Setting an example…

Georgia’s new immigration laws are serving as a blueprint in Colorado.

In April, Georgia lawmakers passed a sweeping measure banning government services for illegal immigrants and punishing businesses that hire them.

When Colorado’s General Assembly begins meeting in a special session Thursday, efforts to copy Georgia’s gettough-on-immigration stance that takes effect in 2008 will be front and center.

“It’s an approach that works,


  1. D.A. King says:

    These folks should prepare for a lot of name calling…the nerve they have, trying to pass state laws that say existing laws should be obeyed!

    Zamarippa was on Denver radio this week telling all that the law here would not work and that he supported the REAL ID ACT as a way to solve the problem.

    Seems this new position may have strayed from the official line of MALDEF, not consistent when you sit on the nat’l board of MALDEF huh…..

    Stay tuned to Colorado’s effort, they are presently only proposing part of SB 529, they call it a….”compromise”.

  2. UGAMatthew says:

    Great news. Jeff, way to be one step ahead of the game! And Happy Independence Day to all.

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