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The Insider Advantage poll has Ralph up by 5.

Ralph Reed holds a five-point lead in the Republican lieutenant governor’s race, with a lot of voters still sitting on the sidelines, according to an Insider Advantage/Majority Opinion poll released at the end of the week.

The June 26-27 poll of 500 likely Republican primary voters has it this way:

Casey Cagle: 27%

Ralph Reed: 32%

Undecided: 41%

With margin of error of plus-or-minus 4 percent. That makes it a pretty close race.


  1. UGAMatthew says:

    That’s a tight margin. Both Ralph and Casey have the potential to grab at that undecided, however, when all is said and done, I think Cagle will be the candidate. The fact that there is a 41% undecided is a big negative for Reed. All the while, name recognition has been his strong point. It’d be one thing if that percentage was cut in half, but its almost half of the whole poll. Reed’s default voter just isn’t going to be enough the way its looking now.

    With all that, it’s still a poll. And to toil too much would be asinine.

  2. kspencer says:

    I’m going to throw in a datapoint that, frankly, I consider odd.

    I haven’t seen any Reed signs in the last couple of weeks. Now I don’t travel extensively, not even in the three counties in which I do regular travel. But I work in Whitfield and live in Catoosa and am the car ride for someone in the back area of Walker, so I do see a fair amount of road of those three counties.

    And I see Cagle signs and Kemp signs. Even saw a couple of Sonny, Cox and Taylor signs. And a fair number of ‘local’ signs.

    But no Reed signs. And since Reed’s the one who has (or had) the bigger money warchest, I’d have figured it the other way round.

    Just a tidbit to throw into the pool, because I’m still thinking it’ll depend on who gets their people to the polls.


  3. UGAMatthew says:

    Reed’s campaign is not focusing in North GA, mid-state or south GA- or at least that is the way it is looking now. I am very curious to see his strategy in the last few weeks. From the get go, this was Ralph’s race to lose. Cagle has helped him out a bit. It should be quite the show gunning up closer the 18th.

  4. northside elephant says:

    Ralph fell flat as he tried to dominate from the start like Isakson did in ’04. This poll confirms that Casey Cagle has had steady momentum throughout the race.

  5. northside elephant says:

    KSpencer, UGAMatt,

    I have been seeing the Casey Cagle signs sprout up like mushrooms in Cobb, Fulton and Forsyth. His endorsements from all of the local guys really show.

  6. debbie0040 says:

    Reed signs are being stolen. I spoke to the Reed chairmen in Cobb and Paulding and they have reported signs being stolen and are going to start filing police reports.

    Cagle has lost the election. With all the negative publicity, Reed is still ahead. Reed has been subjected to constant attacks and is still ahead. If the attacks had been affective, then voters would have swung over to the Cagle. They might not have known Cagle but they would not want to vote for Reed. Reed has survived the negative attacks. Cagle is just now beginning to face these attacks and it will be interesting to see if he survives them.

    In politics, if you are an unknown entity, you have to define yourself and never, ever let your opponent define you. Cagle wasted valuable time slamming Reed instead of defining himself to voters. His campaign strategy was simply I am not Ralph Reed. He should have defined himself and let the news stories blast Reed. He then should just now be attacking Reed after he had defined himself to voters.

    Cagle did not do that and now Reed, in his ads, is defining Cagle as ethically challenged. Cagle looks like a hypocrite to voters because he blasted Reed and he has done things just as bad as what he accused Reed of.

    These undecided voters will break to Reed. They will see his ads with Zell Miller, Sean Hannity, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich and many others praising Reed. They will correctly surmise there is nothing to the Enron or Abramoff scandals because these respected leaders would not still be supporting Reed if he had done anything wrong.

    I have already heard voters say they will not vote for either one, and that will help Reed not Cagle.

