Andrew Sullivan on Georgia’s Marriage Amendment Decision

In a post entitled Rationality and Marriage Sullivan states: 

As for Georgia, it’s important to note that the court has ruled that gay couples are not only barred from civil marriage, they are barred from any legal protections whatever. Georgia wants its gays like it once wanted its blacks: segregated from integration into “normal” families, even if they have been born into them. And, yes, many thought that was rational for a very long time as well.  

I think that Sullivan is misreading the Supreme Court’s Opinion (it really didn’t decide any issues other than the germaneness of the Amendment’s subjects), however, this is the image that Georgia is projecting to the world.


  1. Jeff Emanuel says:

    This isn’t Georgia’s image to the world–it’s Georgia’s image as portrayed by a homosexual writer. While Sullivan, an educated and articulate man, is conservative on some issues, he has become more and more liberal on several others lately and, regardless of that, he has never claimed to be “conservative” on the issue of gay rights/marriage.

    This has nothing to do with my support for or opposition to the amendment–just pointing out that you’ll have to go farther than a blog post from the self-professed “highbrow” Sullivan to show an image being projected to the world.

    Decatur, you’re correct that Sullivan has misunderstood the ruling–in fact, he appears not to have read it at all. Maybe he should check the Pundit more often, as this site’s readers have had access to the decision (thanks to GT Dem) ever since it was released. 🙂

  2. Decatur, we get it. You don’t like the decision. You’ll flail about with your arms and scream bloody murder at the horrible injustice of it all. I’ve seen your rancor on two or three different websites today and in comments and a post today on Peach Pundit. Give it a rest. This issue has not gone and will not go your way anytime in the near future.

    Did you really think this was a battle that could be won?

    And Jeff Emanuel’s comments were very true. In no way can Andrew Sullivan be extrapolated to represent the entire world. Anyone who knows AS could have predicted with 100% certainty what he would say about this ruling.

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