More on the Ag. Commish online poll.

As I mentioned yesterday, Georgia Political Digest ran an online poll asking which Ag. Commissioner candidate has run the strongest campaign. Here are the results:

Gary Black, 42% (517 votes)
Bob Greer, 6% (69 votes)
Brian Kemp, 52% (631 votes)
Deanna “Dee


  1. waterboy says:

    This poll was a joke! Out of pure entertainment while talking on the phone, I jotted down vote numbers for each of the candidates periodically. Check these numbers….at 4:39 Gary Black had 384 votes to Kemp’s 327. At 5:44 Black had 442 (58 additional votes) and Kemp had 528 (201 additional votes). So we’re supposed to believe that in that one hour period, Black picked up 11% of his vote total while Kemp picked up 31% of his vote total for the entire day….NONSENSE.

    The numbers tell the story….and the story is that the voting system was manipulated. Perhaps the GPD can show the data to prove me wrong.

    All that aside, only 5 votes for Strickland – how pathetic!

  2. Jack S says:

    Oh oh oh, gary has this grassroots army. Oh oh oh, gary is on a bus tour.

    Spare me. He’s a dem and he got waxed by the conservative who is going to win this thing.

    Its odd how gary and ralph lie through their teeth and think people are going to buy that bs.

  3. Mike says:

    Jacky–I know you boys are fresh out of college and working on your first real live political campaign, so here’s some friendly advice. If Kemp takes it, he’s going to need these Black supporters in order to take down the actual Democrat this fall. I’ll put my support and meager financial resources behind him if it comes to it, but you guys’ attitude wouldn’t make it easy. Tone down the rhetoric, stop the name calling(yes..I may be a bit hypocritical there)and maybe the party will come together this fall.

  4. Jack S says:

    Mike, I’ve heard nothing from kemp supporters except stories about how they’ve been consistently threatened by various black supporters and staffers. Black has run a typical insiders campaign – bullying and trying their best to keep up with kemp. Hell their mailer that arrived today has text lifted directly from kemps website. Its pathetic.

    I hope kemp wins big and most of garys supporters will rally to a guy who has run a first class effort and has proven he can win.

    And those who don’t will get what they deserve – the scorn of real republicans.

  5. Jack S says:

    My sheriff and a friend who is a state rep have both told me that they have received calls from many different people in their areas who are contributors and supporters of gary and them. And they were told in no uncertain terms that they would not support them in the future and work against them if they did one thing to help brian kemp.

    End result? My sheriff went out personally and put those big billboard signs for kemp.

    Gary, true to form as a tom murphy damn dem, is trying to bully his way to winning. He doesn’t get republicans and he has misjudged kemp and his supporters.

    We don’t take kindly to threats.

  6. Jack S says:

    That’s pretty ballsy for a poser who wears penny loafers to a cattlemans association dinner.

  7. waterboy says:

    Jack – That is the weakest “threat” I have ever heard. All politics are local you moron. Each of us have the right to inform local politicians that if they behave a certain way then they will or will not earn our support – that is not a “threat.”

    A real threat is someone saying “those who don’t (support my candidate of choice) will get what they deserve – the scorn of real republicans”….sound familiar??? It is your quote from above….you are such a buffoon.

  8. Groseclose says:

    Misjudge Kemp, Jack? What is there to misjudge? He has run a sub par candidacy for an office that he can’t win and that he isn’t qualified to hold. Time, not a manipulated poll, will show who has run a stronger race.

    I went to a Gary event tonight. He has just as much energy, if not more, than he had over a year ago when he first asked for my support. It was good to see Gary Smith, 2nd District GOP Chair, publicly rave about and endorse Gary’s campaign again tonight. I feel confident that Gary can and will win this race and very likely do so without a run-off. Georgia agriculture and the Republican Party will be better off because of his victory.

  9. landman says:

    Grose,surprise,surprise a Party official raving about Black,considering the Leadership is pushing Gary down their throats,what would you expect?

