Something else from the Survey USA poll

Senator Chip Rogers pointed something out to me I missed in the Survey USA poll I posted the other day.

Governor Perdue enjoys 88% support from the Hispanics polled. That’s higher than any other demographic group and even higher than the support he enjoys among Republicans. That’s astounding.


  1. atlantaman says:

    I assume the Hispanics polled were likely voters and therefore US Citizens? If so that’s very interesting that the legal Hispanics in GA are not jumping on the kneejerk “ignore the laws for the illegal aliens” bandwagon.

  2. Learn a thing or two about polls. 30 people is not a valid statistical sample, and as much as I like Survey USA their methodology would not be conslusive to determine much about a group like Hispanics since it’s just press a button, there isn’t a live caller who can interview the respondent.

    Black voters favor Perdue by 47-45 in this poll, which if it were a harbinger of what was to come in the general election would be significantly more important than Hispanics, who only make up about 2% of the electorate. Yet nobody points this out because it’s probably useless.

    While Perdue’s numbers in this poll are good overall, 69% among white voters is not very comfortable for a Republican running for re-election. It would probably be enough to win, but that is after the GOP has spent $2,000,000 of unanswered positive spots on Perdue. And I’d point out that he only moved up 4 points after all TV advertising.

    I don’t delude myself into thinking that we Democrats have an excellent chance of winning the governor’s race, but you’ve got a guy who has never had a significant negative media campaign run against him and he’s only doing about 4% better with white voters than he needs to win.

    But by all means go ahead and focus on a 30 person sample with a margin of error of at least 20%, if that gets your mind off of serious things like running a real campaign.

  3. LeftOFLeft says:

    you all get ready to eat crow cause Ray is going to kick butt! mobilizing is the key and we are united, the firt two weeks of July will be fierce, Our campaning will give new meaning to a sunny day in Georgia. the south is gonna do it again!

  4. Danny says:

    Left, if Ray gets 45% in July like you claim, I promise that I will post a pic of me posing beside the Confederate Memorial in the McDonough Square wearing only a Speedo with the old GA flag in one hand & a McBerry yard sign in the other.

  5. LeftOFLeft says:

    my man Danny why wait for the Primary. just show up at the Redneck games in Dublin in your cute attire, and have a good time. what is your forte that you could enter a contest? how about dumpster diving or watermellon seed spitting? come on and join the excitement. and chrishardcore yur invited too.

  6. Danny says:

    Chris, I assumed we were talking about McBerry because of Left’s post in another thread about how McBerry’s going to do very well in July.

    Left, if I showed up in my attire there I’d be afraid that someone would compliment me on my “purty mouth.” But seriously, I’ve heard that 10k people show up & I know it gets a lot of press. If I’m not mistaken it’s around July 4 or so. Think anyone will be down there trying to get a few primary votes? That’s a lot of people in one spot that I would think share many of the same beliefs, many of which from GA.

  7. Dan says:

    It’s interesting that the first result that comes up for Ray McBerry in a Google Search of his name is one in which he states “…Truth is on our side in our noble Cause for Southern Independence…”

    Does Ray believe that the “South’s Gonna Rise Again”? Does Ray believe that God (note the capital “T” in truth that’s not at the beginning of the sentence and later references to God in the entry) is on the side of Southern Succession?

  8. Bull Moose says:

    I don’t think there is THAT much unrest against Perdue for this guy to even be able to grab 30% of the vote. Though, if I have to set a number, I’d say anything higher than 30% is huge against the sitting Governor.

    Perdue has been making the rounds and has been sounding very concilatory toward the Republican base.

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