1. HSC Republican says:

    Looks like Reed has got his foot stuck in his mouth! Does this make the whole GOP Caucus liberal? I can not wait to hear how reed and his kool aid drinkers will spin this!

    Cagle 06

  2. Booray says:

    Does anyone think Ralph would throw Bush under the bus like this? But he just did it to Perdue and the entire GOP leadership – in a crucial election year. Does anyone think the Dems won’t pick up on this in the fall?

    It is time to whip Ralph’s hard and stop this nonsense.

  3. Demonbeck says:

    I for one do not approve of anyone whipping Ralph’s hard. That just sounds perverted.

  4. landman says:

    Guys,the real conversation piece here is how once again the Reed Camp stumbles on their own feet.They do a baseless attack ad and screw it up so bad that the entire Caucus is ticked because he is not only attacking Casey but them and the Governor as well,who I hear is pretty upset with Ralph also.

    Now contrast this monumental screw up with how quick Cagles Team responded and its really amazing.They were on top of this PDQ,so I emailed McElhannon to see how they were able to pull this off and here is his response verbatum…Listen up Peach Pundits this is how to do it right.

    “it’s not magic,We have a source.We knew about the ad a few days ahead of time.The whole script.So we knew what was coming and prepared for it.As soon as we saw the ad name on the buy at the stations we knew what would happen and we responded to Ralph’s attack on the Republican Majority with the clear unequivocal facts that Ralph Reed has sold our conservative values to anyone with two poker chips to rub together.”

    The sooner Reed is out of the spotlight the better,he is a drag on the entire Party and many people are very unhappy with his self-centered tactis and want him gone!!!!

  5. The Busdriver says:

    Landman, I emailed Jared to find out how they screwed it up so bad. Here’s his response verbatim. Listen up Peach Pundits, this is what happens when you’re not ready for primetime:

    “What? What are you talking about? Ad? Can I call you in a few minutes? I’m watching Sex and the City now.”

  6. GAWire says:


    “I told you so” doesn’t even do this justice.

    This is one of those situations where Ralph supporters and Ralph himself are literally standing around twiddling their thumbs, saying, “pissing off the entire GAGOP sounds like a great strategy, even though most of them don’t like us anyways … now, back to SATC”.

    I seriously don’t know if the Sex and the City reference is true, but I can’t help but think it is indicative of reality.

    Seriously, though … why are we surprised? Why are you outraged? Did you seriously not expect such rediculousness from a suspected corrupt businessman with ZERO elected experience? Are you really surprised that someone like Ralph Reed would make such an assenine mistake?

    C’mon … get with it and get your people out to vote for Casey.

    I can see Buzz right now … wondering “how do I change over to Casey’s camp and not affect the entire Gwinnett GOP”. Don’t worry, Buzz … switching to support Cagle is the best thing that you can do AS A LEADER for the county Party. (FYI, that wasn’t meant as critical to Buzz – just trying to say that I know that thought has crossed the minds of many people). Either way, people WILL remember if you supported Ralph Reed, and that is not going to be a good thing.

    Same goes for all of you other people – the majority of which are leaning further and further away from Ralph … make the switch now, and I PROMISE YOU, we will be better off for it in a few months/years.

    And as for my fellow already logical thinking existing Cagle supporters … we got a lot of people we need to get out to vote in the next couple of weeks and part of that time, I will be out of the country (no, not golfing in Scotland), so someone is going to have to pick up my slack!

  7. Demonbeck says:

    Great post GAWIRE. We Cagle supporters gladly offer amnesty to any and all Reed supporters who want to make the switch.

    Unlike Ralph, however, we don’t support amnesty for illegal aliens.

  8. HSC Republican says:

    Where is Debbie to defend Reed now?????? I think they are all running away from the sinking Reed ship!

  9. CMOB says:

    Political junkies see through the vague half truths and get what the layman will miss. Fact is the people that read this site and the few other worth while sites are in need of the daily dosage and those that are not addicts only know what they are fed through the boob tube.

    I challenge each of you to ask someone who has seen a mail piece or an advertisement by Reed or Cagle what their perception is on the two candidates. It might surprise you if you ask and not comment one way or the other.

    These everyday people will believe a huge chunk of what they are told through TV and some print advertisements. Each piece from each campaign has merit to it and the average Joe without a needle in his internet will believe what he is told by the campaigns.

