1. rugby_fan says:

    *snoore* oh is it over? Pretty boring. Pretty bad…

    Just a question: is there one site that has links to all the TV ads? Or are they on youtube

  2. buzzbrockway says:


    I’ve uploaded to You Tube the three ads I’ve posted. As I get my hands on other people’s ads I’ll attempt to post them as well.

    On a related note; Democrats, especially Mark Taylor seem to be using You Tube, but I don’t think Republicans have used it very well thus far. You can bet that if Taylor wins the nomination, there’ll be You Tube videos of Governor Perdue all over the place.

  3. Jeff Emanuel says:

    “Bring down healthcare costs for seniors, children, and families”? Wow, don’t I just feel like an odd man out…as a single guy, not too old or young, I guess I’m one of the ones not only paying full price for healthcare under Martin’s plan, but I’m also footing the bill to help defray the cost for those who DO fit the requirements for a discount. I guess I’d better either hurry up and get married, or get really old, really quick!

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