Gwinnett GOP Primaries: an update.

There are a few hotly contested Republican primaries in Gwinnett and some news to report on a few of them:

Former Gwinnett Commission Chairman Wayne Hill is attempting a political comeback by taking on Rep. Bobby Reese for State House 98:

The Reese-Hill campaign has gotten off to a slow start because of major personal distractions for both candidates. Hill underwent triple-bypass surgery June 9, and Reese has been traveling back and forth to south Alabama to visit his father, who is dying of liver and colon cancer, the candidate said.

But the election could soon heat up. Hill recently sent his first direct-mail fliers to district voters, and an independent environmental group supportive of Reese is putting the finishing touches on an anti-Hill cable television ad.

Another hotly contested primary involves Rep. Clay Cox who is being challenged by Woody Woodruff for State House 102. Cox received an interesting piece of mail last week:

“It’s funny to get mail at your house telling you you’re not a resident there,


  1. techtrack says:

    The Reese/Hill race should be really interesting. I heard that Speaker Richardson was at a fundraiser for Reese a few weeks ago. I also heard he stopped in at Handel’s fundraiser, that happened to be at the same location.

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