1. Mike Hassinger says:

    Ouch. In a Republican primary, that could be a good-sized gaffe. Especially since there’s no Democrat in the general. The only possible justification is that since he wasn’t endorsed by GRTL, he’s trying to bring some women and swing Demcrats to his side. I’d have to know that district better to evaluate that line of thinking.

    Got to ask, Erick, what’s a better word than “moderate?” I think you’re saying that it (the word, not the actual beliefs) translates into “squishy” in voters’ minds. I like “traditional,” myself, as it only means what voters want it to mean.

  2. LINDA says:

    If anyone truly believes that a conservative could be born and raised in Macon, I have some swamp land in Florida. Yeah, I know the saying is worn out but I could think of nothing better. But you get my picture. I would say, that Horne could be best described as a progressive Democrat. Ouch.

  3. Fuzzyslippers says:

    Yeah, you are right.

    What was this guy thinking? Telling people how he actually feels? Blasphemy.

    He should just tattoo “I love Jesus” on his forehead, burn a gay at the stake and he’s in.

  4. Bill Simon says:

    Linda’s right. After all, Macon has a Hooter’s. You cannot be the kind of “conservative” the typical fire and brimstone religious conservative thinks a conservative is if there is a place like a Hooter’s anywhere within 200 miles of a church.

  5. LINDA says:


    Macon is very much a religion based community, and I was not referring to Stebin’s religion. We have more churches per square mile than any other area in the United States. I am talking about conversatism of tax dollars, as Macon is a tax and spend town and very much Democrat. Stebin helped push the SPLOST through knowing full well that property was being revalued in 2006, and he was just part of the church of what’s happening now. Tax and spend your way out of debt is the motto in Macon!

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