Straw Poll Results

Here are the results of a Republican Straw Poll held at tonight’s “Primary Issues” event:

Lt. Governor
Casey Cagle: 130
Ralph Reed: 168

Secretary of State

Charlie Bailey: 10
Karen Handel: 180
Eric Martin: 2
Bill Stephens: 89

Attorney General

Perry McGuire: 261

Agriculture Commissioner

Gary Black: 152
Bob Greer: 43
Brian Kemp: 63
Deanna Strickland: 23

Insurance Commissioner

John Oxendine: 246

School Superintendent

Danny Carter: 54
Kathy Cox: 234

Labor Commissioner

Brent Brown: 183
Chuck Scheid: 59


Chuck Eaton: 170
Mark Parkman: 81


Newt Nickell: 57
Stan Wise: 184


  1. Jack S says:

    As I posted on ericks post – lame. Especially considering that several candidates and their campaigns didn’t go.

    Oooh, ralph has a grassroots army. And they pull a whopping 30 vot margin over a campaign that didn’t show up.

  2. techtrack says:

    I heard that Cagle, Kemp & Stephens were not there.

    Cagle & Kemp had no presence – they didn’t buy tables. There were a few Casey signs up. Nothing from Kemp.

    The Stephens team was there in force, with a table and at least 6 people (including Katie) in Stephens tee shirts plus lots of signs.

  3. buzzbrockway says:

    It’s not accurate to say Casey had “no presence.” Casey’s people were all over the place. They sent some guy calling himself “Mr. Chips” to walk around handing out poker chips. They filmed it as well, so they were certainly there, and their signs were out until the cops made everyone take signs down.

    Look, it’s a straw poll. You can’t draw any conclusions because it’s not scientific, nor is it a true representative sample. It’s for fun and represents the views of those that voted – that’s all.

  4. 4ofspades says:

    I agree about not being scientific. It maybe the only sense you can get on down ballot races. SoS, Ag, Labor, PSC.

  5. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Mr. Chips, that’s a good one. Would have been better to have a native american head dress.

  6. bowersville says:

    Buzz, Don’t tell me the “Yard Nazis” were there to make everyone take down their signs. What a shame. Why can’t we allow our active party members to determine their own destiny and hold up their own signs without government interference?

  7. buzzbrockway says:

    Gwinnett’s Sign Nazis (closely related to the Yard Nazis) have created a severe anti-sign regime throughout the county. They travel in trucks looking for signs to yank and have even enlisted the help of local law enforcement. It was local law enforcement that showed up to enforce the sign ordinance on Saturday. 🙂

  8. NorthsideGOP says:

    This event was staged by the North Atlanta Conservative Republican Women calling themselves the “GOP Capitol PAC.” There were 300 to 400 people in attendance, with a lot of Republican activists from around metro Atlanta

    I was surprised that the Lt. Governor’s vote was so close. Gwinnett and Duluth are Reed’s home territory. The North Atlanta Conservative Republican is dominated by his supporters (or at least it was in the beginning). Cagle had a conflict and did not make an appearance, although it is not fair to say he had “no presence.” There was a joint Cagle/Shafer display table, and Sen. Shafer was in attendance. Sen. Chip Rogers from Cherokee spoke for Cagle. Interesting that Shafer did not speak for Cagle since the event was in his district, but Shafer introduced Gov. Perdue. Also interesting that Rep. Melvin Everson, who is supposedly a Reed endorser, was wearing a Cagle sticker. The closeness of the margin suggests that Cagle could have beaten Reed if he had shown up and should be very troubling to the Reed people.

    I thought Handel would win the Secretary of State’s race, but the margin was pretty stunning. Stephens did not make an appearance, putting him at a disadvantage, but he had a display table, many signs and several young staffers in t-shirts working the room. The size of her victory suggests that the Stephens attacks and the Right-To-Life endorsement have had no impact on the race. Either people are not aware of the accusation that Handel is a pro-choice, pro gay liberal or they have rejected it.

    In the Agriculture Commissioner’s race, I was surprised by Black’s enormous victory over Kemp, who had trouble edging out Bob Greer. True, Kemp did not make an appearance, had no presence (signs, stickers, anything) and did not even send a representative to speak for him, but I would have thought that he would have done better based on his overall campaign. Greer had a table and greeted everyone as they came in the hall, and Black was running a major operation with all of his consultants and staff in t-shirts. This result should be very troubling to the Kemp people.

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