    I was astonished when I asked a couple of people who had received mail pieces from both to which candidate they were talking about voting for in the primary. What each commented on was the mail piece by Reed with Zell, Newt and Lynn on the bottom of the page. These three folks carried weight with them and said even if everything Cagle was saying was accurate; Reed couldn’t be that bad of a candidate if these 3 were on his mail piece.

    It was totally unscientific but the 7 people I asked ALL had the same comment. I for one have never thought that endorsements meant much, but I guess they do.

    Now that the airwaves are going to be the playing field, ordinary people will see reinforcement to candidates they are lining up to vote for; the junkies are much fewer in number than those not addicted to the monster politic.

    Can someone enlighten me about the financial picture of the Reed / Cagle campaigns and who will be better equipped to spend money on TV over the coming weeks? This race may be about who has the money to stay on the longest and saturation. It may not be about complete truth and splitting hairs, it’s about who has the resonating message with Joe Voter. The fanatic, enthusiast addict may be right in securitization of what is being said but the 50 to 1000+ people that might actually read this stuff won’t be to crucial for either candidate to get elected.

  10. The Busdriver says:

    CMOB, or covering my own butt, that was the most inane undergrad poli sci crap I’ve read in awhile. Thank you.

  11. Bull Moose says:

    Yeah, I asked a few people today, neighbors and the such, who they were supporting for Lt. Governor… They said — “Not that crook Ralph Reed — I’m voting for Cagle.”

  12. Bill Simon says:

    Just like the Abramoff report, nobody has the time to sit down and read the real bill to see that RR is full of it.

    As far as “ticking-off” Ralph Hudgens into turning on RR, Hudgens doesn’t care about this stuff. He’s a dyed-in-the-wool, Kool-Aid, Stepford Follower of RR…RR could run over him driving a steamroller and Hudgens would just say “Do it again, Ralphie!”

  13. GAWire says:

    CMOB, you’re obviously new to the site, b/c we have talked about all of that stuff ’til we are blue in the face. You see, that’s what you have to do when you are talking to people like Reed supporters – repeat yourself and talking v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y so they can understand. Sometimes colorful pictures help, which is where that direct mail that you alluded to comes into play, and yes, we discussed that already, too, but I am too busy to go find the links.

    For those 7 people that you talked to who are misinformed enough to vote for Ralph b/c Zell Miller’s photo shows up in their mailbox, I will show you 17 Cagle supporters who realize the potential damage that Reed could cause for the GOP in the State.

  14. Bull Moose says:


    1. What a load of crock. Casey Cagle has a consistent record of standing for private property rights. That’s why so many Realtors across the state are supporting Casey – he’s been there in the fight day in and out to protect private property rights. Does Ralph not support the Governor’s efforts to protect private property rights, because that’s the bill that passed and Casey was there to make sure it became law.

    2. Ralph Reed talking about values is kind of like Saddam Hussein talking about law enforcement. Ralph’s values include greed, lying, misrepresentation and on and on… I mean, seriously, Enron, Casinos, online poker, and money laundering – whose values are those?

    Finally, going negative out the box is a losing strategy for a desperate candidate.

    Remember, you can’t spell GREED without REED.

  15. bowersville says:

    I guess I am more cynical than most when it comes to this type of add that has the potential to divide the party,(this add is not a fight or disagreement among family members, it has exposed family business to the opposition, a cardinal sin). Do I believe this add spot is a gaffe? NO! Do I believe Reed’s campaign has a scorched earth policy, win or loose? YES! Will it spread like wildfire to all local GOP party members? YES! Will these individual party members spread the word? YES! Do I believe the REPUBLICAN masses are so ignorant as to believe as an only source, the boob tube? NO!

  16. Bull Moose says:

    Bowersville, if we believe as Reed’s ad suggested that Cagel’s vote discredits him, then it also discredits the Majority of Republican State Senators for reelection as well as the Governor.

    I sure hope we aren’t the only ones condemning Ralph Reed.

    I think some of the Republican Senators are facing opponents and it would be in there best interests to immediately condemn Ralph Reed, yet again.

  17. Bull Moose says:

    At this point Bowersville, I will not be supporting, voting, or helping anyone who continues to carry water for Ralph Reed. They are doing so at the detriment of our Republican party.