  7. debbie0040 says:

    Matt Towery writes:

    “Those who are shocked at the large undecided percentage in this survey should understand that these two candidates have only been up on broadcast television for under a week. As we’ve noted in the past, Reed may be well known in political circles, but the average voter has little if just a hazy idea of who he is and what office he is seeking. And Sen. Cagle suffers from the same anemic name identification,

  8. Jack S says:

    Am I the only one who thinks its just laughable to take anything that matt towery seriously?

    Debbie has more credibilty to talk about campaign strategy than that guy given his history.

    ….And for the record, debbie youre a moron.

  9. Bull Moose says:

    Reed is still not trending very well, whereas Casey Cagle is trending upward.

    If I had to pick where I was, I’d rather be in Casey’s position than Ralph’s…

    I’m not sure if all the Republicans can unite behind Ralph Reed…

  10. George Allen 08 says:

    Bull Moose-

    I thought Cagle released a poll showing himself with a 6-point lead. Wouldn’t that mean that there’s been an 11-point swing in Reed’s favor?

    If I had to pick where I was, I’d rather be 5 points up than 5 points down. The fact that you’d rather be 5 points down makes absolutely no sense.

    And I’ve spoken with several of the Senators who are backing Cagle, and every one of them said they would be behind Ralph 100 percent, should he win the primary. It’s just going to be the half-dozen Cagle staffers posting on here that wouldn’t support Reed.

  11. stephaniemills21 says:

    Cagle and Reed are on NBC in atlanta right now debating (sort of). On until 11:30

  12. Jack S says:

    GA08 –

    Cmon, you’re not this stupid. there’s a huge difference between polling done by top tier political professionals like McLaughlin for Cagle and whoever Ralph’s pollster is and some cheaply done amateur attempt at polling.

    Casey showed his numbers. If Ralph’s kool aide drinkers want to refute it – then release Ralph’s numbers from his pro pollster.

    Spare me the absolutely ludicrous comparisons of pro polls and these silly news polls.

    And there’s a difference between saying “oh yeah, I’ll support reed in the general” and actually do anything to help.

    Cagle’s success so far is largely due to his fellow Senators really laying out there for him. They won’t do it for Reed, because anyone who meets him knows he’s a first class prick.

  13. Jack S says:

    The reason Ralph Reed must be defeated and not allowed into any public office is the response he is giving now about his work for jack abramoff.

    The man is a congenital liar. It’s slick. It’s believable. and it’s a damn lie.

    He’s a disgusting human being and not worthy of leading anything.

  14. Jack S says:

    Ralph Reed is a liar. A hypocrite. A disgusting human being unworthy of any leadership position.

    The contrast could not be more clear in these TV debates. Cagle is real. Ralph is fake.

    Cagle is experienced and trustworthy. Ralph is a snake oil salesman.

    Georgians won’t back a slimeball like Reed.

  15. LINDA says:

    “The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.

  16. Mike Hassinger says:

    Jack may be right about Ralph, and he’s 100% right about Debbie, but he’s wrong about Towery. IA does accurate polling and Towery’s analysis is usually spot-on.

    Reed’s strategy depends on a low voter turnout in the Republican primary, because his negatives are still much higher than Cagle’s, and because he knows his base will never abandon him. (I mean NEVER. Not even a dead girl/live boy scenario would change Reed’s supporters’ minds). Knowing this, Reed is going to bring some really, really nasty attacks on Cagle over the next two weeks.

    If Cagle takes the bait and answers with attacks of his own, he loses. Reed will just accuse him of being a ‘liberal’ who believes the AJC and all the other ‘liberal media’ who have been ‘attacking’ Reed. Cagle can’t win a race to the bottom, because his base has an evaporation point that Reed’s just doesn’t have.

    To win, Cagle’s folks should be start their positive, GOTV efforts today, along with some effort to innoculate themselves against the inevitable mudslinging. They should make some promises, (hint: tax cuts are popular) or tell the voters what you’re going to do, rather than trying to win a knife-fight with Reed.

