Staton Committee Appointment

We had up earlier an announcement that Cecil Staton has replaced David Shafer as Chairman of the Science and Technology committee in the Senate. I was rushing around (still in Louisiana with limited net access) and put up the news without taking note that all the parties involved were kindly asking for an embargo till around noon — so I took it down. My apologies for violating the embargo request.

in any event, there you have it.


  1. BlackVoters says:

    Cecil Staton knows quite a lot about Science and Technology. Maybe you should call him personally and ask him about it. Sen. Staton is a scholar and a professor at Mercer. You should get to know him better. We are very impressed with his knowledge and ability to reason. We are also impressed that he is a supporter of Ralph Reed.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    BV, I didn’t know “black voters” voted in a group like you are trying to portray.

    Interesting…what else do you black folks do that is all alike?

  3. lobbyga says:

    Staton is a pretty straight shooter. My firm has delt with him on some bills. I think you’ll find he has been quite active on this committee as a freshman member.

    The Senate website lists bills he has sponsored in this committee like the anti-spyware bill (SB 127) and the bill that makes it illegal to pretend your are who you are not in order to get personal information or account numbers (SB 394. There are several others listed there if you are interested.

    He looks like a good choice for this committee.

  4. John Douglas says:

    My close friend Cecil Staton is an excellent choice for this Chairmanship. He is quick, polished and very articulate. He will do extremely well.

    Congratulations Cecil!

  5. Senator Eric Johnson says:

    Bill, I know that it breaks your heart that there are those that are qualified that didn’t attend Georgia Tech! He has shown a great interest and has a record of introducing related bills.

  6. Smillican says:


    For your personal edification, Senator Staton has sponsored the following bills dealing with science and technology:

    – Senate Bill 62 – Georgia Slam Spam Email Act
    – Senate Bill 127 – Georgia Computer Security Act
    – Senate Bill 393 – Enhanced Penalties for Cyberstalking
    – Senate Bill 394 – Enhanced Penalties for Phishing
    – Senate Bill 395 – Enhanced regulations on cellular contracts
    – Senate Resolution – Urging Congress to reconsider the CAN – SPAM act

    Senator Staton also assisted on the following bills:

    – Senate Bill 241 – Electronic Records and Signatures
    – Senate Bill 541 – Also dealing with spam emails

    This is on top of his ownership of several radio stations and a history in broadcasting and publishing, both industries of which use heavily innovative technologies and scientific equipment.

    I see things haven’t changed much since 2002, eh?

  7. Smillican says:

    Woops, forgot House Bill 1307. Assisting with regulations dealing with the Georgia Technology Authority.

  8. larry smith says:

    I was all for Cecil on this one, until our good lobbyist friend logged in with a special report from the Hooters in Undeground to sing his praises.

  9. debbie0040 says:

    Cecil Staton is an excellent choice. Congrats.

    Erick what are you doing in Louisiana? It is too late to vote for Nagin:)

  10. Senator Eric Johnson says:

    Where in Louisiana? It’s my home state. (Where “Vote for the Crook. It’s Important.” was a winning campaign slogan:)

  11. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Congratulations!!! Cecil is a tremendous person who gives and gives. Georgia is blessed to have a leader with his calm yet diligent personality in the Senate leadership.

  12. Cotton Boll says:

    Funny that Bill Simon questions Seator Staton’s experience to lead this committee, but he blindly supports Brian Kemp for Ag Commissioner when Kemp has absolutly no agriculture experience.

    If you look at qualifications, Gary Black is the best candidate for Ag Commissioner and Casey Cagle is the best candidate for Lt. Gov.

    Congrats to Sen. Staton.

  13. HJ Bailey says:

    Staton is a great pick. Congrats!

    On another note, Cotton Boll, being a lobbyist doesn’t qualify you to be agriculture commissioner, but being a state senator, on the ag committee, writing state budgets, chairing committees, voting on legislation, owning small businesses, and so on do qualify you to be AG Commissioner.

    And I believe President Johnson and Senator Douglas would agree with that.

  14. Cotton Boll says:

    Hey HJ –
    So where’s Kemp’s Ag experience???? Serving on a committee???? you can’t be serious.

    This thread is about Staton, so I’ll stop there. Congrats again to Senator Staton.

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