Ga Tech academic freedom lawsuit

Erick posted a Mike Adams column a week ago on the Georgia Tech academic freedom lawsuit, which was filed against the school by the Alliance Defence Fund, on behalf of two conservative activist students. Buzz Brockway interviewed Ruth Malhotra, one of the plaintiffs in the suit, back in May.

For those of you who may be interested in the details, here’s a fairly lengthy analysis of the suit, and a shorter, column-length version.


  1. GTdem says:

    I’ll support the right of all Tech students to stand on Skiles walkway and make a fool of themselves. It’s good (and by good I mean free) entertainment.

  2. Dr.C says:

    I have personally known Ruth Maholtra for aboout 8 years. She comes from an outstanding Indian family. She takes her citizenship very seriously. She is very intelligent and aware of the “tolerence movement” to silence anyone who does not agree with the liberal left. Her constitutional rights have been violated at one of the most respectable universities in America; Georgia Tech. ” Tolerance ” has become the name of the new cult religion among “government schools”. Ga Tech should be the poster child for freedom of speech and critical thinking skills. This experience will be used to launch Ruth to national recognition in a very resfreshing way. If you are a Tech student, I say rally with Ruth and grow yourself a strong backbone. Leave Tech better than you found it.

  3. StevePerkins says:

    Political and free-speech infighting at an engineering school?!? My how the mighty have fallen! I know from reading Slashdot that half my fellow software developers are psuedo-socialists, but when I was computer science student I don’t recall ANY political discussion outside the realm of open source software vs. Microsoft/IBM.

    You don’t hear these kinds of contraversies coming out of MIT or Cal Tech. This doesn’t bode well for the current track that Ga. Tech is on.

  4. Dr.C says:

    Steve Perkins –

    Freedom of speech has been censored for quite a while even among engineering schools!!!! I am a professor and I know first hand. If you need proof, you should see this:

    You can read more here:

    We have all been given a brain that is designed to function in both hemispheres. Just because one thinks naturally from the left brain, doesn’t merit leaving the right conscience (con -science) outside the entrance of the elite tech school campus! The US Constitution is the law of the land. It just so happens that GA Tech was built on US soil and free speech is awarded to all who live in this great country. Socialist countries could never produce a Bill Gates or a Steve Jobs.

    Ruth Malhotra is a rare young lady. She actually thinks
    with both sides of her brain. She did not leave her family
    values at home while she set out to be a Tech grad. She holds her views as valid as the liberal females at Tech. She does not “slam” socialists like yourself. Why should she not be heard and respected? Wouldn’t that be logical?

    In order to make sound scientific decisions, it is best to carefully examine all sides of an issues as opposed to “blowing off” those who differ. Anyway, I applaud Ruth for not letting the status quo silence her views as a Pro-Life, Pro-Faith Tech student. She shines with brilliant courage and grace in the face of angry frogs in boiling beakers.

    If you have not met Ruth, you should. She is a very special
    person. You will never meet a more gentle and kind young lady. Tech should be proud to have such a student with so much dignity, poise, and wisdom.

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