    Kemp has ran a good campaign,will he win I think so,but for you guys to whine about the validity of this poll is a crop!! If anyone thinks for a second that there will not be a runoff you are not very politically astute or are living in a dream.

    I have said it before Kemp is by far the best Campaigner in this race, so it doesnt surprise me at all that he won this poll.

  10. debbie0040 says:

    Black will win this election. He is the best qualified and is running a great campaign.

    I know the Sheriff in Cobb is supporting Black and it was not due to threats or intimidation.

    Black has the momentum and will win without a runoff

  11. HJ Bailey says:

    You Gary Black staffers brag when you win a poll and complain and make up excuses when you lose a poll. Just as a Democrat always does. They always make excuses for lose. Just like John Kerry and the rest of the liberal Democrats, they always have a great excuse for why they never get excuses and why he lost the 04 election. Democrats are all the same, and even those like Gary Black who try to preptend to be Republicans for political opportunity, they can never hide their true colors.

    Speaking of John Kerry, I am sure he appreciates Gary’s vote for him in the 2004 Democrat Presidential Preference Primary.

    Vote Conservative Senator not Liberal Lobbyist on July 18th!!

  12. Ben says:

    Siprise, suprise, Gary’s people are crying about this poll. Ya’ll are pathetic!
    Gary is such a looser, the party is going to learn not to get involved in a primary!

    Debbie, actually the Cobb Sheriff is supporting Kemp, he has publically endorsed him. You should really do a little research before you just start pulling things out of your rear.

  13. HJ Bailey says:

    HAHA. Who told you Neil Warren was supporting Gary Black? I went to a eventfor Brian a couple of weeks ago and Neil Warren was a Host for it. I know the Sheriff pretty well and I know first hand that he is solidly with Kemp. Leave it to the democrats to lie and lie and lie.

  14. debbie0040 says:

    Well, his Chief Deputy is supporting Gary so I assumed he was supporting Black.

    As far as fear and intimidation, I have heard that Kemp and his state senator backers have been doing quite a bit of that.

    Gary has ties to the agriculture community so I believe he has the best chance of winning in November.

  15. debbie0040 says:

    The State Senators are obviously making a power play with Cagle, Kemp and Stephens all on the primary ticket.

    A lot of activists have noticed that.

  16. HJ Bailey says:

    Jealousy is a b*t*h.

    Elected Officials are actually working for their candidate but the Ag people are out in the field this time of year and I doubt are working for Gary.

    I got a phone call in support for Brian Kemp from Chip Rogers which is my Senator, and I think that is pretty strong.

  17. John Silage Jr. says:

    Key Facts:

    1.Brian Kemp was rated as the most “Republican Politician” in the United States.
    2. Kemp is responsible for the establishment of the Republican Party in Georgia
    3. Kemp’s Great Grandfather started the National Republican Party in the 1850’s
    4. Kemp invented the conservative ideology
    5. Kemp coined the phrase “agriculture”
    6. Furthermore, Kemp is responsible for establishing the agriculural committee in the Georgia Senate.
    7. Kemp is clearly the best candidate in the race because of the reasons listed above.

  18. HJ Bailey says:

    Well glad you have your facts straight.

    Facts on Gary:

    1.) Liberal Democrat Lobbyist

    2.) Liberal Democrat who voted for liberal Senator John Kerry in the 2004 Democrat Presidential Preference Primary

    3.) Tries to cover up the fact that he is a registered special interest lobbyist by calling himself the “President of the Ag Business Council.” But he is a special interest lobbyist

    4.) Was run out of the farm bureau

    5.) Spent some time making gift baskets after he was run out of the farm bureau.

    6.) Claims to be a “farmer” but he has not made he isn’t. He has made his income and living as a special interest lobbyist. But he does have some show cows but is not the farmer he claims to be.

    7.) Been a huge friend of Tommy Irvins and has taken dozens of favors from Tommy over the years and has been his little cabana boy.

