4th of July campaign presence

I attended the annual Golf Cart gala (the Peachtree City 4th of July Parade) today, and there was surprisingly little statewide campaign presence. Lynn Westmoreland was there (naturally, as Republican-dominated Fayette county is the cornerstone of his district), as were representatives of the Handel and Reed campaigns. There was also a good-sized Fair Tax float.

On that note, what campaign presence (if any) have you noticed in your areas today?


  1. Jack S says:

    My sister lives in dunwoody and attended their parade, said cagle had a big crew there and actually received a standing ovation from parts of the crowd.

    She said she was just blown away by the strong support.

  2. 4ofspades says:

    In addition to Peachtree City, I hear Handel had a large presence in Dunwoody and Cobb.

  3. Bull Moose says:

    Casey Cagle is the best candidate for Lt. Governor and is making strides towards victory.

    Early voting starts July 10. Cast your vote for Casey early.

  4. Michael C says:

    At the Cobb parade both Cagle and Reed had strong support.

    I guess it was not surprising but no State-wide Democratic candidates had a noticeble presence.

    Anyone have the straw poll results from the Cobb BBQ?

  5. 4ofspades says:

    Raspail (Katie or Marshal), as a Stephens supporter you should know you can’t believe everything you read. Especially from Brian L. or Stephens.

    Has anybody else googled Ben Raspail, besides me? It’s pretty funny to see what movie character they are considering the candidate that you work for.

  6. Philly says:


    By Darrell

    July 4, 2006 04:20 PM | Link to this

    Wow the Cagle Smear campaign against Reed must really be working. Reed won the Gwinnett Straw Poll last week by 56% and Reed just won the Cobb Straw Poll by 64%. Keep it up guys and in 2 weeks Ralph will win by 70%.

    By Howard

    July 4, 2006 06:48 PM | Link to this

    Cobb GOP BBQ Straw Poll Over 1075 in attendance from different counties:

    Gov Perdue 311 McBerry 40 Lt Gov Reed 333 Cagle 190 SOS Handel 172 Stephens 144 Bailey 30 AG Black 265 Kemp 105 Greer 10 Strickland 20 PSC Eaton 192 Parkman 85 Labor Brown 230 Scheid 52 School Super Cox 234 Carter 77 PSC Weiss 235 Nickle 61 President

    George Allen 59 Bill Frist 11 Newt Gingrich 132 Rudy Giuliani 73 Mitt Romney 35 John McCain 31

    Questions Do you support the Guest Worker Program for illegal aliens?

    Y 168 No 286

    Do you think SPLOSTs should only be held in general elections so as to maximize voter participation? Y 289 No 59

    Do you support the Fair Tax Plan? Y 315 No 33

    Do you think the Cobb School term of office should be decreased from 4 years to 2 years to insure accountability?

    Y 175 No 158

  7. larry smith says:

    This should mark the last year that anyone takes the fruits, flakes, and nuts who compromise the once-proud Cobb County Republican Party seriously.

    These people couldn’t run a lemonade stand, and once again, an entire stack of statewide candidates have visited their little 4th of July freakshow and let them rig a straw poll.

    The Cobb GOP picnic is a grand tradition, but the people who have taken over now are snakes … they have zero integrity, and the idea that otherwise intelligent candidates get into their playpen is truly disappointing. The only sane thing to do with the Cobb GOP is ignore them.

    Frankly, Cagle should be proud that he can go into the general election without having to pretend these kooks helped get him there.

  8. atlantaman says:

    The vote totals are particularly intersting to me:

    Gov: 351
    L.G.: 523
    SOS: 346
    AG: 400

    I know there is ballot drop-off (especially for a race like PSC) and the Gov’s race is not exciting, but so many activists appeared to have voted in the L.G. race and nothing else. Do you think percentage wise there would be that much drop-off from L.G. to SOS and AG in the real Primary, my gut says no. Almost 25% of the straw participants voted exclusively in the L.G. race.

  9. larry smith says:


    That’s because the Cobb GOP and their ringleader — Crazy Debbie — rigged the results. I was there and the room was wall to wall Cagle. In terms of sticker war, he had a 60% edge — solid.

  10. larry smith says:

    In retrospect, what is kind of funny is that the morons rigged selected races but didn’t have the sense to pad the rest of the numbers. Idiots. Absolute idiots.

