Kenerly attacked again.

On June 11, I mentioned that Gwinnett County Commissioner Kevin Kenerly was videotaped in Las Vegas with some Gwinnett developers. An unknown narrator asks who paid for Kenerly’s room, but Kenerly provided local news stations with evidence he paid for his and his family’s expenses.

Yesterday, voters in commission district 4 received a DVD of six minutes of unedited video of Kenerly’s Las Vegas trip. No information was provided that was not already provided in the reports filed by the Atlanta TV stations, except Kenerly’s side of the story was not present.

The return address was:
P.O. Box 3172
Cumming, GA 30028

Now, takes you to, a site owned by local Kenerly critic Bob Griggs. Grigg’s website claims they have nothing to do with the mailed DVD. is owned by:

Bob Walter
PO Box 3172
Cumming, 30028
Phone: +1.7702317653
[email protected]

In addition the postage was paid using “Permit 1402”

Obviously a DVD showing Kenerly in Las Vegas with developers is damaging to his campaign, however, am I correct in saying the person/persons who mailed the DVD are required to identify who paid for the mailing? If this DVD was linked to one of Kenerly opponents, what would be the impact of that information?


  1. Mike Hassinger says:

    Buzz, I think any campaign “linked” to this scummy effort will be toast, because they need to disclose to comply with campaign law, and because voters don’t like anonymous attacks. Whoever is attacking Kenerly in this way is a coward, and people don’t vote for cowards.

    As I’ve followed this, somebody hired a private detective to follow Kenerly on a vacation, and saw him on a vacation, having a good time -but doing nothing illegal or unethical. Surely your Gwinnett voters are bright enough to see this for what it is.

    Paying someone to secretly stalk and videotape your opposition is not smart campaigning -especially when the opposition hasn’t done anything wrong.

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