  18. bowersville says:

    It’s bad here in the 50th Senate race. My Senator(R) has endorsed Reed and my only chance to vote against her is in November and for a Democrat(YUK!). I’m also in the 29th house, the same story. My 50th Senator has endorsed Reed. She needs to change her mind based on this garbage add! But she probably won’t because she was not in the Senate on this vote. However the current Senator(R) lost a residency challenge to her Democratic challenger, maybe she(the R) will wise up. Most people I talk to in three counties are upset about her willingess to try to dis-allow a vote on a ligitimate challenger, with her bogus residency challenge, and her blind endoresment of Reed. Unfortunately, this senate district has a good chance of going to the Democrats.

  19. Bull Moose says:

    Bowersville, put the pressure on her that she needs to get with the program and abandon the sinking ship.

    My State Senator, Eric Johnson, remains neutral. I guess that is a good thing considering his position in the State Senate.

    However, (I live in a Democratic House District) buy Chatham County’s local House Members, Ron Stephens and Buddy Carter have both endorsed Casey Cagle! Not sure where Burke Day stands but given Ralph Reed ran the campaign of lies against his brother, I’m sure he doesn’t side with Reed.

    Chatham County will go to Casey Cagle.

  20. landman says:

    Bowersville,you make some excellent points,that unfortunately are very accurate.

    What Ralph is doing is to be expected,he is in a fight that will define the rest of his Professional Life and he is getting slammed,so he is desperate.The only saving grace he has are these numb-minded party hacks that will ignore all facts and past indiscretions out of some sick sense of loyalty.They are a cancer on the Party and after this election,unfortunately for them they will have bet everything on Reed and will have lost.They will become yet another set of victims of Ralph’s unbridled thirst for Power,because those that are working to stop this train wreck will not easily forget those that put the Party through this.

    This latest in your face attack on the entire Caucus and Governor is nothing more than the attitude of Self Service.Its all about Ralph in Ralph’s world,and those that follow blindly are nothing more than enablers.These people are more loyal than his own staff as witnessed by the leaks that are flowing out of there like a river.First it was the leaks about the push pole and being down by nine,and then it was the heads-up on the ad,they see the cracks in the wall and they are starting to think long term,so info gets out.This says volumes on the state of this campaign,unfortunately, Ralph has displayed with this attack on everyone that he has a scorched earth policy,and that will hurt all of us.

    I have not heard from the President Pro Tem,but if he is aware of this he needs to step forward and go on the record against this baseless claim against the Caucus or this could spell trouble for him as well.Ralph is proving to be what everyone feared,its a shame it really is.

  21. bowersville says:

    I’ve tried to keep up the pressure and I will continue, but the blind Sadie Fields types are not listening, even though they are such a small minority. At our GOP meeting before last, the Senator told us she was not hearing challenges about property tax issues in her other counties(that’s BS, I have relatives in adjoining counties). (Handel was up here with instant name recognition) You should have heard the moans about the Senator (I’m being nice here) “She doesn’t know what she’s talking about,” If the Senator from the 50th does not come out against Reed at this point, and get up on the issues, she will go home against the Democrat in November.

  22. MountainDawg says:

    That’s not the first time Nancy Schaefer has been been accused of supporting Reed. She is solid in the Cagle camp. I believe she may be guilty by association-people assume she’s in Reed’s camp because of her former alliances with Reed and CC. A lot of people (particularly in Reed’s camp) don’t realize how deep the rift is in the Christian conservatives regarding Ralph. Actually, Schaefer was one of the people who signed the sheet asking Reed to step out of the race for the good of the party. This race is becoming more and more like the mess in 1998 when Reed messed up the whole ticket running Skandalakis’ campaign. This time, it is Reed personally so it probably will be even more negative. The sad thing is that Reed honestly doesn’t seem to care what happens to the party or control of the senate if he’s not the one in the driver’s seat. He is willing to destroy the Republican Senate’s credibility to mislead is way into office. I guess that’s why only 1 incumbent senator out of 56 supports Reed.

  23. bowersville says:

    Give me one link for the Senator of the 50th endorsing Cagle? If the Senator of the 50th has no link, she can endorse Cagle here. I will take the liberty to email it to my friends and family in Franklin, Hart, Habersham, Rabun and Stephens, if you please!!!!! Beyond that it is Jackson(D) for this district.

  24. Tater Tate says:

    Bull Moose, if I were a Republican candidate I wouldn’t want your vote or support. You should go back to McCain and the liberals you seem to favor.

    Anyone who thinks Cagle’s missing the vote on SB 86 is without serious impact is simply crazy. That is a vote no one should have missed to show children around the capitol. The children should have been asked to wait in the corner while a senator did his job and cast one of the most important votes of his career.

