Gwinnett Straw Poll

From the tip line, we’ve got the following and I don’t know anything about anything related to it other than it was called a “Gwinnett Straw Poll


  1. Jack S says:

    Pretty ridiculous given that some candidates didn’t even go. Surprised that casey had that many votes at an event he and his camapign didn’t attend.

    What happened to the overhyped ralph reed grassroots machine.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    There were over 400 there. Many did not even bother to vote. People were there from Cobb, Fulton, Cherokee. Great event but you could not hear the speakers very well from the stage.

    Chris Simcox with the Minutemen was there and endorsed Konop over Price. He got booed by the crowd when he did.

    Black won handily as well. I believe his majority of victory was larger than Karen’s was.

    The majority of people wearing stickers were Reed’s. About 60% – 65%. They all did not vote.

    Reed won by 56%

    State Senator Chip Rodgers had toned his anti Reed rhetoric down quite a bit. He asked voters to vote for someone because of their ideas not just vote against someone. Chip is THE rising star of the Georgia GOP in my opinion.

    Interesting to see how the press has begun to mention Abramoff and connections with the Bush Administraton… I guess you Cagle people will be condeming Karl Rove next…

  3. 4ofspades says:

    Black took 54% of the vote in his race
    Handel took 64% of the vote in hers
    Ralph didn’t win by 56% he took 56% of the vote

  4. techtrack says:

    A cross post.

    I heard that Cagle, Kemp & Stephens were not there.

    Cagle & Kemp had no presence – they didn’t buy tables. There were a few Casey signs up. Nothing from Kemp.

    The Stephens team was there in force, with a table and at least 6 people (including Katie) in Stephens tee shirts plus lots of signs.

  5. ugadog says:

    Is it just me or are these the exact same results as the other straw poll? Could it be that this is the same poll?

  6. HJ Bailey says:

    Haha. I find it funny that some candidates wasted time finding 50 supporters and volunteers to show up and vote for them in a straw poll that is a non issue.

    Does the poll mean anything? Hell no. I mean these people who voted are already supporters, not un committed republican voters.

    While many candidates were wasting their time at wild bills, other candidates were working to gain the support of the uncommitted thousands that will make up the republican primary on the 18th.

    I hope candidates like the democrat lobbyist Gary black enjoyed their victory tonight because come July 18th, they will be losers and nothing but political waste.

    What a joke.

  7. MarkedExcess says:


    That’s really interesting about Simcox endorsing Konop over Price. I’m not really that suprised though. Both Simcox and Gilchrist for that matter have said that a vote for cafta is a vote against immigration reform. And Price did vote for cafta.

    I wasn’t at the event, was it part of Simcox’s speech or was he answering a question? How did it even come up?

  8. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Tech is correct. Gwinnett is Ralph’s backyard and has the county Party leadership supporting him heavily.

    I am surprised Kemp didn’t do better. He’s a sharp fellow. I haven’t followed that race but have spoken to both on a number of occasions. Last night Kemp was impressive on Fox 24.

    Given the fact that both campaigns were absent does make a huge difference.

  9. landman says:

    Very surprised that Cagle did so well,considering they put little effort into the event.With outspoken support from County Party leaders and people like Brockway and Debbie out beating the bushes to get Ralph some sort of small victory,it must have been a disappointment for Ralph.

  10. debbie0040 says:

    Cagle DID have a presence there so don’t try to underplay Reed’s victory. Cagle DID put a lot of effort in the event, he was just too chicken to show up. No suprise.

    Cagle had signs all over the place, (almost as many as Reed did) Cagle had people giving out stickers at the door. Cagle had Sen. Rodgers and Sen Shafer working the room for him. In fact, the only difference with the way the two campaigns worked the event is that Reed was there and Cagle did not.

    Reed did not buy a table either. Sen. Shafer did purchase a large amount of tickets, though.

    Ralph was not disappointed.

    Simcox endorsed Konop as part of his speech and was booed for doing so.

    Chuck Eaton also won handily.

  11. landman says:

    Cagle did not put ANY effort to get his people to this event bottom line,read off of your Reed talking points all you like Debbie,but Reed should have had a 2to1 victory at this event.

    BTW did you get a chance to ask Ralph why he didnt release his Push Poll numbers?NINE POINTS back and losing ground,how sweet it will be…..

  12. atlantaman says:

    Immigration reform was one of main topics of the evening and having Chip Rodgers (a hero to the movement) working the crowd and speaking on your behalf certainly doesn’t hurt.

  13. debbie0040 says:

    Landman, Cagle did try to get his supporters to the event. He was hoping for an upset. Why on earth would the Cagle campaign have had such a presence there otherwise? I saw a couple there from Cobb County that had been asked to come by a Cagle supporter. Continue you on with your lies.

    As far as the push poll, I had already talked to a Reed campaign insider about it and he laughed hysterically. He WOULD know if it were true.

    You are really getting desperate aren’t you, Landman? Can not cope with a Reed victory? Get used to it. You might want to take an extended vacation around the 18th.

    There was a marked changed in Sen. Rodgers rhetoric in the past few days about Reed. Everyone noticed it. Chip said people should be voting for someone because they have good ideas not voting against someone. Sen. Shafer’s anti Reed rhetoric was also toned down. Maybe the State Senators realize Cagle is going to lose…

    Another thing people were noticing was the large number of people that had Reed Handel Black stickers on. Must have confounded the press considering the fact Stephens has been attacking Handel as not being conservative and here all these Reed supporters were sporting Handel stickers.