    FWIW: I don’t endorse either cadidate or the methods described. The above is arm-chair analysis only.

  17. debbie0040 says:

    I am sure there will be supporters in both Reed and Cagle’s camp that will not support the winner.
    I will support the winner.

    Mike H and Jack S, I will tell you one thing, I will match my IQ against either one of you any day of the week. Just let me know…

    Jack S, you refuse to face reality. The last two polls conducted have still shown Reed to be ahead. Reed will win the primary. Cagle is the one that is a liar.

    Cagle’s weakness is his record and the fact he went from renting tuxedos to Bank President and increased his wealth 900% while serving on the Senate Banking Committee. You Cagle guys say that was on the up and up, well show me one Bank President that does not have a college degree and progressed that fast in four years. Give me just one example.

    You and Bullmoose need to learn to deal with that fact.

    Cagle needs to release the questions asked in his poll and he refuses to do so.

  18. larry smith says:

    Debbie is cracking me up again. The IQ challenge was priceless. That chick is looney tunes.

  19. northside elephant says:

    Ralph is poisoned by the deadly trifecta:

    -high name recognition
    -high negatives
    -high number of undecided voters

    This means that voters know who Ralph is, they are pretty sure that they cannot vote for him and they either will not vote at all or will vote for Casey Cagle if they find him a good alternative. This will turn out to be the best explanation of Ralph’s loss.

  20. Bill Simon says:

    Anyone else find it interesting that Strategic Vision’s poll of 800 likely voters produces:

    Ralph Reed 44%
    Casey Cagle 41%
    Undecided 15%

    +/- 3%

    And, Insider Advantage’s poll of 500 likely voters produces:

    Casey Cagle: 27%
    Ralph Reed: 32%
    Undecided: 41%

    +/- 4%

    I’m not referring to the degrees of differences between Casey and Ralph in the polls…what I’m finding “interesting” is the degree of difference in the “undecideds”.

    SV: 15%
    IA: 41%

    Applying their respective MOEs in the BEST possible way to these two numbers, you get:

    SV: 18% Undecided
    IA: 37% Undecided

    Would a poll that encompassed 300 people more produce an Undecided sample of one-half of a poll that interviewed 500 likely voters? Not when I come from the world of standard statistics and I’m looking for uniformity in results.

    Until I get a reasonable explanation (if one remotely exists) of the differences, NOT in the vein of Casey v. Ralph, but in the vein of the vast difference in Undecideds, neither of these polls means a thing to me.

  21. northside elephant says:

    By the way Debbie I hope that you are going door to door and “helping” Ralph as much as possible!!!

    You are a GREAT spokesperson for Ralph!!!

  22. George Allen 08 says:

    I agree with you Bill that it’s odd that these polls have such different undecideds. Perhaps the wording of the question was different, or the samples were different? Maybe IA just picked out a random list of registered Republicans while SV targeted people who have voted in the last 4 Republican primaries? Something like that.

    Otherwise, I don’t see how these polls hit such different levels of undecideds.

  23. Jack S says:

    Where’s ralphs polling?

    I just loooked at his disclosure and saw 30,0000 in polling expenditures.

    Casey has released his numbers. Where’s ralph’s? Prove us wrong reed team.

  24. northside elephant says:

    Bill you bring up a good point.

    I think that this is probably due to sampling differences more so than differences in the way that the questions where phrased. Primary polling is tough.

  25. Jack S says:

    I think landman is right. He must have numbers showing he is down by 9 or 10. Otherwise he’d release something.

  26. Bill Simon says:

    I thought the “margin of error” was supposed to cancel-out “sampling differences?”

    After all, the entire theory of polls is based on the assumption of homogeneous samples…that is, the sample here is the same as the sample over there from the same population, and the MOE is the balancing point.

    The MOEs do not explain away the differences in the samples taken.

    So, back to my original inclination, at least one of these polls is junk, and, possibly, both.

