Interesting article on McBerry

The Henry County Times is running a story on Ray McBerry, who is challenging Sonny Perdue for the GOP nomination for Governor.

Here are some highlights from the article…

Support of his campaign:

His list of volunteer supporters has grown even more robust than he had hoped. McBerry, who is managing his own campaign, estimated that he would need approximately 10,000 supporters who would take up the task of planting signs, making phone calls, and handing out pamphlets to mount a successful campaign. At the current time, he has 22,000 volunteer supporters across the state. “It’s possibly the biggest grassroots campaign in the history of Georgia,


  1. 4ofspades says:

    Little to know impact. He may take 15%, just because people like to vote against incumbents.

  2. LeftOFLeft says:

    Ray is my man! He will turn this state around, and cut the waste in govement. State’s rights is what this Country was founded on, and all you yappity yap liberals complaining about this and that make us hard working folks sick. so never underestimate the power of the under dog, as only a fool thinks that people are not fed up with ole sonny. sonny lied, sonny lied and sonny lied some more!

  3. duluthmom says:

    I agree with 4ofspades–no impact. Perdue is much too strong. And after reading his platform in the article you linked all I can say is “Yikes!”

  4. duluthmom says:

    And this (under ten commandment section):

    Quote: Finally, I will personally encourage the people of the great state of Georgia to know and memorize the Ten Commandments and to join with me in practicing them – something which must certainly make our great state an even greater and safer place to live.

    I hope he starts with Lynn Westmoreland.

  5. JaseLP says:

    Mark Sanford, the Governor of South Carolina, doesn’t have the support in his legislature than Sonny Perdue has in Georgia.

    Though if I had my choice between Perdue and Sanford, I’d pick Sanford in a heartbeat.

  6. DTK says:

    Oscar Lovelace raised $416,632 in his bid to upset the incumbent. Compared to Sanford’s $6 million, that’s not that much. But that’s still a good chunk of change in a state like South Carolina. And taking 35 percent against an incumbent is nothing to laugh at.

    McBerry, though, won’t top 15 percent.

  7. atlantaman says:

    “At the current time, he has 22,000 volunteer supporters across the state.”

    Yet they can only get 2 or 3 flaggers to show up and protest Sonny. I bet we’ll be lucky to see 400,000 people vote in the GOP primary and State’s Rights is claiming that over 5% of the voters will be his volunteers.

  8. Romegaguy says:

    In McBerry’s world, once you get past fingers and toes it’s hard to get an accurate count. 22 people becomes 22000 rather easily.

  9. hccitizen says:

    I like having a candidate who will actually speak in non-PC terms. McBerry is no fool and understands the realities. But he will stand on his principles — I like that, too.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Sonny will win the Primary and General Election.

    However, should McBerry draw 30-35% statewide, a lot has been said about out Republican majority! His voting base will not be strong in the Atlanta metro – but that only accounts for about half of the states voters.

    The immigration law (toughest in the land?) leave gaping loopholes and no enforcement against employers. Our imminent domain law (giving Georgians new protections) is better than what we had, but to assuage the GMA we still have the “blight disclaimer” big enough to drive a bulldozer through. Ethics reform has been on Sonny’s list for years, but even having a majority in both houses, he cannot get meaningful legislation passed.

    Yeah, I like having a candidate who is more interested in straight talk than in playing the game. It is refreshing.

  10. Booray says:

    4 of spades,

    Yes it has impact. Strong showing for a no-name running against an incumbent.

  11. Three Jack says:

    McBerry vs. Perdue has about as much a chance as Konop vs. Price. Neither will get enough votes to dent the incumbents.

    Georgia could use a Sanford esque candidate, maybe next time.

  12. debbie0040 says:

    I think Perdue will win easily. I think if McBerry garners 30% the press and the Dems will go on a feeding frenzy. I seriously doubt McBerry will achieve those numbers.