    Anyone in their right mind knows Handel has impeccable conservative credentials. When you run for chairman of the Fulton County Commission, you have to downplay those conservative credentials or you would not get elected. Karen never betrayed those credentials.

    If anyone out there believes that Dan and Marilyn Quayle would have someone working for them that were not a true conservative, then I have some ocean front property in Tennessee I would like to sell you.

  14. larry smith says:

    You might be a good news starved campaign if …

    Winning a straw poll by 30 votes at an event your opponent did not attend is the best thing that’s happened to you in weeks.

    What I want to know is this …

    How does the biggest news item from an event that GOP party structure organized become a guy from Arizona endorsing someone who’s running against an incumbent Republican House member?

    Talk about a mismanaged and counterproductive use of resources.

  15. debbie0040 says:

    Larry, you must referring to the Cagle campaign about a good news straved campaign. They have not had much of it lately. They peaked far too early and it politics, timing is everything.

    The report released Thursday was good news for the Reed campaign. Momentum is really building for Reed supporters. I can tell you we Reed supporters smell victory within our grasp and are pretty pleased.

    I don’t believe the organizers of the event knew Simcox would make an endorsement from the stage. He was just supposed to speak and give a presentation.

    Cagle did not attend the event because he knew he would lose the straw poll and he would have an excuse that he was not there to work it. Chip worked the room pretty hard for Cagle. Rodgers probably garnered more votes for Cagle than Cagle would have himself.

  16. larry smith says:

    How the hell do you leverage the entire state party apparatus to put 400 people in a room and then put a guy on stage who proceeds to endorse the opponent of the local Republican congressman?

    I just don’t get it. What a joke.

  17. debbie0040 says:

    I think Simcox’s endorsement from the stage was unexpected. He got booed from the crowd when he did.

    It was a mistake for any candidate not to have a presence there. Cagle was not in attendance but had a huge presence there. Cagle understood it was good politics to have a huge presence there.

    Bill Stephens and Brian Kemp had a very minimal presence there and that was a huge mistake. There were people from other counties attending as well as Gwinnett and some were undecided about those races. No one even spoke on behalf or Stephens or Kemp from the stage. Stephens and Kemp missed a great opportunity.

  18. debbie0040 says:

    Stephens had people there but the presence was not really noticed at all. They were not working the room and did not speak on his behalf from the stage. I did not see anyone handing out stickers out front. There wer not many signs there either.

  19. atlantaman says:

    I think someone from Stephen’s campaign was supposed to speak, but did not make it to the stage on-time. Don’t know all the details, but remember there was some confusion from the moderator when it was time for a Stephen’s rep. to speak.

  20. landman says:

    So now Debbie would have us believe Shafer and Rogers are going away from Cagle,Have you truly lost your mind? You guys really are looking for a ray of light aren’t you,unfortunately its a Freight Train at the end of the tunnel and not sunshine sweetheart.

    On another note,does anyone else find it odd that Debbie and (Ralph”s talking points)are always trying to question Cagle”s Conservative credentials yet she is supporting by far the more liberal in the SOS race and a Democrat Lobbyist in the Ag race.

  21. jackson says:

    I have told you all before. Dont debate Debbie. She wont answer legitimate questions and avoids them at all costs.

    What I think is funny is this. Ralph Reed says he has 6000 grassroots supporters (at last count, a few months ago) yet could only get 160 people to vote for him at a grassroots event. You’re telling me less than 3% (assuming all the folks were Reed activists) show up and vote for the guy?

    Ralph Reed lies about the number of supporters he has. If he has all the momentum and support of party folks and blah blah blah, he would have won 3 to 1 or 4 to 1. Straw polls are events that can be easily manipulated, whoever you support. The fact that with Ralph Reeds fake grassroots army he couldnt, that is telling.

    Oh, and dont use the excuse that you used when no one showed up at his grassroots training seminar. He doesnt have the troops, we all know it. So move on to something that matters like if nothing was wrong with the money Ralph Reed took, why did he launder it through a bunch of fake groups to hide the source?

  22. NorthsideGOP says:

    My post on this event (I attended), cut and pasted from the other Gwinnett Straw Poll thread below:

    This event was staged by the North Atlanta Conservative Republican Women calling themselves the “GOP Capitol PAC.” There were 300 to 400 people in attendance, with a lot of Republican activists from around metro Atlanta

    I was surprised that the Lt. Governor’s vote was so close. Gwinnett and Duluth are Reed’s home territory. The North Atlanta Conservative Republican is dominated by his supporters (or at least it was in the beginning). Cagle had a conflict and did not make an appearance, although it is not fair to say he had “no presence.” There was a joint Cagle/Shafer display table, and Sen. Shafer was in attendance. Sen. Chip Rogers from Cherokee spoke for Cagle. Interesting that Shafer did not speak for Cagle since the event was in his district, but Shafer introduced Gov. Perdue. Also interesting that Rep. Melvin Everson, who is supposedly a Reed endorser, was wearing a Cagle sticker. The closeness of the margin suggests that Cagle could have beaten Reed if he had shown up and should be very troubling to the Reed people.

