Brent Brown TV Ad.

Here’s a link to Brent Brown’s (GOP candidate for Labor Commissioner) TV ad.

I’ll be more judicious in posting You Tube videos as it seems it slows down the loading of Peach Pundit’s front page.

BTW, I’m collecting candidate TV ads. You can see what I’ve collected thusfar by clicking here.


  1. i am very concerned that none of the candidates for labor commissioner have been able to come up with a real plan for fair taxation. here’s and idea for them to start out with. i think fat people should have to pay a special consumption tax. it should be a direct proportion to their size. example- one dude who weighs 500 pounds is equal to 2.5 of me. therefore, if i pay a 7 cent sales tax on every dollar for groceries, he should have to pay 17.5 cents on every dollar.

    this special consumption tax would 1: make the state rich by getting its money’s worth out of fat people and 2: motivate the overweight to lose weight and save money.

  2. SouthernConservative says:

    I have no idea how he has enough money for this ad, but I’m impressed, it’s a good spot.

  3. nunndemocrat says:

    That Brent Brown TV spot is the best i have seen this year!! All thise negative ads just confuse voters–Brent Brown has a vision and gets it across in this ad. Way to go Brent!

  4. techtrack says:

    i like the spot, but i have to ask what does the labor department have to do with setting the education curriculum?

  5. nunndemocrat says:

    Listen to the ad…Georgia has a 44% drop out rate which means they end up in the unemployed line and right in the lap of the labor department…so Brent’s idea seems to me to be that of trying to get these drop outs early and instead of having them learn Shakespeare—teaching them brick laying or something so they do not end up unemoployed. Not everyone should be on track to go to college, but everyone needs a skill and that is his idea as i see it.

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