1. debbie0040 says:

    Voters are turned off by Stephens negative campaigning. It will backfire. The polls show the negative tactics have not worked at all.

  2. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Now that’s work I wouldn’t have taken on. I love the Stoneridge Group’s creativity, but good Lord, does every race have to beat someone to a pulp?

  3. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Karen has effectively presented her agenda. She has set the benchmark for her effectiveness as Fulton County Commission Chairman.

    Georgia needs more leaders like Karen.

  4. Mike Hassinger says:

    Decaturguy says it’s “clever.” I say it’s too clever for its own good.

    Debbie says it will backfire. I say it would have to have some effect at all in order to backfire.

    Voters moved away from Handel by this site: 0
    Voters moved to Stephens by this site: 0

    If Stephens paid so much as a dime for this, he wasted his money. Jib-Jab does it better. For that matter, Kanip-Konop’s ad is better than this.

  5. northside elephant says:

    Stoneridge is usually behind the best looking campaign colateral but this is pretty poor. It’s not even funny or particularly creative. Low production quality.

  6. atlantaman says:

    I know that polls are not always correct, but according to the latest IA poll they are going to have to do more then just “hold on to their base”.

  7. northside elephant says:

    “Who is Bill Stephens again? What has he accomplished for me?” -Bill S

    I’ll remind you: think bad bank loans, ethics complaints, Clinton-Gore ’92… 😉

  8. debbie0040 says:

    The bottom line is it is a waste of money to do this. How many voters actually see this?

    Has anyone seen the latest hit piece from Stephens on Handel? It is disgusting.

  9. Romegaguy says:

    Stephens campaign released the original questionnaire for Georgia Equality Project from 2 years ago, today. Interesting read.

  10. debbie0040 says:

    The questionnaire means nothing. Karen is a conservative. It makes sense if you are running in Fulton County, you can not shout your Republican Credentials from the rooftop. No brainer. What is so hard to understand?

  11. debbie0040 says:

    The questionnaire means nothing. Karen is a conservative. It makes sense if you are running in Fulton County, you can not shout your Conservative Credentials from the rooftop. No brainer. What is so hard to understand?

  12. techtrack says:

    stephens finds out this week he’s in third place in the ia poll (20 points behind handel). handel gets endorsed by the rlc and macon paper. it’s the same old smear camapign.

  13. Romegaguy says:

    So it is ok to “change” what you stand for depending on what office you are running for? Is that what you are saying Debbie. Are you really saying that it is ok to maybe “pretend” to support the gay community if you are running for office in Fulton County? Is that your criteria on when it is ok?

    Maybe it is ok in your world to pretend to be against gambling too unless you are paid by an indian casino to make sure they have no more competition.

  14. MountainThinker says:

    I’ve known Bill Stephens for years. As my state senator, his office has always been responsive to my questions and concerns, and has worked diligently on several projects to the benefit of our community. He has also been an enormous help to local candidates, and is always gracious and extremely available for community/party events. In my experience, his professionalism and commitment to his constituents exceeds that of several state legislators and congressional members that have known and by whom I’ve been represented. I trust Bill Stephens to show that same sincerity and dedication as our next (and first Republican!) Secretary of State! Proven leadership and commitment to Conservative principles should matter most! By the way, Karen Handel has never set foot in my county, Bill Stephens has been here 4 times, officially.

  15. debbie0040 says:

    I am saying Handel’s answer were not absolute. She was running for office in a county that is liberal leaning and has gay constiuents. Handel was reaching out to them on common ground.IE: Low taxes, low crime, etc. She never betrayed her conservative principles. Karen was playing a a very smart political game.

    There are political consultants on this site, would you advise a client to tout their strong conservative credentials if they were running for county wide office in Fulton County? When Karen decided to run, everyone knew the political game she had to play in order to win. She was very cagey about it.

    I like Bill Stephens but despise the kind of campaign he is running. Karen is far more qualified and she is electable. Do you guys really think a lot of Ralph Reed supporters would be supporting Karen so strongly if she were liberal and supported gay marriage?

    I believe that gay couples should have the right to make life and death decisions for each other in case one is unable to make those decisions for themselves. I believe hospitals should have to honor such written agreements and allow visitation. Karen could have been thinking along those lines when she said yes on gay partnerships.