    I thought Handel would win the Secretary of State’s race, but the margin was pretty stunning. Stephens did not make an appearance, putting him at a disadvantage, but he had a display table, many signs and several young staffers in t-shirts working the room. The size of her victory suggests that the Stephens attacks and the Right-To-Life endorsement have had no impact on the race. Either people are not aware of the accusation that Handel is a pro-choice, pro gay liberal or they have rejected it.

    In the Agriculture Commissioner’s race, I was surprised by Black’s enormous victory over Kemp, who had trouble edging out Bob Greer. True, Kemp did not make an appearance, had no presence (signs, stickers, anything) and did not even send a representative to speak for him, but I would have thought that he would have done better based on his overall campaign. Greer had a table and greeted everyone as they came in the hall, and Black was running a major operation with all of his consultants and staff in t-shirts. This result should be very troubling to the Kemp people.

  23. larry smith says:

    Was there a single undecided voter in the room? Very doubtful. Those people picked sides months ago.

  24. buzzbrockway says:

    With outspoken support from County Party leaders and people like Brockway and Debbie out beating the bushes to get Ralph some sort of small victory,….

    Actually landman, debbie lives in Cobb, and I’m a former Party leader. When I was Chairman of the Gwinnett GOP I took no sides in contested primaries and every candidate received fair treatment (you can look it up as they say). Furthermore, I was working for Sonny last night as I’m his County Leader for Gwinnett and was campaigning only for him.

    The bottom line is it was a straw poll and not worth the effort to try to spin. However, the results in the Lt. Gov. race are pretty close to what we’ve seen in most polls (except for Cagle’s own poll): Reed has a slight lead and there are many undecideds. That’s the result the straw poll delivered in the Lt. Gov. race.

  25. Gil from Gwinnett says:

    Buzz is right — all of Reed’s early support among GOP leaders has pretty much evaporated. The big names who did not formally switch over to Cagle (Bruce Garraway, Stan Hall, Gary Pirkle, Ron Johnson, etc.), have either gone to neutral (Melvin Everson, Lillian Webb, the Crafts), or are now hiding behind “Sonny is my priority” (Brockway, Mike Royal). Only big names for Reed left in Gwinnett are the Quigleys and Carstens.

  26. Chris says:

    One reasons I’d love to see the Primary held tomorrow to compare the actual results to the results from this mostly north-metro demographic. Its a shame that the organizers didn’t collect “home county” from the attendees. That kind of information would be very useful to us looking at the poll results (and very useful for them to track how well their marketing efforts work).

    (The other reason I’d like to see the primary tomorrow is to be able to move on to more productive things).

  27. debbie0040 says:

    Northside, Cagle would not have defeated Ralph if he were there. Cagle had a huge presence there. He als had Sen. Shafer and Sen. Rodgers working the crowd for him. They probably had more influence on that crowd than Cagle would have. Cagle had supporters there from other counties and so did Reed. If Cagle had planned on attending, then the Reed campaign would have went in high gear to get their people there.

    People in attendance had mostly made up their mind up about the Lt. Governor’s race but there were still a great deal of undecideds in that race and other races.

    Landman, where do you get off calling Karen the more liberal of the two? That is not true.

    While Karen was working to re-elect the Bush-Quayle ticket, Stephens was working to defeat the Bush-Quayle ticket and help the Clinton-Gore ticket. What is conservative about that? What is conservative about helping elect a President that appointed the following to his cabinet: Janet Reno, Ron Brown, Donna Shalala, Henry Cisneros, and Hazel O’Leary?

  28. buzzbrockway says:

    Gil(if that’s you’re real name),

    You’ve completely mis-represented my statements and my position. I’m still behind Ralph Reed and certainly am not hiding behind my work for Governor Perdue.

  29. larry smith says:

    Did anyone catch the story in today’s Washington Post that says the federal criminal investigation has now shifted focus to illegal laundering of funds through charitable groups?

    This is NOT good news for Ralph.

    Imagine the disaster for our party if Ralph won the nomination and then got indicted … Sonny would lose and we’d be the minority party for about the next decade.

  30. debbie0040 says:

    Gil, you are wrong. No one is hiding behind any other campaign. Everyone you mentioned still strongly supports Reed. Where in the world do you get your information?

    Larry, give it a break. Stop your scare tactics, they are not working. Abramoff did the laundering not Reed and you know it. Desparation is finally sinking in huh, Larry?

  31. Dawgsrock says:

    In Blacks case I think it shows that his message is on target.

    In the Handel/Stephens race it’s shows that people are seeing through Stephens attacks on Handel.

    It is interesting that Kemp and Stephens were no-show’s, seems to me that they did it so they could spin it that they weren’t there.

    I was there, talked to a number of people who did not have their minds made up, who used the event as an opportunity to meet the candidates to see what they were really about. For someone to go to this type of event, they have to care about politics. I would suggest that they are the ones that friends look to for guidance on the elections.

    While it was a straw poll with no scientific backing, I agree with Tech.

    Ralph lives in Gwinnett so should have done better in his home county, Black had a good showing. The interesting fact was that Handel the largest percentage of the vote in the Lt Gov, SoS or Ag races.

