1. landman says:

    Someone may want to tell Tibbetts that parts of Southeast Ga.are some of the fastest growing municipalities in the state and need infrastructure as well as Forsyth and Cherokee.

    Buzz,why dont you put Ralph’s ad up that starts airing tommorrow? Im sure you have seen it.

  2. GAPeach says:

    How smart is it for state senate candidates to use valuable resources for tv ads in the metro-Atlanta market?
    To me, it seems like a waste. I may be wrong but all I can think of are Craig Dowdy’s ’04 ads and the margin of victory for Chip Rogers.

  3. Jack S says:

    This todd guy is a moron. There’s no way to actually do what he’s suggesting in that awful ad. Typical pandering. That’s what’s wrong with our party today. Too many lightweights.

    I hope that murphy guy wins. Seems like a solid leader.

  4. DTK says:

    Not the most solid of speakers, is he? I’m thinking they should’ve practiced that one a little more before going public with it.

  5. atlantaman says:

    If I were running an ad for a Cherokee seat, I’m not going to tell folks about the need for roads in South GA. He’s not running statewide.

  6. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Atlantaman, he was criticizing the spending of roads in South Georgia and indicated he would work toward getting state resources for the Cherokee highway.

    Todd is a good man. I had an opportunity to speak with him in January. I don’t know who his competitors are, but Todd has a good heart and is highly intellectual.

    We need more people, like Todd, who seek elected office for the right reasons.

  7. Mike Hassinger says:

    I won’t disagree with Maurice about Todd’s character, but I think the guy should cut another ad highlighting his strengths more than that commerical did.

    As far as buying time in metro Atlanta’s market, a couple of questions: Did he buy it in metro Atlanta, or is it a cable buy, which can be done much more cheaply? For that matter, was it broadcast at all? Buzz said it was emailed. Could just be an email-only ad.

    If one exists, I’d like to see an ad or a mailer from a Republican who proposes cutting government spending. We used to want to do that.

  8. atlantaman says:


    I think we are in agreement, I was responding to landman’s post. I’ve met Tibbetts and Murphy and they both seem like sharp folks. Todd is definately not a moron.

  9. Demonbeck says:

    Criticizing spending on roads in South Georgia? DOT would actually have to spend money on roads in South Georgia for him to be able to do that. Currently all of Georgia’s road money is being sucked up by a certain 11 county metropolitan vacuum.

  10. jsm says:

    I saw Tibbetts at the Lake Lanier Association’s annual meeting this month. All he did was drop names. He said he knows Karl Rove and talks to Gov. Perdue a lot. He sounded foolish. He also didn’t know anything about the lake or its related issues. I was not impressed.


    Tibbetts needs to memorize his lines, he was staring a hole in the cards.Typical ‘Atlanta Attitude” I’m not engaged in his race but I think he needs to mature and try again in a few years.

  12. Thanks for attacking me. I’m praying for my attackers, including my opponent and his consultants.

    I’m running for State Senate to relieve traffic congestion and to eliminate the State Income Tax. (For more information about our campaign, please visit http://www.toddforgeorgia.com)

    The voters in Forsyth and Cherokee need a Conservative Republican State Senator that will fight in the Senate to provide NEW solutions to these 2 problems because traffic Congestion in Forsyth and Cherokee is unacceptable. The OLD attempts are not working. The State of Georgia spends BILLIONS of your tax dollars on roads we don’t need.

    Also, individuals and Small Business owners are over taxed by our Federal, State, and local governments. I’m going to be a tax cutting, tax eliminating State Senator.

    Remember these words in 21 days on July 19: Grassroots / Door to Door campaigning by the Candidate and his team wins elections. We have 1600 grassroots people on our team in the Senate District helping us. My opponents team can spend the next 3 weeks trying to figure out what this team is doing. Our TV spots and the other surprises will simply complement Door to Door. I will not be outworked! Stay tuned…we have resources to have surprises over the next 21 days.

    God Bless you,

  13. Demonbeck says:

    God Bless you as well Todd (and any other politician willing to take their lumps on PP), however, perhaps you shouldn’t lump all road projects in Southeast and West Georgia as unnecessary or wasteful. There is a lot more wasteful and unnecessary roadbuilding going on in the 11 metro counties this year than in the past decade in the rest of Georgia.

  14. jsm says:

    Mr. Tibbetts, my comments are nothing personal, but they are my honest appraisal of your speech at the LLA meeting. I don’t live in your district, so I have no vested interest in your race. I hope you will take my comments constructively–you didn’t come across well. If I were you, I wouldn’t mention all the people you know in stump speeches. I don’t think locals are impressed by that. I would stay focused on solutions to problems that people in your district are dealing with.

    I wish you the best in your race.

  15. GAPeach says:

    No offense to Mr. Tibbets or any other candidate (and there are a few) who has recently made this mistake: The primary is on July 18.

  16. shep1975 says:

    Todd is a novice. While he has been involved in politics behind the scenes for a while, this is his first race. He has made a few campaign mistakes and will probably make a few more. He’s not completely polished yet, but he’s getting there.

    He has no legislature record like his opponent, but has a good GOP resume. It’s not name dropping to say who he has helped and been connected with given that to most people, he’s an unknown. Todd’s a good guy, enthusiastic and I think would be a great person to have in the Senate. I live in John Wiles’s district so I also don’t have a dog in that fight.

    His willingness to put his first campaign commerical up here for us to rip apart (which I have done privately to Todd) does show a lot of courage that most candidates don’t have.


    TODD,nothing personal but there is life and commerce outside ATLANTA.. such as ports and industry etc.. you sound a bit like REED is there a connection? just wondering…..

  18. WGWinters says:

    As someone who has met Todd, he is probably not the most polished stump speaker yet and could use a few pointers on his commercials. But would you rather have a slick skilled RINO orator promising everything to everybody or someone you can trust who has strong traditional values and is willing to do what he says. I will always take the later.

    As to the roads issue, the state DOT spreads its money evenly throughout the congressional districts – a completely idiotic way to allocate funds. The funds should be doled out based on need and traffic counts, or more ideally, some blended formula. For instance, there is a bypass built around Buchanan, Ga. Does Buchanan really NEED a bypass or would that money have been better spent on widening GA-20, the second deadliest road per mile in the southeast? I would bet that the hundreds of grieving relatives would agree with Todd.

    As far as fastest growing areas of the state are in southern Georgia, the comment is completely inane. If the county has 500 jobs and grew to 600 jobs in one year, that is a tremendous 20% RATE of growth. But in the REAL world, that means nothing as the metro counties add that many people in a decent week. Real growth is measured in people, jobs, and dollars, not rates.

  19. cscurtiss says:

    I’ve personally known Todd and his family for three years through our church and have gotten to see the Todd Tibbetts you have not. There is not a better person or American to be in this position. He loves this country, his community, his family, and shows a love for Christ stronger than any man I know. Beat him up all you want, he is the type of person we need leading us in government and beyond.

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