  27. northside elephant says:

    Margin of error is derived from the sample size. This has to do with the size of the sample in relation to the size of the total population. As you know, the bigger the sample the lower the MOE.

    But what I am talking about in regard to sample is how the sample is defined.

    Did they question Republicans that have voted in 5 out of 5 of the past primaries? Or 3 out of 5?…

    What proportion of the sample was from urban counties, what proportion was from northern counties?…

  28. Jack S says:

    His disclosure posted on ethics site. I looked up his name and clicked on his disclosures.

  29. stephaniemills21 says:

    Bill, I think it might have to do with the fact that Strategic Vision is a bullsh!t polling outfit. How many polls do they put out there for free?! Polls all over the nation in a dozen or so states, and they do not seem to have any real clients. Ok Ok, Craftmatic Adjustable Beds is real, but can that really pay for all the polls they are doing? On their website they include the endorsement of a person that ran for school board in Florida!!

    I just cannot figure out how they are able to do all these polls with no real client base.

    Also, heard from a little birdie that they were a few months behind on their rent a little while back.

  30. Bill Simon says:

    Must be the luck of the server draw, Jack, because every time I try to pull-up an Expenditure Report, I get a server error. Sighhhhh…

  31. George Allen 08 says:

    Why would any campaign release the results of their own poll to the public? The only reason Cagle released his was to show donors that he’s competitive.

    And from my understanding, the latest contribution reports aren’t due for another couple of days. Jack, could you be referring to an older report?

  32. northside elephant says:

    “Why would any campaign release the results of their own poll to the public?”

    Ummm, George campaigns do it all the time.

  33. George Allen 08 says:

    That’s what I thought.

    Campaigns spend a heckuva lot of money on these polls and, in most cases, it’s unwise to share your results. The Cagle campaign, however, was smart to release their results because it surely helped them in raising money. People are more likely to contribute to a campaign they believe will win.

  34. landman says:

    The reason you havent seen the results is because,as Ive said it showed him down NINE,believe me at the time of the polling Ralph was searching for something positive so had the results been positive,you would have absolutely seen them.

  35. northside elephant says:

    This cycle is probably the extent of your political experience “George”.

    A few from this cycle:

    Jim Martin for Lt Gov Ga
    Bob Corker for US Senate Tenn
    Mark Flanagan for Congress Fla
    Harold Ford for US Senate Tenn
    Joe Vas for Congress NJ
    Congressman Geoff Davis KY
    Patty Weiss for Congress Arz
    Brian Bilbray for Congress Cal

    shall I go on…

  36. debbie0040 says:

    Landman, you are full of crap and keep spouting lies. An insider with the Reed campaign laughed hysterically when I asked about the poll you referenced. You and Cagle just keep thinking that. I doubt very seriously you are going to goad the Reed campaign into realeasing their polls. Nice try, though. It is not to their advantage to do so. It will be hysterical to watch you when the returns start coming in…

    You guys are now dishing the IA poll. You have kept referencing it when you say polls show Reed would be a drag to the ticket.

    The State Senators even referenced the IA poll when they sent out that infamous letter asking Reed not to run.

    My, my how time changes everything…

  37. northside elephant says:

    “George Allen 08”

    I forgot Mark Taylor’s poll done by Alan Secrest, he released it in May to try to show that he had a lead over Cox.

  38. jsm says:

    I’m gonna concur with kspencer. I live in northern Hall County and work in Duluth. The ONE big sign I saw for Ralph was taken down after two days. I saw the first yard sign for him on my route last week. It’s on the right of way on PIB just north of Abbotts Bridge. Seems like business owners who support Reed would be putting his signs up, especially around his own neighborhood.

    Obviously, there are no Ralph signs in Hall, at least where I drive. We know that our state senator is a man of character and integrity, and we’re looking forward to having a Gainesville native in the LG office.

  39. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Debbie, your sign theft is ficticious. DOT will occasionally take signs down in the right of way. Many of ours went down over the weekend. All you need to do is go to your DOT dump and pick them up and recycle them back out. Happens all the time.