  32. Bill B. says:

    You looked at the wrong set of talking points. Look at the bulletin board over Elizbeth’s desk. The “Ralph will be a disaster for our party” was used for the fake emails before last year’s convention.

    Amazing that the negative and dirty tricks have gone one for over a year from the I Hate Ralph campaign. I can’t call it a Cagle campaign because it’s just hate of Ralph Reed and no positive agenda.

    BTW, I heard that Cagle didn’t attend because he was at another Mark Taylor fundraiser. At least someone he is backing is going to win their primary!

  33. Three Jack says:

    From the Minuteman Project Website regarding Chris Simcox:

    Sometimes You Stand Alone

    From time to time the media has confused The Minuteman Project, Inc. with the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. This confusion has led to hard feelings and misrepresentations. Therefore, we would like to set the record straight.

    Over a year ago, Mr. Jim Gilchrist led almost 1,000 volunteers to the U.S. and the Mexican border in Southeast Arizona and successfully conducted the largest Minuteman campaign since the Revolutionary War. The Minuteman Project also proved beyond a doubt that U.S. borders can be protected if our political leaders merely have the will to do so. Jim Gilchrist’s Minuteman Project brought national awareness to the illegal alien invasion of the United States and embarrassed both the U.S. Congress and the White House. When asked by the media about The Minuteman Project, the president went on record as saying, “Mr. Jim Gilchrist and the volunteers of The Minuteman Project were ‘vigilantes'”.

    Jim Gilchrist is the 21st Century Minuteman. On October 1, 2004 he founded The Minuteman Project, Inc. as a stand alone organization that is in no part related to, or has any business dealing with, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, whose President is Chris Simcox.

    While The Minuteman Project, Inc. and Mr. Jim Gilchrist recognize the work of Chris Simcox and his Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, there is no business relationship with either Chris Simcox or his organization.

  34. Gil from Gwinnett says:

    Buzz — Weird that you would get defensive when I backed up your own denial that you had “beat the bushes” for Reed
    (“I was working for Sonny last night as I’m his County Leader for Gwinnett and was campaigning ONLY FOR HIM.”)

    Truth is you have run around the last six months telling anyone who will listen that you are putting all your effort into Sonny’s campaign and are not doing anything else to help Ralph. Truth is that every big Gwinnett name that came out for Reed early has either swiched to Cagle, gone neutral or found a more “pressing priority” like Sonny beating State’s Right McBerry in the primary. All except the activist Quigley and Carsten couples.

    Even Ralph’s hometown Duluth mayor switched her support to Cagle.

  35. landman says:

    Frame the debate any way you like but there wasnt a single person there that was undecided on the Lt.Gov race and considering where it was held and the fact that Cagle was not there and did not try to mobilize any organized turnout RR should have ranaway with this hand count.

    Buzz,Im well aware of your current and past work in Gwinnett and was in no way implying that you have or would do anything improper.While I strongly disagree with your choice of Candidate in this race I commend you on your service to our Party.

  36. HJ Bailey says:

    Alright so campaigns like blacks bought over 50 tickets for their supporters to come, so of course they won. Bob Greer could have bought 100 people tickets and possibly won. The liberal democrat lobbyist better enjoyed before he his liberal painsy ass kicked.

  37. Jack S says:

    This is silly. The whole event was silly.

    Cagle, kemp and stephens played it smart. Better to not spend thousands on some ridiculous straw poll and go raise money or talk to undecided voters.

    Larry said it best. The entire state party apparatus pushed this and all they got was 300 of the same old activists.

    Our grassroots of this whole party is shriveling up.

  38. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, for “non-political party people”, typically, when the “party” has an event, NO ONE is undecided. We don’t have those events to try and see who we like more than the other, we do it so that the campaigns can go crazy and show everyone how hard they are working.

    So, the only straw poll that I follow for levels of support are ones like the Iowa Straw Poll held every four years in Ames, Iowa that helps gauge support in the Presidential race. That is a crucial test of a candidate’s strength and organizational credibility.

    Ralph’s slim margin in his own home county in a straw poll event organized by party leaders that support him is not shocking to any casual political observers. The only thing shocking about it is that he didn’t win 65% or higher of the vote. I believe even the home crowd is starting to realize that Ralph Reed is an albatross around the Republican team.

    As for the other candidates, I’m a firm Handel supporter. To me, it is inconsistent to think ethics matter in the Lt. Governor’s race and not the Secretary of State’s race. Bill Stephens just has too many ethical lapses for my comfort, plus Karen has great experience that makes her the MOST qualified candidate for this position. If character, honesty, and integrity matter so much, it only makes sense to support Karen Handel.

    As for the Agriculture Commissioner’s race, it is going to come down to a run-off. Who makes it to the runoff should be interesting… All of the candidate’s in this race are working hard, you can’t say anyone is loafing through this one. All have different levels of qualifications, though, I still think I’d have to say that Brian Kemp is the BEST qualified of the four. Bob Greer is a very nice man and I really like how hard he’s working, but maybe he should start on a different level. Same goes for Gary Black. Though the only issue that I have with Gary is that he’s a Democrat that recently converted just to run for this position. Deanna Strickland never stopped running from 2002. I think Deanna should run for the State House and work her way up from there.

