Let The Exodus Continue

Bibb County, wherein I unfortunately reside, seems to think that the way to stem budget deficits is to pursue pro-tax anti-growth agendas instead of anti-tax, pro-growth agendas. It’s a matter of simple economics — you make yourself more competitive and you get more business that creates more revenue that grows the tax base bottom up. You keep raises taxes and your base of business and wealthy residents who can afford it pack up and leave.


  1. LINDA says:

    I wrote a big paragraph that did not post, which is why I wrote “test.” I’ll spare everyone the “give me liberty or give me death speech.” Ha! I have got to take my ten year old shopping with his little buddy. I hope I find one of those people from out of town to pay my extra sales taxes! Ha!

  2. leftymacon says:

    I also reside in Bibb County. Interesting that the only house candidate to deal with this issue is Dale Washburn…. the growth aspect, I mean. All I hear from Burgess is the assessment freeze…. (and I’m not convinced will do us any good, long term.

    Peake’s and Horne’s message seem more generic, although today I received about 12 different mailer pieces that I haven’t read yet – most from the House race.

  3. Allen Peake says:

    Lefty, I would be more than glad to talk specifics about any issue you would like to discuss. I believe it is time to take a hard look at consolidating our county and city governments. I believe we need to evaluate how to keep property taxes stable, with Stevens-Day type legislation if needed. I believe we need to manage government just like we would manage a business, with sound judgement and common sense. That is why I am running for the State House, because I believe we need experienced businesspeople who know how to lead and make tough decisions. I’ve done that. The track record is there. So let’s chat about this over lunch one day – I know a great place! Cheddar’s – my treat.

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