1. What kind of sampling size do internal polls hit? I mean, wouldn’t the insider advantage poll (500 respondents) be more accurate than what the campaigns come up with?

  2. stephaniemills21 says:


    It depends on the campaign, the pollster, type of poll, and how much money they have to spend on a poll. I am sure you will find large discrepancies in polling samples, but on a statewide, i am sure that you would not want to go below 400.

  3. grassrootsguy says:

    No legitimate poll is going to show either candidate up by nine points right now. Cagle is doing polls that are guarenteed to show him winning. This is all about PR and spin.

    Reed is doing polling and his campaign is using data in an appropriate way–to direct the campaign rather than as Cagle who is spinning.

    Cagle’s poll antics suggest a desparate campaign.

    This is going to be a close election. Neither candidate will blow the other out of the water. The only poll that would show Cagle ahead of Reed right now would be one whose universe is far greater than likely Republican primary voters and that is the only group that matters. In that group no poll has as yet shown Cagle to be winning.

    I know he and his staff are wringing their hands over this at this point. Even with the help of the liberal media and a year long attack, Reed is still ahead of Cagle in any legitimate polling of likely Republican primary voters.

    I predict it will stay that way and that Reed will win by a couple of points. Given what he has endured, Reed should be congratulated.

  4. The Busdriver says:

    Umm, looks like Ralph paid his employees the very same way he accuses Casey of paying his staff.

    I’m calling this post “Reed Hypocrisy Newsletter, Volume 8”

    Gainesville, GA – In a press release on June 30th, the Reed campaign falsely accused Casey Cagle of breaking tax law by treating campaign employees as contractors rather than full time employees. Now, new information has emerged today that Ralph Reed did the very same thing and failed to withhold payroll taxes on his campaign manager in his first and only previous campaign. According to documents filed by Reed’s company, Century Strategies, with the Internal Revenue Service, Reed failed to withhold income taxes for $12,500 in payments to his campaign manager in his run for state party chair.

    Specifically, “Ralph Reed for Chairman” paid Reed’s campaign manager Clint Austin $10,000 and Reed’s company, Century Strategies LLC, paid Austin another $2,500. Reed failed to withhold a single penny in payroll taxes on either of those payments, and instead treated Austin as an independent contractor. This is EXACTLY the same payroll practice that Reed’s campaign manager has characterized as illegal.

    In a press release dated June 30th, Thomas falsely accused Casey Cagle of breaking the law for following precisely the same guidelines Reed used, saying “by failing to pay the payroll taxes on employees, Casey Cagle violated the laws.” Then, in a following interview with InsiderAdvantage reporter Dick Pettys, Thomas went on to falsely accuse Cagle’s Campaign Manager, Elizabeth Dewberry, of failing to follow the tax law.

    In the wake of these new revelations, the Casey Cagle campaign called on Reed to fire Campaign Manager Jared Thomas for falsely and maliciously accusing Cagle and his staff of breaking the law. Thomas made the accusations despite the fact that Cagle has filed a 1099 or W-2 on every single person who has provided services to his campaign and despite the fact that Reed’s own campaign for State Chairman treated its top employee as an independent contractor – just as Cagle’s did.

    “There is nothing wrong with the accounting procedures used by Ralph or Casey in this instance. But there is something very wrong with the hypocrisy of Ralph’s false attacks and his campaign manager’s slanderous insults. Ralph is desperately trying to hide his record of betraying our conservative values by lashing out with lies and personal smears. He has no legitimate issues to attack Casey on, so he is simply making them up,” said Cagle spokesperson Brad Alexander. .

    “If Ralph Reed still cares at all about doing the right thing, he must make it clear to the voters that he does not condone or support this kind of malicious and hypocritical lying by his campaign. Reed’s campaign manager is smearing the reputations of two good people, and he deserves to be punished for it,” Alexander continued.

    Copies of the actual 1099 forms Reed used to pay Austin are available for inspection by members of the news media.

  5. The Busdriver says:

    And another thing . . .

    Erick mentioned that Reed refused to cooperate with the Washington Times story.

    Bear in mind that the Washington Times is a extremely conservative newspaper, not a “liberal publication.”

    This is what Jared Thomas–who has arguably the most stressful job in the world–said to the Washington Times in today’s edition:

    “We don’t talk to out-of-state press,” Reed campaign manager Jared Thomas told The Washington Times yesterday, shortly after Mr. Reed and Mr. Cagle addressed the Republican faithful at Miller Park in this suburban Republican stronghold.

  6. Interesting column by Garrison Keillor

    A peach of a scandal in Georgia

    Published July 5, 2006

    If a preacher secretly accepts a bucket of money from a saloonkeeper to organize a temperance rally at a rival saloon and maybe send in a gang of church ladies to chop up the bar with their little hatchets, this would strike you and me as sleazy, but others are willing to make allowances, and so Ralph Reed’s political career is still alive and breathing in Georgia. He has bathed himself in tomato juice and hopes to smile his way through the storm.


  7. Demonbeck says:

    I am just posting, so I don’t have to see 9 and 11 so close together the day after the Fourth of July. Carry on.

  8. jsm says:

    I wonder how Ralph reconciles not talking to out-of-state press with all of his connections and supporters from D.C. and elsewhere?

    Supporters Only allowed from out of state–not questions from the press.

  9. northside elephant says:

    What kind of trained monkeys does Ralph have over there coming up with these half-cocked ideas that keep backfiring?

    Jared Thomas “little Ralphie”
    Lisa Barron “Sex in The City wannabe columnist”
    and Debbie

  10. Demonbeck says:

    Cagle should demand that Ralph return the $5.3 million he bilked from the Indian tribes.

  11. Bull Moose says:

    I agree Demonbeck, Reed needs to return the money that he participated in laundering from the Indian tribes. That would be the right thing to do given what he knows now that he knew then but claims to not have known about knowing it.

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