  39. Maurice Atkinson says:

    On page 4 #7. Purposes of the conspiracy,,, “It was the purpose of the conspiracy for defendant ABRAMOFF, Scanlon and others to enrich themselves by obtaining substantial funds from their clients through fraud and concealment.”””

    Interesting stuff no one will read. But I wonder, who are the “and others” in the United States of America v Jack A. Abramoff complaint?

  40. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Bull, don’t you know that the article is part of the liberal media conspiracy to bring him down?

    The blind loyalty is amazing.

  41. Cotton Boll says:

    Sunday night entertainment brought me back to Peach Pundit and what do I find but the same bunch of Kemp whiners that are always on here.

    People like Gary Black because he gets it and he understands the issues impacting the Department of Agriculture. I’m in the industry….I’ve seen it first hand. The Peach Pundit folks picked him a few weeks ago and now the folks at the Republican shin-dig picked him – you boys seeing the trend yet???

    Gary Black wins again in July, and again in August if necessary, before capping it off with victory in November…’s gonna happen.

  42. buzzbrockway says:

    Truth is you have run around the last six months telling anyone who will listen that you are putting all your effort into Sonny’s campaign and are not doing anything else to help Ralph.

    “Gil” if what you’re saying is true why hasn’t someone spilled the beans on me already?

    The truth is “Gil” what I do I do in the open and I don’t hide behind the Governor or some fake name to do it.

  43. Gil from Gwinnett says:

    Buzz — Spill the beans? What are you talking about?

    Did you post this?

    When it was suggested that you were beating the bushes for Ralph, you are the one who made the big production about denying the allegation and announcing that you were Sonny’s county campaign leader and CAMPAIGNING ONLY FOR HIM!

    I was just backing up your denial, which I know to be true.

    If you want to maintain the fiction that you are ONLY CAMPAIGNING FOR SONNY because he needs the help against States Rights McBerry, fine by me.

    Don’t go Simon on us.

  44. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Gil, what’s the problem? Buzz has been straightforward. Sure he supports Ralph but he was working the event for the Governor.

    And, what’s Simon got to do with the argument?

  45. NorthsideGOP says:

    I have never spoken to Buzz and know nothing about his preferences in the Lt. Governor’s race, but it is fair to say that many of Reed’s early supporters in Gwinnett County have either switched to Cagle or lost their initial enthusiasm. Rep. Melvin Everson was the only elected official that I thought was still supporting Reed in Gwinnett but he was wearing a Casey ’06 sticker on Saturday.

  46. buzzbrockway says:

    Hey Northside, did you also notice that Rep. Everson was wearing stickers for almost every other candidate present – including a Reed sticker? I’ll let Everson speak for himself, but I think your assumption is incorrect.

  47. Gil from Gwinnett says:

    Maurice — I am not the one with the problem. I was just backing up Buzz on his denial that he was helping Reed at the event, and then he went Simon on me. Buzz has made it clear that he is ONLY CAMPAIGNING FOR THE GOVERNOR — his words, not mine — and that is fine by me.

    Most of Ralph’s early supporters in Gwinnett have found one way or another to distance themselves from the Reed. A dozen of them publicly switched to Cagle earlier in the year. Others went neutral or decided to support “both” candidates. Most have found “pressing campaign priorities” elswehere, usually the Perdue campaign. Sonny needs the help against States Rights McBerry.

  48. buzzbrockway says:

    Keep spinning “Gil” you’re getting futher and further away from reality. What I really wrote is plain for all to see as are your misrepresentations.

  49. NorthsideGOP says:

    Buzz, I did not make an assumption, only an observation. It is interesting that Rep. Everson, a supposed Reed endorser, would wear a Cagle ’06 sticker. Sen. Shafer and Sen. Rogers were not wearing Reed stickers. I am sure they will support Reed if he wins the primary, but they are not hedging now.

    Are any elected officials in Gwinnett County still supporting Reed over Cagle? I saw that Rep. David Casas switched his support from Reed to Cagle a couple weeks ago. Who has endorsed Reed?

  50. MarkedExcess says:

    Three Jack, thanks for clearing up the Gilchrist and Simcox factions of the Minutemen. I was at the Minuteman Caravan Rally at the state capitol back in May, I think, where Gilchrist endorsed Konop from the podium. So, it looks like Konops got the Minutemen endorsement no matter how you cut it.

  51. debbie0040 says:

    The report clearly impicates Abramoff in the money laundering. Even the chart on the WP states Reed did the grassroots effort.

    The Cagle campaign is really showing their desparation. Still spouting lies an innuendo. They have yet to answer hos Cagle emiiassed such wealth in 4 years if he did not use his position as State Senator for personal gain.

    Get over guys. Reed will be the next Lt. Governor and there may be even more questions Cagle needs to answer…

  52. northside elephant says:

    Ralph just won a straw poll held in his backyard by only a slim margin. Where is the big, bad Reed grassroots army?

    I can say that if a straw poll were held today in Gainesville and Casey only won by around %10 I would be very concerned!

  53. debbie0040 says:

    emiiassed should be emmassed. Did not have my glasses on. Sorry.

    The City of Duluth gives out ID Cards so illegals can work. I would not put much stock in what that Mayor does.