    Cagle is a dumb ass for missing that vote. Anyone excusing him for this is out of touch with where Georgians are and will find out how much they are on the evening of July 18.

    Can’t be too soon for me.

  25. Maurice Atkinson says:

    This is definitely a losing issue for Ralph. His credibility has sunk like the Titanic.

    I was speaking with an elderly woman yesterday. She asked if I had seen Ralph and Casey on the news. Her comment was, “Reed looked like a fool.” She went on to say it seems as if he is nit picking things, missing a vote in 12 years??!!??

    So how does Ralph introduce himself to the populace? By running an unflattering photo of his opponent and using a a bogus argument? This does wonders for his shaky credibility.

  26. Bull Moose says:

    Tater Tate blow it out your ass. John McCain is an honorable man and I’m proud to have supported him. He is a REAL conservative, unlike so many today that call themselves conservatives.

    SB 86 was never in danger. The bill that mattered is the one that the Governor signed and Casey Cagle voted for that bill.

    If you keep harking so much on SB 86, I’m going to think you’re attacking the Governor.

  27. CMOB says:

    At the risk of being brow beaten by those who over think, you people are of little consequence in the total influence of the populous vote. You are mainly correct in your statements on why Reed might have lied about X, Y, or Z but when I asked folks about who they were going to vote for and the reason, I was surprised to hear what I did.

    As a republican that straddles the fence on whom I will vote for and why, the experience reinforced what I thought from the beginning, Reed has a chance to win this thing regardless of egg heads like you political junkies telling a limited number of voters why he should be left in the cold.

    Cagle has come a long way with his campaign and has tackled the 2000 pound gorilla and done a fine job with his campaign. Those folks who are his supporters and several which are friends of mine bend me toward his campaign. Then I come up with reason why he may not be the guy for the job.

    If I am having such a difficult time deciding who I should vote for I know other party faithful are struggling with the same. I won’t make my mind up until I am in the booth casting my vote.

    It did surprise me to hear why those I asked who they were going to vote for answer with Reed and then tell me about those 3 endorsements.

    As far as being a newcomer, yes I am; I rarely post anything because those who do this daily and have staked out their domain are so quick to cut. As I stated earlier your circle of influence is not all that great so don’t take yourself so seriously.

    Now, slice and dice away….

  28. bowersville says:

    I’m not an egghead, just a dumb ignorant voter that’s not stupid. You and the Reed campaign have shot an elephant and now you have to eat it. You can keep on running out your trial balloons, but they don’t cut it. Reed came out against the whole Senate Caucus to his on stupidity or his own scorched earth policy! Which is it?

  29. bowersville says:

    By the way, where is Cagle’s endorsement from the Senator of the 50th? Tater, Cmob? Was the senator pulling my leg? Or MountainDawg, was that yellow rain water on my leg?

  30. Maurice Atkinson says:

    CMOB, now that there’s funny. I am willing to bet that if you ask you neighbors you ain’t going to find 5 of them that know who Ralph Reed or Casey Cagle are unless they’re politically active. That’s unfortunate, but a fact. And most that are paying attention definitely have questions.

  31. Bull Moose says:

    Well, everyone I know and have talked to, I’ve made sure to tell that they need to vote for Casey Cagle on July 18. That is what loyal supporters are supposed to do — tell their friends and family to support the candidate of their choice and in this case, my candidate is Casey Cagle.

    Trust me, Casey Cagle is going to win this thing by a great margin.

  32. Mike Hassinger says:

    The people who post here are not trying to be of “consequence in the total influence of the populous vote,” -whatever that means. I don’t think anybody on this site expects to change anyone’s mind. We’re here because we like politics and commenting on it, second-guessing strategies, and sometimes, rooting for our favorites and booing at the opposition. It’s like college football for nerds.

    But thanks for reminding everyone not to take ourselves so seriously. Now, STFU. And welcome to Peach Pundit.

  33. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Bull, “”””Tater Tate blow it out your ass. “””” Somehow I just don’t want to picture this…. hysterical…..

  34. bowersville says:

    INDE, thanks it’s going out tonight and I will share in person at my civic club mtg. tommorrow. I wish the Senator would publish that more widely in 50th. People are wondering because they don’t know! I don’t want the Dem to gain any momentum.

  35. bowersville says:

    INDE, just to clarify my earlier statement about publishing it more widely in the 50th, Union County isn’t part of the 50th.

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