SoS race: Handel with big lead.

From an email I received from the Handel campaign:

Handel In Charge Of GOP Race for Secretary of State

In a survey of 500 likely Republican voters conducted by InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion June 28-30 (weighted for age, gender, and race, with a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percent) we asked:

Q. If the primary election for the Republican nomination for Secretary of State were held today, would you vote for…

Charlie Bailey – 15 percent
Karen Handel – 33 percent
Eric Martin – 1 percent
Bill Stephens – 13 percent
Don’t Know/Undecided – 38 percent

Towery: “Handel leads because she is better known and a female. This race has yet to hit television (with broadcast ads) and any candidate who does in any significant manner will rise to likely force Handel into a runoff. Bailey has residual name identification from his past race and gets the first on the ballot bump. Stephens has his numbers from his profile as a state senator and early campaign efforts.

“This looks like a battle to see if Stephens or Bailey will make the runoff, although, with so many undecideds, Handel could pull this off without a runoff. And if one takes places, demographics would likely favor her”

I don’t have a subscription to Insider Advantage so I can’t post the numbers directly from the source. If anyone wants to email them to me, I’d be happy to post the poll results of the major races.


  1. Mike Hassinger says:


    What’s your email address? I’ll send you the full article. Are you first name at yourblog?

  2. bowersville says:

    I wonder how Stephens will come out negative on Bailey. It looks like it is Stephens race to lose to Bailey at this point. Or maybe, Stephens needs to remain negative on Handel and drive her name recognition up even higher. What a quandary for Stephens.

  3. TheAngryBeaver says:

    Bill has seen plenty of “quandaries” in his time in office. He has FIVE of them right now. Technically THREE after the annulment…

  4. techtrack says:

    holy cow batman, looks like stephens is up to his knees in bat dung. better watch out for the bat stuff that he makes up in the next two weeks.

  5. bowersville says:

    After the last game of nine ball and after this poll, Batman disguised himself as a pool table and Robin racked his b*lls. Whose turn for the break?

  6. bowersville says:

    I just read something on Stephen’s website about five. If you are refering to his family, you are way out of bounds. May I repeat, you are way out of bounds. Again, you have become the “mad beaver,” you are way out of bounds. After clarification, if this is what the Beave is referring to, he is way out of bounds, families are off limits!!!!!!!!!!!!!Delete the angrybeaver!!!!!!!

  7. bowersville says:

    It appears the angrybeaver has a personal axe to grind with you. If theangrybeaver has a valid personal point, get out of the race and protect the children. Stephens, if theangrybeaver has a valid personal point between the two of you, you are out of bounds to put your children at risk to continue!!!!!!!!!!

  8. bowersville says:

    Well Stephens? Is the annulment out of bounds or will theangrybeaver be forced by you to step forward? You decide.

  9. Dawgsrock says:

    It is very interesting that Bailey is in second. Looks like people understand that being a state senator does not qualify you for SoS.

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