    8.) Bobby Kahn and Tommy Irvin pray everyday that Gary Black makes it through the primary because they know they will crush him like a roach.

    9.) Gary Black claims to be an advocate for farmers but is nothing but a special interest lobbyist that has been bought and paid for by big agri business which is opposed to small farmers at times.

    10.) Gary Black looks like he is almost as old as Tommy Irvin.

    11.) He has been handing out political favors and blow jobs to democrats liek Tom Murphy for 20 years

    12.) Gary Black is a liberal democrat, special interest lobbyist.

  19. Cotton Boll says:

    You Kemp folks are living in some sort of freakin dream world. I don’t know about poll tampering, but the numbers by waterboy do look tainted as most anyone would have to agree. Gary and the Black campaign have been down my way pretty much all week and the momentum is really building.

    I look through the Kemp comments above and I just have to laugh at the crap you folks will put on a political blog. Threats? Sheriff endorsement? Phone call? That mess is all so trivial it ain’t worth mentioning. This is what I’m doing….I’m making a list. A list of the childish, radical Kemp supporters, so y’all help me out. Here’s what I’ve got so far…Buzzbrockway, Jack S, Ben, HJ Bailey and Landman. Who did I miss? Please chime in. Thanks.

    As for John Silage, Jr., you forgot to add that Kemp’s family actually showed Eli Whitney how to build the first cotton gin! man that list is funny.

    As for HJ Bailey…please grow up and clean up your language. You say that sort of crap about me or my family and I would whoop your ass! Try to be an adult – just try.

  20. John Silage Jr. says:

    HJ, So how much farming does Kemp do? That’s a week argument, you can contribute to agriculture even if you don’t acutually “farm”.

    I am sick of hearing about how Gary was a “liberal special interest lobbyist”. So what if he worked with Dems to help agriculture? What was agriculture suppossed to do?-just not get their voice heard in the legislature because it was ruled by Dems?

    As for the voting in the Dem Presidential Primary, it doesn’t even matter. My father and several of my friends voted in the Dem Primary and voted for Sharpton simply as an insult to the Democratic Party.

    HJ come up with some decent issues to talk about besides the same old he’s a democratic lobbyist!!!

  21. HJ Bailey says:

    Yeah, whatever, if you voted in the 04 dem pres preference primary, you are a democrat. Gary is a democrat.

    I didn’t say you had to make a living farming but gary claims to. Lie, after lie, after lie.

    Gary is a liberal democrat special interest lobbyist. I mean heck, he isnt even a member of the NRA. Some conservative republican he is.

    What he has he ever done that gives him the experience to beat Tommy Irvin. Nothing.

    I love that the truth bothers yall so bad. Yall grow up.

    Cotton Fluff, rally that GOP vote in Newton,GA.

  22. debbie0040 says:

    Gary is not a liberal or a Democrat.

    I would like to pose a question to those of you supporting both Stephens and Kemp.

    If Black is a liberal Democrat because he supposedly voted in the 2004 Democratic Primary, then what does that make Stephens who was actully photographed with Bill Clinton and actually worked for the Clinton-Gore ticket?

  23. John Silage Jr. says:

    Once again, lets I wish you would use the words liberal and democrat more in your agruments.

    Voting in a Dem primary by no means makes you a democrat. If you believe so, then most of the most Republican people I know would be classified as Democrats.

    The NRA is a great organization, but remember they give to Democrats HJ, so I guess by your definition it is a liberal democratic interest group isn’t it?

    You think this kind of rhetoric about Democratic affiliation will you Kemp guys? The ag community used to have strong ties to the dems, but left when they became to urban and liberal. So, keep bashing those that have every voted in a Dem Primary-that will really earn the support of the ag community.

    As for Newton, there actually is a GOP presence there!!

    HJ are you too elite for places like Newton,Camilla,Moultrie,Bainbridge?

