Passing on the Pride festival

The AJC is reporting that Cathy Cox and Mark Taylor will be skipping the Gay Pride Festival this weekend:

Cox and Taylor will both skip Atlanta Pride Festival in Atlanta, an event that is expected to draw about 250,000 people amid a new battle over constitutionally banning gay marriage in Georgia. The state Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments Tuesday on the legality of Georgia’s ban.

The absence of the state’s two most visible Democrats — both were invited to a Saturday candidates’ forum — has further angered the metro area’s politically active gay community, which has threatened to boycott the gubernatorial primary.


  1. LINDA says:


    That is exactly why the Libertarian Party is not taken seriously with conservative voters. Our founding fathers that war very much Libertarian minded would not have attended a Gay Pride Festival! As a matter of fact, they would have shipped these moral degenerates back to where they came from. If you are gay, then flaunt around in your pink feathers and goofy garb behind closed doors because those of us in the straight community do not condone this public dispay of sick pride.

  2. LINDA says:

    Ha! I give up-Libertarian. I should just type somewhere where I can use spell check and copy and paste. Anyway, I am sure some will be outraged at my comments!

  3. LINDA says:

    Thank you, I am proud to stand up and say that I do not condone these sick individuals that flaunt their alternative life style in society. And you know what I bet that 95% of the people in the United States feel like I do.

  4. rugby_fan says:

    I doubt that all 250k of the attendees would vote in the first place.

    The gay community is amazingly diverse in their politics. Andrew Sullivan said (im pretty sure this is the number, I’ll find it if anyone wants) that 25% of the gay vote went to GWB in 04.

    I don’t think this will hurt either of the Dems. CC already screwed the gay vote, MT has never really been–to the best of my knowledge–trying to court their vote too actively.

    Watch their threat become a hollow one on the 18th.

  5. jacewalden says:


    Don’t you have a KKK rally to attend somewhere?

    Or a Neo-Nazi march?

    Or someone’s lynching?

    Or a Jew to persecute?


  6. griftdrift says:

    Given that the founding fathers probably hired a known homosexual to train the continental army, I find your ignorance astoundingly unsurprising.

  7. LINDA says:

    Dear Jacewalden,

    You know what you can take your opinions and slurs toward me and shove them where the sun does not shine. I am fighting for what I define as morals and values in a society that my ancestors fought and died for. They darn sure did not die to protect the rights of people that are so sick with their sexual orientations that they wish to flaunt in front of my children. I am not a member of any of the organizations that you have suggested that I am, and you are the sick one, not me. I know that I am outnumbered on this thread, but I also feel confident in that I am speaking for the vast majority of citizens in this country. You want freedom of speech for everyone but the majority, and sorry son that is not the way it is.

  8. Danny says:

    You beat me to it rugby_fan.

    If you want true liberty you have to tolerate the lifestyles of others so long as they don’t infringe on your freedoms.

  9. JaseLP says:

    While Jace’s comments may be out of line, you are doing this to yourself.
    People like you are the reason I left the Republican Party and the reason I stopped going to church.

  10. JaseLP says:

    If you want true liberty you have to tolerate the lifestyles of others so long as they don’t infringe on your freedoms.

    Danny, you nailed it.

  11. duluthmom says:

    Linda you bet wrong. 95% don’t agree with you. In 2003 Gallop poll showed that 60% of the American population believed that it should be legal for homosexual couples to engage in consensual sex. I happen to be one of them.

  12. Chris says:

    Ok, I’ve decided LINDA is a sockpuppet. Someone out there is messing with us. “I know, I’ll just toss out the most absurd drivel and see who I can get all-rielled up.”

    You know what WordPress needs? A good ol’fashioned kill file. Set it up so there is a little check box next to each person’s name. Click the check box and that person is added to your kill file. You’ll never see their comments again.

  13. Danny says:

    Linda, the problem is that you’re fighting for what YOU “define as morals and values in a society.”

