Telegraph Endorsements

The Macon Telegraph has released some of its endorsements. They are going with:

Karen Handel for the GOP SOS nomination.
Daryl Hicks for the Dem SOS nomination (that surprises me)
Carlotta Harrell for the Dem SuperEd nomination
Kathy Cox for the GOP SuperEd nomination
Gary Black for the GOP Ag nomination.


  1. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Is not the Macon Telegraph the same paper that endorsed John Kerry and Al Gore over Bush.

  2. grassrootsguy says:

    Although I like some of those candidate, I would think an endorsement from a liberal paper like the AJC or the Macon paper would be a kiss of death rather than something to be sought after or desired.

    When I see a candidate endorsed by a liberal paper I have to ask why the editorial board picked who they did. It is usually guarenteed that they will pick the more moderate Republicans.

    Enough said.

  3. ConservativeFire says:

    haha. very good points. I dont think the people or at least republicans in Macon think much of the Macon Telegraph. And yes Brian you are right about that. They are extremely liberal and really says something about the candidates they chose.

  4. northside elephant says:

    You guys bring up some good points but I do have to point out that the AJC had endorsed a big majority of Republican candidates that went on to win in 2002 and 2004.

    I know, I know… someone is surely going to point out one exception or another but I am looking for the ’04 list. I know that I saved it somewhere.

  5. techtrack says:

    bill simon,
    don’t forget brian from ellijay’s – guy stephens was in 3rd place in the ia poll. when you run a year long negative smear campaign, you have to continue to attack any positive news for your opponent. i’m sure if stephens won the endorsement they would have a press release out in a minute.

    handel and black are building momentum going into 7/18. straw polls aren’t that great but both handel & black win the gwinnett & cobb straw polls, then pick up the macon endorsement, and handel has more than a 2-1 lead over bailey in the ia poll.

  6. northside elephant says:

    SECTION: Editorial; Pg. 8A LENGTH: 594 words HEADLINE: OUR OPINIONS: Endorsement roundup SOURCE: AJC

    U.S. Senate
    Democrat: Denise Majette
    Republican: Johnny Isakson

    District 6
    Republican: Chuck Clay

    District 8
    Republican: Dylan Glenn

    Georgia Public Service Commission
    Democrat: Michael Berlon
    Republican: Robert “Bobby” Baker (I)

    Fulton County Sheriff
    Democrat: Patrick Labat
    Republican: J. Michael Rary

    State Senate
    District 6
    Republican: Ginger Collins (I)

    District 21
    Republican: Chip Rogers

    District 32
    Republican: Judson Hill

    District 37
    Republican: Lance Cooper

    District 40
    Democrat: Rick Garnitz
    Republican: Vernadette Broyles

    LOAD-DATE: July 20, 2004

  7. northside elephant says:

    Copyright 2004 Southeastern Newspapers Corporation
    The Augusta Chronicle (Georgia)

    July 20, 2004 Tuesday, ALL EDITIONS


    For U.S. Senate: Herman Cain

    For Justice, Supreme Court of Georgia: Leah Sears

    For Judge, Court of Appeals of Georgia: Lee Wallace

    For Judge, Superior Court of the Augusta Judicial Circuit: Sheryl B. Jolly

    For Magistrate Judge, Columbia County: Wade Padgett

    For Sheriff, Columbia County: Clay Whittle

    For State Senate, District 24: Jim Whitehead

    LOAD-DATE: July 22, 2004

  8. northside elephant says:

    I am not about to defend the AJC but I certainly would not characterize their (Republican) picks as liberal.

  9. 4ofspades says:

    In the 2002 primary Macon Telegraph endorsed the following Republicans:

    Gov. – Sonny Perdue
    US Senate – Saxby Chambliss
    SuperEd – Kathy Cox
    Lt. Gov. – Steve Stancil

    In the 2004 primary they endorsed

    US Senate – Herman Cain

    Simon is correct they endorsed Isakson in the 2004 general

    Pretty good record on picking winners

  10. NoMoreBS says:

    When the best news your campaign has received in over two weeks is that you finished second “by only 10 points” in a straw poll- you know you have problems.

    Bill Stephens has problems.

    In that case the only logical thing to do is look for the absolute smallest silver lining you can find as a desperate volunteer or candidate, and tell yourself that 51% of Georgia will agree with your distorted perception on endorsements.

  11. Dawgsrock says:

    Actually it was 9 points. The mojo for Handel continues. The RJC endorsement, the Macon endorsement, and the 2-1 lead over Bailey.

  12. Dawgsrock says:

    Brian, grassrootsguy, conservativefire,
    The list of 2002 picks doesn’t look very liberal to me. Are you calling Sonny and Saxby liberal?

  13. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Bill, now you know, I voted for Herman Cain. And Northside, Chuck Clay is no conservative.

    I only vote for conservatives in primaries. Unfortunately there have not been a lot of conservatives elected in the past few years.

    We might have a Republican Prez, Congress, Gov, House, but that does not mean we have a Conservative Prez, Congress, Gov, House.

    PS, Most of the State Senators I know are very conservative.

    BTW, I am not Grassrootsguy or ConservativeFire. But it Does look like Stevee has a few more names now 😉 teck and NOMOREBill Simon 😛

  14. northside elephant says:

    Brian you have the intellect of a rock…a very small rock. No one here is arguing that Chuck Clay was more conservative than Price.

    I made the point that the AJC picks winners more often than not. What do you not understand about that? Look at the past lists yourself.

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