  54. duluthmom says:

    This weekend, Reed’s signs went up in his neighborhood. This is a place where in 2004 way over 50% of the yards had Bush 04 yard signs. I did a quick loop yesterday of approx. 300 homes and counted 20 Reed signs total. This is supposed to be part of his grassroots base and he can’t get his own neighbors to put up signs?

  55. MountainDawg says:

    It blows my mind that Reed only one the straw poll by less than 40 votes. Debbie- your “the dog ate Reed’s homework” and “his supporters didn’t even vote” just don’t cut it. If Cagle can skip the event and run that close in Ralph’s home county is just not a good sign for the Reed camp. He can talk about grassroots alll day long, but if he can’t get his loyal supporters in his home county to vote in a straw poll, how is he going to fire up Joe-Six Pack in July or November? Republicans who want a strong team ticket are terrified of what Reed will do to the ticket, and I believe this poll backs that up (especially in his home county). Ralph should be strong in the July primary, but so will Cynthia McKinney in her race. Ralph will be the fuel for Democrats that McKinney, Ted Kennedy, and Hillary Clinton are for the Republicans. The only difference is that Ralph has absolutely no experience as an elected official.

  56. northside elephant says:

    You have a point there Mountain that I have brought up before.

    Major, statewide elections such as US Senate, Governor and Lt. Governor are won by candidates with previous elected experience. Primarily legislative experience at that.This is supported by both polling and common sense.

    Sure there are a very few exceptions (Arnold) but overwhelmingly statewide candidates without previous elected experience loose -no matter how much money they might have.

  57. buzzbrockway says:


    Believe it or not, Sonny needs volunteers for November and we also need to distribute yard signs and bumper stickers. A room with 400+ people is a great place to do that. There is life after primaries you know. 🙂

  58. debbie0040 says:

    Bill, McBerry had his protesters/supporters out front of Wild Bills.

    Mountain Dawg, Cagle has had legislative experience lining his pockets.

    Reed has had grassroots experience and great ideas. Reed has the support of experienced politicians.

    W sure felt like Reed could help him win in 2004.

    You guys can spin the straw poll anyway you want to. It is consistent with other polls that have been taken. Reed still consistently comes out ahead and he has not even started running ads yet. Get used to the fact Cagle will lose.

  59. Bill Simon says:

    Cagle has had experience “lining his pockets”…right, Debbie…and how much lining do you expect Ralph, the Launderer to work for himself if he gets elected LG?

  60. Bull Moose says:

    Ralph is in his last throws of his political career. It’s almost sad to watch. Here is someone that is, by his own educational pedigree, very smart and capable, but his own personal greed and enormous ego were too much and got the best of him.

    Ralph will lose the primary, by how much remains to be seen. I think it will be between 5-10 points if not more.

  61. The Busdriver says:

    A smokin’ hot new article from WORLD magazine, authored by one of President Bush’s closest advisors–the man who coined “Compassionate Conservative.” Yes, Debbie, WORLD magazine hates Ralph and has an axe to grind, blah blah blah.

    Ideologue for hire

    Politics: In Jack Abramoff’s depiction, Ralph Reed fought for ideas “as far as the cash goes

  62. Bill Simon says:

    Let me reply on behalf of Debbie: “This is all old news, and it’s just as Lisa Baron says that Ralph didn’t obscure anything. He knows he was being paid from non-gaming funds, and he’s already admitted to that a year ago…the Senate report exonerates him…blah…blah…blah…”

  63. debbie0040 says:

    Reed did not do anything wrong. Reed did not launder money.

    Deal with the fact Reed will win. The Democrats are already looking at him as the nominee.

  64. debbie0040 says:

    Latest Handel Email

    Handel Campaign Rolls into Final Three Weeks With Landslide Straw Poll Win!

    A political rally was held for Republican candidates in Gwinnett County on Saturday. The event was hosted by The GOP Capitol Political Action Committee and was attended by nearly 300 conservative activists. After a speech by Governor Sonny Perdue the other candidates had their opportunity to speak to the crowd. Karen’s positive message was well received by those in attendance. She talked about her plan to reform elections in Georgia and what the Secretary of State can do to help curb illegal immigration such as revoking business licenses from those who willfully hire those workers.

    Each person in attendance was allowed to cast a ballot in a straw poll. In one of the most lopsided results of the evening Karen won the Secretary of State ballot with 64%. The complete results were Karen Handel 180 votes, Bill Stephens 89 votes, Charlie Bailey 10 votes and Eric Martin 2 votes.

    The only election that matters is on July 18th, but clearly the momentum is with Karen and her positive message is being well received.

  65. Bill Simon says:

    Ralph DID do something wrong, Debbie. He knowingly participated in the laundering of money through non-profits. First, Grover Norquist’s ATR organization will lose its’ tax-exempt status, then Grover will go down, and then Ralphie will go down.

  66. debbie0040 says:

    Ralph DID NOT launder money nor did the report accuse him of doing so.

    Keep dreaming about Ralph going down. Ralph is going up and up and up.

  67. Bill Simon says:

    Debbie…you are clueless in the realm of all things corrupt. You’ve been supporting ASH for I don’t know how many years, and before that, you supported Marliyn Gilhuly. Both are racing each other to be the biggest liars in the history of Cobb County GOP politics.