    As far as your banking question, I do know of a number of people who are executives with banks. Most are with smaller firms as is the case with Sen. Cagle. I do have a friend who is an executive with a major firm who does not have a degree. Her knowledge in finance and banking regulation enabled her.

    Let’s talk about how Ralph received more than $5 million for tribal clients. How about his contracts with Enron. While employees lost their investments and were getting pink slips Ralph was working vigorously for his client. Let’s talk about how Ralph was running a re-election campaign for a neighboring U.S. Senator and at the same time waging a negative PR campaign against his client (some loyalty). Oh yeah, that’s old news.

  40. debbie0040 says:

    Maurice, the signs I am referring to are 4×4 signs on private property not public right of way and they are NOT fictious.

    I repeat my challenge, give me the name of ONE or more person that became bank president in four years without a college degree and advanced that fast.

    I have a cousin that worked for Enron and he was not a crook so don’t even try that guilt by association crap with me!!! You Cagle supporters don’t care about the truth.

    From the Jim Galloway of the AJC on Enron:

    Reed and Enron
    Thursday, June 29, 2006, 09:24 PM

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    A young lady called Thursday evening, asking whether we considered Casey Cagle’s TV hit on Ralph Reed, leading on Reed’s work for Enron, a clean hit.

    Let us put it this way. Reed — one of two GOP candidates for lieutenant governor — has accused the liberal media of guilt by association when it comes to his association with Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Reed’s got a much better case when it comes to Enron.

    The accusation from the New York Times in the late 1990s was that Karl Rove urged Enron head Ken Lay to hire Ralph Reed to do a bit of work for the company, back when Enron was the “it

  41. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Debbie, prepare a brief with facts, call a press conference and file an ethics charge.

  42. GAWire says:

    We are now approx 2 weeks out of the Primary and part of that time I will be out of the country, so I am trying to get a few “new” points in now.

    First, this poll says one thing and we really already knew this: The LG battle is a horserace and is neck-in-neck within the MoE.

    The Unddecided disparency b/t this poll and SV’s is curious, but as I have said all along, the SV polls are only good for showing trends, b/c while a “one-off” poll might produce questionable results, their polls use the same samples, so you can be sure that variances b/t their own numerous polls show accurate trends.

    Personally, I would be more surprised at ~15% Und in this race than ~41%. High U’s are likely, which leads me into my next point …

    I know this is new news and I haven’t mentioned this before, but the LG race is going to be determined by which candidate/campaign gets their people out to vote on Primary Day.

    Media – paid or earned – won’t do a whole heck of a lot right now. Signs don’t matter much. The radio and tv spots have served their purpose, as have the direct mail pieces.

    All that matters now is that Cagle get his people out to vote, b/c this will be Ralph’s sole strategy. Since this is a horserace, the campaign has to make sure to get their base out to vote, but also get the Undecideds out.

    The only positive here is that Ralph obviously has A LOT of negatives; therefore, a higher number of his supporters will stay home. But, this is no reason to feel relieved.

    Debbie and other Ralph supporters have been making arrogant statements like “Ralph will win by 15 points” and I think these types of statements are rediculous. This is very close and either candidate can lose. But I think we can use that attitude against them. Casey has tons of support. Now, let’s just make sure they GET OUT TO VOTE!!!!!

  43. Maurice Atkinson says:

    GAWire, I’m going to take the liberty to use parts of your gotv post. It’s good stuff.

  44. debbie0040 says:

    Both sides can point to the polls that have been released and show that it neck and neck and help motivate their base to turn out.

    I still think in the end Reed will win by 15% because he knows how to gotv and has a tremendous amount of grassroots experience. After all W tapped him in 2004 for the Southeastern Region.

    The high amount of undecideds favor Reed. Cagle is just now getting hit by negative publicity and it will be interesting to see how he weathers it.

