More on the Air War

The Reed folks sent me their ad. It is available here. They also say that they are not targeting Casey for the vote on S.B. 273 as the Cagle camp claims. Rather, they are targeting Casey for not voting on S.B. 86, the bill that prohibited eminent domain takings for economic development.

Move up a post. This information is wrong. The post above this one is right.


  1. landman says:

    So the Reed CAMP is already back pedaling on their on lie,unreal.This ad has ticked off quite a few Senator’s who feel like he has not only taken a Cheap shot at Casey,but also the entire Caucus and the Governor.This act of looking out for the little guy coming from someone who was feeding from the ENRON lunch table while thousands lost their Pensions.

    If there was a theme song for the Reed Camp it would be Pat Green”s ..Ask Me No Questions and I will Tell you No lies!!!!!!!

    Thanks for GALVANIZING the Caucus for us Ralph,keep attacking all of us we know you think its all about you but its really not…you will soon see the er of your ways.

  2. Bull Moose says:


    1. What a load of crock. Casey Cagle has a consistent record of standing for private property rights. That’s why so many Realtors across the state are supporting Casey – he’s been there in the fight day in and out to protect private property rights. Does Ralph not support the Governor’s efforts to protect private property rights, because that’s the bill that passed and Casey was there to make sure it became law.

    2. Ralph Reed talking about values is kind of like Saddam Hussein talking about law enforcement. Ralph’s values include greed, lying, misrepresentation and on and on… I mean, seriously, Enron, Casinos, online poker, and money laundering – whose values are those?

    Finally, going negative out the box is a losing strategy for a desperate candidate.

    Remember, you can’t spell GREED without REED.

  3. HSC Republican says:

    I think Ralph might have lost his backbone here! Maybe he sold it like he did his soul to the gambling industry!

  4. Mike Hassinger says:

    Erick, did I read your post right? They are NOT targeting CC for HB 273? It’s right at the bottom of their commercial, for crying out loud. Are the Reed people saying that they screwed up their own attack ad? I expected better execution from them than that. Sheesh.

  5. Decaturguy says:

    To hear Reed say that something is “morally wrong” and that he’ll fight for “values” really makes me wonder how he defines those terms.

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