  16. bowersville says:

    Who cares anything about what a desparate third place candidate like Stephens has to say. His only opportunity is to praise himself, and he hasn’t done that since Handel announced. In fact, by his attacks, he gave Handel credibility and he continues to do so, without bringing voters to his own camp. Why has Stephens visited the same county four times, in his home district, maybe that’s one of the few places he has support. DUH! This parody is stupid and a waste of money by Stephens.

  17. Ben Raspail says:

    For so long everyone on here has said they wanted proof of her support for gay issues, like domestic partner benefits, and finally real viable proof has been given by Stephens, in the form of a questionnaire Handel answered by Georgia Equality.

    Here is the article by the ajc, where Chuck Bowen, the director of Georgia Equality, autheticated the questionnaire that Stephens said came from Handel in his press conference:


    Here is the quote from the article:

    “Chuck Bowen, executive director of Georgia Equality, said he’s seen the questionnaire and said it is authentic.
    Bowen said Handel told the gay rights’ group in 2002 that she supports domestic partner benefits for Fulton County employees.”

    So, the questionnaire is authentic, and the evidence cannot be disputed. So, this means it is true. So tell me how this is vindictive, or negative campaigning when it is the truth? And tell me how this is conservative? And please tell me how it is okay for Karen Handel to have lies about this all this time?

    She did it, here’s the proof, it has been authenticated. End of story. She has been lying this entire time.

  18. bowersville says:

    Quote from the AJC article attributed to Stephens? Where is Handel’s signature? Who is Chuck Bowen and why should we believe him? Bowen told? Why is Bowen a source? I dispute your false lying evidence. How is the questionnaire authentic? because Bill told you so? How pathetic.

  19. techtrack says:

    ben raspail, hanibel lecter’s last victim, who was gay, is touting as proof the head of a gay organization’s statement that it’s authentic. why would bowen say it’s authentic. who really knows if the questionnaire is real. given stephens antics in this campaign, who know when he’s telling the truth or when he’s lying. this is a campaign that’s campaign manager asked her former crooscounty teammate to file false documents on the campaigns behalf. it would not surprise me if they doctored this “questionaire”

  20. jackson says:

    So should we just take the accused campaigns word for it that it is not true? Man, that would be great! Then Karen can just say she never filled it out, and that is the end of it.

    Which then begs the questions: Wouldnt that be considered fraud? Why wouldnt handle sue in that case. Imean, if she says its not true, then it must not be!

    It is arguements like that that are pathetic.

    If the logic held, Ralph could say he never sent the emails, Casey could say he never gave taylor the contribution, bill could say he never did whatever and on an on. I dont think you get any more credible than a questionaire filled out by a campaign in the candidates handwriting.

  21. techtrack says:

    sorry – that should have been – why wouldn’t bowen say it’s authentic.

    bowen is going to do anything to further the gay cause

  22. Ben Raspail says:

    The quote wasn’t by Stephens, read the friggin’ article before you try to refute something.

    First, rarely do candidates sign questionnaires, anybody will tell you that.
    Second, Bowen is the head of georgia equality, the group who she filled out the questionnaire for.
    Third, Why not believe him? He’s not going to do it to help Stephens, because Stephens does not stand for anything he wants accomplished. He has no reason to lie about it, again because they don’t support Stephens at all. And the way it is written, it was the reporter, not Stephens, who asked for verification. Just the reporter checking his bases.
    Fourth, Bowen is a source because he is the guy who heads the group that sent out the questionnaire that she filled out stating she support domestic partner benefits. Again, read the article before trying to refute something!

    It is authentic because the head of the group that sent it out authenticated it! Again, don’t be dumb, read the article!! Carlos Campos, the writer of the article, obviously checked with Bowen on it.

    This isn’t false lying evidence. It is pretty sound, verified evidence. The only thing that is pathetic is your inability to face the truth, in addition to your inability to actually read the article that I provided a link for.

    It seems as if you are just upset that who you support has been caught in a pretty big lie. And, rather than accepting the truth, you are just doing as she does, which is lie.

  23. techtrack says:

    it’s not handwritten. if you look at the stephens email from today – you would see that it’s typed. nice try though

  24. bowersville says:

    Besides you literate dumbass, what is it about the Georgia Supreme Court ruling earlier today that you idiot Stephens supporters do not understand. The issue is dead, Nada!

  25. bowersville says:

    This is about as stupid as accussing Stephens’ caimpaign manager of being a lesbian for room mating with the filer of the complaints, while at Tech.