    That’s not my definition of freedom. Let people decide their own morals and values.

  14. LINDA says:


    I am fighting for God’s definition of morals and values. Homosexuality is strictly prohibited in the Bible. I did not say that homosexuals cannot practice their sex lives, but just do not flaunt it in public. I am sure that there are many homosexuals that are ashamed of these fools that get out in public.

    It is a farce to say that you can abandon the church, but at the same time want to legalize homosexual marriage. Marriage originated in the church.

  15. Bill Simon says:

    Linda Sez: “As a matter of fact, they would have shipped these moral degenerates back to where they came from.”

    These “moral degenerates” came from the same place YOU came from, Linda. A womb.

    But, you DO sound a lot like Adolf Hitler did back in the early 1930s when he was building his flock of people to hate the Jewish people that lived in Germany. Back then, he encouraged his followers to “ship the Jews back” as well. Later on, he decided “shipping them” to death camps would be easier than paying the freight to “ship” them out of the country.

    Linda, have you actually found someone as nutty as you to marry and have children and raise them to be just as whacked-out as you are?

  16. jacewalden says:


    Um…my comments were right online with some of the comments that LINDA has made on this and previous threads. Don’t shoot the messenger. 😉

    “and you are the sick one, not me”–Linda, directed toward me.

    My response: LOL, ROFLMAO, HAHAHAHA

    Linda, you have NO DAMN IDEA what soldiers in this country have fought and died for. You also have NO DAMN IDEA what soldiers are currently fighting and dying for.

    You’re a racist, supremacist, bigot. You have no conception of liberty. No conception of freedom. You are a DRAIN on all of the freedoms that our ancestors have given us. You are an enemy of freedom, not a protector of it. You are part of the disease that America was founded to cure.

  17. LINDA says:

    To the far fringed freedom fighters,

    An illegal immigrant was arrested for molesting a male puppy this week in Florida, so are you going to get out and fight for the beastality groups ten years from now when they want their individual rights protected. Yeah, I know it is sick, but hey we have some sick people in this world.

  18. Bill Simon says:

    I’ll repeat myself:


    Women wearing pants/jeans is ALSO strictly prohibited in the Bible.

    So, do you follow that part of the Bible as well?

  19. jacewalden says:

    Here’s my favorite part about Linda:

    She thinks the Jews control the world in some vast conspiracy…

    She wants all homosexuals to be “shipped back to where they came from”

    She is against the freedom of speech.

    She is against the freedom of expression.

    YET, she says that WE are the “far fringed freedom fighters”


  20. LINDA says:

    Dear JaceWalden,

    You are so very wrong because my son is a Marine! Have you served our Country? My son lost his best friend in Iraq in October 2004, and I know that this young Sergeant did not die to have gays trying to persuade his two young children to switch over to what we as Christians do not condone. I am just going to ignore Simon because he is a bigot anyone that does not walk and think like he does.

    But, I will say to you Bill that my husband also thinks that gays should not be out marching in the streets.

  21. Danny says:


    Morally I agree with you, homosexuality is wrong. You are correct that there are gays that are ashamed of the public flaunting. I know of two specifically who have expressed their being ashamed of the behavior in past years.

    Yet, in my opinion, our Founding Fathers risked everything, not for the right to persecute the lifestyles of a minority of the population, but to establish us the right to say & do such things, without political persecution.

    If they break laws by performing lewd acts, assaults, whatever, by all means arrest them. If they act like fools among their own, let them be. God will sort it all out in the end.

  22. Decaturguy says:

    LINDA: “I am just going to ignore Simon because he is a bigot anyone that does not walk and think like he does.”

    I’ve been enjoying this too much to comment, but Linda calling someone a “bigot” just has me real tickled.

  23. jacewalden says:

    “Have you served our Country?”

    Um…Only for the PAST SIX YEARS AS AN ARMY INFANTRYMAN, Dingleberry!


