Wiggins Is In

Mike Wiggins will challenge Justice Hunstein for her seat on the Georgia Supreme Court.

More from the tipline:

Mike Wiggins, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce’s annointed candidate for Supreme Court Justice, has qualified against Justice Carol Hunstein. Most observers were predicting that Wiggins would run against Harold Thompson but Thompson has been hard on the campaign trail picking up bar support and contributions. He also recently picked up key GOP support from Randy Evans and Mike Bowers.

Justice Hunstein is viewed by many as a more liberal justice than Thompson but her gender and financial war chest (over $125,000 in the bank as of the March 31st disclosure report) were thought by some as factors that would insulate her from a challenge.

No other Supreme Court or Court of Appeals jurists has so far drawn a challenger. Qualifying for judgships closes out tomorrow.


  1. landman says:

    I was with Mike last night,he is a good man and will do well.He has some very strong support,so money should not be an issue.

    Its a tough assignment knocking off a sitting Justice,but I think he has a better than average shot.

  2. pthrelkeld says:

    Research shows that Wiggins has never argued a case before the Ga. Supreme Court nor has he ever appeared on a brief before the Court. Similarly, his name has appeared on only one brief before the Ga. Court of Appeals. His lack of experience before Georgia’s appellate courts shows that special interests will recruit anyone with the right GOP credentials to run for any office. Very sad.

  3. citizen says:

    Well, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time a state Chamber (usually with financial backing from the U.S. Chamber) has tried to install a pro-business Justice on a state Supreme Court. The Chamber has already managed to change the makeup of several state Supreme Courts.


    Hopefully the Georgia media won’t let them get away with running ads under the banner of some innocous sounding state PAC. Wiggins would be best to distance himself from the Chamber and denounce any corporate ads run in his favor or against his opponent.

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