad was under fire from the State Department and some human-rights groups for his government’s jailing of political opponents and for his anti-Semitic views. Mahathir wanted a chance to talk with President Bush at an upcoming meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and to secure a Washington meeting with Bush.

    That day, Abramoff e-mailed Reed: “I have a one-month subcontract for you if you can help me. We need to get Rove to see if we can break through the current posture of State on Malaysia and the PM meeting with Bush at the APEC meeting at the beginning of October…. If it works there will be a lot more.” Reed wrote back, “Sure.”

    The next day brought the September 11 terrorist attacks. Malaysia became an early ally in the war on terrorism, and colleagues of Abramoff say he used that argument in part to overcome concerns about Mahathir’s track record. Bush and Mahathir did talk briefly at the APEC meeting, and Mahathir did meet with Bush in Washington on May 14, 2002.
    Baron, Reed’s communications director, said that Reed had no recollection about talking to anyone at the White House about Malaysia.

    From mid-2001 through mid-2002, Kuala Lumpur paid about $1.2 million to a think tank with a Rehoboth Beach, Del., address that was run by Michael Scanlon. Scanlon is Abramoff’s former public-relations partner who has also pleaded guilty to defrauding four tribes and corrupting public officials.

    Other new details about Reed’s highly lucrative grassroots lobbying against gambling projects that threatened Abramoff’s two biggest tribal casino clients surfaced last month in a final report by the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, which spent two years probing Abramoff’s lobbying activities. The report disclosed that Reed’s consulting firm, Century Strategies in Duluth, Ga., received a total of $5.3 million from the Choctaws and the Louisiana Coushattas tribe. The payments came from Preston Gates & Ellis, where Abramoff worked in the late 1990s, and from two Scanlon-run entities, the American International Center and the consulting firm Capitol Campaign Strategies.

    But the committee’s report didn’t include another $1 million that was funneled to Century Strategies through anti-tax activist Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform. The Mississippi Choctaws provided that money in 1999 for a successful drive in Alabama spearheaded by Reed and other religious conservatives against a proposed state lottery and a video-poker bill in the state Legislature that threatened Choctaw revenues.

    In its report, the Indian Affairs Committee released other new details about Abramoff and Reed’s use of conduits to send money to Reed, the former head of the Christian Coalition, who was anxious to ensure that any casino funding would not taint his longtime anti-gambling image. In 1999, Abramoff even sent himself an e-mail reminder about a vehicle for channeling money: “Call Ralph re: Grover doing pass through.”

    Two key tribal figures, William Worfel, a former vice chairman of the Louisiana Coushattas, and Nell Rogers, a legislative specialist with the Choctaws, were cited in the report. The citations indicate the importance that Abramoff and Reed placed on secrecy: Worfel told Senate investigators that the tribe’s attorney stressed that payments to Reed “can’t get out. He’s Christian Coalition. It wouldn’t look good if they’re receiving money from a casino-owning tribe to oppose gambling.”

    After the report came out, Reed stressed in a statement that he had “not been accused of any wrongdoing.” He said he was hired as a “subcontractor by a highly respected national law firm,” and was assured he wouldn’t be paid with gambling revenues.

    On the campaign trail in Georgia, Reed has been bombarded with questions about his long-standing ties to the disgraced lobbyist. “It is now clear from the benefit of hindsight that this was a piece of business I should have declined,” he said in his recent statement.

    In 1998, not long after he left the Christian Coalition, Reed famously e-mailed Abramoff that he would like his help in getting clients. “Hey, now that I’m done with electoral politics, I need to start humping in corporate accounts!” Reed wrote. “I’m counting on you to help me with some contacts.”

    In August 2002, Reed joined Abramoff on the now-notorious golf trip to Scotland that included Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, and David Safavian, the former chief procurement officer in the Bush administration who was convicted last month by a federal grand jury of lying to investigators and of obstructing justice in the Abramoff probe.

    The author can be reached at [email protected]. Some e-mails and other details in this story are from Stone’s forthcoming book, Heist: Superlobbyist Jack Abramoff, His Republican Allies, and the Buying of Washington, which will be published in October by Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

  26. John Galt says:

    It is clear from your comments on this thread, and other comments of yours I have read throughout this blog, that you do not understand electoral politics. I doubt that you have worked on serious political campaigns (and working through a county or state party doesn’t count), but you certainly don’t understand the vast differences between the many types of voters. Nor do you understand what motivates the various types of voters to a) cast ballots and b) cast ballots for a particular candidate. No one will take you seriously until you engage in serious, objective political discourse and stop acting as a mouthpiece for a particular candidate.

  27. Jeff Emanuel says:

    On the issue of neutrality (for the first and last time), I wrote introductory pieces on both Reed and Cagle at the beginning of May for Here’s the link to each; decide for yourself. Beyond that, I just post and link the articles–you get to interpret and comment on them. Enjoy!