    Having a “Son that is a Marine” doesn’t make you any more or less credible. In fact, to assert something like that in order try to give your bigotry some weight is stupid.

    Whether you (or us soldiers) like it or not, soldiers fight and die for ALL aspects of freedom…even the freedom for you to spout off filth.

    And, by not responding to Simon’s very valid point. You prove all of our points. You’re a hypocritcal drain on America society.

  24. JaseLP says:

    I know that this young Sergeant did not die to have gays trying to persuade his two young children to switch over to what we as Christians do not condone.

    Linda, you are out of line.
    I don’t personally condone homosexuality, but I don’t agree in making them second class citizens or denying them the pursuit of happiness.

    I’m reality, homosexuality doesn’t effect my relationship with my wife. So why should I care about what other people do in their private lives and in the privacy of their own home? It’s not my business.

  25. jacewalden says:



    I’m not Gay. Sorry to disappoint your husband. As a Christian, I do consider homosexuality to be a sin. However, a sin is something between man and God. By assuming the divine perogative, you are in essence assuming the role of God. Now, who else in biblical history assumed the role of God…OH! That’s right, Satan. How did that work out for him?

    While I think being gay is a sin, I don’t think it’s a crime. It doesn’ infringe on anyone else’s individual rights…

  26. duluthmom says:

    Linda: gays trying to persuade his two young children to switch over to what we as Christians do not condone.

    Do you really think that the gay community tries to recruit? That is so absurd! You can’t recruit someone into an orientation that is biologically determined.

  27. LINDA says:

    Are you actually comparing homosexuality to bestiality?

    That is so stupid that it doesn’t even deserve a response.

    above said by JaceLP:

    I am pointing out the absurdity of your definition of liberty. If a person thinks that God’s law is supreme, then they are to be overruled by a minority that wants to flaunt those things that go against God in public all for the sake of freedom of the idividual.

    So, if a group of individuals think as this sick man did that as long as it is my dog I can do to it what I wish, then are they not individual that demand their rights in your twisted definition of liberty for all no matter how detrimental it is to society?

    So to answer your question, I am not comparing a dog to a person, so I hope that this clarifies your confusion.

  28. duluthmom says:

    By the way, not everyone who marches or attends a festival is gay; many heterosexuals march or go in support of gay rights, which is the intent of the festival…just like any other minority pride parade or festival.

  29. LINDA says:

    Dear Duluthmom,

    You see, I do not buy into the theory that being gay is something that one is born to be. And, I most certainly think that “some” gays want to recruit children into their life style. And those “some” gays are the very ones that participate in Gay Pride Festivals.

    And another statistic to support this is that 25% of pedophiles are also homosexuals, and given the fact that only 3% of our population identifies with homosexuality this 25% figure is very alarming to me.

  30. duluthmom says:

    No Linda it was your analogy that was absurd.
    There is a vast difference between protecting the rights of two consenting adults who are breaking no laws (other than the ones you think the Bible spells out)and a man who is commiting a crime (hence the arrest) for violating an animal.

  31. RiverRat says:

    Jace’s Satan comment reminded me of the Church Lady of SNL fame… “could it be … SATAN??”

  32. 4ofspades says:

    So this thread was about CC am MT skipping Pride. Seems to me like they are positioning themselves for the general, not the primary with this move.

  33. LINDA says:

    Well duluthmom,

    Well, what if enough people become praticing beastility people and beat the drums for equal representation. Should not the Libertarians stand up and say, these people have a right to practice what they feel in their minds is ok? Freedom for all, right?

  34. Decaturguy says:

    Linda, you should really go to Pride this year. You might be surprised at what you see. Men, women, straights, gays, old, young, urban, rural, suburban, children, blacks, whites. It’s pretty much a sample of the general population. Are your really calling all of these people pedophiles?

    You’ll also find at the Pride market that there are more churches represented there than you will find on a Sunday drive in Cobb County.

  35. Chris says:

    Somone else used her son’s participation in the war in Iraq to give herself credibility in the political arena. Who was that?…..

