Online poll of GOP Ag. Primary

Randy Lewis of the Georgia Political Digest has an online poll:

Which candidate for Agriculture Commissioner has run the strongest campaign?

As I write, Black has 40 votes to Kemp’s 27, but that will change as Kemp just sent an email to his supporters urging them to vote in the poll.

To vote or view the results, click here.


  1. Mike says:

    I may be wrong, but this thing would be pretty easy to fool. Sneaky staffers could easily take a laptop through different neighborhoods loging on to different unsecured wireless networks. Of course, would it be worth the trouble?

  2. Jack S says:

    I think kemp is whooping the dem in the race pretty hard on there.

    I think mike is a dem staffer trying to cover for his boy gary.

  3. Mike says:

    Sorry Jackhole. Not on the staff, but I have met Gary. Pretty impressive. Hadn’t met Kemp yet, but he seems like a solid choice too. I really think that either way, Tommy’s time is short. I do find it odd that Gary was leading Kemp by 10 points at mid day and Kemp somehow made a comeback that would make Rocky proud. Could be that the Kemp machine took half the day to crank up, but I doubt it.

    A question Jacky. If you were in charge of promoting the agenda of the agriculture comminity in a state that had been solidly Dem for the last century or so, which party would it behoove you to be a member of?

  4. HJ Bailey says:

    Kemp kicked the liberal democrat lobbyist in the ass today. This is just an examble of what is going to happen on July 18th. Georgia republicans will not elect the liberal.

    Make excuses all you want, but Kemp won a poll from propole across the state and about 1200 of them.

    Victory will go to conservative republican leader.

  5. Groseclose says:

    You Kemp guys are laughable! To suggest that an online poll, in which Kemp’s campaign intentionally manipulated the results, is predictive of the upcoming primary illustrates the utter naiveté of some of the contributors on this website. Unlike Kemp, Black didn’t oversell his straw vote victory among Gwinnett County Republicans nor did Black backers taunt the significance of a peachpundit endorsement. In contrast, Black has continuously worked this state, meeting the true voters not the same few college student Kemp relies on in his email list. But, as far as I care, I am content to allow Kemp’s Keepers remain naïve and arrogant about his chances of victory. A sharp dose of reality come July 18th will cure all those ills.

  6. HJ Bailey says:

    Has anyone ever called you black guys hypocrites? Well, you are. You talk about how huge it is when Gary wins a straw poll that he stacks in gwinnett and you would have down the same if you would have won this.

    Polls and these wastes of time do not matter. What will matter is the 18th when Kemp sends that liberal democrat lobbyist running home crying to Betsy.

  7. Mike says:

    Not that I would ever say, “I told you so” but…..

    GPD FLASH POLL – The Agriculture Commissioner’s Race
    Good morning! Yesterday, during our FLASH POLL on the Republican Agriculture Commissioner’s race, we appeared to have an “American Idol” moment — actually it lasted most of the afternoon. In brief, we almost certainly had “voting irregularities.” We are analyzing our statistics and will provide you with a full report once the data is collected and reviewed, and we will release the full results of the poll. We expect to have something posted by early afternoon. Please check back!

  8. Mike says:

    By the way Bailey, if I was actually black, I may have a bit of a problem with your racially insensitive remark:”Has anyone ever called you black guys hypocrites?” Skin color really shouldn’t play a part in this discussion. You should be ashamed.

  9. HJ Bailey says:

    Mike, you stupid moron. I was refering to all of the Gary black supporters. Your stupidity is quite amusing this morning. Why don’t you get a brain, a job and a life.

  10. Mike says:

    Jeez Bailey. Are you really not bright enough to recognize a poor attempt at humor? Ever heard of sarcasm? The concept may be a bit over your head. How old are you anyway? I’m guessing about 12 or maybe a really immature 15 year old. You might want to let us grown ups do the talking from now on.

  11. Mike says:

    Good one!!!! I’ll attempt to gracefully bow out of this battle of wits having been thoroughly and completely squashed under the colossal weight of Bailey’s wisdom.

  12. Mike says:

    Turns out that the Kemp machine might have taken half the day to get going. Interesting.

    The GPD AG Poll — The results and the story behind the results
    Jun 29, 2006 Georgia Political FINAL AG POLL RESULTS

    FROM THE EDITORS OF GEORGIA POLITICAL DIGEST.COM: If anyone tries to tell you that the Republican primary for Commissioner of Agriculture is an uninteresting down ballot contest meriting little time or attention, you can tell them they’re wrong – and we’ll back you up. We got a little surprise yesterday. We offered our readers the opportunity to tell us who they thought was running the best campaign for Ag Commissioner. By mid-afternoon, the votes counted were quickly climbing and ultimately exceeded our historical daily average number of readers. Around our office, we kept saying, “this can’t be right.

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