  45. Bill Simon says:

    Talking about this race as a “neck and neck horserace” and referring to getting voters out on “Primary Day” is a tad naive.

    We now have a wide variety of alternative voting methods: absentee voting, early voting, and Primary Day voting.

    Ralph Reed has already sent out a piece encouraging people to obtain an absentee ballot and given them the easy means to do so. I have not seen a corresponding piece from Casey Cagle.

  46. debbie0040 says:

    Has anyone heard of the results of the IA poll due to be released today? Did they do one on the SOS race?

  47. debbie0040 says:

    From Insider Advantage web site”

    New Polls Online Monday: Cox Closing Gap, Handel Running Strong, Wise, Too; Click Here For Details; 7/3/06

  48. SouthernConservative says:

    You’re a fool if you think that ANYONE’S going to win this race by 15% – we call it the sphincter factor – either way, it’ll be close enough to make your *** – **** pucker up…

  49. SouthernConservative says:

    Stephens Black…:) Not that I hate either Handel, Kemp, OR Cagle – my candidates are chosen just because I feel they’re best for the job…;)

  50. debbie0040 says:

    IA SOS poll:

    Will one of you front pagers create a new post? Very interesting that Bailey polls stronger than Stephens.

    Go Karen!!!!!!! Hey guys, you know Handel may be the next Governor..

    Got an anonymous tip that said it is of 500 likely GOP voters and shows:

    Charlie Bailey – 15%

    Karen Handel – 33%

    Eric Martin – 1%

    Bill Stephens – 13%

    Don’t Know/Undecided – 38%

  51. HSC Republican says:

    You need to be careful when you make fun of people for not having college degrees. A lot of very successful business men and women do not graduate. My Dad for example has one of the largest companies on the coast, yet did not graduate. You can take policy swipes at Cagle all day, but do not because he could not afford to stay in college. That is just plain low and you should feel ashamed. Not all people are as lucky as us here. I myself thank God everyday I have the opportunity to go to college.

  52. Maurice Atkinson says:





    Gainesville, GA — According to recent reports in the top national newspapers, the federal criminal task force that has won numerous convictions in the Abramoff lobbying scandal is focusing renewed attention on lobbyist Ralph Reed. Specifically:

    Money Laundering Scheme Focus of Federal Criminal Probe : According to Pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporters at the Washington Post, the federal criminal probe that “has brought a string of bribery-related charges and plea deals” is now directing attention to the “misuse of tax-exempt groups.” (Source: “Nonprofit Groups Funneled Money for Abramoff,” June 25, 2006).

    Reed a Central Figure in Money Laundering Scheme: As the conservative Wall Street Journal’s editorialists recently reported, Reed was a ringleader in the money-laundering scheme. As the paper wrote, “The committee’s report includes unflattering details of Mr. Reed’s financial dealings with Abramoff, who has pleaded guilty to various felonies. Abramoff appears to have funneled $4 million in fees from the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians to Mr. Reed’s consulting firm, Century Strategies. This money flowed through a number of conduits, one of them being Americans For Tax Reform, the group run by influential conservative political organizer Grover Norquist.” (Source: “Thinning Reed,” June 29, 2006).

    Reed a Focus of New Senate Investigation : According to top Wall Street Journal political reporter Jeanne Cummings, “Ralph Reed, the fourth person, will become the subject of a Senate finance investigation of the use of tax-exempt organizations by Jack Abramoff.” (Source: Washington Week in Review, June 23, 2006).

    Ralph’s Behavior Prompts Republicans to Call for Tougher Laws : In a recent interview with NBC News, Republican U.S. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley said, “We’re seeing more and more charities used in the best interests of lobbyists and special interests, not the public. Some people are exploiting vagueness in the laws or a lack of enforcement to enrich themselves rather than serve the public. It’s unseemly for tax-exempt groups to function this way. It’s also unfair to the taxpayers who subsidize that behavior.” (Source: NBC News, June 28, 2006).