    Oh right, Cindy Sheehan.

  36. LINDA says:

    Sorry Decaturguy, but I would rather shoot myself in the foot first. I will be busy this weekend getting some property tax revaluations typed up and mailed. You go right on though and show your support, and don’t forget your pink feathers.

  37. rugby_fan says:

    Money quotes from LINDA”

    “vast majority of citizens in this country” agree w/ her about gays.

    No they don’t. see previous posts about polls and public attitudes about gays.

    “An illegal immigrant was arrested for molesting a male puppy this week in Florida, so are you going to get out and fight for the beastality groups ten years from now when they want their individual rights protected”

    Well the thing is, I won’t and I doubt that others will. Why? Because bestiality is a choice. Being gay is not, i feel that way cause i dont know of any one who has chosen which sex they are attracted to.

    Oh, and LINDA–you allegedly have a gift to see into people’s minds and know their thoughts and motivations (even people who died hundreds of years before you), how do I get that ability?

  38. Danny says:

    “Well, what if enough people become praticing beastility people and beat the drums for equal representation”

    Can an adult animal consent?

    Linda, you’re arguing emotion vs. logic. In this type of forum, you’re going to lose. You have valid points from a religous point of view, some of which I actually agree. However, from a political point of view it sounds like you’re whining because some people don’t conform to what you believe. By the way, how do you know that people choose to be gay? I don’t remember making the choice to be hetero.

  39. Decaturguy says:

    I think the illegal immigrant having sex with a puppy was just some sort of bizarre Linda nightmare.

  40. LINDA says:

    Well Danny, the most important arguement that I make is up above with my statistics concerning pedophiles. To keep you from scrolling up through the garbly gook of so-called liberty lovers, it is as follows: 25% of pedophiles are homosexuals, and given that only 3% of the general population identifies themselves as homosexuals is alarming to me as a mother.

  41. LINDA says:

    The statistic about pedophiles is why I think that homosexuals are out to get more to convert to their lifestyle. So, in that since it is relevant to this thread. If you stand up for the rights of these homosexual pedophiles, then you are supporting those that harm nonconsenting children. How hard is that for you to figure out 4ofspades? Gee, some of you cannot put two and two together. Not even a 4. Ha!

  42. jacewalden says:

    Yep, and here’s something else I found out about Linda:

    If you stuff the facts or logic in LINDA’s face, as you and I have, she’ll just stop responding.

    She questioned my service, I owned her, she didn’t respond.

    You questioned her obedience to ALL of the bible, she didn’t respond.

    Linda, who is so “proud” of her stances, sure has a problem defending them…

    She’s just a hypocritical, racsist, bigot who is a disease on our society.

  43. rugby_fan says:


    40fspades is right. This is a respectable blog, so let’s please return the discussion to MT and CC AWOL from the event.

    Sorry for aiding the diversion.

    I think MT benefits but it will hardly be noticable.

  44. jacewalden says:

    I have to agree with Decaturguy on this…

    MT and CC both blowing off 250,000 of their consitutents is a bad political move on both their parts.

    I don’t either benefit though.

  45. 4ofspades says:

    rugby – Thanks. Jace, Jase, Bill, Danny, decaturguy, duluthmom, anything to say about Mark & Cathy skipping Pride? (sorry if I missed somebody)

  46. LINDA says:

    I will address the clothing issue in the Bible. I believe that God was addressing crossover dressing because those that would have done that would have been doing so for the homosexuality that the Bible warns against. Women wearing pants/jeans today is not against God’s will, and you are drawing an analogy where none exists. God is still today against homosexuality, as he was when he created man and woman. Does that mean there is no forgiveness for this sin? No, it doew not. But those of us that wish to raise our children in a moral society have that right to demand that our rights be protected.

  47. Decaturguy says:

    I think MT benefits by a depressed Cathy Cox base.

