1. rugby_fan says:

    Shyam has the best platform (read: a platform) but the dems hate him because of his ethnicity.

    Curious does anyone who is not a dem think that his ethnicity is at all dangerous?

  2. rugby_fan says:

    ITA: you’d be suprised, many don’t want him to be nominated because the Dems are fearful that everyone in GA will vote against him because of his name.

  3. mspoon25 says:

    I think that were Ken Lay still alive, I would trust him with the “business of the state” more than I would Miss Angela. And I get the worry about Shyam. If he wins the primary, will he be electable against Whitey McAnglo Karen Handel? I don’t know…and I don’t know if that worry outways my desire to vote for him..but maybe democrats need to worry about electability more..

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