GA Politics Podcast

I was invited to participate in the Georgia Politics Podcast, which was recorded last night deep in the Democratic stronghold of Decatur. 😉 It’s available for your listening pleasure by clicking here. The topics included: Cox v. Taylor, Cagle v. Reed, and crossover voting in the GOP primary.

Thanks to Joseph G. and Rusty for the invitation and putting it all together. It was a blast.


  1. Mike Hassinger says:

    Buzz, good job. Thanks for carrying the conservative flag inside the Perimeter.

    I take a little issue with whoever said that the crossover against Cynthia was not “well-organized.” (Or maybe they said it was a “small effort.”) It did take a lot of effort and brought in brand-new primary voters in addition to “true” cross-over voters (like me). Most importantly, it worked. So it was organized enough.

    But you and the panel did a much better job at actually discussing issues/races, etc., and disagreeing without calling names or ad hominem attacks, than any episode of of the Georgia Gang, or anything on cable. Kudos.

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