    Linda, if you’re numbers are correct (from which the study she cites was pure propoganda), then 75% of all pedophiles are heterosexual. I guess there is something “wrong” with heterosexuality as well, huh?

  48. jacewalden says:

    Like I said, bad call on both their parts missing the festival.

    That would be like Casey Cagle and Reed both passing on a forum hosted by GRTL…

  49. LINDA says:

    Ok, the purpose of this post was to ridicule the Democrat candidates for governor for passing on the gay pride festival. So, here I am to defend the position of the Democrats who I perceive to be right and smart in this decision. Now, I have got to go to work.

  50. larry smith says:


    I was not aware of the plague of transvestism the Israelites were contending with, nor was I aware that Levis were widely available then.

    I stand corrected.

    Also, you are stark raving mad.

  51. LINDA says:


    Let me explain statistics to you. For homosexuals to be such a small fraction of our general population, the fact that so many of the pedophiles are also homosexuals is the alarming factor. You will just have to take a statistics class to understand.

  52. larry smith says:


    If you want to talk stats, perhaps you could explain the ecological inference fallacy and tell us why that fascinating tidbit you just offered is a prime example of attempting to generalize about individual cases from population-based statistics.

    Of course, since they don’t let racist nuts into credible MBA programs, I doubt you can.

  53. LINDA says:

    well hate to burst your delusion of grandeur, but I am a CPA, as well as hold an MBA from a very good school. Cum Laude. Got to go to work now, Larry. I bet some of you are on this blog positng on someone else’s dime.

  54. LINDA says:

    I’m reality, homosexuality doesn’t effect my relationship with my wife. So why should I care about what other people do in their private lives and in the privacy of their own home? It’s not my business. (as said by JaceLP).

    Bingo, you nailed it on the head. Private lives and privacy of their own home is the issue, not in my face or others’ faces that do not want it flaunted for our children to become confused. You answered your own question, and do not seem to get the message. I saw this quote, and had to address it.

  55. duluthmom says:

    I think it’s a bad move by both Mark and Cathy because it will alienate gay voters, yet at the same time I understand why they’re doing it…out of fear. Fear of being moment instantly labeled anti-family and all that crap from religious extremists and possibly their opponent.

    I wish both had agreed to go.

    I find it really sad that Dems are so chicken down here that they won’t support part of their base. Up in Chicago, all the politicians march, including Gov. Blagojevich (at least he did last year).

  56. nfire says:

    That’s pretty funny that Linda said “my wife”. She’s either a homosexual herself, or HE is a phony trying to rile folks up as other people suggested above.

  57. jacewalden says:

    NFire and Duluthmom,

    How in the world are we supposed to be credible against Linda, if the two of you won’t PAY ATTENTION! 😉

    Linda was quoting JaseLP…

    Now Linda,

    You bring up something very important…You said you don’t care if gays be gay in their own home. You are just concerned about gays being gay in public.

    What if gay people got offended that you practiced heterosexuality in public. I.E. Dress like a woman, hold hands with your husband, etc…According to YOUR logic, you shouldn’t be able to do that if it offends people.

    LINDA, Can you please tell me where in the Bible, the Constitution, or the Declaration of Independence where it says that you have a right to “not be offended.”

    You wont’ be able to cite one. That’s because your POV do not come from any of those sources. Your POV comes from a deep seeded racial-supremacist-sexist bigotry.

    I’ll be waiting…

  58. Amber says:

    An illegal immigrant was arrested for molesting a male puppy this week in Florida

    I don’t understand why Linda specified that it was a male puppy – or hell, even a puppy. Would it be less sick if it were a female, adult dog?

  59. Romegaguy says:

    So far I have learned that over 75% of pedophiles are heterosexuals so someone needs to outlaw heterosexuals in order to protect our children.

    Linda says god has changed his mind about women wearing pants. Not sure if god has changed his mind on eating shrimp or cheeseburgers. What about a woman having her period sleeping in the same bed as her husband? I think the penalty for that one was death. And there is also prohibitions in the bible about wearing clothes of more than one fiber, so bad news if you are mixing your vinyl pants with your leather bustier… unless you are like Linda and have decided that parts of the bible god has changed his mind about.