  24. HJ Bailey says:

    Nope not at all. I love going to Bainbridge, there are tons of people voting in the democrat primary for their native Cathy Cox.

    Is Gary wearing his gold buckled penny loafers down there in S GA? I am sure that resonates well.

    Covervative Republican Senator and not liberal democrat lobbyist goober on July 18th!!

  25. John Silage Jr. says:

    Classic, you can’t refutiate my argument so you just go with the caveman argumnet: Conservative Senator VS. Liberal Lobbyist-Your computer must be on auto-response or something.

  26. HJ Bailey says:

    It is the truth. The truth hurts and always comes back to bite those who lie in the ass.

  27. debbie0040 says:

    I am not an NRA member. Do you think I am a liberal? Black is not a liberal. And I like both cowboy boots and gold buckled penny loafers.

    Let’s see, is there a pattern here? State Senator Stephens tries to portray Handel as liberal and State Senator Kemp tries to portray Black as liberal. Both Stephens and Kemp are running campaigns based on deception and both are running dirty, mudslinging campaigns.

    HJ, you need to remember your last post.

  28. landman says:

    Cotton Boll,Im proud to be a Kemp supporter,and Im proud to be a Republican.Like it or not Black is running in the wrong Primary,he should be with the Dems.

  29. rugby_fan says:

    Doesn’t matter who wins this poll, Tommy Irvin will win.

    BTW: This should not be read as an endorsement of TI, just stating my belief that the man who was served as Ag Comm for 837 years will not be ousted this time…either.

    rugby_fan: too wishy-washy to endorse anyone for 150 years! 😀


    Kemp has just nailed it if Debbie is for Black that means Brian is a shoe in!! Debbie I’m sorry but you must be a total dumbass please do your due diligence before you run your mouth on subjects you know at the best little about. You guys never fail to make me laugh…

  31. John Silage Jr. says:

    HJ, so I guess you wouldn’t vote for Ronald Reagan or Sonny would you-at one time they were Democrats.

  32. HJ Bailey says:

    There is a big difference in a democrat and liberal democrat. Reagan was a conservative democrat. Gary was is a liberal democrat. anyone who votes for john kerry, is a liberal. Sonny I am not going to waste my time with.

  33. John Silage Jr. says:

    Reagan at one time was a new deal democrat-oh yeah, they were big time conservatives. HJ, what proof do you have the Gary voted for Kerry? Were you in the voting booth with him? And give me some reasons why Gary was a LIBERAL democrat. I am sure Bush-Cheney would have wanted a liberal on the Farm-Ranch Team. HJ, come up with some solid proof or quit with the name calling.

  34. debbie0040 says:

    HJ, I did not realize that you were psychic. Do you have your own psychic hotline?

    Either you are psychic or you were in the voting booth with Gary. Are you two that close?

    This is ridiculous. How do you know that Gary even voted on the Presidential race? You just know he voted in the Presidential Primary.

    That type of argument is what I have come to expect of you.

  35. HJ Bailey says:

    About 20 years ago I was elk hunting with my grandfather And he told me that people always get what they deserve.

    This applies to Gary black. He will get what he deserves. And he deserves to lose and he will. I am confident he will lose in two weeks but if not he will in november. He is a liberal democrat who has lied to us by pretending to be a conservative. He will get his payback and it is coming soon. He better plant his gold buckled loafers firmly in the ground and prepare for loss because that is what he deserves

    Those of us who have helped build the conservative republican movement and majority in Georgia are going to show liberal democrats that they cannot fool us and we will not elect them to office.

    The truth hurts and it will slap you hard.

    Debbie and Mike, this is the truth. And what does utt matter,Gary either voted for Al sharpton, kerry, kusinich or dean. All as liberal as the next. And anyone can claim now to be a part of the bush farm and ranch team. But anyone who was part of that, would not have voted for Dennis kusinich

  36. UGAMatthew says:

    While ago, I mentioned I thought Brian wasn’t doing enough at home, but lately I’ve noticed some momemtum around Athens. He’s definitely calling in some favors and utilizing his support base a good bit more than a few weeks ago. Just thought I’d throw that into the mix…

    Of course, I don’t that it will get any attention seeing that its not a sophomoric nor slanderous tirade.

