Cobb GOP Straw Poll

Taken from a comment in the AJC Political Insider as brought to our attention by Philly. I wasn’t at the Cobb event so I cannot verify the accuracy of the data. Nevertheless here’s what we’ve got:


Governor Perdue 311
Ray McBerry 40

Lt. Governor

Ralph Reed 333
Casey Cagle 190

Secretary of State

Karen Handel 172
Bill Stephens 144
Charlie Bailey 30

Commissioner of Agriculture

Gary Black 265
Brian Kemp 105
Deanna Strickland 20
Bob Greer 10

PSC (Burgess)

Chuck Eaton 192
Mark Parkman 85

Labor Commissioner

Brent Brown 230
Chuck Scheid 52

School Superintendent

Kathy Cox 234
Carter 77

PSC (Wise)

Stan Wise 235
Newt Nickle 61

2008 President

Newt Gingrich 132
Rudy Giuliani 73
George Allen 59
Mitt Romney 35
John McCain 31
Bill Frist 11

UPDATE: AJC Political Insider reports the results.


  1. Jack S says:

    I love how miraculously Ralph Reed has more votes cast for him than there are votes cast in the other races combined.

    From a straw poll run by a bunch of Reed supporters. And suddenly, an angel appeared with hundreds of ballots marked just for Ralph Reed.

    yeah, right.

    I don’t even know why candidates fool with these stupid things.

  2. jerm says:

    Being there and seeing Reed fanboys taking 3+ ballots at a time and when I mention it to the lady in red at the table she says “oh, I am sorry”. Yes, you are sorry!

  3. Bill Simon says:

    What should be the MOST puzzling item is that for the FIRST TIME EVER in a contested 6th District race, there was no straw poll for the race between Tom Price and John Konop.

    Facts have it that Tom Price SPECIFICALLY requested the Cobb GOP to NOT put his race against Konop on the straw-poll ballot.

    Price must be quite worried about how he “measures-up” in Cobb County.

  4. Mark Rountree says:

    It’s interesting as well that Brent Brown beat Chuck Scheid 82%-18% for Labor Commissioner.

    At 82%, Brent won the second-largest percentage vote of any candidate running for any race statewide.

    It’s doubly-interesting given that Cobb is geographically right next to Cherokee, Scheid’s home county. If he’s not winning the Republican regulars over there, it’s probably a good bet that he’s not winning them over anywhere.

    Straw polls don’t mean everything, Bam. But they sometimes do mean something, especially in landslides. And in this case, I do think they mean something for Brown.

  5. debbie0040 says:

    Jack S, if you think shenigans went on with the vote then you have Cagle people to blame, too. There were both Cagle and Reed supporters involved in every phase of the voting process, even counting. Would you like me to name names? Put up or shut.

    The questions were on the back of the ballot and you had over 450 that responded to question 1 on guest worker program. It is clear voters skipped over certain races and then turned the ballot over to vote on the questions. Jack s, you already know that because you responded to the reulsts on prevcious thread. Facts mean nothing to you.

    There were people there from all over this area.

  6. atlantaman says:

    I don’t think there was any actual ballot stuffing going on…maybe I’m being naive. I do think the straw polls are somewhat easy to manipulate, but the candidates are simply playing within the rules of the game. The only thing I found interesting is once folks took the time to vote in the straw poll, there were a significant percentage who voted exclusively in the LG. race. It was strange, knowing that the type of people who show up to a political event generally have more knowledge of all the candidates and their races then the typical voter.

    I found Brent’s numbers interesting as well. Especially since Chuck is a State Rep. You would think an incumbent State Rep who is one county over could garner more support among Republican activists then 18%. At 18% you have to wonder how much of that number is simply folks who don’t know either candidate simply “throwing a dart” to make their choice.

  7. Cotton Boll says:

    Interesting data to start the day….Gary Black ran away with this thing for Ag commish. That is great news for those of us in aggie land. we know he’ll win down here and it is becoming more clear that he’ll win big up in the concrete jungle too.

    Also, my buddy in Paulding County was in Douglasville yesterday for their big parade. Said Gary Black had a great showing there with a truck, tractor and a bunch of folks handing out fliers and peanuts. He said there were also lots of Sonny signs.

