1. HSC Republican says:

    Could they make it any easier for Sonny? They will have no money come July 18. Who has the full support of his party….Sonny Does!

  2. buzzbrockway says:

    So a Taylor supporter is in jail, or so says Cox’s people. Maybe Mrs. Cox isn’t an innocent in editing of Mark Taylor’s Wikipedia account as she would have us believe?

  3. Mike Hassinger says:

    A Taylor supporter WAS in jail, accoridng to the Macon Telegraph and the Early County Sheriff:

    “Early County Sheriff Jimmie Murkerson said Monday that Cawthon was taken into custody in October 2005 following a car accident involving his son. Murkerson, who has endorsed Cox, said Cawthon lied to police about whether he had been driving his son’s car in the crash. He was held for about three hours then released after he told police the truth.”

    The most remarkable thing here is that the Cox Campaign seems to be clumsily but consistently telling the truth. Nobody has disputed the facts of the Wikipedia entry (and what does that have to do with anything, Buzz?) and now a press secretary gives a reporter a tip that turns out to be true.

    Campaigns telling the truth? What next, politicians who keep their promises?

  4. RiverRat says:

    I think “He’s expected to be indicted on lying to authorities and obstruction of justice” (what Jackson told reporters) is quite an exaggeration of “he was questioned and released after he told the police the truth after trying to protect his son,” which is what I gather happened from this article.

    What the Cox campaign is trying to do is smear someone who is telling people the truth – that Cox opposed the lottery in 1992. Apparently no family tragedy is safe from these folks. This guy’s son gets in a car crash, he (perhaps with poor judgement) tries to protect his kid, and all of a sudden Cox’s campaign is telling reporters that he is expected to be indicted for lying to authorities and obstruction of justice?? That is LOW.

    And Cox stands by this behavior, judging by her quote. She even repeated falsehoods that he was charged. This woman has no standards.

  5. Bull Moose says:

    I think that Taylor peaked too early and now momentum is shifting back to Cathy Cox. Mark has displayed a level of arrogance by refusing to show up to so many forums and that’s really put off a lot of people.

  6. GetReal says:

    You reaaly need to ask yourself what’s going on with the Cox campaign. Did you see this line in that story you linked to?: “Murkerson [the Early Co. sheriff who has endorsed Cox] said that he was approached last week by a mutual friend of his and Cox’s and asked about Cawthon. He declined to say who that person was.”

    So basically, some friend of Cox is down in Early County talking to a law enforcement buddy of hers, trying to dig up dirt on someone who is opposing her race for Governor. Think about that. I thought she was the candidate who is going to end the back room dealing and change the nasty tone.

    Another question – her campaign spokesman said the guy was going to be arrested (future tense). Was he told something by this “mutual friend” who had spoken to the sheriff? Would the woman who sats she wants to change the nasty tone of Georgia politics work with a sheriff to set up a political opponent for a fall?

  7. Fuzzyslippers says:

    Could someone please tell Cathy Cox to stop saying she’s “from the country” and “from a small town” so much.

    She’s starting to sound like Brittney Spears.


  8. truerblue says:

    Although there was a couple of errors; dates & times, in the story about Benjamin Cawthon the story is true! Benjamin Cawthon says he sat in the Lions Club meeting and remembers CC saying she voted against the lottery…..13 years ago. Do you think he was actually paying more attention to her speech than the editor of a paper there to cover the story? Not even believable. As far as his 3 hour incarceration last October; he did sit in jail until he recanted on how the auto accident occured-first he lied, then he changed his story! Maybe it occurred to him that the cell was a bit too small. I hear that the other person involved in the accident is still seeking restitution from him. Really believable kind of GUY….lies about the accident, (even if to protect his son-forget setting an example to the son), recants when the sheriff threatens to charge him with obstruction and then fails to resolve the matter financially. UPSTANDING citizen worthy of believing. Hmm

  9. emily says:

    yep, credible creature there. beyond that, you can’t trust a word coming out of the taylor camp these days anyway. doesn’t mean they won’t continue to spill lies and misleading garbage–they’ve, after all, got that extra million and all from you-know-who (the lord only knows how much street money daddy’s paying out). hard to tell the truth when you’ve got nothing to say, huh boys? no problem; if cox has to set the record straight, she’ll go there, i have no doubt. it’s about time somebody put that good ole’ boy out to pasture.

  10. GetReal says:

    Those last two posts confirm that the Cox campaign has truly lost its mind. What would they possibly think they have to gain by going after this guy?

    Putting aside the obvious sleaziness of digging around with a local sheriff to find dirt on a private citizen who opposes your campaign, I can’t begin to fathom what type of political strategy would lead a candidate for Governor to act that way toward someone.

    I thought Cox’s 27 positions on gay marriage in two weeks was the weirdest thing I’d seen in a while. This one tops it.

    My guess is that Jackson kid is just the mouthpiece who will end up stuck taking the heat (and the post-campaign career fallout) for other people’s dumb mistakes.

  11. schleyguy says:

    Emily, Truerblue, y’all sure seem to know a lot about this Cawthon “creature” (nice term for blacks). The lottery was the top issue of the day, it’s not so surprising that Cawthon remembers Cox’s response. Hell, I think a lot of people present at various gay events the last 4 years have a crystal clear memory (and will for the next 30) of Cox’s position (at the time) on gay issues.

    The thing is, it would have been newsworthy if Cox was for the lottery in that part of the state. And there aren’t any news stories that mention that. Terry Toole issued a dodge, he said she was talking about the legislative vote and not the one at the ballot box. But notice how Cox has been very careful in how she’s talked about this. She’s a lawyer, and from what I hear a damn good one, and she knows how to avoid admitting something while also still telling the truth.

    Very cunning.

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