  37. HJ Bailey says:

    Speaking of kemps momentum, I was in gwinnett last night from loganville to buford and there were Kemp signs everywhere. He seems to know where to put the effort and gwinnett is a good place to put it.

  38. Maurice Atkinson says:

    “”””” John Silage Jr.
    Jun 30th, 2006 at 10:42 am

    Key Facts:

    1.Brian Kemp was rated as the most “Republican Politician

  39. Maurice Atkinson says:

    By the way, how do some of you make indentations in your post, have blue backgrounds and have smiley faces and stuff?

  40. debbie0040 says:

    I see Black signs in the Buford – Sugar Hill area of Gwinnett. I went to the Braves game last night and saw about 7 trucks with Black bumper stickers in the parking lot I was in.

    Kemp is a likeable guy and has been a good State Senator but I am supporting Black because I think he can beat Irvin. Irvin has been in office a long time like Tom Murphy was . Pundits had said Murphy could not be defeated and he was.

    To beat Irvin, you have to have ties and be part of that good ol boy AG system in the State. Black is and Kemp is not. A lot of voters don’t even vote on the AG Commissioner race but voters with ties to Agriculture do. Hence I think Black is the best suited to take on and defeat Irvin.

  41. HJ Bailey says:

    The reason they don’t vote Debbie is because there has never been a good candidate in the race against Irvin befor and Gary is no different. He is deanna Strickland with some money. Irvin would demolish him.

    Voters, however, will be excited about Kemp and will vote for him. Bobby Kahn, if you are reading this post, I know you would have a good time with Gary black, the lobyist.

  42. John Silage Jr. says:


    Ralph Reed is not responsible for me being a Republican. I have been one since I was about 6. I would give credit to Barry Goldwater or Richard Nixon. Goldwater converted my Grandfather. Ralph should be credited with the excellent job he has done for the GA GOP, but the more I have been around him and the less I like him. However, the more I am around Cagle the more I like him.


    Since you hate lobbyist so much, I guess you are not a member of any special interest groups-NRA,NRTL, and the like. Besides, Gary was a lobbyist for the AG INDUSTRY!!! He helped Agriculture. By the way, I guess Brian never recieves gifts from lobbyist does he?

  43. John Silage Jr. says:

    HJ, By the way, I thought you said Gary voted for Kerry. Now, you say it is Kucinich. HJ, who is it?

  44. HJ Bailey says:

    I don’t mind lobbyist but I do have a problem with democrat special interest lobbyists being elected to state wide public office. Whose interests will he look out for? Only big agri business.

    Then, if he lies about being a republican what else will he lie about in office?

  45. Cotton Boll says:

    HJ –
    You are a useless piece of crap. Your comments are childish and useless. When Gary Black wins this thing, I look forward to you coming back on the Peach with your shoulda’ coulda’ woulda’ excuses.

    You must keep a picture of kemp on your nightstand. You got a fettish for that guy! Good luck with that “personal” issue.

  46. HJ Bailey says:

    Too bad you wont ever get that chance Cotton fluff. You want to talk about
    childish remarks, why don’t you look at your own post. If I am a useless
    piece of crap, you are a useless piece of shit.

    I love the fact that you Gary Black worshipers and staffers get so irratated
    at my comments of truth. That is why I know it is the truth because you
    babies get so defensive.

    You can dish it out but you can;t take the fact that Gry Black is nothing
    but a liberal democrat special interest lobbyist, who before Republicans
    took control, sucked up to the likes of Roy Barnes, Tom Murphy, Charles
    Walker and Tyrone Brooks.

    My advise is get a float and hold on to it because I wouldnt want you to
    drown when that ship sinks.

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