    “While Ralph Reed once said gambling was ‘immoral’, we now know he took millions from convicted felon Jack Abramoff to help casinos and we’ll soon know if Ralph Reed broke the law by funneling his pay through non-profits to hide what he’d done,” said Cagle spokesman Brad Alexander. “Time will soon tell if Ralph Reed broke the law by laundering his pay from casinos through non-profits, but we already know his efforts to use Christians to enrich himself, his friend Jack Abramoff and their casino clients were hypocrital and immoral.”

    “Instead of accepting responsibility for his actions, Ralph has brazenly and selfishly put his own ambition ahead of what’s good for our party. His conduct leaves Georgia Republicans with the need to take a long hard look at Ralph Reed and answer two critical questions: Should Ralph Reed’s hypocritical, immoral and possibly illegal behavior be rewarded with our Party’s nomination? And if, for some strange reason, the answer is yes, how would it affect our Governor Sonny Perdue, and the entire party, in the November elections to have Ralph Reed the central focus of multiple investigations or even facing a criminal indictment in the next several months?,” Alexander concluded.


    Casey Cagle for Lt. Governor
    “The Conservative Leader Georgians Trust.”
    [email protected]

  53. debbie0040 says:

    The Cagle press release is misleading about the articles. Here are the links for the articles mentioned. Read them and compare them to the press release. No suprise from the Cagle camp. They have run a misleading and false campaign to distract from Cagle’s lack of ethics.

    Cagle is a loser in every sense of the word.

  54. 4ofspades says:

    I don’t ever recall Maurice mentioning his employer on this site. So why would it have an impact on his employer?

    If those are the actual poll numbers for SoS, looks likes Stephens is struggling to make a run-off. I can’t wait for the bat-spin on this one.

  55. GAWire says:

    Debbie, Ralph Reed is THE central figure in an alleged money laundering investigation. There’s no disputing that, and all the article links in the world aren’t going to help the public “understand” or “view” Ralph any better. Get past that. Whether he did it or not – whether he is guilty or not – whether he is a good conservative or not – whether he served on the BC04 campaign or not – all of this is moot. WE DO NOT WANT TO ELECT SOMEONE WHO IS A CENTRAL FIGURE IN A NATIONAL CORRUPTION SCANDAL!!!! And, by “we” I mean the GOP in GA!

    Bill, as for turnout, it will be the ONLY factor that means anything for the next 2 wks. Absentees will be important, no doubt about that, but this race will come to which campaign/candidate gets their people to vote.

    As to the potential point difference that Debbie speaks of, this will be neck-in-neck. Reed people will say the Undecideds are good for them, but at this point, they are wrong. Now, that isn’t to say that a signficant amount of those Undecideds won’t vote for Ralph – they very well could do that. However, Team Cagle has a great opportunity to seal this by 1) making sure their people turnout; and, 2) pulling enough of the Undecideds (whether that means pulling them in the Cagle camp or just pulling them away from Ralph is purely academic at this point – we just need to pull the U’s!).

  56. techtrack says:

    amazing how low stephens supporters will go. sandy brothers can’t even put into words what a loser you are for threatening someones career for expressing their personal political views.

  57. debbie0040 says:

    Maurice and I might be on different sides in the Lt. Governor’s race, but I like him and respect him. It is hitting below the belt to mess with someone’s employment. I implore you to reconsider your actions. You can not take things said on blogs as personal. That is one of the unwritten rules.

  58. debbie0040 says:

    Casey Cagle Chaired Senate Finance Committee, Oversaw Georgia Tax Laws, But Avoided Paying Payroll Taxes on His Own Employees

    Monday, June 3, 2006

    Casey Cagle chaired the powerful Senate Finance Committee and oversaw Georgia’s tax laws, but official state records show that Cagle did not pay the payroll taxes, including federal and Georgia income and FICA withholding taxes, on employees as the law required. Casey Cagle’s 2001-04 state Senate re-election campaigns and his Lt. Governor campaign paid $35,892.50 to individuals listed as campaign employees.1 However, records show that withholding taxes on these employees were not paid.2

    The IRS makes clear its instructions to employers. Employers must withhold, deposit, report, and pay the following taxes: federal and state income tax, and Social Security and Medicare tax (FICA).3

    Political campaign committees are not exempt. Campaign committees must withhold income and FICA taxes from their employees’ paychecks.