  26. Ben Raspail says:

    techtrack, nice explanation on the name, but how does it further the gay cause for Bowen to do this? Handel screwed this up for herself.

    As far as its authenticity, give me a break. Jackson is right, it was typed, it was hers, its been autheticated. Rather than admit that she lied, you are just going to follow her in trying to blame the otherside rather than owning up to the mistakes she’s made. Except, I don’t think this can count as a mistake, because it is obvious she purposefully lied about this.

    Bowersville, you’re not making any sense, you are getting all flustered! You want the issue dead, because it hurts Handel. You’ve lost this one, she’s been caught.

  27. Tammi Metzler says:


    You say Stephens’ “negative campaigning” will hurt him with the voters. But, I just got a pretty nasty, negative mailer about Stephens from Handel. So, now where does she sit in your book?

    Also, I doubt claims that Stephens doing this is in response to some recent polling. Those polls were a bunch of jokes! Straw polls mean nothing, and insideradvantage is wrong on multiple occasions every election. I think the evidence presented shows that this was done because they have the truth on Handel, plain and simple.

  28. bowersville says:

    Dream on, Stephens started the whisper caimpaign. It turned me off to Stephens from the start. I’m not making any allegations againt Stephens or his caimpaign staff, but Stephens and his staff are idiots for pursuing a dead end issue. But, I’m glad they are.

  29. Ben Raspail says:

    Isn’t saying Stephens started the whisper campaign making it an allegation? I don’t think they started it. I don’t know them, I can’t say for sure, but they have said they didn’t.
    Believe it to be dead all you want. These issues resonate with GA primary voters more than anything Handel is saying. And now, she’s been caught lying about her support for domestic partner benefits. Yeah, outright lying and her expecting me to believe it turns me off to her. I’ve heard her in person say she never support domestic partner benefits, and it has now been shown she is lying.

  30. bowersville says:

    Ben, I can’t argue with you intellectually, so I must say you are plainly full of sh*t. Not personnally, because I enjoy your challenge. But may I speak as an ignorant life time Georgia voter, not stupid, but ignorant. Stephens, unjustifiably so, attacked Handel. He continues to do so. Mark Taylor had the descency to attack Cox with her own vidieos(sp) and words. This creep, Stephens had no courtesy, he is no gentleman. Therefore, no Georgia native, in his/her right mind, will vote for Stephens. Let him continue to attack, see how much more ground he looses. I don’t care, Stephens is an idiot! And has no understanding of the Southern sentiment.

  31. Tammi Metzler says:

    Don’t you ever tell me to shut up! You are the one spatting out incoherent babble. How am I suppose to post a mailer she sent to me in the mail when I don’t have a scanner? Do you think I am going to run out to kinko’s in the middle of the night to satisfy you? Fat chance.
    I doubt I am the only person this was sent to, so I am sure someone else will get it. Can you not deal with the fact that your candidate is dealing in negative campaigning? I guess this pedastal you had her on is just crumbling.

  32. bowersville says:

    I get all of Handel’s email’s and mailers, I didn’t see what you are claiming. I was hoping you could post your allegation. Please post it!

  33. Ben Raspail says:

    Bowers, instead of actually arguing, you just curse at me. Right now, you aren’t being much of a challenge because you keep shooting yourself in the foot, just like Karen.

    You contradict yourself. Stephens is going after Handel with the questionnaire that SHE filled out, WITH HER OWN WORDS. How is this an unjustifiable attack when she is the one that lied about it and he is just exposing her? If anything, she brought this on herself. And how is it an attack when he is just telling everyone the truth about what she lied about? That’s not an attack, at least not a negative one. What’s negative is what we now know as her lying through her own teeth. You’re digging your own hole here Bowers.

    What is this whole southern sentiment rant? Stephens is from Georgia, Handel isn’t. If you want to go into that arguement, what native will vote for a yankee over a native? How does showing the truth about her not make him a gentleman? Calling me full of sh*t isn’t exactly gentlemanly of you, nor a show of southern kindness. Again, you’re digging your own hole.

  34. bowersville says:

    Because, Stephens may be from Georgia, but he has dug his own hole by not presenting what he wants to accomplish as SoS. I really don’t care for the attacks, What does Stephens stand for as it concerns SoS?

  35. bowersville says:

    Please for all mercy, show me where Handel filled out the questionaire and signed it. Please!!!!!

  36. bowersville says:

    Ben, I apologize to you personally, but I have waited and have concluded, you are just another Stephens jerk.