    Judge Roy Moore found that it was un uphill battle to run against a popular incumbent. Roy was something McBerry is not-well funded. Voters in Alabama might have disagreed with some of Riley’s decisions, but they did not want to upset the “applecart” by voting out the incumbent that has proven he could win. The GOP voters did not want to risk losing the Governor’s mansion.

    The State Party is not helping Sonny by excluding McBerry or any other challenger. They are giving them cult status to run against a unjust system. McBerry will get votes just because of that.

    There are a lot of longtime GOP activists upset with either the Governor or his staff about their treatment or appointments. They will vote for McBerry to send Sonny a message.

    What they don’t realize is that this will also send the Dems and Taylor a message. It will embolden the Dems. Perdue is the incumbent Governor. In fact, a vote for McBerry is a vote for Taylor or Cox.

    I disagreed about the flag vote. You make a promise, you should keep it. There were unusual circumstances involved with the Dems threatening to shut down Georgia government if the old flag was on the ballot. Perdue was against the wall and made the decision he felt was right. The Barnes flag was gotten rid of. In the end, Georgia voters voted on their state flag.

    The bottom line is this race is about more than just one person. It is about the Georgia GOP. If Perdue looses, it will be a HUGE step back for us.

    I hope and pray the people that are disgruntled will realize they have to vote for Perdue because a vote for McBerry is a vote for Taylor or Cox and a vote for the Dems.

  13. Rick Day says:

    Can you imagine if the gay political community crossed over (pun not intended) and voted for this cracker?

    Just to stir up the pot, oh my!

  14. atlantaman says:

    There is just no way you can make an analogy of States Right’s McBerry to Roy Moore a former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. Whether you agree with Moore or not nobody can dispute the man held a highly esteemed statewide office.

  15. Rebel grandma says:

    Message From The Front:
    I have been working on the Ray McBerry campaign/ www, and time will tell how many votes we get. You probably know the GOP doesn’t recognize us in any way. Ray has been all over the state and has done 15 radio interviews so far, has 4 more booked, one of them 60 minutes, and I expect will get more before the primary. In just 2 days last week, he had 5 radio interviews and 8 newspaper interviews and taped a TV segment. He has signs all over the state, we have handed out many thousands of pieces of literature, and I personally have contacted hundreds of media people, so they know who he is. The way we look at it, the Republi”cons” have forsaken a trust, and the flag is the least of it. If you are seriously injured/paralyzed by a doctor or hospital and clear $200,000 after paying your lawyer(if you can find one to take your case)and medical bills, you will bitterly taste one example of how your Republi”con” representatives have undone the people of Georgia. That is the tip of the iceberg. They are also in cahoots with the evil payday and title lending business that preys on the poor,desperate and ignorant, hold university donors secret, was “for” eminent domain seizures of our property before they were against it, attack the environment every term and have passed bills for special interests of all kinds to the detriment of the rest of us. Bring up the illegal immigration bill, read it and see what a useless con it is. The only things the Republi”cons” have accomplished have been negative in four years of opportunity. The eminent domain bill allows them to go back in and “redefine” what blighted property is after we vote for it.

    I am guessing y’all are a primarily a group of young people who fancy yourselves as intellectuals. What you may learn as you get older and wiser, is Georgia and the US is about more than you. My husband and I are not a couple of poor hicks looking forward to hunting season! There are millions (perhaps a majority) of Georgians and US citizens that are working hard to the best of their ability and are being done wrong by Georgia and the US. Illegals ARE taking the only work they can do and manufacturing is leaving the country. DA King had an excellent piece printed in the editorials of the AJC 6-30-06. Read that and open your eyes to what your precious Bush is doing to you. Don’t ever forget that Sonny is Bush’s handmaiden.

    If McBerry doesn’t win, although I have only voted for one Democrat in my life, I will be voting for the Democrat. You can’t continue to reward these horrible people. Continue to vote our the incumbents for a few election cycles and either they will start to listen to us, or put us under Marshall Law.

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