    Casey Cagle’s 2001-2004 Senate campaigns and his Lt. Governor campaign paid $35,892.50 to various employees. Campaigns are required to file quarterly expenditures with the Election Division of the Secretary of State’s office.4 Those records show payments were made by Cagle to individuals listed as “campaign staff,

  59. Bull Moose says:

    Sandy Brothers that’s a very low blow that you pulled and how dare you even think about pulling it… Whoever you are you should be banned from this site…

    As for the SOS poll, good for karen! She needs to keep up the good work and she will win this race. She’s the most qualified and capable candidate.

    As for the Lt. Race, Reed bad, Cagle good. Enough said.

  60. JRM2016 says:

    I am so tired of people trying to mess with the employment of others because of their political views. In 2004, I recruited a candidate to run for State House who had to quit his job in order to run because of pressure put on his employer by his opponent. In 2006, I recruited another candidate to run for the same post and he ultimately had to withdraw due to pressure from his employer that resulted from pressure from opponents.

    You want to disagree with someone, fine. You don’t like who they are supporting, fair enough. Then debate them, don’t try to make them choose between employment and being politically active. Goodness knows, we have enough trouble trying to get people involved in our civic society without this sort of crass intimidation. That post is the first I ever saw identifying Mr. Atkinson’s employer and obviously he like all of us has a right to voice his political opinions.

    Frankly, I don’t know who is going to make a decision on buying insurance based on postings on this blog. Just like I wouldn’t expect to gain or lose clients for my law practice based on what is said here.

    Bottom line–let him speak without fear that you are going to tattle to his employer about his political opinions. This is America, not the U.S.S.R.

  61. Bill Simon says:

    Bill B.,

    Between you and Maurice, the only one being a jerk is YOU. Maurice is very cordial when posting on here.

    But, be like Sandy, and hide behind your name…you and he/she are both chickenshit people.

  62. jacewalden says:

    “Maurice and I might be on different sides in the Lt. Governor’s race, but I like him and respect him. It is hitting below the belt to mess with someone’s employment. I implore you to reconsider your actions. You can not take things said on blogs as personal.”


    Glad to see a Reed supporter showing a little class around here.

    Sandy Brothers,

    If resorting to scare tactics is the only way for you to make your point, then your cause is lost. It’s pretty pathetic to make threats. Especially when you don’t have the balls to back them up!

  63. northside elephant says:

    Debbie is this the best Reed’s got?

    Most campaign staff are never considered employees for tax purposes but rather independent contractors. As an IC you are liable for paying your own tax and FICA or “self-employment tax” as some call it.

    This is a really stupid charge! Most campaigns hire IC’s! There is nothing wrong with that!

  64. debbie0040 says:

    Now northside elephant you know most campaigns usually save the best for last. I am not sure what the Reed campaign has in mind, though… I know Reed and his staff are pretty brilliant.

  65. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Thanks for removing the posts regarding my employment. I have never brought third parties into my positions and never will. I also stand behind my comments, that’s why I don’t hide behind an alias, Bill Simon and Linda have taught me that.

    What this forum provides is a dialogue of people from all over the state. It enables one to get the pulse of what is happening in various places. Yeah it gets heated at times. That’s the nature of politics.

  66. bowersville says:

    I’m glad it worked out even though I hide behind a Psuedonym. You never advanced a third party nor your employment. If you ever recieve pressure from an employer, you need to voice it here. We are Americans and we will stand behind you and others like you, that voice your opinion.

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