  8. debbie0040 says:

    Atlantaman, if you would have been there you would have seen voters being grabbed by both Reed and Cagle workers as soon as they walked in the door. None of the other candidates were being agressive in seeking votes.

    I know both Reed and Cagle had called people and urged them to come vote in the straw poll for them.

    I was amazed at the number of voters that did not know anything about the candidates in other races. A lot of people were asking their friends how to vote.

    Here are the results for the questions. The questions were on the back side of the ballot so voters skipped over some of the candidates and voted particularly for the question on guest workers.

    Questions Do you support the Guest Worker Program for illegal aliens?
    Y 168 No 286
    Do you think SPLOSTs should only be held in general elections so as to maximize voter participation?
    Y 289 No 59
    Do you support the Fair Tax Plan?
    Y 315 No 33
    Do you think the Cobb School term of office should be decreased from 4 years to 2 years to insure accountability?
    Y 175 No 158

    Bill, I don’t know where you get your information from, but we only included statewide races and no district races.
    There are three congressional districts in Cobb, and it would have been logistically impossible to determine who is in the different districts. For that same reason, we did not vote on either the school board races or the county commission races.

  9. debbie0040 says:

    I think Brent Brown will easily win his race. Chuck Scheid was not even in attendance.

    Gary Black just keeps picking up ground. The same AG people that have helped propel Irvin to victory all these years are now supporting Gary. Look for another upset similar to Tom Murphy’s upset once Gary secures the GOP nomination.

    Karen keeps rolling on. GOP voters know and like Karen and don’t believe the negative campaign being run against her.

    The bottom line is that there were still a lot of voters undecided in many of the races. There were almost 1,100 in attendance and look at the number of votes cast.

  10. SouthernConservative says:

    The bottom line is that Reed will win the LG’s race because his base is rock – solid, and his campaign knows how to turn out his vote. The Cobb straw poll and the Gwinnett straw poll are both indicators of that. Cagle even had his dumba** walking around handing out poker chips agaun yesterday, and Reed still won. There are alot of undecideds, but if Cagle continues to join with the liberal media in lying about Ralph, it will cause those undecideds to stay home, and Ralph’s base will come out and carry him to victory.

  11. atlantaman says:


    I think you are correct in that Ralph has the stronger base. The LG race is going to come down to turnout, higher turnout helps Casey and lower turnout helps Ralph. Just my opinion.

  12. Bill Simon says:

    Rugby, the most infamous straw poll I remember had to do with Ralph Reed’s client back in 1998.

    Clint Day and Mitch Skandalakis (Reed’s client) were in a heated runoff and Clint Day won a big straw poll and sent out all kinds of press releases and made a big to-do about it.

    Mitch beat Clint pretty handily in the actual run-off. No straws voted.

  13. grassrootsguy says:

    Here was my impression from the weekend political events—-

    Reed was greated in the parade and in both metro county events like a rock star. Cagle is still unknown to a lot of people.

    I think the Cagle team still does not get it. For them it has been about tearing down Reed and about using the liberal media to do that for them.

    But the hard “Rs” who are going to vote in this primary know Reed. And their view of him is not going to be shaped by the liberal press or even attack ads on TV. Of course it will peal away a few, but I doubt it will be enough.

    Cagle has wasted a year in which he should have been introducing himself to this group. In the end it will not be enough to not be Ralph Reed. That will be the fatal flaw of the Cagle campaign in the end.

  14. ConservativeFire says:

    This poll like the gwinnett poll and the online polls going on now mean nothing. I mean it is absolutely amzing to me that people put any weight on things like this. There is only one true poll and that will be on the 18th. And I believe a lot folks are going to be in for a surprise in a lot of these races.

    Did everyone see the liberal paper “Macon Democrat” endorsements today. I think it shows the true colors of Republicans they endorsed.

  15. Bill B. says:

    Gee, I wonder why none of the Cagleites want to talk about their poor showing in Cobb’s straw poll?

    I see a trend. First, Gwinnett (56% for Ralph), then Cobb (64% for Ralph), finally July 18th (might even be unanimous for Ralph!)

    Probably not, Cagle will get his wife vote. Or will he? Is she campaigning for him or staying out of it?

  16. aggie says:



    GARY BLACK 544,555,555,556,789.00





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