    So, you wouldn’t know what was illegal if it crawled into your network and said “Follow me, I’ll lead you to the Ralph Reed Virus…”

  68. Batman says:

    Wow, this is all totally meaningless.
    I am not going to comment on who had the most signs, stickers, volunteers who they paid their entry for, etc., because I wasn’t there. But, straw polls like these mean nothing. According to one earlier this year, Bill Frist is the front runner for President, even though he is not.
    Let’s hold a straw poll in cherokee and north cobb, and I bet you Stephens wins. Hold a straw poll in north Gwinnett and Hall, Cagle will win. Hold one in commerce and jackson, black will win. Hell, hold one at UGA and Kemp will win. Hold one in North Fulton, Handel would win. Hold one at a Christian Coalition rally, Reed would probably win. Big deal, it means nothing.
    These mean nothing, indicate nothing, and give momentum to no one. These aren’t scientific, as stated before, and by this point today no one cares. The average primary voter isn’t going to care nor will they ever hear about this. Handel sends out a press release about it, but last Friday she sent one out that was the whiniest sob story you’ve ever heard, and just made her look like a joke.
    Also, Bullmoose, where is the integrity, honesty, and character with Handel when she votes to give Planned Parenthood almost $500,000 in federal grant money. How is that ethical and/or conservative?

  69. Bull Moose says:

    Batman you make some good points on straw polls but totally disagree with you about Karen. There is nothing “unethical” with a county commission chair awarding a grant. Maybe you and I don’t agree on that particular award, but let’s face it, Karen Handel is hands down the best candidate for the position of Secretary of State.

  70. Bull Moose says:

    Also, from today’s Georgia Municipal Association candidate forums, the crowd was OVERWHELMINGLY in support of Casey Cagle.

    Karen Handel was there working the crowd.

    Cathy Cox seemed to have the most support there.

  71. Batman says:

    You’re right in that there is nothing unethical about awarding a grant, but it is to whom the grant is going to that makes it unethical for her if she is claiming to be a conservative, and it exposes her as not being one.
    I disagree and say that, hands down, Bill Stephens is the best candidate for Secretary of State. But, I have a feeling we won’t come to agreement on that, so there is no sense in us arguing over that specific point in repeated posts.

  72. MountainDawg says:

    The Democrats aren’t looking at Reed as the nominee, they’re PRAYING he is the nominee. Ralph’s primary win will create a 5-7 point disadvantage for the Republican statewide candidates in November. He’ll activate the Democratic base a LOT more than he will the conservatives. Ralph can probably rally his troops in the July primary, but his short-term victory will bring more than just his loss in November. As far as a Reed supporter accusing Cagle of lining his pockets, that’s like like Bill Clinton for being critical of Billy Graham for moral ineptitude.

  73. Bill B. says:

    Great news…the majority Democrat GMA supports Cagle and the Republican conservatives support Reed. Glad the Cox people aren’t mad with Cagle for his donation and support of Mark Taylor.

  74. 4ofspades says:

    Did you get any sense of where the folks at GMA were concerning th SoS race?

    We’ve been there before about the Planned Parenthood vote. The $425,000 grant came from the State as a mandated program to Fulton County. The county put it out to bid. The bid requirements were the requirements that that state passed down to the county. The only organization that met the state requirements was Planned Parenthood. The grant was for family planning services. So there was no choice in who to vote for to provide the state mandated services. You really should try some new material.

    Here’s another part of Handel’s email from today:

    The AJC ran an editorial on Sunday that included a mention of our race and the negative tactics that have been employed by Bill Stephens and his campaign. We have posted below a portion of the editorial that may be of interest to you.

    “Stephens seems to be the chief instigator of such nonsense, a fact that reflects poorly on his candidacy. And when Handel raised legitimate complaints about the dirty campaigning, Stephens responded with a particularly inane and patronizing statement, saying that Handel was getting “too emotional” about the campaign.
    That’s code frequently used to question the ability of women, as a gender, to handle any tough job. It also tends to anger women who are tired of hearing such foolishness. If so, Stephens may rue his decision to try to personalize the campaign rather than run on the issues.

  75. debbie0040 says:

    MountainDawg, typical scare campaign run by the Cagle Camp.

    What did the polls say about the Barnes – Perdue Race?

    I believe Reed will help the ticket not hurt it. We need a fighter not a wuss on the ticket with Perdue.

  76. debbie0040 says:

    For a change, I actually agree with the AJC.

    “Stephens responded with a particularly inane and patronizing statement, saying that Handel was getting “too emotional

  77. northside elephant says:


    The organization that you refer to was given funds as part of a large block grant. Although a Republican creation, these grants can be a serious dilema for a conservative like Karen Handel.

    Title XX social services block grants have a category of funds for “non-medical family planning services”. Due to strict rules and eligibility requirements there are often not too many organizations that are able to accept funds for things like “STD public awareness campaigns” or “birth control counseling”.

    Karen Handel is a pro-life Republican.

  78. northside elephant says:

    By the way Bill B. if GMA is “a bunch of Democrats” then why did their poll results show Sonny Perdue winning in 2002 and now again in 2006?

  79. MountainDawg says:

    You keep saying Reed is leading the polls, so get on board or be left behind. Why would you then contradict yourself and ask what the polls said about the Barnes-Perdue race? Maybe you made my point for me. Barnes can thank the teachers and the flaggers for his loss. Reed will thank a split between the Christian conservatives, the business community, and his ethical lapses that were never ethical lapses for his loss. Thanks for the help, Debbie.