    As far as pride goes, Cathy may flip flop and show up. You never know with her.

  60. duluthmom says:

    Sorry Jace-I’ll do better next time!

    The lack of quotation marks didn’t help though. Well that, and the fact that I’ve started skimming all her posts on homosexuality since it’s always the same song over and over.

  61. Danny says:

    I can understand Taylor not wanting to attend and here’s why:

    He solidly appears to be the favorite to win the Democratic nomination. I’ve not looked at a poll in a while but I think that would still stand as true. Why should he attend? At this point he’s not looking for more Democratic votes, he’s looking for more votes from the center, and maybe from a few “payback” votes from conservatives in the general election. He of course wouldn’t want Perdue to have the ammunition of “Taylor supports gay… because here’s where he was in June.”

    Cathy Cox on the other hand, in my opinion, appears to be flopping like a fish out of water. Why wouldn’t she go & pander for votes? It doesn’t look like she’s going to beat Taylor so is she giving up the nomination?

  62. Demonbeck says:

    This is the 100th post in this thread that has nothing to do with the original subject.

  63. atlantaman says:

    If the gays really wanted to “punish” the Democrats they would boycot the General election. It’s not like the Democrats need a certain minimum vote in the Primary to make the outcome official. Mark Taylor or Cathy Cox will win the Dem Primary, whether the gays vote or not. I guess their real intent is to punish Cathy which makes no sense. Let’s punish the person who seems to have the most reservations about the gay marriage amendment and reward the guy who’s been against us all along.

    I was hoping Taylor would be in the Pride parade so we could see pictures of him ripping his shirt off like the guy running for Judge two years ago.

  64. GP says:

    I don’t think missing the festival will have an effect on either candidate. CC has already alienated the gay community and MT has never really been behind them. I’ve seen Democratic candidates around the state avoiding this issue like the plague, or at least going republican lite.

    Linda, your pathological hatred and fear of homosexuals leads me to believe that you have deep emotional problems and will probably live the rest of your life as a bitter, rotten husk of a human being.

  65. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.

    Gay recruiters…


    Sending gays back where they came from…

    Good lord, I’m going to be laughing about this for a good solid month. I mean the idea of gays & lesbians opening up a recruitment office where they offer monetary compensation to straight folks who will come over to their side cracks me up.

    Can you imagine the commercials?

    “Become Gay today and receive $10,000 for your college education!”

    But seriously, I’ve been attending Pride for two years now, mainly because I worked for Georgia’s only openly gay legislator, and I can’t say that I’ve ever seen either Cathy Cox or Mark Taylor at a Pride event or even in the Pride Parade; but I guess that the word went forth throughout the GLBT community that in order to flex their political muscle they were going to back a Democrat in the primary, and that Democrat would be Cathy Cox.

    Although I do find it somewhat questionable that two politicians would write off a fairly large group of voters (250,000 is no small number), I also believe that in the sense of being more “electable” to the rest of the state, both Mark Taylor & Cathy Cox would have to distance themselves away from the GLBT community, so that they won’t be portrayed as being “too liberal for Georgia” & “out of touch with the rest of the state.”

  66. Bill Simon says:


    The state average of registered voters to population members is 50%. Taking the “250,000” GLBT folks who would attend this event, and divide that by 2 to get, on average, the number of registered voters.

    Take 30% of 125,000 (30% being the maximum turnout for ANY sub-group of primary voters) and you have 37,500 potential voters to reach in this festival.

    So, 15% of the attendance to this festival are going to be true potential primary voters. The chances of any candidate reaching any significant number of them to make their attendance worthwhile is pretty close to nil.

    I’d say it’s a pretty good move by either candidate to not spend any time at the event if they can campaign to a higher percentage of likely voters somewhere else.

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