  28. Bull Moose says:

    Jack Abramoff didn’t trust Ralph Reed, why should Georgia voters?

    “[Reed] is a bad version of us! No more money for him.

  29. Bull Moose says:

    In Chatham County, all three Republican State House Members are supporting Casey Cagle… Ron Stephens, Burke Day, and Buddy Carter…

  30. debbie0040 says:

    John, I volunteered for my first campaign when I was 17 years old in 1976. I have been an activist since that time. Stop your elitist, condescending attitude. I can assure you I know how campaigns operate and how voters think. Voters will get sick of the mudslinging and stay home. Only the hardcore voters will turn out and that favors Reed.

    There is no issue during this primary to drive out issue driven voters to the polls. They have seen the negative press on Reed but still give him the benefit of the doubt. They see he has not been charged with a crime. They see Cagle has his own lack of ethics. They see respected leaders like Zell, Sean, Rudy, Newt and others supporting Reed so they assume there is nothing to the allegations involving Abramoff and just chalk it up to politics.

    Are you so naive that you actually think voters will be driven out to the polls to vote against Reed? Give me a break, that is hilarious… Check the voting history bubba.

    We will see on July 18th which of us is correct now won’t we?

  31. Demonbeck says:

    When did I say whether I would or wouldn’t support Ralph if he won the primary? Methinks Debbie’s been hitting more than just Kool-aid today.

  32. Cobb County says:

    Bull Moose (Joel) Seriously, if you don’t get back to work and try to resuscitate Cagle’s struggling campaign all of his fuming supporters will come after you. Or maybe it is that you have realized that the ending of the title is true, “Too little too late from the Cagle Camp.”

  33. John Galt says:

    Bubba. Touche. Yes, I think a significant percentage of voters will be driven to vote against Reed. That includes many Republicans who cannot stand him. And, as noted previously, there is another significant percentage that will vote against Reed because of negative impressions.

    It must be blissful in your world.

  34. Bull Moose says:

    Trust me, Joel has much better things to do with his time then to come on here and play point counterpoint with us. He’s busy becoming the political consultant of choice when you want to win in Georgia.

    Meanwhile, down at the chicken farm that is Ralph Reed’s campaign, they are trying to figure out how to make up more lies and rumors about Casey Cagle…

    What’s next? I’m waiting you Reed people! What are you going to make up next?

  35. Demonbeck says:

    I want Ralph Reed to return the gambling money he accepted from the Cousahatta. That money is sin money and corrupts whoever is holding it.

  36. Cobb County says:

    We will probably say something completely idiotic like Casey Cagle is a hate monger. You see that kind of talk sounds just as stupid when it is said about Cagle as when it is said about Reed.

  37. Bull Moose says:

    Cobb County, but Ralph is a hate monger. He makes up things about people to stir up others… That’s just not right.

  38. landman says:

    Cobb,when did a 75% winning average equate to a less than successful campaign consultant.I think you have him confused with your boy Ralph.I think his average is 25%,if you throw in PTA and Flower Club races.

  39. HSC Republican says:

    Also Debbie,
    You still have not proved how Cagle passed laws that helped ONLY his bank. That would be unelthical! If he passed laws helping EVERY BANK in Georgia, that is good for the economy! I hope you do not hurt yourself thinking to hard about this one!

  40. Demonbeck says:

    By keeping the $5.3 million Ralph Reed took from Casinoes, he is admitting he had no problem with the business he did. If Ralph Reed truly feels that he would have not taken the job, “Had he known then what he knows now,” he would return it in full to the Indians he bilked.

    Return the money Ralph – All $5.3 million

  41. HSC Republican says:

    All he would have to do is move to a house in a ungated, unarmed community. He could also sell his BMW he no longer drives, because he leased a truck. He is though just your everyday normal guy who just happens to be a WASHINGTON LOBBYIST! I guess Ralph is upset that his good friend (aka man who signed his checks) Ken Lay passed away!

  42. Cobb County says:

    Landman, I can appreciate you sticking up for the man consulting the campaign you work on. I think Bull Moose is actually I good consultant. I was just having some fun. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I loved the shameless plug from earlier Bull Moose.
    “Trust me, Joel has much better things to do with his time then to come on here and play point counterpoint with us. He’s busy becoming the political consultant of choice when you want to win in Georgia.”
    Good one Joel.

  43. Bull Moose says:

    Bull Moose is not Joel. I have been in the room with Joel and no, I wasn’t looking in a mirror…

    Trust me, come 11 PM on July 18, Casey Cagle will gladly accept the concession phone call that Ralph Reed places. We will also extend amnesty to all Reed supporters. They are a loyal bunch of people and will be an important part of victory in November.