  37. Bill Simon says:


    Does the truth hurt you about Stephens? He would be an absolute moron to have elected to the SoS’s position. If he isn’t bungling-up a department, he’ll be recruiting some hottie interns for him to play “hide the sausage” game on his conference table.

  38. MountainDawg says:

    I know this won’t change any of your minds. I’ve know Bill for years. It was known that Bill worked for Zell-that’s the Bill Clinton connection-pure and simple. I never voted for Zell, but unless you were from the mountains, you would not understand the independent conversative vein that runs up here-it has nothing to do with Democrat and Republican. This is Karen Handel’s third run for public office in 5 years. I’ve heard Karen in front of four different kinds of groups-she is an effective campaigner. Karen could go before the AFL-CIO and Georgia Chamber of Commerce and convince both of them that she is with them. Next week, though, where she stands depends on who she is talking with. Bill, whether you like him or not, is consistent. I’ll guarantee you a Georgia Equality questionaire won’t suddenly appear that shows HE changed positions from a previous election cycle. He is not afraid to go head-on with Jesse Jackson (Georgia’s voter ID law) or the state Democratic machine. When Democrats found out they couldn’t beat him up here, they gerrymandered his district into 14 different counties. Now, his district is in Cherokee and Forsyth. Every time, he kept winning. He’s the one that called for a paper-trail back when Cathy Cox slammed the paperless electronic ballot machines down our throats as part of reform. He has not changed positions on tough issues like illegal immigration, same-sex marriage and abortion just to win a couple more votes. We need more people like this in office.

  39. debbie0040 says:

    Tammi, I think where both Stephens and Cagle made their mistakes was to attack too early and not properly introduce or define themselves to voters. They are both unknown to GOP voters. Not doing this and just going head first into negative attacks has backfired.

    Both Handel and Reed are somewhat known to GOP voters.
    They already have defined themselves .

    Both should have been spending these months introducing themselves to voters. Letting voters to get to know them. Once that was done then start the attacks. Once voters got to know them, there would be doubt in the minds of the voters once their opponents started the attacks. The voters would be less likely to believe the attacks and just chalk it up to political campaigning.

    Neither did that and started the attacks straight out of the gate. Their opponents attacks have more “sticking power” on them.

  40. SouthernConservative says:

    I got the mailer from Handel as well. It’s pretty muddy. Problem is there’s WAY too much info on it – average voter will never take the time to read it. Big zero for Handel.

  41. northside elephant says:


    I agree that it is a lot of info but as long as it survives the “glance test” on the way to the trash it is worth it. If someone is undecided or is a soft Stephens supporter it will pique their interest. If the recipient is already a Handel supporter it may reinforce that choice.

  42. Ben Raspail says:

    Bowers, it’s okay, nothing gets me upset. That’s fine if you think I am a jerk. But, I am a jerk who is right, and that is the most important part.

    Debbie, I would just take issue with how well you think Handel is known to people. You’re right in that Reed is well known to GOP voters, but outside of the metro area, Handel is barely known. Even in some of the metro area she is not known. I am not even saying that Stephens has better recognition, but at best, her and Stephens break even overall on name recognition. Her’s is not any better.

  43. debbie0040 says:

    Handel has more name recognition with die hard GOP activists than Stephens has. Remember, Handel used to work for Gov. Perdue. A lot of statewide GOP interest was placed on race for Fulton County Commission Chairman because it was a special election.

    I really like Bill Stephens but think Karen will do a better job and she will help improve the GOP’s standing among women.

  44. Booray says:


    You’re kidding, right? Because the questionnaire isn’t signed, it’s not legitimate? Astounding.

    I hardly ever use this term about Republicans, but you are being remarkably “Clintonesque.”

    First, Handel didn’t favor domestic partner benefits. Now that a questionnaire proves she did, it is not real because it’s not signed.

    Astounding and laughable all at once.


  45. bowersville says:

    I generaly ignore second, third page remarks, but for your benefit, here goes. The only thing “Clintonesque” about me is Bill Stephens and Bill’s(both by the way) alledged affairs. Laughable? Laugh all you wish, Bowen is supporting Stephens, do you know who Bowen is? I doubt it.

  46. Tammi Metzler says:

    Bowersville, you are an idiot. If Bill Simon can take pot shots at Stephens, and he also does it to pretty much everyone else, then he can be man enough to take the heat.
    It’s fine Bowersville, you don’t ever know what you are talking about anyways.

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