  11. Philly says:

    I was there and you were wrong about the stickers. I saw both Cagle and Reed supporters through every part of the voting process. There were even Reed and Cagle people I saw at the counting table. I saw Cagle workers at the front of the voting table calling people to get them to come vote. One chunky young man in particular was very abrasive and annoying. No other candidates were pushing people to vote like Cagle and Reed were. It seems as soon as people came in they were desended upon by both camps.

    I talked to people that were asked to come vote by different campaigns. I talked to people from Macon that had come just to vote for Cagle.

    There were people that did not know who to vote for on races. I was asked by a lady who she should vote for on some races.
    I was reminded to vote by the Reed people and had a small circle put on my shirt by Reed folks after I had voted.

    If you look at the numbers for the questions #1 had 454 votes, #2, 348, #3 had 333 and # 4 had 348

    Stop with the excuses. If you look at the Gwinnett Straw poll there were drop offs as well.

  12. Philly says:

    And oh, I failed you mention that when you voted, you had purple ink put on your finger like the Iraqis did when you turned your ballot in.

  13. 4ofspades says:

    Just left Wills Park in Alpharetta and I had a Handel brochure on my windshield. I heard Handel was in Peachtree City.

  14. buzzbrockway says:

    I was at the Gwinnett Glows event for a couple of hours. I saw Kemp and Stephens working the crowd. Also, the Handel campaign was there in force. Perhaps Reed and Cagle groups got there after I left, but I didn’t see them while I was there. Of course there were a number of local candidates.

  15. Bill Simon says:

    Ballot “drop-off” is when you start with the highest number voting on the first race and then the number of people voting down the ballot “drop-off” as you descend.

    In the Cobb straw poll case, the first race on the ballot was Perdue vs. McBerry, and then Cagle vs. Reed. The Perdue/McBerry vote totaled 351 votes and the Cagle/Reed vote totaled 523.

    Then there was SOS with a total of 350, I believe.

    Philly, you don’t “accelerate” the number of votes and call it “drop-off.” You call it “This is pretty bizarre” that the first race had 351 votes and the 2nd race had 523 votes cast.

    It’s a ballot-stuffing in the tradition of the crooked campaign being waged by the Hobbs Gang in Cobb. All this tells me is that the Cagle Campaign had better have some volunteer ballot watchers on Election Day to make sure those “nice lil’ old church ladies” who are at the polls on Election Day don’t take it upon themselves to stuff the poll votes. I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past this professional Kool-Aid drinkers in Cobb, Paulding or Gwinnett.

  16. northside elephant says:

    While I admit that I wish Cagle had won instead of Ralph (G)Reed everyone here knows that straw polls are easily manipulated.

    (G)Reed is good at the “sticker war” his folks work really hard to turn people out at events like this. But this is a massive waste of resources.

    Cagle’s crew is focused on reaching out to undecided voters and that is what will win it for him.

  17. debbie0040 says:

    Bill, there were both Cagle and Reed supporters working every aspect of the voting process, so if you have a problem then look at the Cagle people, too.

    Bot sides agressively pursued voters and even called people to come vote for them.

    If you had even bothered to look at the totals in the questions on the back of the ballot, you will see that 454 cast their vote on question one. That means they had to skip over a lot of the candidates and vote on the questions. But then again you don’t care about facts. You just care about slinging mud and innuendo that is untrue.

  18. Bill Simon says:

    Debbie, the applause for Casey going up to the podium and speaking was noticieably higher in volume than when Reed went up there. Yet, Reed ends-up with more votes.

    Hmmmm..perhaps it’s more of an indication that the Reed people are folks who don’t stick around for anything else but their straw poll voting and then leave.

  19. Briardawg says:

    While running the Peachtree Road Race:

    Cox and Taylor were both on the sidelines with supporters; FWIW, Cathy had a bigger crowd with her.

    I saw several Cagle signs, and LOTS of Sonny signs and stickers along the route. His group did a good job of working the 6 miles.

    Gail Buckner for SOS had some signs placed out, and I actually saw Charlie Bailey standing along the route holding a sign (for himself of course!). I think I saw Darryl Hicks for SOS and supporters in front of White Columns (is it still called that?).

    Anybody else run the race??

  20. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Is it just me or do Philly and Debbie talk an awfully lot alike?

    BTW, I prob should have ran the peachtree, I am sure tha Dilly was speaking of me when she stated the “chunky young man.” I have been called much worse, after all I do know Bill S.

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