  80. Batman says:

    4 of Spades (or Steve Handel/Handel Staffers):

    Wow, it is amazing how you keep changing your defense! Before it was the state telling Fulton County the money had to go to planned parenthood, and that the state had chosen planned parenthood.
    Since I’ve shown you to be so wrong on that, you change it to that the state’s requirements were too stringent and that Handel had no choice but to vote to giving the money to planned parenthood. Also, the grant, that Handel herself cited, was for health treatment for mothers and infants, not family planning. You still can’t get anything right. Stop trying to blame the entire Republican Legislature and the Governor for Handel’s mistake.
    Wow, now someone on her side actually admits she voted to give the money to planned parenthood, where Handel had denied doing so. Only the ajc had said that, but who believes anything they say? The fact is, you just admitted that Handel had a choice, and she chose to vote for Planned Parenthood. She could have still voted against it, she didn’t, and it is showing her true colors.

    As for the ajc, who cares! They’ll say anything to discredit a Republican. The same Sunday issue bashed politicians who didn’t show up to the pride festival. And, I can gurantee you that even if Cagle wins the Lt. Gov’s race, they’ll bash him as well.
    You think that Republican primary voters are going to care what the ajc’s editorial board thinks? If Handel’s campaign is dumb enough to believe that, she doesn’t deserve to win. This is the same editorial board that just last week ran a disgusting cartoon accusing the U.S. of being equal to the brutal fascist insurgents in Iraq, and then ran the story about the two U.S. soldiers that these brutal people killed right under the cartoon. I don’t put any clout into such a ridiculous group of people who do something like that, and Handel shouldn’t either.

  81. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, I think it would be a stretch to call today’s gathering at the Westin Savannah a “Democratic Group”. I’d say by and large it was Republican – main street common sense leaders of Georgia’s cities. Almost everyone there was sporting Perdue stickers.

    Ralph really doesn’t have much credibility with these folks as many of them don’t trust him. As well, in terms of personal performance, you can tell that the scandals are beginning to take their toll on the candidate.

    Some think this will be a close election, but I don’t think that Georgians are willing or ready to trust such an important office to someone who is under investigation from so many different angles.

    Not to mention, Ralph raised a very odd and frightening prospect in that to evade sunshine laws, perhaps economic development deals should be done through 3rd parties, evading Georgia’s open records laws.

    As for the Secretary of State’s race, Karen seemed to be right at home and knew most of the people there and seemed to be really well received. She’s doing great, she just needs to remember names a little bit better. She is leaps and bounds more qualified than her opponents. I think when people look to the Secretary of State’s office in terms of managing elections, people should expect someone who is ethically above reproach and you can’t say that about one of her opponents.

    So those are just some of my observations…

    That and man is Greg Hecht short…

  82. Batman says:


    The grant the Handel cited in her own press release had nothing to do with std prevention or birth control counseling, but instead had to do with health services for mothers and infants. Therefore you’re argument doesn’t apply.

    4ofSpades, or Steve Handel, nice comment. You like to go that route instead of trying to counter argue my points, because you can’t. You can’t face the fact that straw polls mean nothing, and that primary voters won’t care what an ajc editorial said.

    Bull, Handel isn’t any more qualified than Stephens, he was cleared of any purposeful intent in his violations, he paid them, admits his mistakes, and can admit them. That is leaps and bounds above Handel. Handel instead lies and denies whenever she regrets something, like her support for benefits for gay couples. She would have made it easier on herself by just admitting it and moving on.
    I don’t think it is very ethical and conservative for a Republican to be voting in favor of giving almost $500,000 to planned parenthood. Period. She did it, she denied it and blamed it on other Republicans.
    She’s not more qualified than Stephens, and she is nowhere near as much of a conservative.

  83. Bull Moose says:

    Bat: Understand this — THERE IS NOTHING UNETHICAL about doing your job and as Fulton County Commission Chairman and through a FEDERAL GRANT she awarded funds to the organization. Get over it. You may not agree, but that is not make it an ethics matter. You are making yourself sound ignorant by pressing that point. Yeah, you disagree, but it isn’t unethical. Now had she passed the funds through a fake non-profit to use the funds, then that would be unethical. Oh I forgot, that’s what Ralph Reed did…

  84. debbie0040 says:

    Batman, do you not understand about Federal Block Grants? If not, I suggest you check it out. Bill Stephens being a State Senator should. Stephens purposedly distorts the facts about that grant.

    Stephens supported the defeat of the Bush-Quayle ticket in 1992 by supporting the Clinton-Gore ticket. How is that conservative?

  85. Demonbeck says:

    Giving money to Planned Parenthood isn’t unethical, it’s immoral. Poor word choice.

    I’m not going to get into why as I don’t want this thread turning into another abortion debate.

  86. Batman says:


    Wow, you are one to accuse anyone of purposely distorting facts. You pretty much have no idea about anything based in reality. Handel seems to to be the only one distorting facts, or just straight lying about them. This is probably why you support her so much, since you seem to do the same. I don’t think anyone actually puts any clout in anything that you say.

    Bill, yes, I am quite batty…

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