It’s getting ugly out there

From the AP

A supporter of Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor on Thursday sued a top aide to Secretary of State Cathy Cox for defamation, the latest salvo in the pair’s increasingly bitter gubernatorial primary battle.

Benjamin Cawthon, a former city councilman from Blakely, said his name had been “willfully and maliciously” slandered by Cox communications director Peter Jackson, who was quoted in a newspaper over the weekend suggesting that Cawthon had been charged with a crime.

“What they said about me was an out and out lie,” Cawthon said at a news conference Thursday. “I am not a criminal, and I haven’t ever been.”


  1. Demonbeck says:

    Despite Erick’s irrational (and rather scary) infatuation with a certain candidate in this race, this race was ugly from the start. The mudslinging is heating up too.

  2. Mike Hassinger says:

    I think the Taylor folks are starting to look a little whiney. “Ooh, your guy said something bad about me! He said something bad about my supporter! Fire him! Make him apologize! I’m going to sue!”

    As some fat guy once said, “Cry me a river.”

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