The Meeks Family

Remember the Meeks family? They were the ones who had their property condemned in Stockbridge. This resolution was introduced in the General Assembly in support of them. Numerous people condemned the efforts to take their flower shop. I believe that they were ultimately successful.

They’ve endorsed Reed.


  1. The Busdriver says:

    And anutha’ thing . . .

    Could Ralph possibly have a worse day than he did yesterday?

    His first ad airs. Not only is it a glancing blow at best, but it’s false. Turns out the bill Ralph tried to hit Casey on actually had nothing to do with property seizures.

    Then, after letting that fact slip through the cracks, the over-their-heads crack campaign staff at Reed Co. neglects to check the roll call on the vote they tried to hit Cagle on. Yup, entire GOP caucus supported that thing.

    Then, not to be outdone by their first gaffe, the Reed staff fails to notice that their only state legislative supporter, Ralph Hudgens, voted for the bill for which they’re hitting Cagle.

    Sharp people over there at Reed Co. The best. But that’s what you get when your campaign staff is working for class credits.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    I think the ad is great and is accurate. If you did not like that Busdriver, then you REALLY won’t like the ones later on….

  3. The Busdriver says:

    Debbie, you’re going off message. Every Reed answer to a question is supposed to be,

    “I’m a pro-family, tax-cutting conservative running a positive and optimistic campaign. The AJC has written over 50 stories about my campaign . . . proud of my work shutting down casinos . . . never wavered in my moral opposition to gambling . . . “

  4. The Busdriver says:


    I’m all for attack ads that are factual. So bring it on, but this time, don’t screw it up so bad. There’s nothing worse than an attack ad the provokes snickers and ridicule rather than gasps.

  5. debbie0040 says:

    It did provoke gasps as it was intended to do. Reed’s ads are factual. The only snickers were from Cagle supporters

  6. nfire says:

    If by “Cagle supporters” you mean “the entire Republican caucus”, then I’d tend to agree with you on this one, Debbie.

  7. jsm says:

    Debbie, How about you explain to us how Reed’s ad is factual? Are you really so blinded that you can’t admit the truth?

  8. 4ofspades says:

    I’m sure thousands of voters are going to base their vote on this endorsement.

    Don’t get me wrong, what the Meeks went through is an outrage.

  9. Bill Simon says:

    Since when does “truth” matter in politics? Especially when Ralph Reed is involved. If Ralph debated Bill Clinton on the matter of ethics in government, you wouldn’t be able to tell one pathological liar from the other by their slick answers.

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