A closer look at the Price endorsements

As seen on these pages, Tom Price recently released his list of endorsements. An interesting detail is that, of the 64 endorsers listed , 63 (including both Senators and the full complement of GOP Representatives) are from the state of Georgia. The odd man out, as Erick briefly mentioned, is Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado.

While it’s not unusual for a Member to garner the endorsements of his fellow Congressmen, including those from other states, it’s interesting that only one is listed in this disclosure. 

Rumor has it that Tancredo’s support is being touted so highly because illegal immigration is one of Price’s key issues, and Tancredo is the Congressional authority on that matter.

My gut feeling is that there could be a bit of an attempt here to counter challenger John Konop’s vocal stance on the issue, as well. 


  1. George Allen 08 says:

    I’ve got a question that is just a tad off topic:

    What portion of the vote does everyone think Konop will get? Is it enough that Price would actually beef up his focus on immigration to match Konop?

  2. Jeff Emanuel says:

    I think it’s largely dependant on personal appearances in the next week or two. This wasn’t ironclad enough to post on the front page, but word is that, at the recent forum the candidates held, Konop didn’t acquit himself as well as perhaps he could have.

    When it comes down to it, I think Price will win handily (his campaign appears to think so, as well).

  3. I have no idea how the vote will come out. You can expect the hired hands on either side to chime in here and bark loudly, though.

    As for me, I’m just an average citizen without a horse in this race. I’m not on anyone’s payroll. I’m voting for John Konop. Price is okay based on what he says, but his actions leave a lot to be desired, IMO. I’m fed up with Washington’s failure to rein in spending. And I’m fed up with the failure to rein in lobbyist influence (earmarks, gifts, travels) beyond a superficial, condescending level. And Price lost me with his CAFTA vote (another issue tied to corporate flunky-ism). This Congress is an embarrassment and a joke. They got to Washington and forgot (or purposefully eschewed) conservative ideals.

    I’m just glad to have a choice – especially another conservative who espouses more populist conservative positions.

  4. JP says:

    Don’t care. I agree with tax reform, though I am not convinced the “Fair” Tax proposal is the right way to go. I’m also against revoking the estate tax–I think taxes are already low enough in the income brackets affected.

    Based on these principles, I’m voting against him–though I doubt it will matter in the outcome.

  5. John Galt says:

    Cmon you all – Do you really think Konop has a chance here? Let’s all just admit it – we’re looking – craving – for drama, and the Lt. Gov. race is our only hit. Two more years folks, and you get all the political crack you can handle.

  6. John, I don’t know if Konop has a chance, but I’m not craving drama. I’m just voting my conscience. John Konop is getting my vote. Maybe I’m an exception on Peach Pundit, but not everything is politics for me. I could care less about the R’s and the D’s. I just want a representative who best reflects my view of the world. And I know that the status quo up there now is not getting it done.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    I haven’t wasted one iota of time looking at Price’s list of “you kiss my ass, I’ll kiss your ass” list of endorsements, but did all these “endorsers” also vote for Congress to interject themselves into the Terri Schiavo affair?

    You know the one…where the President, the Senate, and the House all voted to stick their noses in a personal matter they had ZERO business sticking their noses into? They stopped Congress to pander to a segment of the population who thinks that the courts should be overthrown and a theocracy put in place.

    ANY Member of Congress who voted in favor of the legislation to stop the husband from pulling-out the feeding tube of a brain dead woman deserves to be thrown out on their stupid, moronic ass. Tom DeLay was smart…he took himself out.

    If any of these endorsers were stupid enough to vote the way DeLay and Bill “I Can Look At A Video And Determine If Someone Is Lucid” Frist wanted them to vote, their opinion shouldn’t mean anything to anyone. And, if it does, then you’re an idiot.

  8. BlackVoters says:

    We needed Dr. Tom Price MD to go with Gingrey to DC to get TORT REFORM passed through. NOW we are in a new battle!

    We do not need a medical doctor in DC who doesn’t know a damn thing about business to fight the IMMIGRATION WAR. We need a BUSINESSMAN. WE NEED JOHN KONOP! He as the balls to
    take on Congress.

    I will make sure all BLACK publications back KONOP!

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did not march for the CIVIL RIGHTS of illegals. He led the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT for LEGAL AMERICANS to have better jobs and education. Let’s not muddy the water. Se Habla ENGLISH. Learn it or Leave!


  9. Bill Simon says:

    Well, here’s what the reporter from the AJC had to say about the Atlanta Press Club debate taped last Friday and due to be aired this Thursday on GPTV:


    I recommend John Galt spend some time watching the debate and see if he comes away with the same opinion he now has of Konop and Price. That is, if he can remove his head from his ass long enough to see and hear the debate.

  10. portman08 says:

    I think Tom Price is a average congressman from above average district.
    His congressional seat was bought with the help of PAC Monies and Physicians from across the nation (tray.com) for more information. He seems to be a good man and he uses the word conservative as a catch phrase. If John doesn’t win he should congraduate Tom and tue. night but on wed. morning start establishing a team and get ready to run again. I don’t live in the district but I say “May the best Man win and the other go back to practicing Medicine.”

  11. portman08 says:

    I think Tom Price is an average congressman in an above average district.
    This seat has been bought and paid for by the special interest PAC Monies and Physicians from across the Nation (go to TRAY.COM) I’m concerned about his loyalty. If John Konop loses on Tuesday he should really consider running agian, but don’t wait till next year. Start forming your team soon after November if not before. I don’t live in the 6th district but I say “May the Best Man Win and may the other go back to his Medical practice.

  12. GAGazebo says:

    I agree with portman08. Konop should start working on 2008 right now, if he should lose. I am more a Democrat and a BIG Konop fan, supporter and putting up signs! Price has been useless, useless. And he thinks he wants to be Speaker. What a joke. His buddy DeLay got him his Asst Whip position and made his head even bigger. Konop is exactly the kind of guy we need in politics and has the guts to go for it. Everybody vote for John and then go to ControlCongress.com and support John!

  13. portman08 says:

    I would hire a high profile individual maybe a ex-politician as a fundraiser and a great campaign orgainizer. Get the district voter list and start laying down a game plan. I have the perfect name for a website to use as a resource.

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