Yard Nazis

“We’ve got the weed patrol going on. It’s yard Nazis,


  1. debbie0040 says:

    You are right. It could be worse. My parents used to live in Cape Coral, FL There you had to get a permit to cut down a tree in your own yard. You also could not park a pickup truck of any kind in your driveway. It had to be in your enclosed garage. The same thing for boats.

    What happened to property rights?

  2. Chris says:

    Wow, Satan must have just put on a sweater. I agree with Debbie. There is a mile of difference between raising chickens in the 25’x15′ front yard in a subdivision and putting an old mill stone on your front yard as decoration.

    The problem is that once you open up the door to regulation you’ve got to keep on top of it. Otherwise you’ll end up with stupid stuff like this.

    I’d still rather see a tort solution to these sorts of disputes vs the heavy brutal hand of government.

    I also think that something has happened to our society when people are more comfortable asking the police to tell their neighbor to cut the grass rather then walking next door and asking the neighbor to cut their grass.

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