    With Casey Cagle, we can all unite and come together as Republicans and Independents and move toward victory and continuing Georgia in a forthright and positive direction.

    You know, Demonbeck, I was thinking the other day. Had I known that the cop was going to pull me over for speeding, I wouldn’t have sped in the first place. Sorry slacker Reed, life doesn’t work that way. Your own emails show that you knew what you were doing. Give Georgians a little credibility, we see through your smoke screens buddy.

    Put on your little cowboy boots and move along little doggy.

  44. jsm says:

    Debbie said, “[voters] see [Reed] has not been charged with a crime. They see Cagle has his own lack of ethics. They see respected leaders like Zell, Sean, Rudy, Newt and others supporting Reed”

    Really? Zell’s event for Reed was so long ago that the average voter doesn’t remember it. Hannity has not made any public endorsements for Reed lately that I’ve seen, nor has Newt. That leaves the Rudy endorsement, which most voters probably don’t even remember at this point.

    If they read the paper or watch any TV, they’re going to remember the scandal Reed is drowning in. They’re also going to remember Reed’s attack ads against Cagle and no positive ads about himself. Honestly, this makes high turnout on primary day bad for Reed.

  45. JP says:

    People already KNOW of Reed’s link to Abramoff. And in case they haven’t seen it yet, there’s a nice piece in National Journal this morning about his alleged work with Abramoff to secure cabinet positions in the Bush administration.

    Bye Bye Ralphie!

  46. Cobb County says:

    Landman, you are right, I cannot believe that President Bush didn’t ask Joel to chair the Southestern region for his re-election campaign. I guess since Joel was too busy he had to ask Ralph. Landman, what exactly is your position on the Cagle campaign?

  47. Bull Moose says:

    Won’t you go home Ralph Reed
    Won’t you go home

    You aren’t wanted in Georgia
    No you are not

    You lie and steal
    You fib and distort

    Take your lies and go somewhere else…

    Won’t you go home Ralph Reed
    Won’t you go home…

  48. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Cobb, Bull Moose is not Joel. He’s from the other side of the state.

    Political Widow. The state house race in Macon is heating up. There are four quality people running on their own merits. I intend to vote for one, but who will win is anyone’s guess. The district will be well represented.


    Been at the beach in Florida and CAGLE 06 signs were out in force. Tell me this race is not on people’s minds.I can see the same ol dribble is still seeping from kollaiders but thank God the end is near…CAGLE 06′ WINNERS NOT WHINERS!!!

  50. BlackVoters says:

    RALPH REED is # 1 among the Sleth Bomb about to hit called THE BLACK CONSERVATIVE HERMAN CAIN Voter Base! Puleeeze know it people!

    You were all warned right here on Peach Pundit!

    BLACKS for REED!!!!

    We don’t care about Enron. Big Deal. We did not put our money in the Stock Market!

    We did not put our money in the Casinos. We do not care!

    We are with RALPH REED!

  51. bowersville says:

    BV, give it a break, I tried your link, the internet said it was not available. Very few republicans will vote for Reed, therefore your attempt of Republicans offering you and yours an opportunity at a win by the Democrats in November will be denied.

  52. northside elephant says:

    BlackVoters is a complete fiction!

    Her posts are completely bogus. Get real, who pretends to speak for all the black Republicans in Georgia? If you are going to lie then you should get some lessons from your boss first because he is good at it and you are not.

  53. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Wow, I figured it out. I finally know why Lisa Baron took that job with Reed.

    Leaving Atlanta for a bisexual plumber

    By Lisa Baron

    “… I had always dreamed of becoming a witness to some sordid Washington, D.C., Water-gate-style inquiry. The investigation, broadcast live on national TV, would either be of the Russian spy variety or involve stockpiling weapons that were then sold out of ice caves. I would be the very smart, expertly dressed executive assistant with the embarrassingly great hair who kept all the phone logs and transferred all the calls to the spy or weapons collector ringleader.”

    So Lisa sees Ralph as her key to fame when she outs him. WOW, great thinking Lisa. If only you can get past 7/18

  54. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Same quote next paragraph:

    “When I appeared before the newly created commission to offer my testimony, the cameras would capture my perfectly tailored suit, coordinating eye shadow and expertly matched handbag, which would then capture America’s imagination, which would then capture Hollywood’s interest. Mary Louise Parker would play me in the Lifetime movie. I’d be immortal.”

  55. northside elephant says:

    Brian, good find.

    Lisa Barron is one strange bird. Isn’t it funny that Reed hires a columnist from the Atlanta Sunday Paper? It’s a plastic surgery and escort service advertisement with some bad columns in between. She must be behind back-firing attacks.

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